Meeting Serge Benhayon – Deeply Touched by Energetic Integrity

The first time I met Serge Benhayon I was deeply touched by the level of integrity that I felt. At the time I did not know what this was or what this word truly meant, but what I could feel was that my whole body was at ease in his presence.

At the end of my first one-day Universal Medicine workshop, back in 2004, I walked up to Serge and burst into tears. My body could not hold back expressing the fact I had returned home and that the person standing before me was someone I felt I had known forever.

Later in the year I attended my first Sacred Esoteric Healing workshop, and as someone who had had many massages in the past I prided myself on having no reservations on being ‘carefree’ and comfortable with my body being touched.

Every move Serge made reflected the initial depth of integrity that I felt, and during the presentations he described the importance of absolute respect with clients and the level of detail and care in positioning hands on the body to ensure absolute honouring of the client’s body at all times. Simple, but something that I’d never felt or observed being taught or practised by any of the massage therapists I had seen before.

However, what was even more revealing was to understand the responsibility of energetic integrity that we have, not only when we place our hands on someone or have a discussion with them, but also in the way we engage in our wider life. What Serge presented is that there are two forms of energy, two qualities. One that heals and one that harms. If we are not aware of what quality we are in then we can be caught in a quality that harms, but through changing the quality of our movements we can live a quality that heals.

The difference that I felt in the two ways – by both practising and receiving a session in each quality – was profound. It was black versus white, chalk and cheese, yet nothing I had considered before that moment. It was the single most foundational teaching of my life.

What happened next was a miracle.

When I went home many things felt out of place, from how my home was set up, to the way I was working, what I was doing and the many relationships I had. The emptiness within myself that I had been running away from was raw and in the open.

Over the following years I gradually felt to refine every part of my life, discarding all the things that had once anchored me, that once defined me and that I had prided myself on. The process was gradual and is very much continuing to this day. It is a process inspired by the energetic integrity and quality that Serge Benhayon lives and reflects: a consistent Integrity that has only ever deepened in the past 13 years.

This energetic integrity that I experience from Serge is of such a high degree that even when I may seek for him to give an answer or solution to address something for me, he constantly reflects that I am equal to him and can handle whatever is in front of me. It has meant that the changes in my life are a result of the work, commitment and choices that I have made – inspired through the absolute steadfastness Serge has shown me.

There are many words that reflect the ways in which Serge Benhayon has touched my life – as a Healer, Friend, Presenter, Author, Father, and Business Mentor – but the one that I always come back to is the constant holding of me as an Equal Brother.

By David

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487 thoughts on “Meeting Serge Benhayon – Deeply Touched by Energetic Integrity

  1. Yes, equality is something that Serge Benhayon teaches, not because he uses so many words but in the way he moves, speaks and lives – I have observed him over many years and I have seen him treat everyone with the same deep respect, honour and love that I feel when I meet him.

    1. I agree Judith, Serge Benhayon is the first person I’ve met in my life that holds everyone as equal and the same – it is a beautiful quality and very inspiring on many levels.

  2. Due to a back problem I had, I have had many various treatments from different therapists over the years and I hated being asked to strip down to my bra and pants so the Osteopath could clearly see and mark my back prior to treatment. I felt very self conscious and uncomfortable but it seemed to be a necessary part of the process, so I braced myself for what for me was an ordeal.
    Going to see a Universal Medicine practitioner was an entirely different experience I didn’t have to take any clothes off and yet they checked my back very carefully with absolute respect and what is more important my long term back problem has cleared up.

  3. It’s amazing how having the reflection of someone who is really living who they truly are can help us to see things that we may have been defining ourselves by but that weren’t really who we are in essence and from that we have the clarity to see that we can let that falseness go and re-connect back with who we truly are.

  4. The absolute beauty and divinity of meeting Serge Benhayon and being with his presence is a real gift from heaven as he is, for us all, lighting the way for humanity to return to the love and integrity we innately are.

  5. The feeling of ‘coming home’ is also what I have felt in the presence of Serge Benhayon. He holds a space of such love, that it is impossible to not feel the same within myself.

  6. There is a definite quality that comes from being connected to our Soul and as a reflection Serge Benhayon is the providing the space for us all to reconnect to our Soul. Then as equal brothers everything that is shared in this energy gets to be felt by all humanity and this is with everything that Serge presents.

