A Course in Miracles

by Anne Malatt, Australia

Some years ago I met a man, Serge Benhayon, who inspired me. I had a healing session with him and began attending Universal Medicine courses. These courses have been a course in miracles.


I am now my true weight, having carried over 20 kg in excess weight for years.

I do not diet, in the usual sense. I eat what I feel my body needs, in the quantity it needs, at the time it needs, to nourish and sustain it.

I have changed my diet, which was full of carbohydrates and sugar and loaded with gluten and dairy, to one which is now rich in quality, nourishing food.

I used to need to eat these foods to keep my exhausted body going and to help me to not feel the pain and sadness I was in. I now no longer need them, as I no longer feel this way.

I no longer drink coffee, having been addicted to it and needing it to get through the day.

I was exhausted, and needed coffee and sugar to fuel me, to keep me going, to do the things I thought I needed to do each day. I now have all the energy I need. It is only a breath away.

I no longer drink alcohol, having previously been addicted to it.

Alcohol was my ‘friend’. It was a treat at the end of a long hard day in a long hard life. It picked me up, it sweetened me, it was a substitute for caring for myself. It was my only way of giving myself permission to stop and sit. Now, if I want a moment with myself, I stop and take a moment. Just for me, just with me – wherever I am, without the need for anything from the outside. I love my days now and enjoy the way I feel at the end of my day, most days, and now I don’t need a reward to feel good.

I now sleep like a baby, having been an insomniac.

I used to stay up late, fuelling myself with alcohol, coffee and sugar. I never felt the day was enough, and would stay up looking for more. Now, I wind down after work and go to bed when my body is tired, by  9pm. I sleep soundly and wake feeling rested and refreshed in the morning, looking forward to the day.

I don’t often feel stressed now, having lived under constant (self-induced) stress in the past.

I still feel anxious and stressed at times, but when I do, I take a moment to stop and bring myself back, by focussing on my breath and what I am feeling in my body. I don’t go looking for stress or excitement to make me feel alive or to distract me from my other feelings, because I feel great and have no need for anything outside me.

I am now in the tenth year of my relationship, having been a serial runner-away from relationships.

This relationship has not exactly been easy. But we have, by loving perseverance and commitment to ourselves and each other, developed a quality of love that I would not have dreamed was possible for me when I was young.

I am in a loving relationship, having been in abusive ones before.

I now care for myself enough to have a relationship in which anything less than love is not tolerated. If either one of us brings less than love, in our words, behaviour or being, we say so, as lovingly as we can, to bring awareness to them and to help each other return to love. We are as honest as we can be with each other at all times, and whatever is happening between us, we deal with problems by remembering first and foremost that we love each other.

I like myself.

I did not used to feel this way. I now appreciate who I am and what I offer.

I care for myself.

I have come to understand that I cannot care for another until I learn to truly care for myself. And, I am putting this into practice, for myself, my family and for everyone.

On a good day, and most days are, I even love myself.

Every one of these is a miracle. Together, they are amazing. And today, I am amazing, and I feel it and I know it. I am a living miracle.


  • I have never been told what to do (no-one has ever been able to do that!).
  • I have been shown a loving way of life, by someone who lives it himself. Serge shares this way with his family, who also live it, and they share it with others.
  • I have been inspired by example: a simple, loving way of life, that is natural, that is the way my body truly wants to live.
  • I have been reminded that this way is found inside me, by listening to my innermost voice, the living wisdom of my body.
  • I have re-connected to myself, and made this connection my way of life.
  • This way is the Way of the Livingness.

401 thoughts on “A Course in Miracles

  1. We can be walking miracles by saying NO to everything in this that is not true and equal to the love we are. In that movement, we can inspire others to move towards truth too and away from the lies and distractions that this world currently runs in – this is miraculous.

  2. It says a lot about society when it is a miracle to be and express love. It should be something that is normal considering we are all made of it and come from it.

  3. Beautiful to read how your choices have changed, when I gave up drinking alcohol I’m sure my friends and family thought it was a miracle, and indeed it was, not the actual choosing to stop drinking alcohol but the amazing difference I felt from simply choosing not to drink.

