My Experience of Esoteric Healing Sessions

I live in Spain and every year I come over to England to see some of the Universal Medicine practitioners from Australia that come to England twice a year and offer private Esoteric Healing sessions. I want to express my appreciation for the Esoteric Healing modalities brought forward by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

I had a wonderful session with an esoteric practitioner who offers Esoteric Massage. Before we started, he asked me about myself and my general health and I explained I had a back issue. He asked me to stand with my back to him and stand straight. I was fully clothed and I could feel him very gently feeling my back and hips. I explained to the practitioner that back in Spain I had found a physiotherapist that I had been seeing who had explained to me that I had no muscle tone in my back to support my spine. The practitioner and I agreed that I was bit like a puppet on a string as my back was so misaligned. I was asked to get onto the couch and to lie on my tummy and I was given an Esoteric back massage, which I understood would support my spine and hips to realign.

It was amazing as before the end of the session I felt my stillness, which is something I had never felt before. It felt as though I had much more awareness of my body.

The practitioner supported me to let go of the tension I had been holding in my body – to relax enough to feel that my body was not twitching or moving at all, just very still and relaxed. I also explained that when I returned to Spain I would start a program of exercises especially tailored to support me to build strength and flexibility in my back. The esoteric back massage, I feel, will help to make the exercises easier and I hope when I come back next year and have another Esoteric back massage with my practitioner he will see a great improvement in me.

I then had a session with another esoteric practitioner, who also gave me an amazing esoteric back massage. Between the two practitioners I feel that there has been a great improvement in my back and my mobility has improved very much. I’m touched deeply as they have truly supported me to appreciate that at 73, I really do need to take care of myself and if I can look after my body, I will have great mobility for years to come.

Since returning to Spain I go regularly to stretch exercises in the village and this has improved and built up my back muscles. The combined esoteric modalities have given me mobility in my hips – now I can kneel on the floor – and I have much more agility, walking up and down the hills where I live with ease.

By Pat Claridge, Age 73 – who lives in the South of Spain

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450 thoughts on “My Experience of Esoteric Healing Sessions

  1. Linda, I am constantly amazed that there is so much hardness and protection to let go of. It’s like peeling back the layers of an onion to expose the delicateness within. When we get to this delicate part of us that we all have, it is the most exquisite feeling. That there can be so much tenderness in our bodies that we are not aware of because we have covered this part of us up, because we want to protect the delicateness. That’s the lie we have all fallen for, if we stay within our delicateness we are much more aware of the world and can feel the unwanted energy coming, so that if we don’t retreat but stay with ourselves the unwanted energy actually cannot penetrate. It can only come in if we give it permission by retreating thinking it’s too much, hence the contraction and protection we feel we have to go into to defend ourselves against the unwanted energy of say jealousy or anger as an example.

  2. What you have said is very revealing
    ‘The practitioner supported me to let go of the tension I had been holding in my body – to relax enough to feel that my body was not twitching or moving at all, just very still and relaxed.’
    I feel that we adopt the brace position in order to cope with life without realising it and so it is extremely beneficial be given the space so that we can let go of the holding on so that we can once again feel the stillness within our bodies that is always there waiting for us to return to.

  3. Being playful and exercising while being focused on our breath brings such a difference to how our body responds to exercise so that our whole body becomes energised and this becomes normal in our day.

  4. The level of healing I can reach in just one session, to me, is quite miraculous let alone the depth of healing `I have got to over the countless sessions I have received over the last 12 years or so. My body and my outlook on life have completely changed. The esoteric healing modalities are literally heaven sent and every time I have a session I am incredibly appreciative of what they offer and what they confirm.

    1. When we appreciate with the confirmation of our and others divinity then this comes from us being focused on the awareness from our essences, thus we are all connected and this bring authority to our way of living and True-purpose to how we live.

      1. I adore the words that you have used Greg, as it confirms you in what you know to be true that we are divine beings within the shell of the human body. Reconnecting back to the essence of our divinity is the greatest love we can give to ourselves, which then reflects back out to all others so that they too can feel their own essence and reconnect back as well, if they choose to do so.

      2. What a blessing for you, Pat, to have experienced Esoteric Massage by the Australian practitioners when they came over, a gift from Heaven and beyond.

    2. I personally feel michelle819 that life is like a race track, we go round and round the track and as we go round we get knocked, bumped and covered in the debris of life. To then have an esoteric healing session with a qualified practitioner allows us to come back into our bodies and feel life from within. The healing session can give us a marker within our bodies so that we can then feel when we are out of sorts and need to bring ourselves back to the stillness within. It is possible to live from our stillness so that the race track doesn’t have such an impact. Yes life is very intense for so many of us, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming any more.

      1. Mary you nailed it. The openness or transparency of our inner-most-heart, or Love as you have shared, play the role of those who have chosen the path of evolution to return to being Soul-fully connected.

  5. There is no imposition in Sacred Esoteric Healing, just a space for you to reconnect to what you already know – that which is already inside of you. In my first Sacred Esoteric Healing Session I was told that this healing art is purely based on the fact that we are already whole and everything else on top of that are just layers we’ve built that need de-bunking. That hit the nail on the head as that was my belief growing up, no priest told me, no teacher, neither did my parents ever speak about this. But this was a knowing I had growing up, and something I always wondered how to access, now I know – now I have access to it.

