My Experience of Esoteric Healing Sessions

I live in Spain and every year I come over to England to see some of the Universal Medicine practitioners from Australia that come to England twice a year and offer private Esoteric Healing sessions. I want to express my appreciation for the Esoteric Healing modalities brought forward by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

I had a wonderful session with an esoteric practitioner who offers Esoteric Massage. Before we started, he asked me about myself and my general health and I explained I had a back issue. He asked me to stand with my back to him and stand straight. I was fully clothed and I could feel him very gently feeling my back and hips. I explained to the practitioner that back in Spain I had found a physiotherapist that I had been seeing who had explained to me that I had no muscle tone in my back to support my spine. The practitioner and I agreed that I was bit like a puppet on a string as my back was so misaligned. I was asked to get onto the couch and to lie on my tummy and I was given an Esoteric back massage, which I understood would support my spine and hips to realign.

It was amazing as before the end of the session I felt my stillness, which is something I had never felt before. It felt as though I had much more awareness of my body.

The practitioner supported me to let go of the tension I had been holding in my body – to relax enough to feel that my body was not twitching or moving at all, just very still and relaxed. I also explained that when I returned to Spain I would start a program of exercises especially tailored to support me to build strength and flexibility in my back. The esoteric back massage, I feel, will help to make the exercises easier and I hope when I come back next year and have another Esoteric back massage with my practitioner he will see a great improvement in me.

I then had a session with another esoteric practitioner, who also gave me an amazing esoteric back massage. Between the two practitioners I feel that there has been a great improvement in my back and my mobility has improved very much. I’m touched deeply as they have truly supported me to appreciate that at 73, I really do need to take care of myself and if I can look after my body, I will have great mobility for years to come.

Since returning to Spain I go regularly to stretch exercises in the village and this has improved and built up my back muscles. The combined esoteric modalities have given me mobility in my hips – now I can kneel on the floor – and I have much more agility, walking up and down the hills where I live with ease.

By Pat Claridge, Age 73 – who lives in the South of Spain

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374 thoughts on “My Experience of Esoteric Healing Sessions

  1. There is no doubt for me that the Esoteric Healing Modalities are truly out of this world, yet very much in it.

  2. The Esoteric healing modilities provide an opportunity for us to truly let go of our hurts and issues that hold us back from being who we are. Which can truly change our lives, and our physical health significantly. Stillness is a beautiful thing to feel and is healing all our woes.

  3. Over the years I have had all sorts of massages, some with fancy names, some with pressure that had me lifting off the table. Esoteric Massage isn’t like any of the familiar styles, as it holds a quality and intention of allowing our body to choose to surrender to releasing tension, holding etc. by responding to the depth of gentle care and integrity the practitioner offers. I know if someone comes towards me or touches me in a hard way I automatically tense up more, with esoteric massage their is none of this feeling, there is a feeling that I can trust the touch and therefore surrender.

  4. I have had many different bodywork sessions but it was not until I have a Sacred Esoteric Healing bodywork session from someone that something changed. Not only did I feel a different quality in the person than other practitioners I had been to in just their presence but as soon as they put their hands on my body I knew they knew what they were doing, there was no guesswork. It was very purposeful, very clear, very gentle and non imposing and my body responded to it immediately. Since that time I have only ever sought a Universal Medicine Esoteric Practitioner for any bodywork because this is the only thing I know is of truth and can truly trust. Since that first session many years ago so much has cleared from my body I was holding onto that was not me. I am now starting to be the person I always knew I was but felt able to be and live and it feels pretty amazing.

  5. It is beautiful to read the changes in the body that can happen, at any age. What is even more lovely is how the esoteric modalities support true care of the body we live in, long after the treatment. There is a new foundation of love and care physically in our bodies and it is impossible to continue on without upping our own commitment to care for and support our body.

