The Way of the Livingness – What it is and What it Means to Me

Today I feel anxious because I had sugar. It sucks because the days before I hadn’t, and I felt awesome; my body felt warm, at ease with myself and others as I had learned to live with the awesome realisation that I am responsible for my choices and have come to the understanding of how those choices impact on how I feel in my life, in my body, and with others. This realisation had allowed a strength and dedication to life that fed the purpose of why I am on this planet.

But the great thing is, as I have learned, there is no need to beat myself up for the sugar choice; I just feel it, look for what I was trying to not feel – my tiredness, a lack of sweetness in my interactions, an excessive drive or push in the day – and acknowledge whatever happened and move on to the next moment.

I live most of my days feeling really good: some fantastic, some ropey, but 90% of the time I feel great. I look in the mirror and I like what I see. I didn’t even own a mirror for 7 years of my life, let alone look in one! I was avoiding looking into my eyes as I would see how I had been living my life – full of partying, and looking for someone to say you’re a great friend, good fun, nice, friendly, clever etc. The fact was, I was looking for everything outside of myself.

The Way of The Livingness has helped me to find practical day-to-day things that support me to feel amazing. Firstly, my breath and choosing to reconnect to it naturally being gentle. Secondly, how I choose to move and keeping my mind on that – not doing or thinking about a thousand chores or a thousand conversations, but what I am doing in that moment, whether I am walking or brushing my teeth etc. This has been a challenging task to learn to master but I realised the other night that I have mastered brushing my teeth and feeling my teeth instead of planning a meal, beating myself up for what I hadn’t done etc. It has taken dedication and practice. But I am worth it!

Why would I put all this effort in? Because I know I am Divine; that I come from something beautiful and magical. I know this because I feel it, and have felt it at every Universal Medicine healing course I have attended. When I place my hands on another person as a practitioner in a healing course and connect to my breath, I feel an expansiveness in me that lets me feel the truth that we are all connected. Science says it, I feel it, and once I felt this at my very first course, I couldn’t go back to thinking otherwise.

You can’t unknow what you already know. Simple.

Before I felt this, that taking responsibility for my choices could allow me to connect so deeply, I didn’t have any reason to stop the way I was living as I believed all was fine. I had lots of friends, a job, a partner, my health was ok. But when I felt this love and connection, I wanted to feel it again, and again, and again. And now I feel this love and joyfulness in my every day, not only at a Universal Medicine course but everywhere. I love my work – like really love it – as I am now open and wanting to know and connect with everyone. In an interview situation the other day, I felt not one ounce of anxiousness; I felt totally equal with everyone in the meeting.

I love my home, my relationships and I am working on myself as things come up, but like with the sugar choice, I just take it back to evolving, as in what is my next way to develop so I am living more my true self in every step, no perfection required. Nothing compares to you in your connection with Divinity. NOTHING.

This is The Way of The Livingness for me, and what it means to me –EVERYTHING.

By Vanessa McHardy

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496 thoughts on “The Way of the Livingness – What it is and What it Means to Me

  1. The Way of The Livingness allows a deep contentment and relationship with myself and others and the all around us connecting to the flow and rhythms of life in its highest integrity and is ever evolving and expanding. Saying that its beauty is its simplicity and joy in our everyday as you share with a realness and love.

  2. Thank you Vanessa, what you have expressed here is to be deeply appreciated and confirmed, as it is so true;
    “Nothing compares to you in your connection with Divinity. NOTHING.”

  3. “You can’t unknow what you already know.” – as true as this is it is bewildering how good we are at ‘not knowing’ anyway, ie making ourselves unaware of what we actually know.

    1. I found I actually can ‘unknow’ something or at least completely lose awareness that I know and even awareness that the fact exist and even that there is such a thing as awareness.

  4. The moment we stop looking outside of ourselves for recognition and acceptance from others is the moment our life changes forever. Whether we consciously know it or not we come from the divine and when we turn inwards we very quickly get to know this and feel how tangible this connection is. We then have a choice as to how we want to live with that connection, that is do we want it as a steady consistency in our lives or do we want to dip in and out when it suits us. It is entirely up to us. The Way of the Livingness supports us to make it a consistent choice to live our divinity on earth.

