Are we Appreciating or Wasting Space…? 

The word ‘space’ awakens a feeling of spaciousness within, as that is what it offers us – a place of exploration and understanding the meaning of life and our purpose on this planet. 

Space is a word that is used, quite often casually, without realising the full beauty of the word and what it can offer us in our lives.  

As I grow older, I am appreciating the value of it and how it can affect my day-to-day livingness, depending on how I use it.  

I am also feeling that time is no longer relevant – that in truth there is always the space to do what I need to do – and that if I become caught up in time, I can undervalue the quality and purpose of space.  

It is also often treated as if it’s of no importance and that all we need to do is fill it up with non-sense. I know this is how I have treated space and it is only as I have allowed more space in my day to connect to my body that I have begun to feel the value of spaciousness within – that my body loves space and the connection that increases as I allow the spaciousness that is God back into my life as I feel the in-breath and out-breath. 

When we allow more space in our lives, what do we do with it? We can ‘waste space’ by idling our life away without true purpose and this is what I did for the first few years of retirement, feeling I deserved a break. This perception of retirement is one that erodes our sense of purpose and we end up with a life of indulgence – and feeling lost.  

I still found myself very ‘busy’ as I had yet to come to a point where I was willing to look at space; it can feel quite scary when you have always made sure that you fill every moment with ‘achievements and doing’ in motivation and drive. 

Life suddenly (although in reality not so sudden, as this point had been building for some time) became unmanageable and a moment was dropped in: I connected to my true self and was guided to find support.   

When I allow space, the answer comes to me – within I hold this amazing wealth of wisdom, and it’s only when I stop that I allow a connection to the Ageless Wisdom that is available to us all. It feels awe inspiring when I realise that this wisdom is equally available to us all – no one has to be special, as we all are special… and yet not, as we are all the same in our essence. 

For me the space that was offered was the Gentle Breath Meditation™. It is simple and allows me to come back to my body and get out of the busy-ness of the head. It offers me a stop moment where I can connect and take stock and appreciate the wonders and magic that life holds. As we connect to the power of stillness, we are claiming ourselves in our sacredness. 

I had already begun to look for ways to simplify my life – I began to organise my paperwork and let go of so many things that were not serving a purpose. I then refined this process as I realised how many things I had around me in my home were reminders of attachments to the past and in their way were holding me in the past, rather than living in the spaciousness that is offered by our future.  

I was gradually feeling the benefit of space within my home as I no longer wanted my cupboards to be full to the brim – they seem to reflect back to me the squeezed feeling that I was also feeling in my body and when life felt stressful, I instantly knew that the lack of space was something I would no longer tolerate. 

I often find the two things – my home and my body – go hand in hand: when I clear things out, I begin to appreciate space in a new way – for the clarity it offers. When I let go of the clutter that I have used to distract me from me, I am left with a feeling of being at one with myself and my surroundings and then both my home and my body feel so much more connected to everything, including the Universe. When I allow space to support me I can begin to have a relationship with what I can feel around me – the higher vibrations of the Universe and the pull that it is offering me to return to the gloriousness of being at one with the all.  

Visiting the elderly, I realised that they lived through their past as a way to relate to life. It felt very important to allow them to feel that they still had a place in society… that they were not a ‘waste of space.’ I know that as my mother aged she felt that she was a ‘burden’ as she required help to support her in her daily life. 

As I age I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by people who encourage me to live life to the full… to not ‘give up’ on life and to value all that I can offer. I am deeply appreciating the space that I can allow others when I come from a point of observation and allow them a place where they are free to expand their own understanding of life.  

Space is a blessing that we can all experience as it expands our common understanding of one another… and the Universe that holds us all eternally in its space.  

I am valuing the beauty of my unfolding life and how much this has changed and allowed me to expand my experience – and that the more I can widen my horizons the more energy I can feel within. As I surrender into the spaciousness that is God I am surrounded by a beholding love that holds us all in space: a steadiness and stillness that is eternal. 

By Susan Lee, Retired/Volunteer working with a Refugee Centre in Norwich, and also supporting people to have access to Computers and Mobile Phones, Volunteering at a Care Home, Norfolk, UK 

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592 thoughts on “Are we Appreciating or Wasting Space…? 

