Pictures of God 

Picture this: I’m standing in the middle of a very large room, a bit like a hall, in front of a large group of people. Everyone is holding onto a pile of pictures of God that they’ve brought along. I put it to the floor: “Does anyone have a picture of God that they would like to bring out and put on the wall so we can have a look?” People are standing with bags and crates full of their pictures of God so it’s a ludicrous question to ask and I’m just teasing them. Everyone is there and ready with their pictures. I have to create some disappointment though, by saying that we can look at their examples of pictures after I have finished covering the walls with mine first.   

I place my first one on the wall. 

It’s called ‘Geocentricity – God you need to introduce yourself to me.’  

I have lived most of my life thinking that God wasn’t part of the equation that I had of life. He was something or someone that other people had in their lives. I felt this in spite of attending a Christian school where we sang hymns and prayed every morning. Yet I felt no connection with this God. This God seemed like a person but one that was in the sky. So that was one of my big expectations or pictures – that he floated down towards people and said, “Here I am, now you can trust me.” I don’t suppose God has a whole lot of time for formal introductions like that.   

The next picture was called ‘God loves to measure.’

I read a blog this morning called ‘God Doesn’t Add Up’ and it made me think of another picture I had of God. The way that I have been living would suggest that God lives in a room full of measuring apparatus – measuring tapes, rulers, barometers… anything with a measuring function to it. And he sits there spending his time measuring us all day long. I guess God might not have time for that. But we do. It is only we who self-measure and it is very ungodly to do so. The more I become aware of the abuse this self-measuring incurs, the more I am able to consciously let it go.  

So, if I start to dismantle the pictures I hold of God, then what is left of what I understand God to be?  

Well, there are understandings of God that make me sit bolt upright. I know that we all have a deep relationship with God that is not fostered through institutionalised religions. God is not in words or adherence to a book. So where do we get our connection with God? Is it from effigies that we look up to and give a moment’s attention to? Is it from reciting words and prayers? Is it from feeling bad about the things we have done?  

There is another picture that has popped up:  

God is above and separate from us.  

Can we fathom that actually we are the same and equal, but have just chosen to make ourselves less?   

So, when I ask these questions –   

  • Could I go shopping with God?  
  • Could I go to the gym with God?
  • Should I have had dinner with God?
  • Should I be speaking to my brother with God?
  • Should I be teaching with God?

The answers are all yes.

Expression is an amazing tool for bringing out beliefs that we have picked up and run with but that are completely contrary to what we feel inside and know to be true. It’s as though our bringing these beliefs out in the open air to shine some daylight on them gives us very little option but to leave them behind.   

In writing this I have found one of the greatest pictures of all buried in the pile. I’m dusting it off and considering if it is one that I can really afford to let go off. After all, it is a very big one, and has been very expensive in terms of all that I have invested in it: useful in terms of the huge space it takes up on the wall too – without it there will be an exposed wall and well, space. It’s strange because the others I can easily scoff at but this one feels like it has some traction still there.   

Without any further ado… it’s the one about not deserving God. When I drop this one, I open myself up to feeling God.  

The vehicle for accessing this relationship with God is through my body; being able to connect to my body through feeling and listening to what it is saying to me. For example:   

  • When I feel the delicateness and gentleness of my body as I move;   
  • When I move with awareness of the length or tallness of my spine – sometimes it feels as though I am gliding;  
  • In my hands when I touch and pick things up tenderly, gently, lightly; 
  • When I am aware of the intimacy that I can feel with people;
  • When I am aware of the delicacy that I can feel in me and others; 
  • When I can feel how still I can be and how this resides in others too;
  • When I feel openness and transparency and our capacity to love and be close to each other.

For me, God is about awareness and clairsentience (feeling and sensing). It’s not something I can access through my mind and think about. It is something I feel.   

It’s time to take down the pictures.  

By Simone, Teacher, UK 

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488 thoughts on “Pictures of God 

  1. I so adore what you have written Simone, because you are asking humanity to stop and consider all the pictures we have of God and are they actually true? The answer has to be no they are not true or real. We have been so lied to when it comes to God that for many people the word turns them away from God. There’s the lie exposed that we turn away from God when actually we should fully embrace God because he is with us always and we are held by him as he is the universe that holds everything. The particles that make up our bodies come from the universe so we are at one with the God/ universe. The lie is in religions that has us believe and endorse at every level that God is outside of us and that some people have access to God, his chosen ones and all the rest of us are sinners. So that the only way to God/Heaven is to give all our wealth over to religion and we can buy our way into heaven. But if we stop and consider that God is within us then we don’t have to give anything away but we have and that is why we are lesser and bereft of the one thing we actually want more than anything and that is God’s love.

