Will the Real Son of God Stand Up?

by Joel L, Western Australia 

It is a clean crisp dawn on the Mount of Olives, birds fly overhead and the sun rises on the old city of Jerusalem. There is a hum of activity in the distance as news crew and onlookers gather for the arrival of ‘the messiah’, one of the most anticipated events in human history.

Thankfully God had given humanity plenty of notice as the specially formed committee took many years to work out the seating arrangements and make sure clergy of all faiths had been invited and sat in the right order.

Behind the enclave of clergy were barriers for the general public who wore T-shirts, hats and held commemorative placards welcoming ‘the One’. The clergy preened and adjusted their regalia, everyone moving with a nervous excitement.

At the appointed hour, a man stepped forth from behind an olive tree. He wore no special clothes, arrived without thunder or light parting through the clouds. The man has a presence but he was also ordinary. The clergy didn’t know what to do, was this a member of the public that had jumped the fence?

He steps up to the waiting microphone and waits in silence, until one of the clergy asks “Who are you?”.

“I am a son of God” comes the reply.

The crowd cheered as they hear the words they had been waiting for, but some of the clergy grew suspicious.

“What do you mean a son of God, don’t you mean THE son of God, how do we know you are who you say you are?” one of the clergy responded.

After some time he said “We are all sons of God, equally so. I am no different to you or you to each other”.

“Show us a miracle; prove to us who you are” they demanded.

“I live everyday with joy, love and vitality” he responded simply.

“Yes, yes but tell us something about God we don’t know” came the abrupt reply.

“You already know God, he lives within you” was the answer.

“Jesus already said that; tell us something we don’t know…” they persisted.

“You have created an illusion that life is what you think it is, rather than living simply from the inner heart”, was his simple response.

“Buddha already said that, tell us who will be saved”, they demanded again.

“Anyone that chooses to put love for themselves, their body and their light will be saved by themselves and in doing so will truly give love to others. It is the fear of your own light that you fight” he responded lightly, unperturbed.

“Yes, yes, now you’re just combining Patanjali and Nelson Mandela – tell us something new” was their impatient retort.

Again he replied with the same.

“There is nothing new here; there is nothing different to be said. The choice has always been there – be willing to step away from things you do that give you identity and ask yourself about how you can live in harmony with the divinity that is already in you. That is where God lives.”

There was silence among the crowd. Some people walked away in despair, some started to shout out questions, some started to interpret what was said to suit their own ends. The clergy started to fight among themselves, simultaneously trying to discount the credibility of this man and about whose religion had taught these principles first.

The day descended into humanity once again choosing to search for an answer that was outside of their own choices, an answer that confirms what they have already chosen to believe, an answer that keeps everything as it is.

On that day humanity invested in complexity once again and preferred to restart the clock on its wait for ‘the real messiah’, rather than consider the possibility that all those messengers past and present saying the same thing, might be onto something.

God lovingly looked on, allowing man free will to chose how they learnt this simple lesson, wondering when his beloved children would realise the merry-go-round they live on, is of their own making.

But this is not the case for all of humanity…

There are more and more people all over the world who are no longer waiting and have taken their destiny into their own hands.

They wake rested from their nights sleep. They treat their body with tenderness, communicate with honesty, work with integrity and laugh with true joy. They are not perfect, but each drop into an old way of being serves to remind them of how amazing they are, rather than confirm that they can’t save themselves. Each choice builds from the last and makes the next easier to make. Each choice comes with a loving disciple that holds life with tenderness and grace.

They make these choices because each of them accepted that ‘they are a son of God’ and there is no better time to start living that fact than right now.

*** Dedicated to Serge Benhayon – Not the Messiah but an awesome example of a person living a loving way of being as best as one can.

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324 thoughts on “Will the Real Son of God Stand Up?

  1. Why continue to search outside of ourselves for the answers to our woes? Because then we don’t need to take responsibility for the woes but leave them to someone or something else to relieve us. Understanding that the greatest woe of all is us separating from the Kingdom within, is our salvation.

  2. Your parable maybe a modern day one Joel but what it hi-lights is that nothing has changed in humanity, The messages brought to us through Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus and many not so well known messengers from God, have been the same throughout the ages, each one bringing their own flavour to the same messages but instead of embracing and living these teachings we want to question and have proof that the person standing before us is the right person, instead of listening to our own inner heart. To know we are all equal sons of God is yet to be embraced by humanity and all the religions of the land.

