Intelligence, Evidence-Based Medicine and Research, John Dwyer and How my Life has Changed with Universal Medicine

Today’s world places intelligence in the hands of degrees and qualifications. Those that have degrees and qualifications are seen as being intelligent, and the unspoken implication is that if you do not have a degree or qualification then you are not deemed as intelligent, or perhaps even seen as being simple. This type of intelligence is based upon knowledge sourced from the outside and accumulated via degrees and qualifications, deemed through grades and calculations of your IQ etc. In this world, a person with a university qualification, or several qualifications, or having achieved in the higher echelons of degrees such as PhDs or post docs, is regarded in ‘higher esteem’ and seen as being ‘highly’ intelligent.

Furthermore, with the increasing dominance of evidence-based medicine, there is a strong push for all therapies that are not proven or backed with research and/or studies to be perceived as not being as ‘valid’ or even accepted as being effective until proven so: expensive and lengthy double-blind placebo trials are seen as being the ‘gold standard’ of intelligence and deliverers of so called evidence of effectiveness.

Professor John Dwyer from Friends of Science in Medicine (who takes a general stand against complementary therapies) has talked about the ‘dangerous effect’ of Universal Medicine and its complementary therapies in the media. He claims this is based upon the lack of scientific evidence via research and trials in order to prove the effectiveness of the Esoteric Healing therapies. Professor John Dwyer even goes so far as so say that “the benefits of Universal Medicine’s approach to treatments, which have no basis in science, couldn’t possibly be effective,”(1) but interestingly when research and studies are presented these are not accepted, as explained further below.

In this blog I share how in and with my personal experience of Universal Medicine and my University studies, there is simply not an ounce of ‘dangerous effects’ in the Universal Medicine therapies – as implied by John Dwyer and the media – and how ‘intelligence’ and effectiveness of therapies cannot just be conveniently boxed to mean what suits the agenda of a person, organisation or the media.

With the three University qualifications that I have (two Bachelors and one Masters of Applied Science), I stand in a position of experience and understanding to speak about University and academia. I learned early on in my University studies that I simply had to be very good at memorising and then regurgitating information.

I got great marks at Uni because I have a visual memory and could work out exactly what a teacher wanted as a reply or response to the question, and so it was often not about applying my understanding or experience or knowing, but simply resourcing from text books and giving the answers that fitted. You could say this was a form of plagiarism, even though material was quoted and referenced, and also with adjustments so as to present things in ‘my own words’ about someone else’s words. This approach teaches you to research, read and regurgitate.

However, this type of intelligence does not really prepare you for life and dealing with real situations that crop up. With my Uni experience, I can say with confidence that I developed fantastic skills and qualifications in being able to work out what another wanted me to say AND that I am capable of memorising information to spit out the next day (much to then be forgotten the day after). I cannot help but ask – is this really intelligence then?

Don’t get me wrong – I still learned so much in the degrees that I completed that allow me to work in our current world with the qualifications I have, but this University education was far from complete in terms of offering true life skills and how to connect with people – worldliness if you like.

It did not teach me to have a more loving relationship with myself, nor with my husband, nor with my son, nor to support me developing quality business relationships. To me, life and the world is about people – so should this not be an equally important part of our training/University education?

So how did I learn about loving relationships with myself and those around me? The ONLY true and valuable life skills in terms of accessing wisdom and understanding of life, energy, work, business, and working with people, have been inspired by Universal Medicine.

Prior to Universal Medicine in my life, I was tired most of the time, my relationship was on the rocks, I was not working much and I felt depressed and isolated using studying as a means to occupy my mind so I was not consumed by how down I felt about life. But after encountering Universal Medicine and gaining a deeper understanding of life, and with the support of the Esoteric healing modalities including Esoteric Breast Massage, I have turned my life around to the point where I now have a beautiful vitality, I work more than full time, I am head over heels in love with my husband and deeply appreciate how full and complete my life is in so many ways.

Universal Medicine and the Esoteric modalities, as taught by Serge Benhayon, have offered an amazing and beautiful change in my life and I would never go back to how I was in the past. I have so much to thank Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for in inspiring me with these changes. Despite all my years of University training, I do not feel the need to have a double-blind placebo trial that has been peer reviewed to show if the Esoteric therapies that I received over the years have been beneficial to me or not.

Headshot of Serge Benhayon leaning against a brick wall
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

I am the living proof, and that suffices for me. I can live with these benefits each and every day, and I can assure you they are far from dangerous.

Meanwhile, in our society there are many practices such as drinking alcohol and taking drugs – not to mention the amount of junk food and sugar offered daily to people – that remain largely unaddressed, leading to and contributing hugely to the rising trend of illness and disease. The research mentioned earlier confirmed that what Universal Medicine offers is already addressing this global issue on a small scale: many students of Universal Medicine have not only realised and understood the damage that can come from such practices as drinking alcohol and taking drugs, but have also made supportive decisions that have changed their lives.