  6. Thank you Pat, you have really inspired me to take better care of myself and look into getting more support with exercise.

  7. Amazing Pat. We can never underestimate how the TLC we give to ourselves such as committing to a regular stretching exercise program for our body can enhance and enrich our day to day life in so many ways.

  8. “they have truly supported me to appreciate that at 73, I really do need to take care of myself and if I can look after my body, I will have great mobility for years to come.” The benefits of a great practitioner. It has nothing to do with fixing anything but about supporting you to come to your own understanding of how important self-care really is and that you matter. When we feel this in our own body, no matter our age, we can then make those changes that we have always known that we have needed to make.

    1. Jennifer I agree with you that there is something about a qualified Esoteric practitioner that is different from any other practitioner I have been to see; in the course of my life I have seen many. I feel it is the genuine level of care and attention to detail they provide that allows us to let go of the tension we all seem to hang onto. This allows us to feel the difference in our body that then allows us to make those changes, and as you say we all need to make, but because we feel the genuine support of the practitioner the changes seem easier to make.

  9. There is nothing quite like esoteric healing modalities. There are many things that would make us feel relaxed and zonked out, but the stillness felt during/after an esoteric healing session is very different.

  10. It is unfortunate the amazing benefits of the esoteric modalities are quite often dismissed by many medical professionals. One day I am sure the responsibility and love they naturally support with and ask of us all will be greatly appreciated by all.

  11. There is more to the body and its capacity to respond and heal than mere physical facts like age or a diagnosis, hence the usefulness if not need of modalities complementary to medicine like the Universal Medicine modalities.

  12. Just one session with an Esoteric Practitioner can make huge changes to the way you feel, but more importantly to the way you treat yourself and your body. It’s like the deeper part of you that knows you are precious is given permission to be lived and enjoyed.

  13. We have all experienced that feeling of stillness or settlement to one degree or another (at least I hope we have), but these tend to be unusual moments… perhaps a couple of times a year on holiday, or if we truly let go in the bath. Do we really give it value? Do we understand what comes when we are still… that very clear sense of ourselves and access to how we are feeling about everything and anything.

  14. When I first experienced esoteric healing, it was something out of this world. I could actually feel the stillness and steadiness in my body, I had not experienced this before in any other modalities. Over time and sessions, the things that were annoying, were no longer annoying me – it was indescribable, just like that saying, ‘water of a ducks back’, no longer there any more.

    Sometimes going back to the simple, yet powerful esoteric healing sessions is all that is needed to help me return to me.

    1. There is something very beautiful and unique about the Esoteric Modalities, ‘I could actually feel the stillness and steadiness in my body, I had not experienced this before in any other modalities.’

  15. Pat I love the simplicity of your sharing, even at the age of 73 its never too late to take care of yourself and your body. Your body can still be agile and supportive whatever the age. Some people at your age often give up and want other people to take care of them. Its amazing how the body responds when you say yes and with consistency and a rhythm it responds.

  16. I love your appreciation of the Esoteric Healing modalities ‘I want to express my appreciation for the Esoteric Healing modalities brought forward by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.’ They are indeed very much worth appreciating. To me and thousands of others, as you have experienced, this is the true truth of healing. Also amazing to hear, at 73, the new level of care you are taking and how you are looking after your body, this is very inspiring for all of us.

    1. It is very inspiring to hear of the new level of care you are taking of yourself and your body Pat; many older people have a ‘givenupness’ about them, so great that you are honouring your body.

  17. Esoteric massage is amazing, as a practitioner and client, it simply reconnects, realigns and supports a true movement. So desperately needed in humanity.

  18. Pat what a great example of how having the support of the Esoteric Modalities has been able to support you to feel and understand how important it is that we look after our bodies.

  19. No one can doubt the power of the Esoteric Modalities when they experience them – so deeply healing and restorative for the body.

  20. An esoteric healing session is always a moment of beauty; the beauty of order coming back to the body, surrendering to it and feeling how the order helps us to move forward in a different quality.

    1. Eduadro Feldman I agree with you about the feeling of beauty coming back to the body. The stillness found within may not last, but it gives us a marker that we know we can return to and over time be consistent with so that we develop a steadiness that stays with us as we go about or day.

  21. The depth of healing that is offered in all of the Esoteric Healing Modalities is profound and the resulting changes to the body can, as you say, be transformational. What is key is the committment to making sustainable changes to our lives post treatments in order for the healing to continue.

    1. I agree with you Meg it is how we live life to our very last breath that will determine how we come back to our next life. If we were to be taught this as part of our education, then maybe we would not be so flippant about life. Is it possible that when we leave old people to die on their own in fear and loneliness that in their next life, they bring that fear and loneliness with them so that the baby that is born is very unsettled and has health issues from the get go? Reincarnation is a science that we seem to have forgotten to our detriment.

    1. I agree Sue – these modules are actually life changing and what occurs in every single session has a profound effect on our bodies.

  22. I can relate that having a back massage from the Universal Medicine clinic I have felt and gone to a deeper sense in my body. It is still, super tender and clear with an inner-confidence that I am so sure of myself. The esoteric healing modalities are the greatest support to feel a new marker of harmony and stillness in my body.

  23. It is quite profound when we connect to our stillness and realise that therein lies the truest guide to knowing what is needed to support ourselves to live in honor of our body and being. A true foundation for living with true well-being at any age.

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