  1. What you are sharing with the world Susan is spectacular. ‘When I allow space, the answer comes to me – within I hold this amazing wealth of wisdom, and it’s only when I stop that I allow a connection to the Ageless Wisdom that is available to us all. It feels awe inspiring when I realise that this wisdom is equally available to us all – no one has to be special, as we all are special… and yet not, as we are all the same in our essence.’ The Ageless Wisdom is like a radio wave we can all tune into and when we do there is a wisdom on tap that is beyond our minds imagination.

  2. “As I surrender into the spaciousness that is God I am surrounded by a beholding love that holds us all in space: a steadiness and stillness that is eternal.” Feeling the spaciousness within we can feel we are part of the Universe.

  3. What I had not ever considered until I met Serge Benhayon was that the space that surrounds us and we live inside is actually the universe, God is the universe, How amazing to know we live inside the body of God so in truth we can never leave him when we think or feel we have it is a pure illusion because how can we leave something that we live inside? Every breath we take is the breath of God but how many of us have been educated to know this?

  4. Something hit me when reading this ‘it can feel quite scary when you have always made sure that you fill every moment with ‘achievements and doing’ in motivation and drive.’ … in that am i really always busy or is it just that I do not give myself the space to feel what is there to feel! Also if we are always ‘busy’ then when we do actually stop (aka winding down to sleep) what marker in the body or reflection of truth have we had during our day to come back to ourselves within.

  5. Many of the elderly do have this perception that they are a ‘waste of space’ or that they are a bother to their families who are very busy trying to make ends meet and so therefor do not have the time to spend with them or to take care of them. So they feel their only option is to go into a home which they dread.
    I hate the way we treat our children and I hate the way we treat our elderly and I hate the way we treat each other. Why have we allowed a ‘dog eat dog’ society as a way of life? It’s as though on some level we have been worn down to accepting a lesser way of being as all there is.

  6. Time is an imposition stamped over the space of God. The concept of time has kept me strapped to an illusionary concept of life as well as repeatedly tying me up in anxious knots throughout most of my adult life.

  7. Susan reading this again today my body is struck by your ability to transfer your experience of space to the reader. Take a moment to consider the enormity of what you bring to others, you bring space and as space is indeed full of God, then it is God that you bring to the world.

  8. “When I allow space, the answer comes to me” Reading this made me appreciate those moments of space when the answer comes to me even before I finish saying the question. It’s all there and available.

  9. It was interesting reading this ‘that they were not a ‘waste of space.’ as there is a term or saying ‘they are a waste of space’ which is awful and shows where a person who expresses this is at but what it does show is that we do actually have more of an understanding of space than we think we do! We just are currently not living this (I am speaking for myself here as well!). Gorgeous to feel how the relationship with yourself is deepening including your relationship with space.

  10. ‘It felt very important to allow them to feel that they still had a place in society… that they were not a ‘waste of space.’’

    I can see how this is especially applicable for older people as they may not be able to do what they once did that they felt was contributing to society, or that they may even need to accept care they didn’t previously need. We are brought up from young to value what we do and not necessarily who we are, when being who we are we bring a certain something to the table that no-one else can. A life lived from not appreciating our qualities leaves us bereft when we can no longer do what we once did; often we can consider ourselves a burden in a society that doesn’t value quality.

  11. I also love the way a room feels to walk into when I have decluttered a cupboard or cleaned the room thoroughly. It’s amazing how our body responds to these simple acts – as if we have given ourselves a big hug and a bunch of divine red roses!

    1. Bernadette I agree there is nothing quite so satisfying when we feel a room change as we clean it and how beautiful it feels after being cleaned. I adore cleaning the surfaces of a friend’s kitchen. The whole kitchen feels expanded afterwards, there is probably a science to this that we have forgotten, but when we allow space more space opens up.

  12. Sometimes when I have a day like today, which is a Saturday, when I have more space to activate the day, there is a moment of panic. If I take a moment to stop to feel this and ask my body what would it like to do next, the next activity is effortless and enjoyable, whatever it is.

