God is Love

Today as I walked, I passed some people going from house to house, looking like they were door knocking or passing leaflets out to people in their homes. I felt them, and their purpose, was to spread the word about God to remind all that there is a God, or perhaps a way to God. I felt myself walking along equal to them, and all others, in my relationship to God.

I know God is as much in me as in all others, and in every piece of nature I walk past on this glorious September morning. 

I pondered on the fact that these people were out walking with their family on a Saturday morning going from door to door to tell people all about God, in their own way. On one hand I felt their dedication to this purpose, and on the other I know how some may react when door knockers such as these come around.

Now I don’t necessarily agree with the door knocking process, however sometimes we do need reminding that God exists. We may or may not accept this reminder, so what we choose to do with it is completely up to us.

I felt myself as being a reflection of God, walking around in everyday life.  

What does a reflection of God look like, you might ask? For some the concept of God being in human form may be hard to fathom, as there are many teachings espousing that God is external to us and as a figurehead to be revered – instead of inside each of us, equally so.

The qualities of God are unmistakable, and are actually in us all…

  • God is Love, in equal measure for all.
  • God communicates this Love in every word and detail of action.
  • God remains to Be Love, no matter the reaction of those who may not want to feel the reflection of this Love.
  • God does not allow abuse, in any form – which is anything that is not the absoluteness of the Love known to be.

From when we are born, we have and know the innate quality of Love. We know nothing but this Love until the people of this world show us otherwise. Unfortunately, due to the amount of lovelessness that abounds in our world, we get reflected this more often than not, and so as we grow, we can adopt this same lovelessness and abandon the Love we innately are.

It is important to know that we all started out knowing that Love: the above qualities of God are our most natural way of being and a way we can return to when we choose, allowing it to be.

These qualities are then there for us to reflect to all of humanity.

Reflecting God’s Love shows the world another way from the chaos and corruption that currently ensues. When we feel the power of this, we can feel the responsibility we have in living this Love, in whatever way we can.

We don’t need to door knock to do this. We can simply walk down the street knowing who we are and what we reflect – that is, God’s Divine Love.

Serge Benhayon with Universal Medicine, and all the people I meet on a daily basis, continue to support me in my unfolding and knowing of God, and the Love that we all are.

By Amelia

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875 thoughts on “God is Love

  1. It is far more powerful for us to be a reflection of God in our everyday lives, as many speak about God but are not in the livingness of this divine love, therefore their words come across as empty and just knowledge and that does not truly inspire another.

  2. We do need a reminder at times that God exists.. Yet it should be done in a way that is always open and understanding of those who actually do not welcome this fact and might walk away. That is love.

  3. We all have a natural relationship with God, because God is all around us, and we can spread the word of God purely by reflection, no door knocking needed.

  4. I find it interesting that people find it necessary to door knock about God, if you open your eyes God’s hand is present everywhere, you only have to look in someone’s eyes, or observe an aspect of nature to know that we are from something so much grander than we pretend to be.

  5. Thank you Amelia — we all know God, hence we feel when in it is not lived as we also can react. When there is reaction there has been deeply felt and sensed truth beforehand.

  6. ‘I know God is as much in me as in all others, and in every piece of nature walk past’…… – how many times have we stood still and really appreciated what God in nature has to offer?

    I have this gorgeous, well maintained small park near to where I live, and over the weekend it is often busy with families, cultural functions and even weddings. I LOVE going for walks there early, when there is hardly anyone around and I observe everything there, and in particular the birds tweeting over the sounds of the cars passing by the park. And at times I have felt a part of this park and on windy mornings the trees all talk as they swing and dance – what confirmation that God is with us, and Love is presented to us in many ways. Are we willingly to see and feel it?

  7. This is spot on – the best reminder that God is with you is to see it in the eyes of another, then you cannot deny it’s in you and everyone else equally.

  8. I much prefer this beautiful précis of God’s love to door knocking and evangelising, but each to their own, of course.

  9. We know we are with God, one with God through the reflection on one that has come to know this themselves and tries not to push it on onto us – who simply is in the knowing of this and doesn’t retract from the glory they have come to know. Heaven is what we see reflected in their eyes, inviting us to walk back to Heaven also, and know God within our bodies, as we are all designed to do.

  10. I thoroughly enjoy the reflections of humanity. If anything does not feel true and is existing in the world, it is simply asking us to look deeper and to live the true version and so are we doing that?

  11. It is so true that when growing up we were reflected a way of being that champions disconnection, separating from who we are and what we feel and know is true. Yet as you have shared we were first born knowing our innate relationship with God, the light we are and the love we are here to live. This innate quality of our being and relationship with God has not changed, it is only our choice to dismiss it and as we do, this is the reflection we offer others. We are God’s love and when we reconnect to this truth that resides within us all we walk reflecting the truth of who we are, all of us.

  12. ‘God does not allow abuse, in any form – which is anything that is not the absoluteness of the Love known to be.’ A beautiful reminder of love Amelia, and how there is not one ounce of abuse when it is truly lived.

  13. Reminding others of God through its alleged words and reflecting divine qualities to others are two different things even if one could say that in both cases your authority is the result of your aligning to Him. The quality of both vehicles is totally different though.

  14. “We don’t need to door knock to do this. We can simply walk down the street knowing who we are and what we reflect – that is, God’s Divine Love.” it is in our movements that divine love is magnified. Thank you Amelia for a beautiful sharing.

  15. “I felt myself as being a reflection of God, walking around in everyday life.” Just being who we truly are, a reflection of the love and stillness of God – that we all have inside us – can be an inspiration for everyone we meet during our day. No door knocking required.

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