  5. There is true power in being able to observe our choices, understand why we made them and then change the energy that lead to those choice if they are not serving us.

  6. When I am brushing my teeth, and I wander off (sometimes metaphorically and sometimes physically!) your words of wisdom come back to me and I return to the simple activity of brushing my teeth and being present with that. This shows me the power of our true expression and how important it is to not hold back sharing our truth and wisdom as it can support another in many ways. Reading through these many blogs, has supported me to live a life much more connected to me and to the Divine.

  7. It is so true Vanessa, and in every experience I have had where I have felt the grace of true love coming from my inner-heart, I have wanted to share this with everyone, not in words or actions and certainly not in trying to change or convert anyone, but simply by walking and talking and listening, being and living.

  8. ‘Nothing compares to you in your connection with Divinity. NOTHING.’ I love this line Vanessa, for all the needs we have in this world, nothing comes close to this.

  9. It is a simple concept that every part of our life, every small part of our life matters and it is a blessing to be able to not just understand this but to be able to live it.

  10. “Nothing compares to you in your connection with Divinity. NOTHING.” Absolute true yet we manage to find so many ways to make sure we are not Divine even though we can’t un-know what we already know,

  11. The Way of The livingness gives me a sense of purpose to live life in a way that is non harming for me and everyone else that lives on this planet. I have never until recently felt a sense of purpose and to live in a way that is non harming makes so much sense to me, imagine what the world would look like and be like if we were to all adopt this way of living.

  12. “This is The Way of The Livingness for me, and what it means to me –EVERYTHING.” You have summed this up beautifully and all the examples that you bring describe this everything in its simplicity of everyday life.

  13. I recall Serge Benhayon once commenting that the ‘soul is practical’. And that’s exactly what I love about The Way of The Livingness – it is so, so practical and designed to be implemented in our daily lives, in all their aspects.

  14. The state of being where one has a thousand conversations, tasks, and chores going on in your head is so familiar to me. I am aware of the destructive nature of it and yet quite often get caught in its momentum especially when, say, a number of things have broken down at around the same time: the arm has fallen off your glasses, the dishwasher has gone on strike, the watch band has fallen off, the chimney on the old log burner has got a hole – and suddenly the work ‘load’ of your job has increased. This is the time I just need to definitely surrender to my beautiful essence,and put one foot in front of the other, deliberately and lovingly. The space is always there.

    1. ‘This is the time I just need to definitely surrender to my beautiful essence,and put one foot in front of the other, deliberately and lovingly.’ The difference is so huge when we simply connect to feeling the way we are walking and taking every step, it is like a stabilising mechanism that takes us straight out of our heads and back into our body where the work load feels like it has reduced in size.

  15. It is so amazing to find something that turned my life around and all I needed to do is trust myself, that I know exactly what to do in any situation.

    This is how I was when I was a young child.

    Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine has been presenting a way of living, that allowed me to remember the amazingness that I felt as a child. And by living this way I inspire others to return to this place.

  16. Well shared Vanessa -I too have found that The Way Of The Livingness is simply a way of finding tools that help me feel amazing a lot of the time. It’s sort of an experiment with myself to see what allows me to be more of me with the world.

  17. ‘A lack of sweetness in my interactions’ I realise how often I don’t want to feel the way I have been with others which has not been so great, so often we blame another but how often are we honest about our part of lovelessness in our conversations and interactions?

  18. I’ve read this blog Vanessa a few times only today as I read; ‘And now I feel this love and joyfulness in my every day, not only at a Universal Medicine course but everywhere’, I felt tears in my eyes as the same transformation has occurred for me. When I first started attending Universal Medicine courses, I would feel the love and expansiveness within my body, it was so vastly different to what I was used to but it would fade after a course. Now, I feel this love, not all of the time but whenever I stop and connect the feeling is right there. It’s a beautiful way to live as it takes out all the stress and drama from life and brings it back to the simplicity of the quality of our movements and expression.