  4. If only we would stop, stand back and see the truth of our life, understand the many beautiful things that have taken place, the self loving choices we have made, then surely we would start to appreciate that who and where we are at today is a miracle in itself compared to the route our life was previously destined to take. For me I can only say that meeting Serge Benhayon and attending Universal Medicine events was a huge turning point in my life. The more I appreciate the beautiful teachings Serge has given us, how could I not see the miracles in my life for what they are?

  5. It would blow the lid off for the world to realize that true change does not from telling each other what to do and what not to do. But it is to allow people to come to the understanding on their own by feeling a common truth equally within each and every one of us. This process is self-empowerment as no one can make this choice but ourselves and when we make it, we bear the responsibility to it.

  6. Re-connecting to our inner heart and living all that is impulsed from there is the key that opens the door to miracles in every moment of ones life – Thank you Anne

  7. Also, my life is full of miracles since attending the workshops of Serge Benhayon starting 10 years ago. And not just for me but also for the people around me. As I share from my livingness with them they also start to make shifts in their lives. Like Serge mentioned, the workshops are not just there for people attending but for the whole of humanity. It can be felt all over the world what is made available on earth for us to increase our evolution.

  8. We have been so short-changed by the concept that a miracle is something that is granted to us by powers greater than anything we could ever possibly be. Knowing yourself as that one and same power allows the everyday miracles that occur constantly to be seen and felt for what they are. A beautiful example of which you have shared here Anne.

  9. Yes they are all miracles in the true sense, not the walking on water type, we have been tricked into thinking the only amazing things are big things that dazzle and amaze instead of appreciating the miracle of moving from a position of self hatred and self loathing to self love because in that you connect to the divinity of the universe and that is the pulse of all the magic we see all around us.

  10. Sometimes in life, it can seem inevitable that it’s turned out a certain way. We can take for granted that we are where we are at. But we miss then that we could so easily not have made the loving choices that we have, not have the gifts of beautiful relationships we enjoy every day and not live in the joy and pleasure we receive. It could be so different. When we cherish the choices for we have made we pave the way for more Love to come our way. Thank you Anne.

  11. Anne, no doubt there are MANY more miracles that you could describe here…
    Just the ‘taste’ of what you’ve shared is deeply profound. You stand today as a woman removed from the angst and ‘quiet desperation’ (as Thoreau termed it) that most yet live in. A true role model that there is indeed a ‘way’, and that that way is, The Way of The Livingness.
    It is the natural way of all – to live so soulfully as you describe. Thank-you for sharing this absolute gold.

  12. What you have shared in this blog Anne is very inspiring; I loved reading about what you learnt and the responsibility you exercised to make self loving choices.

  13. These are the kind of true-life miracles that should be our front-page news – how different would it be to be met with genuine stories of healing and change rather than headlines and stories of bitching, gossip, lies and sensationalism…

  14. This is a huge transformation. Wow what a story – thank you for sharing Anne – the changes have happened from the inside out and how gorgeous is that!

  15. The course you describe is available to us all, along with accompanying so called miracles, that will be miracles for each of us, and yet are the everyday that is available to all.

  16. Thank you Anne for an amazing sharing of all the miracles that have happened in your life, all the changes being possible through the loving choices to connect to your inner love and live this way, and these miracles are possible to all who find their way back home to their inner heart.

  17. What you describe here Anne are true miracles one by one and you’ve been inspired by Serge Benhayon to re connect to this way called The Way of The Livingness and now you inspire others by reflection to choose this amazing way of life, a life full of miracles.

  18. The miracle is feeling again the love and preciousness that we are, and so all our choices in life start to change, because we have lived in a way for too long that does not confirm this absolute truth.

  19. This is an inspirational sharing for all Anne. For us to look at our lives and re evaluate as well as appreciate where we have come from to where we are now . I can see for myself how the teachings of Serge Benhayon of the Ageless Wisdom has made a huge difference to my life too!