  13. Thanks for your blog Susan, I have recently become aware of my cupboard drawers, I was sitting in my office and I could feel the filing cabinet drawers behind me creating a type of disturbance, and I registered they were not reflecting order or space because of the times they held and their disarray. I’ve felt the same in the bathroom. A few days later my practitioner brought up the topic explaining how she had felt to clean out her drawers and what a difference this had made to her body, and also how little time it had taken (we can put things off thinking they will take a lot of time). So, based on my own experience, and the inspiration of my practitioner and this blog I feel quite a joy in me to tackle my drawers!

  14. De-cluttering can bring up all the hoarding and comfort we have taken as our normal, but we don’t clock that we can use behaviours like shopping, mess and hoarding as coping mechanisms to dull us from feeling what we do not feel equipped to manage.

    1. So many of us think that we can’t handle anything but in our true state we can handle everything. By our ‘true state’ I am meaning living as a portal to God because when we live in this way we know that there is no ‘me’ that’s handling anything, it’s God that’s looking after the lot. And what can’t God handle?

      1. What you are saying Alexis is that when we surrender ourselves back to God everything is taken care of.
        Unfortunately mainstream religions have crushed our sense of God as their teachings are the complete opposite of the truth of God.

  15. ‘It feels awe inspiring when I realise that this wisdom is equally available to us all – no one has to be special, as we all are special… and yet not, as we are all the same in our essence. ‘ I’ve heard this said many times but to stop and actually appreciate this is something else. I don’t have to have studied for years or to have trained in certain disciplines as once was the case, I can choose to align to what is there. And yes, there is a way of living that will support this connection, but once chosen, re-chosen etc. it is all there.

  16. Mostly when we hear it in the world it’s loaded with emotion and the energy of subservience, whereas said with the grace of God it expands and confirms.

    1. The love of God is not some pie in the sky notion, it’s the very fabric of the Universe, it’s the warp and the weft threads of everything. It’s us who are right off, choosing to live in such a skewed way that we’re oblivious to the fact that we’re cut from God’s cloth. There isn’t anything that isn’t.

      1. Alex, I have a vision of the universe to be like a spider’s web on an autumn day when the web is full of the droplets of water suspended on the web. The droplets of water represent the stars and planets which are all held within a web of intelligence so that the merest of vibration can be felt through the entire web. This to me is how the universe communicates through vibration.

  17. Today I was on training and realised the extra detail and depth needed for an area of my job that needs great consideration. I could feel a slight how am I ever going to fit this in and do the task justice in the time I’ve got allocated. But then, when I connect with space I feel that, yes not all will get done but what’s needed will and how disruptive to have worry circulating in my head thinking about this all.

  18. ‘I often find the two things – my home and my body – go hand in hand’. Interesting. I have just de-moulded the walls in my kitchen and had new flooring put down. I had to clear out several cupboards in preparation for the work to be done. The new flooring did not sit well with the existing table cover nor the tea towels and as I reassembled everything I had an opportunity to place things slightly differently. I like very much the light that it has brought, but my body has been going through a lot of clearing which has, at times, been quite painful. I shall be stepping up my awareness now to see the correlations.

  19. Your mother feeling like she was a burden as she needed support with things she once did I imagine is quite familiar for many people. I’ve not been well and accepting support is a real lesson in appreciating who I am beyond what I do. There’s such beauty in being supported and also for the person supporting.

    1. Thanks Karin for your comment, I can relate, and what a great pearl of wisdom “I’ve not been well and accepting support is a real lesson in appreciating who I am beyond what I do.” Our value is really unconditional, but we aren’t always able to live this, receiving support is a great way to feel the preciousness and value we are.

  20. It’s like we are constantly putting pressure on us that we have to come up with a solution, a conclusion of sort, and narrowing ourselves into a dead-end, which actually acts as a stimulation/drama, when all we have to do is actually back off and let the space be and allow ourselves to be moved by that.

    1. Love this Fumiyo. We can be so hard on ourselves, with expectations that far exceed what’s possible. Then no wonder why we feel let down. Learning to surrender more is allowing me to complete more. Which feels surprising, but then again maybe not so, when I allow space to predominate rather than drive.

