No Alcohol or Drugs: No Boring Party here

by Anonymous, Mullumbimby NSW

I went to a concert and end of year party. Unlike many other parties at this time of the year, there was no alcohol or drugs, no fights or emotional outbursts.

When I was a drinker and a smoker, the thought of going to a party without any drugs sounded so boring to me. I just could not imagine how anyone could have any fun without being under the influence of something.

Well, recently I had a blast! Danced my little butt off… and really enjoyed myself.

I ate delicious, healthy gluten and dairy free food as part of a shared meal, and water was my drink of choice for the night.

I listened to an amazing music concert, performed by various artists who had written their own music and really put their hearts into expressing lyrics that were meaning-full and didn’t leave anyone feeling sad or emotional. The dances that were performed on stage were so well thought out and so inspiring: one in particular by the Baldwin sisters was just so beautifully performed. I was so happy that my daughter was there with me to witness it, as these women are such great role models. (There are some pretty scary role models out there when you are 9 years old and everyone you know at school is into Pop Stars!)

It was absolutely great to be around 300 or more people who were having a great time… and it was beautiful to watch people dance, express themselves in their own individual way and have fun.

Big thanks to Natalie Benhayon, Michael Benhayon and Curtis Benhayon who are so professional and supportive in the clinic setting, in the sessions they give – and yet come out and be so playful and joyful. Your music and dance moves are just beautiful to listen to and watch.

133 thoughts on “No Alcohol or Drugs: No Boring Party here

  1. Amazing how the purity of true celebration is so full there is no need to compensate with any of the usual fixes…

  2. When you’ve been a drinker, then there is something quite special about attending and enjoying an event that has no drink and allows you to leave with a fresh clear head. And that special leaving never grows old. It feels so good to not have to link alcohol with having fun, because actually it has been more fun to party without it, and no consequences to deal with.

  3. Today I clocked how normal it is for me to enjoy life with no need for a glass of wine at the end of the day. There was a time when I was pretty reliant on a glass of wine and today it doesn’t even cross my radar.

  4. It’s interesting that a lot of people think celebration and alcohol are synonymous and also that it is harmless. But as with anything if we are honest we really need to see both sides of the coin and open our eyes to the dark side of alcohol and the fallout it causes from the behaviours that we would usually never do unless we were under the influence of alcohol or worse, are even excused because someone was drunk.

  5. I have really become used to the Universal Medicine concerts and now being in a an environment where drink is not a part of celebration. What replaces it is music and dancing that is there for everyone to be a part of equally, whether you are on stage performing or dancing in the aisles, or just sitting listening. No one is less for wherever they are in the room, which encompasses what Universal Medicine is all about, everyone being part of the whole and equal in that status.

  6. In the past I would have felt quite awkward going to a party without alcohol. Alcohol used to take the edge off and used to make me what I thought was ‘more relaxed’. Its awesome now to be in a space where I don’t need alcohol and feel quite comfortable going into any situation without needing a buffer.

  7. I too love that juxtaposition of Curtis, Michael and Natalie Benhayon, the practitioners with Curtis, Michael and Natalie the performers. It’s not that their playfulness is totally absent in their healing sessions, or their exquisite professionalism is not apparent in their performances, it is more that they fully express in whatever they do.

  8. We often define what a ‘good time’ is from our own experience without questioning or testing if it actually makes sense…but inspiring when we do and make a different choice to live in a supportive way…

  9. It is beautiful the way our children are welcomed to all the Universal Medicine celebrations and the powerful reflection they receive from hundreds of adults enjoying themselves immensely without any need for alcohol or drugs.

  10. It’s very true, it is possible to have a great time at a celebration without the need for alcohol or drugs, it is a time to enjoy being yourself and being with others, no comparison or judgment just the joy of being with each other.

  11. I’ve been to only one Universal Medicine party and it was unforgettable, like no other hundreds of parties I’ve attended. What I loved about it was the sense of unity, sharing of home cooked food, true laughter and it finished at a decent time so we could be home in plenty of time to have an early night. What a contrast to what I grew up around.

  12. That seemed to be a great party you had been. How wonderful that everybody was not influenced by any drugs or alcohol – I am sure there are only a few people out there who can share about such an experience. That is really something worth sharing so that people can see that it is possible to enjoy a celebration without being drunk.

  13. Pure joy can be so simple when we allow ourselves to be who we are and then joy is simply an emanation of this inner wealth.

  14. All of my social outings now are alcohol and drug free and often when I’m at a celebration of sorts, whether it be a wedding or end of year party, I always feel so humbled by how much more I enjoy connecting with people without the need of stimulants to mask the fact that I’m not comfortable with who I am.

  15. I guess when we bring love to the party, there is no need for drugs, alcohol and the like. Nor any reason for emotional outbursts and fights. Sounds like a recipe for a way of life.

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