Is the Way Of The Livingness the First Religion to Honour the Menstruation Cycle?

by Vanessa Hawthorne, London, UK


In Catholicism women are not allowed on the altar because they are unclean – because they bleed.

In Judaism you are not to touch anyone when you are bleeding: a quick search on google revealed this quote:

”A menstruating woman defiles everyone and everything she touches”. Hackles up.

I was talking with a young girl recently, who is being brought up as a Muslim; we spoke about being Muslim and what sense she made of their traditions. When I asked how a woman’s period was viewed, she wasn’t sure but knew that a woman could not pray while she is bleeding as her prayers would not be accepted by Muhammad; she can only pray when she is clean.

Not long ago I watched a movie ‘Agora’ – about Hypatia, a renowned astronomer, lecturer in philosophy and a woman who made a ginormous contribution to the development of mathematics during Roman Egypt. In a scene where the Christian priest is reading from what they were implying was the bible and therefore the word of God, that women should be silent, modestly dressed and not really seen – my hackles went up. In this speech he was condemning Hypatia to her death by saying she was a witch. I got angry at this point.

And I was struck by the theme that was staring me in the face:


Internalised message: “there is something God finds unacceptable about you”. I was suddenly struck by what I felt the cause of this systematic denigration of women on a grand scale was all about… fear. Fear of the true power of a woman who honours herself and her period.

But why?


This is something that was news to me too, not that long ago.

Let me take you back a year. It was an Esoteric Women’s Presentation and a woman presented that she had realised she was not in full honouring of herself because her periods came when she was busy at work: that if she were honouring herself fully, her cycle would support her by arriving on her rest days. So my immediate thought was “that’s bonkers!”. Then I suspended disbelief and listened some more – how she had experienced a change by noticing and reflecting on how she had felt and lived her day. Next thought… “this is for ascended masters, not little ol’ moi”.

But fortunately I decided to start paying a little more attention to my day and how I felt. The beginning stages of this process can be read about here: “Re-claiming my Relationship with my Period”. Within six months my period shifted to support me by arriving on the first day after my working week. Now, no ascended master am I, just an ordinary lady.

To say I found this extraordinary is an understatement. It is amazing to feel your body supporting you to this level! On one occasion my period moved itself about by arriving an hour after I finished work. My period has consistently changed cycle length so as to not be heavy when I have a big working day ahead.

I have come to know and experience for myself that our period is never late or early but always exactly on time for what is needed for you to clear and to support you. How beautiful and power-full is that?

So The Way of the Livingness as presented by Serge Benhayon and Natalie Benhayon to the Women’s groups has inspired me (and hundreds of other women) to honour ourselves and the true power of the menstruation to heal. I know of no other religion to do this. And it begs the question:

  • Why do other religions not want women to know this about themselves and actively discourage a loving relationship with their cycles? And follows my next question:
  • Why did women give up on themselves and what they knew all those years ago?

It is for us to reclaim that, and it is a returning to what we already know. It’s not about saying: ‘those bad men’ – if we had stayed in our full power and claimed ourselves fully as women, no matter what, energetic law states that a force can only push you over if you allow it.

I write this so women can have an opportunity to allow the veil to be lifted on the evil (morally wrong) that surrounds us, and to say that there is another way.

The Way of the Livingness is my religion, and I thank God for the grace that I have come across Serge Benhayon and his family and the exemplary way they live that inspires me to live in the full glory that I and everyone else is.

To say I am grateful is an understatement!

275 thoughts on “Is the Way Of The Livingness the First Religion to Honour the Menstruation Cycle?

  1. Thank you for exposing these religions for how they look at women and taking away the veil over my eyes to what we accept as normal and acceptable when it should actually be not accepted at all.

  2. Appreciation and joy are constants every time when I receive my period, not that they are always on time or perfect, but every time they show me deeper what I already know, in the way that I am living, allowing me a deeper appreciation of myself, whether my choices support me or not.