  6. Esoteric Massage is truly an amazing modality to support us to realise the responsibility we have with our own bodies. Its great to see Pat that you are taking your health and wellbeing seriously and supporting yourself with the exercise to strengthen your back muscles.

  7. A very inspiring sharing that shows if we are willing to heal – then it is all offered to us. Our bodies respond based on the care we take and the movements we choose.

  8. There should be a book full of stories of people’s experiences of Esoteric Healing sessions. It would make for a great read. This is just one of many, and all are worth hearing.

  9. The esoteric modalities are extremely gentle, nurturing and supportive for the body. Your experience shows the amazing transformation that can happen in a body when the being chooses to truly heal.

  10. Understanding the truth in the word esoteric, which is our connection to the inner-most has been the revelation that has changed so many lives. Then when the word healing is added and the true relationship begins with how we heal, so that Esoteric Healing is empowering us to take control of our own healing with the support of a qualified Esoteric Healing practitioner.

  11. A simple miracle, and the most important part of it all is your engagement with your health, and your choices supported by what you have learnt from your health practitioners. So pleased to hear that you are following it up with a programme of your own devising.

  12. After my first Esoteric Massage I was like ‘is that it?’ For I had been so used to massages of which at times physically hurt that I thought that was normal – so I had the belief of how could something as gentle as this be possibly working. I even remember one massage therapist I used to see regularly years ago saying to me, ‘if it is not hurting it is not working’. But Esoteric Massage was so so tender and graceful that when I first tried it the fast pace that I had been running my body at and living according to was in such complete contrast so it made me incredibly uncomfortable (not that I understood that at the time this understanding has only come with time and reflection). But now when I have an Esoteric Massage I absolutely love the surrender and stillness I feel in my body and being and if I could, I would have one every single day.

  13. Our movements through life does have an influence on our bodie. When we move in a true way our bodies respond to that and will move freely and to that what is needed and in line with the flow and the rhythms of the universe. But when we do not move in a true way, as what is so clearly portrayed in this blog, our bodies get trapped and imprisoned in movements that are not true and therefore introduces restrictions in the body movements which in turn will make us misaligned to the flow and rhythms the universe is in.

  14. Esoteric Massage is an amazing modality that is both gentle and extremely powerful. It supports and brings the body back to place of realignment that brings clarity to the mind, as well as the body.

  15. Great to read about the physical improvements, especially when lower back pain can be so difficult to treat. When I found Universal Medicine I also had a lot of ill health and have found that all the things that I was told to live with have also cleared up – so it just goes to show there is more to healing than just taking painkillers.

  16. In the past I would get a lot of back pain and would see a Chiropractor once a week for maintenance, sometimes twice a week. I chose to give up my sessions with a Chiropractor and now only focus on having Esoteric Massage and Bodywork. I rarely have back pain at all these days and my back is much stronger than it was 20 years ago thanks to the Esoteric Massage and Bodywork that offer true support and healing to the body.

  17. I can agree with you Pat , I have had sacred exoteric Healing sessions and esoteric Massage and my body has been transferred in my flexibility and the sensitivity I can now feel in my body .

  18. Pat, thank you for sharing your experience of the esoteric massage, it is amazing how healing these sessions can be if we are willing to make changes in our lives, such as looking after ourselves and being more gentle with ourselves then the esoteric massage can be a huge support.

  19. That stillness and relaxation in an Esoteric Medicine sessions is amazing, it is so rejuvenating and connecting, I love Esoteric Medicine, it compliments conventional health care beautifully..

  20. This experience is nothing short of miraculous and a very strong case study for the Esoteric Healing modalities. With the support of Esoteric Massage, connecting to one’s inner stillness and love and living in a way that is true to that inner stillness – there is no shortage of miracles to be had.

  21. honest and raw look – at how we can, besides our medical view on our bodily issues, energetically asses our bodily issues and connect them to how we live each and every day. In that, the world just makes a lot of sense and puts more pieces of the puzzle together – as showing us what we miss when we look at our health.

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