  19. I find it amazing how we seem to know exactly what we need to do to ourselves to stop us from stepping up and evolving. We know the right foods and ways to talk to ourselves that make us feel less. Through The Way of The Livingness I have gradually allowed myself to feel this game I play and how this not only affects me and how I am but it has a knock on effect with the people around me. Playing the game of choosing to be less when I can feel I am being asked to be more, gets exposed the more I bring The Way of The Livingness into every single part of my life, a way that it asks me to be honest loving caring and willing to take the next step.

  20. The esoteric pathway of resurrection always starts with a movement towards love first. It is that movement that creates the awareness and in time foundation that gives one the impetus to renounce that which is not true, and does not serve the connection one has rediscovered.

  21. When my interactions with others reflect to me what you call ‘a lack of sweetness’ then for sure my inner dialogue is not ‘sweet’ but more of the beating up kind of thoughts and I critique myself. When I am present with myself, connected to my loveliness my sweetness is there for everybody to see and feel. It is that simple.

  22. Living The Way of The Livingness is a responsibility and absolute joy, it takes practice and I’m not perfect, I have many old patterns, momentums and behaviours that I need to change but I have touched on how simple, joyful and fun life can be when we commit to living from the stillness which is in each and every one of us.

  23. “Nothing compares to you in your connection with Divinity. NOTHING”. It is our responsibility to be all that we are and being in connection with our essence to the best of our ability is a be step towards returning to this connection to Divinity.

  24. I had sugar yesterday and I am kicking myself because I just feel dull today, humble and quite cross with myself. I was arrogant and I simply just wanted it. Looking back now I can see it as a really familiar pattern of wanting to dull myself by making myself racy. I was really tired and should simply have gone to bed. Looking back on it with very raw eyes, there were so many things that were different from the afternoon to last night. Today is a new day and I have the experience of yesterday and previous experiences with sugar to feed my choices for today and I can see it starts from the morning and becomes a cycle, it is not one day that ended up with me eating sugar again, it is a momentum that I hadn’t stopped. Being open to being aware is what gives us a choice again. Thank you Vanessa for the inspiration this morning.

  25. Yes, I agree, The Way of The Livingness gives us an opportunity to feel what it means to ‘live the love that we are’. Once felt this does change the whole course of ones life, as we begin to realise that we have lived most of this life with out doing just this. So life must change, as we begin to ‘live the love we are’.

  26. I was at a community gathering last night and had a sugary drink which was enough to make me feel like I had a hangover when I woke up this morning. Never again he says.

  27. Love comes from a self-loving way of living, and self-love is the simplest way to get to be love, then this way of living, as presented by The Way of The Livingness, is sharing equally with everyone who is open to feel this level of truth even if it is not lived. So no critique, judgment or reaction is ever required as everyone has the free will to experience life at their own pace.

  28. When we notice we have made a choice that does not support us and make a different choice in the next moment this is a start. Then we have to bring awareness to which energy we were aligned with when we made the choice. Are we making a choice from divinity or the astral energy. If it is from the astral then the next choice even though it may seem to be better then the last will be from creation so no different really the previous choice.

  29. “You can’t unknow what you already know. Simple.” I love this and you can’t unreel what you have felt, and this is what makes the dedication to unpeeling the layers such a commitment to love.

  30. I agree wholeheartedly Vanessa, there is nothing so sweet, so rich, so powerful as when we can really feel all of who we are. It’s always there waiting for us, and when can feel it and embrace it without reservation or limitation – wow. It’s amazing.

  31. We cannot deny there are repercussions and a ripple effect to every choice that we make that affects ourselves and others equally both in the short and long term.

  32. Avoiding our physicality is also a rejection of our divinity and beingness, in effect, we are saying our physicality is all there is. Our inside and outside are a whole team, what we honour within us is naturally too honoured outside of us.

  33. Your way of the livingness is beautifully explained, and I love the way you say ” You can’t unknow what you already know, simple ”
    Accepting what we all already know then life is simple.

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