  3. I had never realised how much other religions saw women as unclean when menstruating. I can see now why women have so little self-worth if they are made to feel different and separate to the rest of the congregation when having a period. Women feel more vulnerable at this time and so in their sensitivity they would feel the separation even more. I can also see how this keeps women from stepping into their full power and this is what the priests and rabbis’ of all these religions fear most.This is one of the reasons I love the religion The Way of The Livingness, it is leading the way in honouring women and seeing them as equal and recognising that a woman in her sacredness is what is missing in this crazy world we live in today

    1. Shining the light on the way forward for humanity is definitely what I see being presented by The Way of The Livingness. It feels amazing to be one of those woman who is beginning to feel and honour myself and seeing and feeling the incredible impact this has on everyone around me.

  4. It is interesting why so much effort has gone into this belief that women are lesser and unclean and why it holds such a focus in religion. To me it doesn’t make sense, if God made us then that includes that he made the menstrual cycle for women too- therefore this to is divine. Why are so many religions so focused on ‘owning’ and ‘controlling’ a woman’s body??
    Is it that a woman in her true power actually exposes the falsity of the ideals and beliefs these religions have run with?

  5. It truely is beyond belief the way in which women have been vilified and demeaned by religions throughout the ages. It is deeply appreciated that The Way of The Livingness religion is changing this attitude and belief.

  6. Our human bodies have a grace that supports all of our bodily systems to work together in harmony – so how could we ever consider that a female’s menstrual cycle is any less in its support of this collective harmony of the body as a whole?

  7. The ideals and beliefs that are held in relationship to women and their menstrual cycle, are very archaic and totally without true foundations, and yet religion has used it to keep women as lesser, The Way of The Livingness has very much the opposite view where women are encouraged to reclaim their sacredness and their power, and their menstrual cycle is a time for true healing.

  8. Awesome Vanessa. There was a time, where I too would have thought it a load of absolute rubbish. Cynical I was. I now know from experience as well as from observing the changes in women around me who choose to live a life of consistency in honouring themselves, that it is 100% possible for our periods to work with us and not against us. I’ve suffered awful period pain in the past and continue to do so now, but I’m very aware at the subtle changes that happen when I reflect on how I’ve been with myself.

  9. History exposes the lies, the denigration and control of women and now exposes that we can choose the path that feels true. There is much power in the fragility, tenderness and stillness of women. I too celebrate all that Serge Benhayon and Natalie Benhayon are living now – their reflection offers a future available to us all right now.

  10. Throughout the ages there has been a targeted attack on the sacredness of a woman and what she offers. A woman in her essence shows us our truth and offers humanity a marker. When women honour themselves they bring back a tenderness and depth of love that we all know.

  11. Fascinating Vanessa, women have been reviled for their periods for a long time and while we laugh and mock at the ridiculousness of some of these things you’ve shared, their sentiment is still alive and well today. When one connects with the fact that a woman’s period offers something deeply precious for a woman and the connection with her body, there is little in our language or actions that reflects this level of honouring. Instead we have a series of derogatory, annoying or burdensome words to mark it’s arrival or presence, including having developed a whole segment of medicine dedicated to halting or manipulating it’s natural expression, thereby ignoring the wealth of communication it offers each woman every month in support of her evolution.

  12. To consider that ‘all major religions of the last two thousand years have told women they are unclean’ gives us a true insight of how these religions are not bringing the love of God, they say they do. God will never favour a gender as the different qualities of men and women are precisely what is needed(designed) to bring us back where we are coming from, our divinity and leave earth and form behind. Living with and in cycles is feeling we are part of the grandness and the power of love.

  13. It is interesting that almost all current big religions do picture women as unclean during their period. It just does not make sense how a physical normal process would make a women unclean.

  14. And then there are the countless cultural practices of women actually removing themselves from their communities whilst menstruating… Agreed Vanessa, we have allowed the truth of the woman to be shunned if not vilified, and described as ‘dirty’ if not ‘evil’…
    One cannot but ask, how powerful is the woman’s cycle then, in relation to all within her sphere? How vehemently the service she has the capacity to offer has been resisted, that such an imbalance has held sway?