  7. Our accumulated hurts, ideals and beliefs about the world we have created anchor us to a status quo that inhibits our potential to grow and evolve. And until we begin to become aware of this fact and start to discard what is not true we will be held back from living to our full potential.

  8. There is an undeniable quality that Serge Benhayon lives, you cannot help but feel it pervading everything that he does, and likewise, you cannot help but be inspired by it as it reveals that in life there is so much more than what I have settled for.

  9. There is such a joy when we are confirmed in our truth, which is what Serge Benhayon constants reflects.

  10. You don´t know Energetic Integrity before you meet it in its fullest. Meeting Serge Benhayon is such a moment. And even then it takes some time or processing to realize the magnitude of what that actually means, probably we will only understand it in full when we live it ourselves.

  11. One of the things that I never cease to be amazed and inspired at is how every time I see Serge Benhayon, is that he is continuously looking at and adressing how he lives by making adjustments here and there to ensure that he is consistently bringing true integrity and love to everything he does and every one he meets. Serge is such a deep inspiration to so many as he never ceases to ask us to look at our own lives so that we may live that same quality if we chose.

  12. It is true that in all of the courses held by Serge Benhayon that I have attended there has always been an exact precision brought to the details taught to us for when it comes to placing our hands on another persons’ body, this level of integrity is so refined and exquisite it is a joy to learn and to practise.

  13. I remember very clearly the very first time I met Serge Benhayon, it was about 12 years ago when we passed each other on a stairway, I felt his stillness, presence, love and openness and this touched me deeply as I had previously not felt anything like this with another person. Having experienced these same qualities each and every time I have met Serge since, I have come to know the true meaning of what living with energetic integrity looks and feels like.

  14. I can remember having massages on holidays and having the practitioner talking to the other practitioners and there felt like there was little awareness to what they were doing. Energetic integrity is something that is much needed in the world today, as care, love and true nurturing is something we all crave.

  15. Absolutely amen to that David. Integrity of what energy we choose in our lives is fundamental and is causing the ripple effect and progress in life – in one way or the other. As we become more aware of that we in fact have a choice and that all the choices come with energy : we start to observe that we have let certain energies in our lives own us. Universal Medicine was beside me on this path, and still is, as without this support I would be probably still in the withdrawal and unawareness conscious existence of that we in fact have a choice. Hence the multitude of thanks can not be described in words – but is endlessly huge.

  16. Such a beautifull and heartfelt blog. I completely get what you have said after knowing Serge Benhayon for over 11 years especially this ‘The first time I met Serge Benhayon I was deeply touched by the level of integrity that I felt. At the time I did not know what this was or what this word truly meant, but what I could feel was that my whole body was at ease in his presence.’ I too did not know what this word (integrity) truly meant until after meeting Serge. Before knowing Serge I also completed a body massage course and other healing courses and no one running those courses taught me or reiterated to truly respect the body/person I was working with. It was more like, here is a body and this is what you do! Now, I have learnt so so much from what Serge teaches but also in by observing how he moves and is with people, it is a truly blessing and life teaching/lesson that I would say is vital and what every single person should learn first before anything else.

  17. The energetic integrity Serge Benhayon lives in his life is rock solid, that’s why he has detractors intent on destroying his reputation and business because they cannot bear the reflection of a man who lives integrity in such an absolute way as it exposes their lack of this quality.

  18. When I first met Serge, I felt incredibly safe. I knew I could Trust him the moment I met him. Here is a man with complete integrity with an absolute knowing of what is going on energetically.

  19. It is true inspiration that brings us to gradually refine every part of our life, “discarding all the things that had once anchored me, that once defined me and that I had prided myself on”. The release from that identification in who we think we are, is a very potent shift.

  20. David your words bring a deep resonance with me, I too have made life changing changes by being inspired by the amazing man that Serge Benhayon is. Serge reflects the universe and reminds us of who we truly are – and in truth there can be nothing greater then the realisation of the love we are.

  21. It is the absolute integrity that allows for the reawakening of a trust long left behind – integrity is reliable.

  22. I couldn’t agree more David, never in my life have I experienced being held as an equal to the extent Serge Benhayon does, and often if and when I ask a question, I can feel the answer in me before he answers, which tells me then that he is confirming what I had already sensed.

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