My Experience of Esoteric Healing Sessions

I live in Spain and every year I come over to England to see some of the Universal Medicine practitioners from Australia that come to England twice a year and offer private Esoteric Healing sessions. I want to express my appreciation for the Esoteric Healing modalities brought forward by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

I had a wonderful session with an esoteric practitioner who offers Esoteric Massage. Before we started, he asked me about myself and my general health and I explained I had a back issue. He asked me to stand with my back to him and stand straight. I was fully clothed and I could feel him very gently feeling my back and hips. I explained to the practitioner that back in Spain I had found a physiotherapist that I had been seeing who had explained to me that I had no muscle tone in my back to support my spine. The practitioner and I agreed that I was bit like a puppet on a string as my back was so misaligned. I was asked to get onto the couch and to lie on my tummy and I was given an Esoteric back massage, which I understood would support my spine and hips to realign.

It was amazing as before the end of the session I felt my stillness, which is something I had never felt before. It felt as though I had much more awareness of my body.

The practitioner supported me to let go of the tension I had been holding in my body – to relax enough to feel that my body was not twitching or moving at all, just very still and relaxed. I also explained that when I returned to Spain I would start a program of exercises especially tailored to support me to build strength and flexibility in my back. The esoteric back massage, I feel, will help to make the exercises easier and I hope when I come back next year and have another Esoteric back massage with my practitioner he will see a great improvement in me.

I then had a session with another esoteric practitioner, who also gave me an amazing esoteric back massage. Between the two practitioners I feel that there has been a great improvement in my back and my mobility has improved very much. I’m touched deeply as they have truly supported me to appreciate that at 73, I really do need to take care of myself and if I can look after my body, I will have great mobility for years to come.

Since returning to Spain I go regularly to stretch exercises in the village and this has improved and built up my back muscles. The combined esoteric modalities have given me mobility in my hips – now I can kneel on the floor – and I have much more agility, walking up and down the hills where I live with ease.

By Pat Claridge, Age 73 – who lives in the South of Spain

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408 thoughts on “My Experience of Esoteric Healing Sessions

  1. The Esoteric Healing Modalities allow the body to realign back to its natural harmonious state because they are entirely non-imposing with no muscle manipulation in sight.

  2. Wow that’s amazing at 73 Pat, if more people knew of your quick lifestyle change at 73 you would become the trend setter, leading the way for thousands….

  3. That really is amazing Pat. 73 and not accepting age as an excuse to let your body go. What an inspiration to all of us!

  4. Just reading this again a few weeks later, and I’m still just as inspired. Incredible what’s possible when we commit to looking after our bodies. Miracles are real when we’re open to change.

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