  15. A woman who has reclaimed her own body and an ever-deepening relationship with her own menstrual cycle (or moon cycle if no longer menstruating), knows that the cleansing she experiences when menstruating is not for herself alone.
    We have allowed the most insidious of transgressions here – that this truth has not be deeply valued – and rather than receive the blessing so offered by the woman at-one with her body, it has been pushed, firmly indeed, away…
    Agreed Vanessa, that The Way of The Livingness does no such thing, and actually offers the complete reverse – an honouring of the woman and her natural cycles and ways at the deepest level I know.

    1. Perhaps by institutionalised religion owning God in some way they needed to extinguish any form of true power, especially that which came from a woman’s naturalness, from her cycle, and its potential to evolve others especially if she was connected to and honoured in her sacredness. They made that which is truly sacred its exact opposite. There is a peculiar arrogance to make any part of the womb of life, that which holds and births us all, wrong in any way. A woman does not just birth life, but she can birth us all into deeper divinity through the power of her sacred body and womb, through her power to hold and cleanse us – now, that is not just a purposeful gift from God but part of true religion (religion being that which returns us to the fullness of our divinity).

  16. I am appreciative of what you have written in this blog Vanessa; it is so supportive of women to claim their equality and their bodily cycles, thank you;
    “I write this so women can have an opportunity to allow the veil to be lifted on the evil (morally wrong) that surrounds us, and to say that there is another way.”

  17. When my period feels to be inconvenient in any way – when it arrives and how it is, it is me that is out of rhythm, and what my body reveals is a confirmation of the way I have been living.

  18. This is a mind blowing blog, its hard to believe that this is not front page news. I can attest to the fact that my period is a completely different experience than it once was. It never comes at work and if it does, I know that it is because the way I have been conducting my day, week or month. The other day I took a couple of days off to go away to Sydney but I knew that leading up to the trip I was stressed about going away and wasn’t myself, my period came while I was there, it was my days off, so technically it was behaving but my period is way more intelligent than that, I knew this was an indication of me being off point because I it did not feel right having my period on my weekend away. It is simple really, live in a way that supports your body and your body will support you.

  19. There is harmoniousness in our Universe that we can all tune into and align with – or we can fight it, negate it and dismiss it. Our bodies are the connection to this harmoniousness and when we start to honour them with true care and love, we experience this flow. It is our choice to make.

    1. This is very beautiful what you have shared Richard, and this harmony is within every one of our bodies, men as well as women, it is within every one of our particles, and of all the particles in the universe. We can feel if we are on par with the universe on this or not, and our bodies are always telling us how we can move closer to this harmony.

      1. It is truly beautiful the alignment to the universe, what fascinates me is how much most of us fight this simple alignment in order to stay in our individuality. Incredible that we should seek this over the flow of the stars in our veins.

  20. The joy that is felt with my every period is undeniable and it will always be unreservedly reflected. My periods do not always come on my day off, and I do not always have a day off in a week, but it is how I feel with myself when my periods come, and how my periods are whether they are heavy or light, that I know how I have been with myself that month. Whether it reflects to me my honoring to myself or whether it is showing me the blessing of clearing what has not supported me, allows me to feel an unreserved joy that is purely me, as a woman.

  21. It is interesting to dig a bit on the relationship between the concept of clean and religion. Mainstream religions as this blog makes clear, have an issue with women menstruating because it brings uncleanliness into the equation. And religion is way too pure to accept uncleanliness. What this reveals is the extent to which mainstream ‘religions’ do not walk with you as you walk in life.
    It proposes a relationship of submission.

    1. Great observation Eduardo, that mainstream religions do not walk with us in life, the real nitty gritty of life. Whilst aiming for a perfect image of what humans ‘should’ be, we miss the perfection in us that is already within, even amongst the mess and untidiness of life.

