A Course in Miracles

by Anne Malatt, Australia

Some years ago I met a man, Serge Benhayon, who inspired me. I had a healing session with him and began attending Universal Medicine courses. These courses have been a course in miracles.


I am now my true weight, having carried over 20 kg in excess weight for years.

I do not diet, in the usual sense. I eat what I feel my body needs, in the quantity it needs, at the time it needs, to nourish and sustain it.

I have changed my diet, which was full of carbohydrates and sugar and loaded with gluten and dairy, to one which is now rich in quality, nourishing food.

I used to need to eat these foods to keep my exhausted body going and to help me to not feel the pain and sadness I was in. I now no longer need them, as I no longer feel this way.

I no longer drink coffee, having been addicted to it and needing it to get through the day.

I was exhausted, and needed coffee and sugar to fuel me, to keep me going, to do the things I thought I needed to do each day. I now have all the energy I need. It is only a breath away.

I no longer drink alcohol, having previously been addicted to it.

Alcohol was my ‘friend’. It was a treat at the end of a long hard day in a long hard life. It picked me up, it sweetened me, it was a substitute for caring for myself. It was my only way of giving myself permission to stop and sit. Now, if I want a moment with myself, I stop and take a moment. Just for me, just with me – wherever I am, without the need for anything from the outside. I love my days now and enjoy the way I feel at the end of my day, most days, and now I don’t need a reward to feel good.

I now sleep like a baby, having been an insomniac.

I used to stay up late, fuelling myself with alcohol, coffee and sugar. I never felt the day was enough, and would stay up looking for more. Now, I wind down after work and go to bed when my body is tired, by  9pm. I sleep soundly and wake feeling rested and refreshed in the morning, looking forward to the day.

I don’t often feel stressed now, having lived under constant (self-induced) stress in the past.

I still feel anxious and stressed at times, but when I do, I take a moment to stop and bring myself back, by focussing on my breath and what I am feeling in my body. I don’t go looking for stress or excitement to make me feel alive or to distract me from my other feelings, because I feel great and have no need for anything outside me.

I am now in the tenth year of my relationship, having been a serial runner-away from relationships.

This relationship has not exactly been easy. But we have, by loving perseverance and commitment to ourselves and each other, developed a quality of love that I would not have dreamed was possible for me when I was young.

I am in a loving relationship, having been in abusive ones before.

I now care for myself enough to have a relationship in which anything less than love is not tolerated. If either one of us brings less than love, in our words, behaviour or being, we say so, as lovingly as we can, to bring awareness to them and to help each other return to love. We are as honest as we can be with each other at all times, and whatever is happening between us, we deal with problems by remembering first and foremost that we love each other.

I like myself.

I did not used to feel this way. I now appreciate who I am and what I offer.

I care for myself.

I have come to understand that I cannot care for another until I learn to truly care for myself. And, I am putting this into practice, for myself, my family and for everyone.

On a good day, and most days are, I even love myself.

Every one of these is a miracle. Together, they are amazing. And today, I am amazing, and I feel it and I know it. I am a living miracle.


  • I have never been told what to do (no-one has ever been able to do that!).
  • I have been shown a loving way of life, by someone who lives it himself. Serge shares this way with his family, who also live it, and they share it with others.
  • I have been inspired by example: a simple, loving way of life, that is natural, that is the way my body truly wants to live.
  • I have been reminded that this way is found inside me, by listening to my innermost voice, the living wisdom of my body.
  • I have re-connected to myself, and made this connection my way of life.
  • This way is the Way of the Livingness.

519 thoughts on “A Course in Miracles

  1. Crazy that we substitute caring for us with something that actually poisons our body! ‘it was a substitute for caring for myself’

  2. The Way of The Livingness is a miracle in its simplicity; less is more and the more just keeps expanding.

  3. A course in miracles indeed! Living my life as I do now it is sometimes easy to forget the level of tension I used to life with. Important to appreciate how far I have come, what I have let go of and what I have been able to accept and embrace.. and it just keeps getting deeper!

  4. Often we think our life would be better if only… and put so many conditions and obstacles before we say yes to life and commit to being in it, and here from what I am reading I am getting a sense that it is all upside down and back to front. We don’t like to surrender if the outcome is not guaranteed and even when we give that a go, it’s still a bit like we are holding onto a ransom just in case. Our heel is just ready to turn back on itself. This process of self-love reawakens that connection, that is more than a trust, and yes, it is a far-cry for many of us and it is a miracle indeed to find ourselves in that place again, and to have the peripherals of life fall into their rightful places, taking care of all the conditions without us directing it.