With the help of the Esoteric modalities they have been able to turn their lives around including: returning to their natural body weight, quitting drinking and taking drugs (and being able to maintain these changes), improving both their physical and mental health and vitality and outlook on life – to name but a few. All to the health benefit of each individual BUT also as a collective in terms of reducing the load on our medical system.

So I ask: how is this ‘dangerous,’ as Professor John Dwyer has declared?

Universal Medicine as founded by Serge Benhayon has been a key player in changing my world around – it is not that Universal Medicine taught me these skills, but I was supported to access the very intelligence that lies deep within each of us.

Upper torso of woman in glasses smiling
Henrietta Chang

In my view, and the view of many who have benefitted from them, to disrespect and put down what is offered by the Universal Medicine Esoteric Healing Therapies is an utter abuse of modalities that hold a true and deep value for us all. When something true is put down or bad-mouthed, it leads to us as a society missing out on one of the key aspects of life that brings true and lasting change.

This tells me that we can have a very different understanding of intelligence based upon how we choose to look at things:

  • There is the intelligence that our current world perceives as intelligence, based upon knowledge sourced from the outside and accumulated via degrees and qualifications, deemed through grades and calculations of your IQ etc.
  • Then there is the intelligence that comes from a worldliness, a connection with people, a deep and true understanding of life that is more akin to wisdom – a lived knowing that lies within and is not sourced from the outside but unfolds naturally from deep within.

Our current world is lost without this second form of intelligence. It is the glue that holds everything together and helps it all make sense.

This form of intelligence is the one that really prepares us to handle life, people and relationships. We cannot see it as being any lesser in importance than the current view of intelligence. After all, we need degrees and qualifications in order to safely perform our jobs, but so too do we need to express our connection with each other and celebrate and grow the warmth and depth we can all share together.

By Henrietta Chang, Naturopath, BNat, BBio, MApplSci Ecol, ANTA, ATMS, EPA, Australia 


  1. Robertson, Josh (2018). ‘’Cult’ Universal medicine practices promoted by researchers, UQ launches investigation. ABC News.
Henrietta Chang’s love of Biochemistry and Natural Medicine allow her to combine her considerable knowledge and experience with an unwavering dedication and deep care for her clients and everyone she meets to support them with their health and wellbeing.

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492 thoughts on “Intelligence, Evidence-Based Medicine and Research, John Dwyer and How my Life has Changed with Universal Medicine

  1. Someone who has achieved much in the world of academia, is definitely in the best position to call it to account. Henrietta, this is a great exposé on what we perceive great intelligence to be and what true intelligence is.

  2. Years ago I meet a master roofer that was illiterate. The only tool he required was a wooden 3x4x5 triangle that will always ensure a 90-degree angle. This is just like gravity, it just works. It worked even before we could scientifically prove it.

  3. I find it fascinating that someone like Professor Dwyer criticises that which he knows little about, based on that which does not use any evidence whatsoever to create a story.

  4. As the saying goes ‘the proof is in the pudding’ and on that basis lived experience, often referred to as anecdotal evidence, is therefore real and true evidence.

  5. I love, and ignites me in how I work, using an intelligence that is all-encompassing then the limiting intelligence I have received through my Bachelor degree I have attained through tertiary university studies.

  6. The Sacred Esoteric Healing modalities have changed my life in greater, more supportive ways than anything else I’ve experienced. That’s all the proof I need and will continue to benefit from.

  7. When Professor Dwyer said that Universal Medicine Therapies could not possibly be effective, what does he base this statement on? What does the word effective mean to him? Really how does he know? I have had many experiences with complementary medicine and techniques and they are all effective to varying degrees. For me its not a replacement for medicine, but its about allowing these options to work together so that we can see what is truly beneficial and what is not.

  8. Professor John Dwyer hasn’t spoken to me or my family about how Universal Medicine has completely turned our lives around, how we’ve been able to understand how to work with medicine and truly heal, how some people have experienced reverse effects on degenerative conditions. Where is that in his research? I’d like to understand how he can come to one such conclusion when he has not wanted to see the whole picture. And we are just one family of hundreds.

  9. For people like John Dwyer, nobody who has a connection with Universal Medicine has the right to research or report about Universal Medicine, whether what Universal Medicine does works or doesn’t work or how it works.

  10. By using the support of Universal Medicine Therapies, I have also found true, long-lasting health and well-being benefits. Stronger in myself and more committed to life and work, whilst feeling a deeper settlement and contentment within I can whole heartedly say there is nothing dangerous about theses modalities. The only word of caution I would say, is that they support you to be more honest and responsible for your choices. Some people may not want to go there because it can be deeply challenging to face past decisions, actions and ways of being that were detrimental to others and yourself, but there is nothing harming here. If getting more honest isn’t your thing and this isn’t for you, that’s fine, but to be derogatory, scathing and outright abusive is not allowing free choice for each individual to make up their own mind about what supports them. I would also add the question… what is so harming about developing a deeper quality of love?