  22. It is worth sharing with the world the grace and power of a woman’s period. I have a lot of understanding and know the importance of what you have written Vanessa through Universal Medicine’s teachings also. A woman’s sacredness and stillness will restore and bring harmony back to our relationships. This is true religion – relationship with self.

  23. The Way of The Livingess is the only religion I know that honours women’s period cycles. I remember most of the organised religions and cultures I know portrays women who are on their period as unclean, this didn’t feel great when I discovered this when I was a young woman but I never thought to question it. Now, I would approach things very differently because I now understand that our period are actually a very sacred, cleansing and honouring time of the month for women.

  24. The Way of The Livingness is such a blessing for us all. Both men and women are presented with a way of living that is in honour of our natural way of being and therefore allows us to return to that state where we can explore the true power of living our natural cycles once again.

    1. What I love here is that so many men are commenting on a blog about menstruation in a respectful and honouring way, that in itself is testament to The Way of The Livingness, as a group of people. Especially on line, what is normal is for a subject like this to receive a torrent of abuse and quite disgusting vitriol. Beautiful to read all the comments here from men and women.

      1. Thank you for mentioning this fact once again Vanessa, as indeed for it is our normal in how we live together as men and women. It is that natural respect and decency what we allow ourselves to live once again. To make that our foundation to communicate from and in that to feel that we actually are all one and the same and only differ in our outer expression which is equally important to all other expressions.

  25. If it was true that women are unclean when they menstruate, then how come there is such joy, lightness and clarity felt? How would it be true for any rule or thought to override how women are truly feeling when menstruation is actually happening to them? And why are there not more women who speak about the truth of what menstruation truly feels like? Great question for every woman, including myself, there is so much room to re-imprint what is the truth of being a woman.

  26. It’s bizarre to me that any religion could find a woman unclean or unacceptable to God in menstruation, particularly if they view God as the body’s creator! Also, the menstrual period is part of the life cycle, the same people who say it’s unclean were actually nourished by the bloody lining of the womb when first conceived. To me there is a depth and richness to what the menstrual cycle offers, and it’s way beyond appreciating the functionality and biological purpose. Being more connected to my cycle and the gift it offers by communicating how I’ve lived that month, and the clearing it offers to allow me to live more of my essence has led to much healing and many magical moments. A woman’s period is a beautiful part of her.

  27. Thank you for sharing Vanessa. Its so great you have learned from the livingness and sharing of another, the power of the body when its honoured in its sacredness, which can never be taken away from you. The example of Hypatia is just one of many women who did not give up their sacredness just so men can be content in their personal folly.

  28. What a great blog Vanessa. What you have shared around the current organised religion of not only today, but for the past 2000 years, have all been about denigrating women. What we bring, what our bodies physically bring, but also what we bring when living in our cycles and awareness of that, is our power. Many women do not feel this or live this, myself included a lot of the time. I have so much more awareness than ever before though and bring that more and more to how I live my life.

  29. I never understood why different religions would ‘put down’ and denegrade women, it made no sense to me. The great thing about The Way of The Livingness is how everyone is equal and the truth of the sacredness that is within us all is alive waiting to be re-activated.

  30. “A WOMAN WHO HONOURS HERSELF AND HER NATURAL CYCLES IS POWER-FULL”. A beautiful appreciation of a woman’s monthly cycle and our understanding of our responsibility to live in tune with our own cycles and the cycles of the Universe around us.

  31. I find this extremely fascinating and very eludicating as it not only highlights more about the ways women have been suppressed in their expression of their Divine sacredness but also how men have dominated such expression by parading about the fact that God views periods as dirty. It is no coincidence this part of a woman’s cycle is viewed this way when it is also the time a woman is most connected to her sacredness and sensitivity.

  32. This systematic denigration and denial of women means we must be on to something big. In continuing to play small, we’re playing right into the hands of those who would seek to keep us that way.