  2. Could it be that the Love God has for us is so immense that his non-imposing way is the Love we are feeling and are also returning to when we are connected to our Essences, Inner-most-hearts / Souls? Imagine a gathering of like minded Souls who are so much Love they are imposing less to each other and what that would feel like?

  3. What I was reminded of when reading this is how different and personal everyone’s relationship with God is (even if it is not to have one!) and that although innately we are the same how we all express is unique. From my experience the more I love me (self-love, self-worth and self-care) the more I am open and loving in all other relationships including that of our brothers, the Hierarchy, who walk beside us, which of course are all a part of God/Fohat/the Divine and is a relationship that is forever deepening.

  4. I could relate to this Simone
    “I have lived most of my life thinking that God wasn’t part of the equation that I had of life. He was something or someone that other people had in their lives.”
    Until today when I had an experience of allowing myself to surrender to feel the stars and the universe which to me is God, when I felt this there was such a warm feeling and a flow to my entire body, I understand it is all about surrender to what we all know within us is true.

    1. The word surrender pops out at me here. A surrender to what? And just as you say Mary, it is a surrender to ‘what we all know within us is true’ and how incredible it feels to be back home in that place where we know.

  5. Pictures put us and what we are looking at into a box, there is a defined edge and an understanding that to look outside that box is not acceptable. Thank you for busting a few pictures for me today!

  6. How can we possibly ever picture God. Seriously He is unfathomable and so how on earth can we have a picture of Him? That’s the giveaway really isn’t it, if we have any picture whatsoever of God then we know it’s not true.

  7. This is such a sensitive topic for many of us, the constant questions of whether God exists or not. Having to have proof that he does, it’s almost as if we need someone to tap us on the shoulder & say – “I am God”. But what if God communicates with us all of the time, only to see us ignoring him because his messages are not what we expect? Is it possible that our perception is skewed and with that skew we’re unable to see what is so clearly in front of us to see.

    1. Interesting what you are sharing here with us all viktoriastoykova, because let’s take it one step further and say if we met God would we recognise him/ her as a God or would we walk by them? We have built so many ideals, beliefs, pictures of God that as you say our perception is skewed and is that a deliberate attempt to keep us all skewed so that we do not see God in ourselves or others.

  8. It’s only when we stand back and view the different versions of who and what God is, do we get the absurdity of the situation we have created. How is it possible to have so many different versions of God and all of them be true. It makes no sense.

    1. The irony is most of the pictures are not actually ours but false ones we have taken from others to be true! So yes absolutely we need take a few steps back in order to be able to feel and see this.

  9. Throwing away the pictures and coming to know God within, that is a much better deal than all the pictures in the world.

    1. Agreed, then we are open and responsive to what we feel, see and understand rather than closed and presuming to what we will feel, see and understand.

  10. This is a very simple and clear understanding as to how just about all of us have created our own picture of God in that we have created our own God. But this God has been created by our human way of living, one could say we have created God in our own image and this is why we have so many factions of ” God “on earth.

      1. Where did we get or why did we allow all these different versions of God if we all have the same God within. And why is it we have allowed all these different versions of a one religion to dictate to us their version of God? Is it possible their way of controlling us is to tell us that we are undeserving of God?

  11. Having pictures of God is a very effective way of not getting to feel God. It’s like having an amazing view where life is all there but looking away to some tiny picture whilst all the while God is there waiting for us to look beyond the tiny, 2D picture.

  12. Not only do we grow up about pictures of God, but also pictures of what many things should be or look like, such as marriage, relationships, work etc. the list could go on.

    So, its a no wonder we give our power away to these things and people can become confused and lost with life.

    What if, what you have described to access the relationship with God is through the body, is the answer to our issues. And the simplicity is, to establish a relationship with our bodies, then we are with God all the time, instead of thinking it is always external.

  13. Pictures of God are not from God but from creation, which we are so invested in that we allow the pictures to flood our minds.

    1. There are no pictures that come from God because God is forever expanding, therefore He is forever changing, whereas a picture is a snapshot frozen in time that may get updated from time to time, but lacks any true movement.

  14. All through my childhood I tried to make sense of the pictures of God that society presented, whilst at the same time feeling a wonder and connection with something grand that did not fit these pictures. I knew God did not want to be feared or above us in any way and was confused as I explored various religions. It was in finding The Way of the Livingness that what I had always felt was reflected back to me.

  15. This shows us that pictures of God don’t work. What you write here..’The vehicle for accessing this relationship with God is through my body’.. what we feel and how we move the body is the key.

  16. A huge limiting aspect of having a picture about anything is that it becomes a filter and expectation through which we look at life – it keeps us going round and round in the same groove and stops us from seeing and surrendering to the deepening and expansion constantly on offer in line with the Universe we live in.

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