Breathing my Own Breath 

If I could pass on only one thing to support another person in their healing it would have to be the Gentle Breath Meditation™, as taught by Serge Benhayon 

This exquisitely simple and beautiful way of breathing belies the vastness of the benefits it brings. The true depth of living quality behind this method of breathing, when practised consistently, establishes a stillness which allows a truer way of living.  

It brought about an amazing transformation for me – a way of living so totally different to how I was previously living life and experiencing myself. It was such an astonishing change that it seems hardly possible that such a simple thing as breathing gently through your nose could bring this about, but I can assure you that the Gentle Breath Meditation™ was the beginning of a huge healing process for me. 

Prior to learning and practising this way of breathing I was living totally ‘in my head’ –– not that I was aware of this fact at the time.   

Looking back it was as though, not only was I in my head – continually caught up in emotions and thinking about yesterday, and what was said, and what had happened, or tomorrow, and what I was going to say or do – but I was also imagining conversations I was going to have with people, sometimes people I didn’t even know! I was also replaying incidents over and over, rehashing hurtful things that I had done or had been done to me, running myself and others down, thinking about what I was going to cook for dinner tomorrow or next week, going shopping on Wednesday etc. etc., on and on. All the while inhabiting a space within my head that reached out before me; a space that included my face, my neck and possibly the upper part of my shoulders, with my vision and consciousness constantly focused outwards, hard up behind my eyes and my forehead, always looking out, seeking and grasping.   

I lived either in the past – a past of hurts, self-abuse, poor choices and blame – or the future: a future of hope, but without any basis in truth, so an unreal future at that.  

Breathing my own breath, which is what the gentle breath leads you to, allowed my mind to quieten and I was able to come to a space – a place so still and embracing – where I knew, and could feel, that I was connecting to a truer part of myself. With this was a feeling of such lightness and wellbeing that it became natural to choose this breath, and very easy to notice when I wasn’t in the space that connecting to the breath brought with it, a space that I began to love. So most of the time it was easy to choose to come back to it, but on other occasions when caught up in emotional turmoil it could take time, and will, to bring myself back to choosing this gentle loving breath and the stillness and clarity that came with it.   

I learnt that the more I brought myself back from emotional upset through breathing gently, the easier it was to see the situation for what it was and let go of it. And over time I noticed myself less and less pulled into emotions and the dramas being played out around me. At the same time, wanting to connect with myself on an even deeper level, I began to follow my breath deeply into my body and as I breathed I realised that I had never truly embraced this body of mine. This was a revelation to me. The idea that I could come down from my head and be in my body, and at the same time stay connected to myself – that part of me that I thought only existed in my head – was incredible. All of this, as amazing as it may sound, was actually just the beginning of my journey into myself.  

Through connecting with my body I started to realise my body was continually communicating with me, and I began to listen to what it was telling me: things that I had not heard before, or at least had not wanted to listen to, became clear and I could no longer ignore what I was feeling/hearing.   

At times I was able to feel the beauty of myself throughout my body, like a big smile shining and vibrating in every cell. This opening up to the intelligence and beauty of my body showed me how to care for and nurture myself and helped me to realise what an amazing gift my body is.   

When sitting quietly I could feel the most exquisite love and joy throughout my entire being and knew this as my connection to God: the absolute love felt would bring me to tears. This feeling brought with it a great appreciation and love for myself, allowing me to know and feel that this same Love that I am is within everyone, all of humanity, opening me to embrace others in a way that I had not been able to do before.  

Within the stillness I have been able to let go of many hurts by seeing the truth of situations. I have been able to look at myself honestly and openly, ponder and reflect on ideals, beliefs and ingrained habits and have learnt to appreciate and love myself for who I truly am. This is a continual and ongoing process, and in appreciating how far I have come, I also know, in truth, that I am only at the very beginning of my inner journey.  

For this I cannot express enough my deep appreciation for the Gentle Breath Meditation™ as taught by Serge Benhayon, which facilitated the opening up of a truer way of being within myself. In the world it gave me a space just to be, and to accept and love myself, which has brought me to where I am now, today, a place I couldn’t have imagined being years ago, with the knowledge that there is so much more of my true self yet to return to.  

I cannot finish this without conveying my very deep love and appreciation to Serge and every member of the Benhayon family for the unwavering love and support that is consistently, without exception, being shown, given and expressed to me since the very first day I met Serge, and then subsequently the other members of his family. My love for you all is beyond words. 

