The Way of the Livingness – What it is and What it Means to Me

Today I feel anxious because I had sugar. It sucks because the days before I hadn’t, and I felt awesome; my body felt warm, at ease with myself and others as I had learned to live with the awesome realisation that I am responsible for my choices and have come to the understanding of how those choices impact on how I feel in my life, in my body, and with others. This realisation had allowed a strength and dedication to life that fed the purpose of why I am on this planet.

But the great thing is, as I have learned, there is no need to beat myself up for the sugar choice; I just feel it, look for what I was trying to not feel – my tiredness, a lack of sweetness in my interactions, an excessive drive or push in the day – and acknowledge whatever happened and move on to the next moment.

I live most of my days feeling really good: some fantastic, some ropey, but 90% of the time I feel great. I look in the mirror and I like what I see. I didn’t even own a mirror for 7 years of my life, let alone look in one! I was avoiding looking into my eyes as I would see how I had been living my life – full of partying, and looking for someone to say you’re a great friend, good fun, nice, friendly, clever etc. The fact was, I was looking for everything outside of myself.

The Way of The Livingness has helped me to find practical day-to-day things that support me to feel amazing. Firstly, my breath and choosing to reconnect to it naturally being gentle. Secondly, how I choose to move and keeping my mind on that – not doing or thinking about a thousand chores or a thousand conversations, but what I am doing in that moment, whether I am walking or brushing my teeth etc. This has been a challenging task to learn to master but I realised the other night that I have mastered brushing my teeth and feeling my teeth instead of planning a meal, beating myself up for what I hadn’t done etc. It has taken dedication and practice. But I am worth it!

Why would I put all this effort in? Because I know I am Divine; that I come from something beautiful and magical. I know this because I feel it, and have felt it at every Universal Medicine healing course I have attended. When I place my hands on another person as a practitioner in a healing course and connect to my breath, I feel an expansiveness in me that lets me feel the truth that we are all connected. Science says it, I feel it, and once I felt this at my very first course, I couldn’t go back to thinking otherwise.

You can’t unknow what you already know. Simple.

Before I felt this, that taking responsibility for my choices could allow me to connect so deeply, I didn’t have any reason to stop the way I was living as I believed all was fine. I had lots of friends, a job, a partner, my health was ok. But when I felt this love and connection, I wanted to feel it again, and again, and again. And now I feel this love and joyfulness in my every day, not only at a Universal Medicine course but everywhere. I love my work – like really love it – as I am now open and wanting to know and connect with everyone. In an interview situation the other day, I felt not one ounce of anxiousness; I felt totally equal with everyone in the meeting.

I love my home, my relationships and I am working on myself as things come up, but like with the sugar choice, I just take it back to evolving, as in what is my next way to develop so I am living more my true self in every step, no perfection required. Nothing compares to you in your connection with Divinity. NOTHING.

This is The Way of The Livingness for me, and what it means to me –EVERYTHING.

By Vanessa McHardy

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553 thoughts on “The Way of the Livingness – What it is and What it Means to Me

  1. It is difficult to imagine a mirror-less society without any reflection at all, as what we feel in another is where we are able to bond to in our own body a seek the truth of what we have felt, so not having a mirror to see our own reflection would be like hiding in a closet and hoping the world has stopped as we are considering ourselves some how lesser than? This is relating to what you have shared Vanessa as growing my long beard kept mirrors out the relationships we can have with a deepen Love we can all get from seeing our own reflection.

  2. What a conundrum, as sweet things make our bodies feel racy, but is something we have learnt to like the taste of such as sweet-things the more we crave them or so it seems? Could it be that the more we Love and develop the way we eat and confirm our divinity the more we seemingly are tempted to eat these sweet things that contact our awareness so maybe one day our divinity will be worth more than the taste in our mouth and we will use our will to not indulge in sweets?

  3. The Way of the Livingness is simply the Way of the Soul on Earth, it’s individual to each person, and each day is like a study looking at how we are living and what impacts the connection to our soul.

  4. Life is beautiful connected to the love we are and living from our soul. We don’t just reconnect to ourselves but to the all we come from, to God, the universe, to the divinity in others, we feel the magic in ourselves and life again.

  5. Our body can have all sorts of responses and reactions to the food we eat. What we eat, how we cook it, how we eat it, when we eat it, how much we eat, the mix of the food – and the beauty is that our body will always tell us what it is feeling when we listen to it.

  6. I love those days when we are so with ourselves, they really feel yummy and nothing on the outside can give this feeling. It is all about the inside and it is all within us.

    I need to learn to be less scolding of myself and I must admit I do less of it now a days. Now it’s bringing ‘The Way of the Livingness’ to a more refinement as this is in everything we live, do, be and breathe.

  7. You cannot unfeel what you have felt and as you say, once you know that that feeling is inside you and that it is there without any stimulation whatsoever, then there is a call to develop a relationship with the body minus the stimulation.

  8. ‘You can’t unknow what you already know. Simple.’ And that’s it,The Way of the Livingness once felt in the body is undeniable. It just has to be lived and making mistakes is part of the deal, as is coming back and to love ourselves.