    1. This is what I have experienced and I have seen women who live The Way of The Livingness are not shy to fully celebrate and embrace their power, to living in harmony with their body and cycles, it is a joy to witness and experience. And, very power-full indeed Victoria.

  33. Feeling tired and sometimes washed out is not because of what is going on around me; it is because I have not listened and paid attention to myself ignoring what is going on within and around me. The abandoning of self therefore has to show up as in this case exhaustion in my body.

    1. Thank you Caroline. As your experience shows us that not being with our body cost actually a lot of effort, otherwise it would not exhaust us so much.

  34. This raises the question and importance of understanding what true power really is. Often power is seen from the perspective of temporal authority or position but the truth is power is the authority with which one presents when exposing anything and everything in life that is not truly true.

  35. Vanessa thank you for highlighting the stance of the various religions in the dishonouring of woman during their menstrual cycle. It has been nothing less than an attempt to curb the divine power that woman innately carry within in their bodies. Thank God, for The Way of The Livingness religion, which has restored the true meaning and importance of a woman’s period cycle to our evolutionary process here on earth.

    1. Well said Elizabeth, it has indeed been an attempt and largely a successful one by men to reduce women to less than the equal to men that they naturally are. The Way of The Livingness is the only religion to confirms the absolute equality of men and women.

  36. We are so much more powerful then we think we are. For instance, like demonstrated in this blog, by connection to our body and the divine power and intelligence it holds, we can take care for our body by accepting the rhythm of the menstruation cycle of women while at the same time being in full service to our communities.

  37. “I have come to know and experience for myself that our period is never late or early but always exactly on time for what is needed for you to clear and to support you. How beautiful and power-full is that?” I love this! I have often thought something was wrong as my period is not clockwork like it used to be. But now I can see how I’m in rhythm with my cycle and it supports me. Super gorgeous to realise and appreciate.

    1. Yes, women have a regular reminder, which can be very painful or inconvenient, something men lack and for them things can build up much more before they get a reminder.

  38. ” I have come to know and experience for myself that our period is never late or early but always exactly on time for what is needed for you to clear and to support you. How beautiful and power-full is that? ”
    Its so wonderful you have come to this understanding , when you consider that the first time your heard the possibility you said “that’s bonkers!”. I had a good laugh at that comment thank you.

    1. I had the same today John, I had to laugh too but also admit that I never have heard such a statement before as in my experience with women in this life I have never heard them talking about the menstruation cycle like this.

  39. Clear, concise and exposing. Thank you Vanessa. Women have been hoodwinked but as you state “energetic law states that a force can only push you over if you allow it.” I too am incredibly appreciative that Universal Medicine, Esoteric Women’s Health with The Way of The Livingness are bringing truth back to religion and connecting us to the truth of our menstrual cycle and the power and grace that it offers.

  40. Vanessa, you wrote “that’s bonkers!” when you heard that the menstruation cycle needs to be in support support of women. And I must say that for me too this is bonkers as I have never heard woman express like this before regarding their menstruation. It was actually more the opposite, that the cycle was interfering with their planned life and therefore not experienced as in being in support.

  41. The menstrual cycle is an amazing thing of healing and any religion that transforms this amazingness in to an ugliness and brandishes women as unclean needs to have every other statement that it makes finely scrutinised as there is likely to much untruth there too.

  42. One of the most effective ways to bury sacredness is to tell a woman that her menstruation is ‘dirty’, when the truth is this cycle of nature offers an opportunity for the woman to not only energetically cleanse and clear herself, but eventually all others also.

  43. Many cultures and religions I have come across sees women in menstruation as unclean. I remember the first time I heard this as a young girl, I immediately felt that being a women was seen as being less and not equal to men, and I felt myself shrink a little due to realising in our world, women and men are not treated as equals. The Way of The Livingness is the first religion I have come across that honours and celebrates the power of women’s cycles and where women and men are treated with absolute equality, respect and equally celebrate in what we reflect and bring. Now this is a religion about love and for me this is true religion, where everyone is celebrated for who we are, Sons of God.

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