By Rosemary Liebe, Goonellabah NSW 

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384 thoughts on “Breathing my Own Breath 

  1. What a beautiful and confirming blog to read Rosemary, that we were able to reconnect back to ourselves via the Gentle Breath Meditation™ as taught by Serge Benhayon. To be able to drop back into our bodies is massive because most of us are operating just from our minds and use our bodies like a rubbish bin. Thinking that we can do as we please and there’s the lie ‘thinking’ when we don’t actually think at all, all those thoughts that we have are passing through us and depending how we move the thoughts are attracted to our bodies. So for example, if you are slouching the thoughts you will have will be different from those people who are not slouching. If you are feeling depressed the thoughts you will attract will be confirming the depression. If you live with joy the thoughts that pass through you will be confirming in the joy you are feeling. None of this is you thinking but an energy passing through you, so which energy are we choosing?
    When we use gentle breath meditation it allows us a stop moment to reconnect back to ourselves and from there feel the energy we are choosing.

  2. “I was able to feel the beauty of myself throughout my body, like a big smile shining and vibrating in every cell.” As I read these words I felt my body respond with an equal vibrational smile.

  3. Beautiful Rosemary, by reading your words I could receive your living experience with the Gentle Breath Meditation which supported me to be more settled and still within myself. Thanks for sharing

  4. I have found that esoteric Yoga brings me to a place within myself where I can feel a profound stillness and it is quite exquisite to feel this place of deep settlement. I had no idea this was within me. The various modalities of Universal Medicine all support our bodies to reconnect back to the stillness and to let go of the nervous tension many of us find ourselves in.

  5. Rosemary, the simplicity of your profound blog, cannot be dismissed by me, coming back again and again to the gentle breath meditation, has allowed me to deepen within my whole being. As so easily events, life, and situations, can pull me out of myself, and the way back is so simple to just breathe my own breath through it all.

  6. “Within the stillness I have been able to let go of many hurts by seeing the truth of situations”. I can’t let this line of wisdom go without expressing my joy with it all, just “seeing the truth in situations” has made such a difference to me, as it has then given me a different way of being with myself and others.

  7. “Within the stillness I have been able to let go of many hurts by seeing the truth of situations. I have been able to look at myself honestly and openly, ponder and reflect on ideals, beliefs and ingrained habits and have learnt to appreciate and love myself”. thank you Rosemary for your blog, and again bringing me back to the simplicity of the gentle breath, which is readily available to us as soon as we choose to return back to our own inner truth.

  8. “In the world it gave me a space just to be, and to accept and love myself”. Thank you again Rosemary for the blog as I find when I get caught up in something, any kind of emotional turmoil, I do lose my connection with myself and to how I breathe. It is almost too simple to turn to because the mind can want complex solutions to situations, but the gentle breathing just reminds us the answer to everything is to be ourselves.

  9. Much is learnt by being at-least-gentle, and that starts the ball rolling towards even greater levels of awareness in our bodies. The True power of awareness is yet to be Truly understood and thanks to Serge Benhayon the path has been laid for those who are willing to align to the Truth and the forever deepening awareness that is openly available for everyone.

  10. I often find I hold my breath, I breathe in, in the morning when I wake and what feels like I hold my breath and don’t breathe out until I’m lying in bed at night.

  11. Thank you Rosemary for this very real, down to earth practical blog. I can’t say I’ve felt this with the meditation – so I’m open to commit to it and give it a try, something I’ve never done. As I live a lot from my head and I hate it. I want to come back to knowing my body and my truth insure out so deeply nothing can rock me.

  12. How many of us live from and in our head and not from and with our body!!! I agree the Gentle Breath Meditation is ABSOLUTE GOLD and a simple tool to re-connect us back to the truth of who we are and of course re-connect us back to our body.

  13. Rosemary your final words of love for Serge and the Benhayon family are beautiful to read, it is very inspiring to know such people who care for others with such love, and who support others to become that same love themselves if they wish to.

  14. Absolutely Rosemary, appreciation of who we are is super-important as to energetically appreciate is to understand we are more than a physical vessel and the way we breathe is a part of the conformation of this fact.

    1. gregbarnes888 we are not in any way taught that we are more than the physical body, it wasn’t until Serge Benhayon came along and presented that we are all much more than what is played out on the surface of life, that we had any idea that there is so much more to us and that this knowing is constantly kept from us. We are taught from very young to look out of ourselves when actually we should be doing the complete opposite and looking within where all the answers to life can be found.

  15. Thank you Rosemary it’s always very inspiring to read this, our breath is so simple and overlooked that we may not realise the power it has to support us to remain connected to ourselves, to our soul, and to God, and express the qualities of our essence in day to day living.

  16. We can stay in our head and have the ‘chatter’ as our normal, or we can take a moment to practice the Gentle Breath Meditation and experience the stillness that can be felt in the body when emotions are not dominating.