  3. We all have a choice to live the Son of God we are – a Son of God dressed in simple clothing and holding the stillness we are – no greater and no lesser than another. Thanks Joel

  4. A very beautiful reminder to return to Joel, of the truth of who we are and the truth we can live together. The kingdom we belong to is found within, and is not of this world that exists outside of us, and when we live from our hearts as the Sons of God we are, we live as equals in the wisdom of our love.

  5. Beautiful to stumble again on this great take on how things are in the world. It is a good thing that God is not the angry,impatient,vengeful god that is written in some books, as we would have been history a long time ago. It’s so unfortunate that most of us still choose to be in the dark after all the great messengers we have had through the ages and can’t see that we are all equally the sons of God. I say this not as a judgement as the times in life I choose not to see this fact are still way too numerous.

  6. Most people are so invested in their own creation that they would not recognise the ‘sent one’ even if he stood in front of them. The path of salvation as taught down the ages has always been laid before us and is available to anyone who makes the call.

  7. Man will one day see that we are all the same equally so, when that will be I would not like to guess! But now we have The Way of The Livingness in our lives and its presenter Serge Benhayon who himself lives exactly that as an example to us all.

  8. What an amazing life we can live when we make The Way of The Livingness our own living way in tenderness, honesty, integrity with true joy in our hearts. So simple so true.

  9. This blog conjured up a deep sadness in me for how we are offered everything and yet keep repeating the same cycle. I also felt immense joy within knowing that there are many leading the way back accepting that we all are the Son’s of God. P.S Joel, always a joy to feel the expansion within from reading your blogs, thank you.

  10. This image of the appearance of a messiah to save us all – it really exposes how we are so reluctant to step up to claim our power/responsibility. Meeting a son of God who tells us we all are sons of God equally – what more do we want? Yet, we continue to deny and resist – could it be because we do know somewhere what we have walked away from so long ago and what it would mean to accept that truth and start living it, and actually preferring to continue burying our heads in the misery stubbornly because we have another image of God being wrathful should we dare admit we had made a choice that was not in alignment with Him?

  11. Living each day knowing I am a son of God changes everything, it brings responsibility, purpose and a way of living that is more loving and true.

  12. ‘They are not perfect, but each drop into an old way of being serves to remind them of how amazing they are, rather than confirm that they can’t save themselves.’ This 180 degree turn in our approach to life and the way we support ourselves and each other can come from simply caring for ourselves more gently more often. We begin to appreciate ourselves for who we are, not what we do and the investment in complexity falls away.

  13. I welled up in tears reading the end of this feeling the celebration and claiming of those of us who have accepted that we are Sons of God, without perfection, without many a days when we will resist this fact, but in having chosen this path, how our lives have transformed.

  14. We are all equal in our free will to choose love or to choose everything that is not love but each choice will have completely different results, like living in two different worlds. That which is not love, separates, divides and creates war, and all that is love, unites, connects people, families, societies and humanity.

  15. Brilliant Joel, I could read this every day. It is one thing to hear this and consider it to be true, another to put aside all the conditions and requirements, job roles and aspirations, and see none of it is who we are. I am a Son of God means all the issues, all the games, all the perfection and seeking for a better day, its time for it to drop away. I no longer wish to cling to the remnants of personality when I can know joy and inspiration everyday.

  16. Forever waiting to be saved by someone when in fact the answer to our true salvation rests within – the treasure is by no means hidden, but when Serge Benhayon and many others now, reflect a life lived from the richness within that we all have access to, we are reminded that we too can choose to live this Love, no special qualifications are required.

  17. Hilarious Joel! I love this blog. Makes me laugh every time. Could it be that there is an ageless wisdom that has always been around and presented by many people over time? Could it be that we have already had many messengers sent to arise us all as the sons of God we all are and the real problem is that we have twisted and reinterpreted the messages to suit our own pictures and so we don’t really have to change how we live?

  18. “There is nothing new here; there is nothing different to be said. The choice has always been there – be willing to step away from things you do that give you identity and ask yourself about how you can live in harmony with the divinity that is already in you. That is where God lives.” – Amen to that!! A choice that we always have and always have had, it just may not have been very obvious to us because of the way we’ve been used to living. Thank goodness for those who reflect to us the truth for us all to remember who we really are.