  11. The truth is many lives have changed through Universal Medicine and even though there is plenty of evidence to state this it is conveniently being ignored in favour of seeing Universal Medicine as something else. Prior to Universal Medicine, even though I worked as a nurse ( I also worked as a herbalist/reflexologist) I kept a wide birth from medicine. I didn’t have a GP or a dentist in fact it was about 10 years in between visits, which was certainly not good for my teeth or my body. Now I see my GP and my dentist I have all the routine screenings on offer, which I wouldn’t have had previously. This is all thanks to Universal Medicine. It seems to me that no practice, practitioner or organisation in complementary health care is as pro-medicine as Universal Medicine. It is seen for the value it holds and the healing that is available through these modalities. But for me, and this is always ongoing, it is the responsibility I am accepting in life that is supporting me to make these choices and Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon present responsibility like no-one I have ever met or heard.

  12. If we were taught from childhood to remain in connection with our body and the innate, infinite qualities of stillness, harmony, love and truth, the inner joy would outshine any need for scientific proof of true wellbeing,

  13. I agree, that the media seems too often to be fuelled by a supremacy based intelligence standing, where what is acceptable and what is not is judged based on certain criteria or ‘boxes’. And, for some reason, what has been judged as unacceptable is treated with little to no respect.

  14. As far as I am concerned the evidence is the student body who have attended the countless healing sessions and courses over the years, and know without a doubt that their health and general well-being has improved due to the changes they have implemented into their lives.

  15. ‘I got great marks at Uni because I have a visual memory and could work out exactly what a teacher wanted as a reply or response to the question’ yes this is very much how it goes, and in my high school exams I was literally prepared how to look up as much as possible in a reference book we were allowed to use and how to choose the right answer by eliminating the ones that were wrong. This is not really intelligence, more being smart and being able to recall. We just should not call it intelligence, just name it an ability to recall that is equal to someone’s skills to to practical work.

  16. Its a shame that Friends of Science in Medicine don’t put that same level of energy and purpose into their own areas of practice. Given that Medicine is struggling with their own health, wellbeing, workloads, complexity of patients, the amount of sick people. Rather than making an issue of something that could potentially reduce the workload of medicine.

  17. The ‘danger’ is in not listening to the body, the seat of true intelligence. As life all happens through the body, does it not?

  18. The intelligence we typically see in this world picks things apart, dissects and cuts them down. It’s clear if we just stop to feel, that this way of being is not loving and is nothing next to the power of our heart.

    1. That reductionism is necessary for intelligence as it otherwise has few tools to understand what is happening.

  19. I did not do any university study.
    But people experience me as being very wise and intelligent.
    This is from my connection with everything and all that is around us, as all is known. We do not need to own it as this just makes it smaller and less truthful.

  20. Perhaps a different view: I have master’s degree but it is my experience that pursuing that degree has shut me off of true intelligence, the Intelligence of my inner heart. So where is the true intelligence in that degree?

  21. If we put conditions on truth we will perforce miss part of the truth. The more confining those conditions, the larger the part we miss. The scientific method as practised now has provided many, many goods but, as it is very rigid, it looks quite likely that many truths are missed.

  22. You have to question what someone sees as dangerous when it is about another taking responsibility for their lives and loving both themselves and others more. Goodness if this is dangerous then what on earth is human trafficking, murder, corruption and war!

  23. Education is key to our development of living as human beings. But what kind of education? Does our current way of providing education support people to be a part of the world in full? I remember my stint of going through school and through university, yes I was educated to perform a particular role, but as far as the rest of life goes, there was no education preparation at all. We are fast losing even the basics of living together in a world that seems like its changing so quickly. Education will be much needed to return to the basics of living, for the basics will be needed as a foundation to live our everyday lives.

  24. Over many years as builder-handyman, I have witnessed many university students enter the work force with little, if any practical tools that allows them to partake in a practical way and are therefore complicating simple tasks, thus opening themselves to harming themselves or others.

  25. A lot of scientists and Professor Dwyer may be one of them who considers the absence of evidence of effectiveness and applies that blanket principle even for new techniques.

  26. This is a great question to ask Henrietta… how dangerous are Universal Medicine therapies? The anecdotal evidence collected shows overwhelmingly, that those that make the steady commitment to make changes to their life with the support of Universal Medicine therapies, live more healthy, vital lives, with the ability to handle the stresses of life being more committed to work and relationships. Can this really be classed as dangerous?

  27. We are in a world where we can get a degree and this can be seen as who you are. It defines you. But as is shared here – it means there is no support towards your relationships, self love or care. This is seen as less, when in fact these are the very foundations on which we can build from.

  28. I find the superior and exclusive attitude that science can take to be extremely short sighted. Our global health statistics are showing it does not have all the answers, yet it is unwilling to take off the blinkers. General health will continue to worsen if the current trends continue, whilst those who are open to Universal Medicine modalities continue to let go of patterns and behaviours, hurts and beliefs, refining the way they live and building more love into their daily diet and more truth into their movement.

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