  21. ‘I often find the two things – my home and my body – go hand in hand: when I clear things out, I begin to appreciate space in a new way – for the clarity it offers’ – I can appreciate this statement. I have observed a room in my home where everything is everywhere and when I go into it, my stomach feels yucky.

    The inside of the wardrobe in that room is currently being painted, so everything is out, in the room. My eyes can see the unnecessary things my partner and I have held onto. My body is feeling the heaviness of it all. And I know as soon as the wardrobe is ready, the de-cluttering will commence.

    How interesting that the thought of going in, nauseates me, and it appears hard. But it is no different to a storm, tsunami,, fires etc, the clean up and freshness follows, making space for the new.

    1. I love the realisation that the clarity offered by clearing is akin to what we feel the next day when a storm has been brewing and finally surrenders to the inevitable…….

    2. That is so true, we can react to the horror of what we feel and experience without seeing the opportunity for new growth that comes from it – all from painting a wardrobe!

  22. The thing that I homed in when I was reading this blog was the decluttering. I am currently going through this phase and it is amazing what occurs when we throw out the old and make space for the new. The home feels different.

    However, it never ends and I find that I continue refining the space and getting rid of things that I no longer need or use. I had things in the wardrobe that I hadn’t worn for 2-3 years or even longer so I gave it away to another who was happy to wear the clothes. I appreciated the whole experience.

    1. Yes, Shushila – ‘the whole experience’ feels life changing which may sound a little dramatic. However, I have lived my whole life up until recently hanging on to the past, and letting go of attachments for whatever reason lightens our load as we clear all the impositions that have been laid on our body.

      1. Susan I didn’t realise I had buried things so deep within, I knew that life was playing out something that was stuck I just didn’t seem to be able to let go of something. Hanging on to past hurts is such a waste of time and effort it actually drains our bodies. I’m finally letting go of hurts from when I was five! So something that happened 60 years ago! But until we can look at what is there and not avoid what is there then when the hurt is cleared there is so much space in our body it is truly amazing to feel the before struggle and after, no struggle just a clear spacious body.

  23. Susan, this feels gorgeous to allow space and not be stuck in the past; ‘I was gradually feeling the benefit of space within my home as I no longer wanted my cupboards to be full to the brim.’

  24. It seems to me, that the majority of people really look forward to retirement so they can have more space in their lives, but I wonder if when they finally have that space whether it brings them what they were wanting for so long? I know people who feel very lost after retiring from a job they have known for many years and really don’t know what to do with themselves, not realising that there is so much they could do, by simply sharing the wealth of knowledge and wisdom they have accumulated over the years, with their family, friends and their community. There is always so much, that is wonderful and very valuable, that we can fill space with.

    1. When we spend so much time avoiding reality it’s no wonder that when we are faced with the awesomeness of space it can feel terrifying and something that we seek to avoid with ‘doing’ when the blessing of ageing is to connect to our ‘being’.

  25. Yes, Gill and yet I am realising that I can also play a game with space if I am not willing to see that I can also use it as a space to avoid living life fully if I am not being truthful about my intentions. I can feel I have this tendency to hold back on fully engaging with space in a way that is expanding and purposeful.

  26. Thank you for this exploration of space Susan. It is beautiful to feel the space there is and how one is part of this space, opposed to the denseness and tightness we think life to be.

    1. Once we experience space we begin to understand how we have been living in a world that feels so dense and tense and one that feels that there are no longer any true options.

  27. When I allow myself the space to breathe it feels amazing and whilst I do not always fully honour and surrender to this, I know there is so much potential and learning to access. And the starting point could not be simpler.

  28. Susan, I love the inspiration you are being for others who are in their elderly years. I’m 33 now and I absolutely appreciate the wisdom, learning and insights you and many other students of the Livingness of your age are offering to everyone. How is it possible we ended up thinking that we can be a waste in our retirement time? All that I see in you is someone very alive and committed to sharing the preciousness that actually is inside you and in all of us. So thank you for being you, as it reminds us how important our presence is and the imprint we leave behind, just by being who we are.

    1. As we all connect and share our deep appreciation of others we can feel the space that we are held in. We each need that connection, and in that way we support the entire Universe and feel our multi-dimensionality.

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