The Esoteric Practitioners Association* Conference – A Day of Appreciation

In 2009 Universal Medicine inaugurated the Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA)*. The EPA* represents the members association, the practitioners association and acts as the accrediting vehicle for the Complementary Medicine modalities as taught by Universal Medicine.

Each year the Esoteric Practitioners Association* holds its annual conference, which is run by and for its members. The 4th annual EPA* conference was held recently on 20th July 2013 with over 150 members in attendance and many more participating by way of live webcasts in many regions and states of Australia.

I have attended numerous conferences over the course of my career, mostly because it is an obligation to keep my membership current or it is a compulsory part of my continuing professional education. Many a time I have felt as if I must attend a conference rather than truly wanting to.

At some like-intended events held by other associations I have come away feeling duped or disappointed with the conference content as I didn’t learn anything new or take away anything practical that I could apply to my work. Sometimes it feels like the speakers are just there to fill in the blanks between the trade show and the meals/drink breaks.

However, this is not the case with the EPA* conference, it is a day I look forward to knowing that this is an event that allows its members to come together, to share their experiences and support one another in their daily practice. I also appreciate that the conference is free to members, as the EPA funds it.

Funnily enough on that point, the theme of this year’s conference was appreciation…

At this year’s EPA* conference what struck me was how each presenter generously shared their knowledge, experience and expertise without the need to impress us with their credentials, Power Point presentation or their level of intelligence. This really opened the conference up to all, from student member to experienced practitioner, and allowed for great discussion, questions, feedback and humour.

This open format brought enormous input from the members and gave me many an insight into the great work that people are doing, as well as a few a-ha moments and ‘oh that’s a good point, I could apply that to my work and my life’.

The topics covered were vast and varied from the simplicity of how to keep and take good notes, mental health, wellness days for businesses, the Our Cycles App developed by Natalie Benhayon, to the difficult and often taboo topic of aging and death. Plus there was a bonus and impromptu A cappella performance by one of the presenters that was incredibly inspiring and unexpected.

I appreciate attending a conference that is about its members and not just the person up on stage or what’s for lunch. (Although I must admit that I did appreciate all the beautiful and healthy food that the attendees brought to share as way of a community get together.)

It was very refreshing and entertaining to be at a conference that incorporates and caters to all in attendance and actually gives back to its members. Bravo Esoteric Practitioners Association*!

Thank you to the EPA* members who make this event what it is, it is immensely appreciated.

by Dr Rachel Hall, Holistic Dentist and Esoteric Practitioner, Kenmore, Brisbane

* The EPA (Esoteric Practitioners Association) is a branch of Universal Medicine. It was instigated by Universal Medicine to monitor and accredit the modalities that were founded by Universal Medicine. 

187 thoughts on “The Esoteric Practitioners Association* Conference – A Day of Appreciation

  1. Great what you have shared Rachel about the EPA it is exactly what I have experienced, the all encompassing nature of what is being presented and shared with those participating, there is so much to be learnt and inspired by not just those on stage but by the questions and offerings from the audience.

  2. “I appreciate attending a conference that is about its members and not just the person up on stage or what’s for lunch.” Yes it is just really nice to be truly and fully seen for who you are and that that is what the conference is about. Coming together and learning together. I attended a conference once for something else where of course there were things shared on topics to teach everyone but the sense of competition and wanting their point made how ever much they went overtime was really not enjoyable to receive.

  3. The EPA is truly about developing their members. It’s an extraordinary organisation because of the high standard of ethics, it’s all encompassing because of the focus on how we live, not just how we practice our modality or what career we are in. It’s integrity based on one life, not dividing life up into parts. How we live affects every part of our life, we cant just switch on and off based on walking into our clinic room.

  4. Having attended the Esoteric Practitioners’ Association meetings here in the UK, it is easy to see why they are a popular event and not just something you have to do in order to keep your membership up to date. The day is not about individuals out to impress anyone or pass on knowledge, it’s a day of appreciation for all of humanity.

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