  20. And another miracle is the power of appreciation that this blog reflects. Amazing things happen in our lives but when they are not appreciated their full value is not known. Miracles like these continue to share their light in our lives – through our willingness to appreciate.

  21. There are many false friends in what we consume, be it alcohol, tobacco, sugar etc…they all kept me company but never gave what they promised…being still, connected and aware of what is within me, my heart, soul, love, essence, rather than trying to drown out the busy thoughts in my head has worked wonders…miracles and I do not lean on false friends any longer. Connection with body, equals natural joy.

  22. We tend to look at miracles as being magical and suddenly brought to us but the magic behind the miracles you show me today, when reading this blog, as being the result of our own choices and, that while the miracle could be there in an instant, mostly is the result of our unwavering commitment to love and nothing but love instead. Magic revealed….

  23. Could it be that we blind ourselves to the myriad of everyday miracles we are showered with because we are looking somewhere else than right before our very eyes to the beauty and magic unfolding within?

    1. This so true Liane we are so busy looking elsewhere trying to fix things or make things better that we don’t see the miracles that are unfolding right before our eyes every where we go. Appreciation is the key here it opens our eyes and allows us to see so much more.

  24. Beautiful Anne, there are many miracles on offer when you commit to The Way of The Livingness – a simple yet truly powerful way to live that delivers this magic and joy every day.

  25. It’s pretty amazing, no “detox”, no New Years Resolutions, no rah-rah, just an inspiring reflection and support from Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, and your own love guiding you to make changes – simple, yet extraordinary outcomes.

  26. Really love what you present here Anne. You remind me how simple it is to choose love if we truly want it. In fact we can start with a choice to breathe our own breath “I now have all the energy I need. It is only a breath away.”

  27. It’s true Anne, what you are describing is a miracle, given how we live. I’ve taken the same course in miracles, with the same results. I recommend this course to all.

  28. The changes you have made are miracles . Most of the world is suffering from all the ailments you list Anne but you have managed to heal them all. To me this shows that they are all connected. Alcohol makes us restless and opens us up to energies that can affect our sleep, being over weight affects our sleep and so does stress. We need to look at all the things that affect us. If we don’t love ourselves how can we truly love another? This one has been a big one for me and one I am still working on, but when I do it is amazing how much life flows and is so much more enjoyable.

  29. The Way of The Livingness is most certainly a miracle – like you Anne everything on you list I totally relate to and also was the way I was living. It has been completely life changing to be inspired by Serge Benhayon and the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom, that there is in fact another way we can live and it is a choice to reconnect to our inner being and live from a pulse that is of Love.

  30. A miracle is anything that restores the expression of our innate divinity so that it is seen once more on the surface and not buried deep beneath.

  31. A miracle is when something occurs that we never thought was possible and The Way of The Livingness offers the miracle of living with love in all that you do.

  32. Miracles really can occur every day. However, we have been indoctrinated into thinking that they have to be these huge and ostentatious things that occur and can only occur to the special or chosen ones. But that is just not the case, miracles can and do happen every day, it is just whether or not we have the awareness to see them.

  33. These changes you describe Anne are remarkable. Our world is full of self-help books with sage advice with which we agree and vigorously nod. But who actually makes these changes stick? And not only that but I feel how each one you outline roles into the next, all helping you live well and be the amazing you. It seems so simple the way you have outlined it here but in the context of the world today these changes are miracles and something to appreciate every day in all that you do.

  34. Most of these behaviours you have left behind Anne are ones we gather along the way in life, we are not born doing any one of these and yet it is rare to find someone who is not being affected by at least one of them. In the context it is miraculous, though it is in fact our normal way.

  35. Do we truly allow ourselves to feel the miracles that are taking place? Do we have pictures about how this looks or are we willing to see that in everything there is a miracle taking place because every moment offers an opportunity to embrace.

  36. We do a lot of things that harm our body and it is difficult to stop them because they serve an important purpose each. Once we deal with the purpose – which is actually possible – the need for the behaviour disappears and then we have a choice.

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