  5. We can make vast changes in our lives. It is possible from being an alcoholic to never touch alcohol again, it is possible to lose weight, possible to stop being in abusive relationships & find love – not with another but within ourselves. All of these are things are within our reach.

  6. This way is the Way of the Livingness is the only way I found that directly reminds me of God and all that I am here to bring.

  7. “I have been shown a loving way of life, by someone who lives it himself. Serge shares this way with his family, who also live it, and they share it with others.” The reflection offered by the Benhayon family, and increasingly by other students of Universal Medicine is so inspiring. There is no exclusivity in this – which is the opposite of what is often found in everyday society. Brotherhood, where all are treated as equals, is the way forward.

  8. I love your list of miracles Anne. Your list of how they came about rings true for me too. Life is very different for me these days compared with how I was pre-Universal Medicine.

  9. This is so lovely to read, thank you Anne. There is a simplicity and order that comes back to life when we begin to honour how we feel and the wisdom of the body, and make changes accordingly.

  10. Building on the little things that support us and honour us can feel difficult to begin with, but with an understanding of how energy works and how life and ourselves can be configured, we get to have a deeper appreciation of the science of making changes, especially the science of making choices that support oursleves more and more. This is Gold and is the foundation for a true life lived with meaning.

    1. It really is just one small step at at time, nothing major, nothing huge, no trying, no striving and no drive. Just simply choosing to love ourselves more in whatever way we can, even if it is to do one thing differently in our day every day, this alone can move mountains.

  11. Anne, absolutely love your sharing and in particular the fact that you recognise how every little thing is actually not that little for “Every one of these is a miracle. Together, they are amazing. And today, I am amazing, and I feel it and I know it. I am a living miracle.”.

  12. Universal Medicine has presented how to live with love and deeply surrendered care thus has incredible results in those who choose to live the principles. It is as simple as that.

  13. Anne, your list of miracles is miraculous and undeniable. And all from simply being inspired to choose another way to live.

  14. What stands out to me is that we can live with so many things like being overweight, being addicted, not liking ourselves, disregarding ourselves and so on and we still can go through life and achieve things and be seen as ‘normal’ even though this seems to me an illness of the body and being. Yet we do not recognise these as such. What if we would begin to nominate these things as illnesses? Then we could also start to heal them properly.

    1. Beautifully expressed Lieke, they are not only normalised many of them are celebrated drinking and coffee being two that have whole swathes of ‘refined tastes’ making poisons look desirable.

  15. Just that one point of your many above Anne is enough to prick up the ears of a large proportion of humanity that have sleep issues and/or exhaustion ‘I now sleep like a baby, having been an insomniac.’

    1. Absolutely Rosanna, 85% of adults sleep poorly! Isn’t that awful because we really need sleep to rejuvenate our bodies… I have been blessed with always being able to sleep through the night and really struggled when I had a baby. So to know there is a way to live that means sleeping like a baby is the majority is pretty incredible.

      1. Having a baby certainly challenges our sleep, and I got to the point where I was fearful if I thought I would not get enough sleep, even years after. The sleep that I was getting was hard to come by and broken. Yet introducing into my day the studies, sutras and teachings that Universal Medicine offers I have turned around the ill and exhausted state into one where I drop off to sleep easily and sleep soundly. This aspect alone made a huge difference – and with very significant knock-on effects in my day.

  16. We can fixate on little niggles and personal bugbears – and totally miss the magnificence of what’s truly going on. If we live more with appreciation for the bigger universal picture we’re less likely to get stuck on the finer details of life.

  17. A healthcare organisation with a religious element where those who use its services have well above average physical and mental health. It makes perfect, though sad, sense that such an organisation is attacked at all costs.

    1. Yeah It’s rather ironic but when big pharmacy is at the heart of medicine something that costs nothing is decidedly unattractive to those who own the companies selling drugs. I guess the majority of people are not interested just yet.

  18. ‘I like myself. I did not used to feel this way. I now appreciate who I am and what I offer.’ What a beautiful place to be at, and how inspiring to hear another living this, for it shows us all everyone of us can live it too.

    1. Universal Medicine courses have helped me get to know myself, and the following may be an unusual thing to say, or at least one that’s not often discussed publicly, but I agree with Anne: the more I know myself the more I appreciate myself and the qualities I bring.

      1. Rosanna what you have highlighted for me is how sad it is that appreciation is such a rare commodity in our world. It is not natural at all for us to appreciate ourselves or for that matter other people but appreciation has an almost magical effect, not only does it confirm whatever quality is being appreciated but it expands it too. I have recently started a new job and very naturally began appreciating my team and they literally came alive, they were more vibrant, more motivated and more expressive. I absolutely adore appreciation and think that it should be mandatory.

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