    1. speaking to people I have discovered we all have this ‘chatter’ in our heads and we all ‘think’ it is a normal, part of who we are they are our own thoughts because we are thinking them. But what if they are not our thoughts at all? Discovering with the continual support of Serge Benhayon that our thoughts are not ours is actually very freeing because some of the random thoughts we have are so bizarre we have to stop and say where did that come from? What if we are like a radio station and we are picking up vibrations as they are passing through us and attaching to them rather than just letting them pass through unhindered.

  17. We’ve made life so complicated that we think the way forward is complicated solutions. I too have wondered how something so simple as breathing through one’s nose could change everything; but now I feel how it makes sense that it does. Reconnecting back to this simplicity is it.

    It’s like our bodies know how to do the most amazing things, to keep us alive without us even knowing the half of it. So all we need to do is connect and live from this simplicity that is all knowing, and for us to not get in the way.

    1. By staying connected to our breath or/and our bodies we’re claiming the space we’re in which is crucial, because if we don’t then we’ll be infiltrated by an energy that will use our body as it’s vehicle to bring in more perceived separation between us and God. By staying connected to our bodies and/or our breath we take a stand, it’s as if we’re silently saying ‘God lives here’, thus making our bodies available to be vehicles for His energy.

      1. Alexis Stewart I adore what you are saying
        “By staying connected to our bodies and/or our breath we take a stand, it’s as if we’re silently saying ‘God lives here’, thus making our bodies available to be vehicles for His energy.”
        This is music to my ears. There are many of us now that are prepared to stand up and say there is a God; not the one that we have been led to believe is God but an all knowing emanating energy that we can tap into. The lie that we need to go to some building or that God comes through certain people only is such a vile lie, he can come through everyone, we are the ones holding back, not God.

      2. So Mary let’s live in such a way that He pours through us constantly until such time that everyone has remembered that our true purpose here on Earth is to return to being living portals for the Consciousness of God.

  18. It is very powerful to know that whenever we get caught out with something in the day and get irritated or anxious, we have a tool to return so simply to the Gentle Breath Meditation.

    1. Gillrandall I often get this vision that humanity is like a pin ball machine when the ball hits an obstacle everything lights up as we go into a reaction, the Gentle breath meditation supports our bodies not to get caught up in life we don’t need to react. Stillness and observation that comes with stillness is the way to be.

  19. ‘This exquisitely simple and beautiful way of breathing belies the vastness of the benefits it brings. The true depth of living quality behind this method of breathing, when practised consistently, establishes a stillness which allows a truer way of living.’ You have sold it to me in this sentence alone. The power of the Gentle Breath cannot be underestimated. It brings a depth of connection I had never experienced until I was introduced to the Gentle Breath.

  20. The Gentle Breath Meditation has been one means by which I’ve come to trust being in a body and know all is ok ( this and esoteric yoga)- this is profound because I have been so afraid of simply being, being fully present in a physical body and feeling everything. We cannot deny our vulnerablity to injury, attack etc. To be able to walk down the street and choose to be fully present is amazing; I am able to respond to life and all that it presents with ease.

  21. What I love about the gentle breath meditation is that it allows you to be with minimal instructions or dictations about how to breathe, other than to connect with a certain quality which connects you to your own breath and allow your body to do the rest. I like that approach and acknowledgement that we can all connect to a quality of breathing that will deliver exactly what is needed for each person in their own way.

    1. Yes it really is bringing it back to ourselves .. the truth of who we are with the Gentle Breath Meditation. Pure Gold ✨

    2. Yes and it’s SO simple. When I first came across it, it seemed almost too simple – but its pure gold and the difference in my body after a few minutes is transformative – if I’m ‘out’.

  22. Breathing my own breath allows my moments to be of a certain quality which impacts everything I do and everyone around me. It makes sense to make breathing my own breath my top priority.

  23. Breathing my own breath is how I know myself – no need for anything fancy just being and breathing is magnificent.

  24. I find it so helpful when things get a bit hairy at work, to bring my attention to my breath and the quality of it. A moment to be sure I am not breathing rapidly which builds tension and stress and give myself space to simply take a long gentle breath in and out. I do often find that I can do the in breath really fully but then almost cut the out breath off because I want to ‘get on’. Always interesting to notice and change.

      1. Lucy what you have said is so gorgeous to have an intimate conversation with our breath, we have all been robbed of this connection and it wasn’t until Serge Benhayon came along and reminded us that we have this connect back to our soul, which is what is missing from our lives. The biggest hurt we carry in our bodies is our disconnection to our soul.

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