  19. I love this modern day parable and how it reveals that the ancient wisdom teachings that have been shared down through the ages are still very much applicable in this day and age, which means that many of us are still unwilling to accept and embrace the fact that we are all sons of God. The message of this fact will keep being repeated until we all make the choice to live our life on earth with purpose and energetic responsibility.

  20. A delightful blog Joel, thank you… Yet sobering too, for how long have we ignored the simple messages of truth so many have brought us?

  21. It is interesting that we have this belief that there is only one son of God and that we are not equal to that. When in truth we are all that and all have equal communication with God if we so choose.

  22. I am just starting myself to understand that all these incredible world teachers have been here to remind us that we are already everything and we don’t need to be like someone else, just be our true selves in full. That is a son of God. There is nothing special about this but at the same time something quite amazing.

  23. I can feel deep within me that I have witnessed similar scenarios to what you have described so many times, again and again. And I was deeply touched by: “God lovingly looked on, allowing man free will to chose how they learnt this simple lesson, wondering when his beloved children would realise the merry-go-round they live on, is of their own making.” It is ironic that we keep being reminded that all the answers are already within us, we have also been presented with individuals living soulful lives across the ages and yet we can use our fascination with ‘more’ and ‘different’ to dismiss the profundity of what is already available to us.

  24. Becoming more aware of the merry-go-round, usually easy to see in others but not always so easy to see in oneself – helps mark the steps off the merry-go-round and towards freedom from that imprisonment as we reawaken to the light that we are truly from.

    1. Very true Annie C, it takes great awareness, self-responsibility and love to be honest with ourselves and admit where we have been. To choose to get off the ‘merry-go-round’ without regret but a deep appreciation of what we have experienced and learnt, we have the opportunity to show others that they too can make the same loving choices.

  25. This blog brilliantly shows the utter absurdity of the way we carry on Joel. If we consider for even just one minute, that each of us on this planet are equal, surely we should stop every business meeting, trade discussion, and senate hearing and say that something is seriously not right with the way we live today. Even if we did nothing else, if we just moved, talked and moved forward in life, knowing we are one and the same – I feel this would bring about a mammoth change. And after all, aren’t these simple facts about Love what all the messengers we have been sent, have always been trying to say?

  26. This is such a brilliant blog as it shows us how we have been given all the answers we will ever need and that all that is needed now is to accept ourselves as the Sons of God. That is one thing that most of us have avoided for thousands of years because it immediately asks us to live the power and divine authority that we actually are.

  27. Brilliant blog Joel, I love it. I have read this a few times but reading it again this morning is a blessing and deeply, deeply inspiring. Every particle in my body is vibrating on a different level, igniting what I already know…. that I am a Son of God just like everyone else. Simply exquisite, the energy that is emanating from your expression Joel is very powerful and healing.

  28. We have been given everything we need to return to living in the responsibility of being all that we naturally are, the fact we run away from this is only proof that we actually are it, equal and opposite force and all that, if we live in so much contraction we must know how to live in harmony. Choices, choices, choices.

  29. The truth is in the Livingness and available to us all – when this choice is made there are no divisions only connection and some awesome reflections of what love truly is.

  30. When we live in separation of who we truly are it is difficult to know that we are all the sons of God, yet when we live in connection to the universe it is simple to understand that we are all far more than we appear to be.

  31. Such an awesome sharing Joel. It asks us to consider that there is more to life than what we have accepted and that we have had many teachers over time who have all shared with us the same message. Its almost like we reject this message because we want someone to step in and change it all for us instead of showing us the way and we need to make those changes.

  32. What a joy to read Joel. The way you show the absurdity of life and how we skirt around the truth, creating complication is very loving and beholding. Much like God is. Yes to living what has already been shared, over and over and over and over again for literally tens of thousands of year.

  33. Awesome Joel. I have often pondered what would happen if Jesus did reappear. How would he be received? Has anything changed over the past 2000 years or so? But the key message here is that it is what happens within that truly matters – that it is our inner connection to truth, love and God that is our ‘saviour’. There is no messiah who can save us. What a true teacher can do is show us the way by walking and living that way for us to see in reflection. It is our choice to make and this will forever be so.

  34. One of, if not the greatest barrier to knowing God is our images of him and our ideas of what he is.

  35. We have got lost in finding our identity in the things we do outside ourselves and resisting what our body already knows and communicates to us from our divine essence.