  9. I agree Vanessa that the Way of the Livingness provides a super simple and super practical guide to how to handle life and truly thrive. This has been my experience of it too and I will not be abandoning it because it works better than anything else I have come across.

  10. I have been a student of Universal Medicine and The Way of the Livingness for over 11 years now yet I feel I am only just beginning to truly appreciate this and be a student of the work … ie more aware of how I am living and willing to deepen my connection to the love that I know and am and to do this feels incredibly loving, supporting and appreciating of me and the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom. I love your honesty here. Also a great reminder of when we do something that takes us off track to look, without judgement, why we did this .. what were we trying to avoid – tiredness, our sweetness etc. Very cool.

  11. When I first was introduced to the ‘The Way of the Livingness’ I found it challenging to understand it at the beginning. Slowly over time I started to realise that for years I have been in the rhythm of everybody else but my own. Like anything new, I relearnt to do things differently and once this quality became my norm, something else is included when it somehow no longer feels just quite right for me.

    The Way of the Livingness is quite personal to a person and what I love about it, it never turns you away when you are ready to return to it.

  12. Once one has re-connected to feeling one’s beauty we may succumb to foods or behaviours that feel disharmonious and harmful but they do not last long as the dis-connection from our beauty is too uncomfortable, even painful, to bear for long.

    1. That’s exactly it, and it’s why making supportive choices for ourselves becomes easier because they revolve around preserving the beautiful connection to our essence, to the love within, not an ounce of willpower or forcing ourselves is needed.

      1. The feeling of harmony within and with the body far outweighs the short-term pleasure of substances or activities that disturbs that harmony.

  13. I loved reading this Vanessa, nothing is as beautiful and Sacred as our connection back to our divine essence – why would we want to choose anything else?

  14. Once you have felt the truth of something in your body then you truly ‘know’ it and hence through The Way of The Livingness one builds a body of Truth.

  15. Religions by and large, have a way to place restrictions to our choices based on their dogmas. It is you against the dogmas. So, if you go against them you are against God. The Way of The Livingness is different. There are no dogmas to start with. Nothing goes against God and your choices are your privilege even if they go against your own evolution and well-being.

    1. Beautifully put Eduardo Feldman. We can’t ever really go against God because essentially we are made of the same stuff that he is.

  16. The Way of the Livingness shows us that there is more to the way than we have been living. And deep down, humanity knows that there is more to life…enter The Way of the Livingness.

  17. One of the many great realizations I have come to and experience through The Way of The Livingness is that as we are we are always saying ‘yes’ to a quality of energy, be it to align to the love we are of all else we are not. From here we the choices we make reflect the quality of which we are saying ‘yes’ to. Our relationship with our bodies highlights the truth of everything what we are saying ‘yes’ at every moment be it with food, emotions and the way we relate, respond or react to others and the world we are in. Very empowering to know and feel that our true divine power can be lived whenever we will it so.

  18. Thank you Vanessa, A great reminder to be kind to myself today after over doing it yesterday. It’s not that i am looking to do less today but to stay more connected to myself and honour myself – and thus others – in all that I do.

    1. Yes, a great realisation that it is not about more or less doing but about honouring how we feel and not overriding what our body is communicating with us by numbing the communication.

      1. Yes that’s also key…knowing that the communication is happening all the time …it’s just that we don’t necessarily allow ourselves to welcome it and sometimes ignore it. The communication from our bodies is very precious, just as our bodies themselves are….we do well when we recognise and appreciate this.

  19. “You can’t unknow what you already know”. Love this Vanessa. Very true. But we put a great deal of effort into trying to unknow what we already know, even though we know so well, inside out what we know.

  20. It is very exposing to admit that we actually choose to change the way we feel because we do not want to deal with the tension in life or our disconnection to our innermost.

  21. I love it Vanessa, ‘I just take it back to evolving’, when all of life is looked at in this way, everything we do can be an offering point of evolution.

  22. I can relate to this: ‘When I place my hands on another person as a practitioner in a healing course and connect to my breath, I feel an expansiveness in me that lets me feel the truth that we are all connected.’

  23. A supportive and practical blog Vanessa. I love how you have seen sugar to be a choice to mask what you are not wanting to feel or be aware of and no longer giving yourself a hard time over it.

  24. “You can’t unknow what you already know.” Very true, however we are very good at pretending we don’t know, or numbing ourselves in order to not feel what we know.

  25. “Nothing compares to you in your connection with Divinity. NOTHING.” a great statement Vanessa, thank you. When I feel into those words I can feel the warmth in my body expand with a deep knowingness of their truth.

    1. I tend to forget this one too and ask myself whether I was tired or didn’t want to feel something/be aware of something or didn’t want to drop into stillness.

  26. ” Because I know I am Divine; that I come from something beautiful and magical. I know this because I feel it, and have felt it at every Universal Medicine healing course I have attended.” So beautiful Vanessa. Not only are we all sons of God, but gods, – every single one of us – as presented recently in a Universal Medicine event. We all come from the Divine.

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