Esoteric Yoga: Union with Me and God… at last

By Fiona McGovern, Isle of Arran, Scotland


I am often asked if I do yoga and my answer has been, “yes I do, but no, not in the way I used to practise and teach it”.

Yoga claims to be uncompetitive, and a way to find union.

I practised yoga for over 30 years and taught it for 20 years: I worked with some of the leading teachers from around the world and read widely on the subject.

Yes, yoga does mean union, but I never found an explanation of what that union was… just something wishy-washy, like connecting to your ‘higher self’ – and that was left to your own interpretation. It always felt like an unattainable state. It was like a carrot in front of me that kept me hooked; forever enticing me to get to an elusive destination outside of me and far away – always requiring more study, another posture and more courses – which I dutifully did.

I felt like I was trying to find union and connection in the many postures, sanskrit words, complex philosophical discussions and relaxation and meditation techniques – but I couldn’t find it in any of these things. I felt I was actually going further away from the truth and far from the union spoken of.

I kept going because there was a sense of self worth and identity attached to practising and teaching yoga in this way. It was something I could hide in; I had a false confidence and security. When I taught, I always felt I was someone else – the words I used were not mine.


I felt I was not living any kind of union with myself or God… in fact, I found saying his name impossible. My body was tight and ached for a rest.

However, in 2006 I went to a talk by Serge Benhayon and I felt for the first time a deep knowing that there was indeed another way which felt more true. A way that I felt I already knew, and one which would support me to be me, and get me out of the mess I knew I was in physically, mentally and emotionally.


A few years later, I had my first one to one esoteric yoga session. I could feel how deeply the presenter was connected to their body, and how steady they felt. There was a depth and simplicity that resounded somewhere deep within me – a beauty of simply being there with no need to try and nothing to reach or gain.

I tasted a union with my own body and felt a quality of stillness within me. This feeling came from being with my body, and so I realised I could feel this any time that I choose to be with me. It is available in every moment. This kind of union is something very practical, and something I could live every day.

Previously, if I wanted to override any uncomfortable feeling, I could always do a pose or a breathing technique to make it go away. I realise now that I was storing my feelings up, burying them deeper in my body, and choosing to ignore what my body was showing me. I was in fact dis-connecting from my body.

But now, in Esoteric Yoga, I can feel grace and the healing of truly listening to my body.


In these sessions, and now on my own, I can feel the union of me – being present with my body and allowing it to be – without trying to get anywhere. When I am present and accepting in this way, I can feel what union truly is; it is a relationship with me. And in this, I can feel my connection to God.

I find it is immensely practical as I can have mini sessions wherever I am – maybe in a waiting room or while travelling. My body feels free again, my breath tender and my expression can be felt and heard in the world.

In these sessions I have met me and I have felt the wonder of what lays within the inner heart. It feels like I have re-opened a window long closed and allowed streams of light to pour out from it. Union through yoga – Simply Divine!

312 thoughts on “Esoteric Yoga: Union with Me and God… at last

  1. Yoga is a divine union as you have shared Fiona, and as it is so simple and practical, we can take it wherever we go. Thus no one has ownership over our ability to be in union and staying connected, which also allows us to walk and talk in union.

  2. I could never understand why people were so big on yoga, to me it was always just a modality to help me be more flexible. At the gyms where I used to go, the yoga classes never really felt like they brought anybody closer to their “higher self” but more women who were there to become more flexible and therefore be more sexually attractive to the opposite sex, or the occasional man who also wanted to become more flexible because their weights sessions were making them stiff and uncomfortable in their movements. Since doing esoteric yoga, I finally understand the purpose of the activity – to move in connection with yourself. To feel every muscle tensing and relaxing while moving, this brings a steadiness within and this brings confidence – confidence from being in union writh yourself.

  3. I never felt a hint of union with Yoga until I did Esoteric Yoga, so simple and with a depth of stillness I’d never experienced before, it’s changed my life so now I know in my body what stillness is.

  4. How lost have we become that something so deeply natural is not naturally lived. Our connection to our body and being is what allows us to truly and freely live all that we are in essence as Sons of God.

  5. “I tasted a union with my own body and felt a quality of stillness within me.” As we develop our relationship with our body we feel a stillness that offers us space and from here everything becomes very simple because what we needed to know, we find we already know deep within.

  6. To have a deepening relationship with ourselves is to have that same quality of deepening relationship with the universe, with God, with everything else around us.

  7. ‘I can feel what union truly is; it is a relationship with me. And in this, I can feel my connection to God.’- there were times in yoga when I felt like there was somewhere I wanted to get, and other times where the call to go deeper with what I was feeling felt scary, but the times when i let go and surrender to the stillness within I get to feel the exquisiteness that is me, in connection with my body and soul, and this is what is there to be felt when we choose to surrender to what is on offer through Esoteric Yoga.

  8. This is the thing about looking for something. It assumes that thing is lost when maybe it is not. Then we can be subsumed in the search when all along, we have what we are seeking inside us.

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