  36. “But… no… wait… I WANT a messiah! Everyone said that ‘The One’ would come! I NEED there to be ‘The One’ so that I may maintain my staunchly imbedded refusal to acknowledge what I actually already know… that God would NEVER in His ‘right mind’ create ‘The One’. What He brings to One, He brings to all. Yes, Holy S***, I KNOW I’m His equal Son, but I simply do NOT want to step into the responsibility of living it so. So much easier to wait for ‘The One’ who will take all my (self-created) pains away, really…”
    And so it goes…
    Gosh, you are a great teller of the parable, ‘commemorative placards’ and all, Joel L… Thank-you

  37. You know… this blog stayed with me and I return to it again another day… 🙂
    What struck me, is that you actually got all the clergy (who had met for many years) to actually AGREE on a ‘right order’ in which to sit in awaiting their ‘messiah’…
    I simply cannot imagine such agreement ever occurring amongst those representing our religious institutions as they stand today… More so, it could actually become violent!

  38. I love knowing that I am a son of God and that everyone else is as well. To live that knowing is what is required by all of us.

  39. When I really allow myself to feel the fact that I am a son of God, I can feel pretty easily I have to change the way I am and make different choices and/or let go of some of the stuff. And this is not even about what that should look like, but the way I feel in my body tells me there are choices that I am not making. So, yes, it makes sense if I on the other hand hold onto a belief that I am not a son of God, then I would be giving myself an ultimate alibi to live a measured life.

  40. I wonder what it is that we are not willing to accept about being a son of God. Could it be the fact that there are other equal sons of God if there is not THE son of God, or the knowing that there is a way that we are not living but should be living? In other words – equalness or responsibility that individuality is trying to avoid.

  41. What a wonderful and playful reminder of how important we all are. I am the one, you are the one and we are the ones that can bring humanity back from its waywardness, we are humanity, our bodies represent a micro-cosmos of the macro-cosmos that we find ourselves living in, we hold the key, we hold the power and Serge Benhayon is a great vocaliser for these truths.

  42. Yes Joel, it is a very different life when we accept the fact we are Sons of God, and not from a theoretical place, nor from a belief that it be so, but from the connection and recognition of the fact of our divinity felt from deep within. What’s even more beautiful is the discovery that everyone else is too… and the evidence of it in most is not so hard to see once you have re-connected with your own.

  43. The illusion, that what we are looking for is out there, is what holds humanity captive on this continual merry-go-round of searching, the fact is we are all the one we are searching for, for God lives within all just waiting to be connected to.

  44. A beautiful ‘take home’ message; “We are all Sons of God”. It is our choice in every moment to live this ‘already there’ innermost harmony. YES, we are our own saviour. This at times feels it’s too much responsibility to lift myself out of what I know is my truth but what holds my path steady is being absolutely honestly real to actually what I already know is true and always has been inside and to give myself the freedom to let it out.

  45. Lovely to read this again – such a great reminder that ‘everyone is The One’ and as this reminder is brought to the forefront of my awareness so I feel a lightness in my being as I look forward to my coming day.

  46. We can pine for a better life, we can push and drive for improved health, but none of these measures alone will ever come close to delivering what we truly need, For it’s not until we are willing to embrace the truth – that we already are everything, a Son of God in our own right, that we are able to let go of the junk and move forward knowing we are great. Why deviate from this when difficulty arises or others address you as a reduced down thing? We have the choice and the power as you show Joel to live from this place of deep knowing every day, every night of our life. Its our birth right.

  47. We seem to want to put people above us or below us as if being equal doesn’t work and isn’t true. When we start to allow a deeper connection with each other we find out that what makes us tick is the same thing and that is basically love. All religions espouse it and all people have it we just at times think we don’t and want someone else to save us from the lovelessness we have let ourselves fall in to.

  48. Joel I have recently been reading some blogs on the Catholic religion and wondering how Jesus might feel if he found himself reborn and ushered into such an institution as a child. Jesus spoke so simply of love, and importantly lived that love, so I have to wonder if he would be brushed aside should he now enter and question what institutionalised religion has done with his life and wisdom.

  49. The mere thought that there may have been many ‘SENT ones’ that repeated a message attuned with the times is something that hardly can be accepted by those who have bought into the idea that it is about choosing among them based on what they have said, which is absurd if you understand that the message is essentially the same. What if they all represented the same source? Why do we have to choose among the deliverers?

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