The Truth about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon

Less than 3 years ago I was on the verge of exhaustion, living a life I thought was normal – working hard, training often and playing hard too. Like many people I knew I had poor relationships, chatted with friends about sport or other irrelevant topics, “enjoyed” a glass of red wine or two each evening to help me sleep, watched TV and films, surfed the internet aimlessly and basically filled up my days and evenings. I never even asked myself why I lived that way or what the purpose of my living was.

Christopher Murphy (Age 49)
Christopher Murphy (Age 49)

Christopher Murphy (Age 51)
Christopher Murphy (Age 51)

It came to the point that I could no longer drink red wine because it gave me acid reflux, another relationship had failed, I could go for days without sleeping, I still worked hard, my body ached, I couldn’t get away from the constant stream of thoughts spinning around my head and even though I was a yoga teacher and could meditate, it just didn’t work. I went to my GP and discovered that my blood pressure was a little high and that I needed to rest, but nothing seemed to help and herbal sleep remedies had no effect.

It was at this time that I was introduced to Universal Medicine and the presentations of Serge Benhayon. From the first moment it felt true; the effects of the changes I have made as a result of these presentations have been astounding. At the age of 57, for the first time in my life and when many are planning for retirement:

  • I feel more empowered to work longer hours and have no intention of ever retiring
  • I am in an amazing, truly tender, loving relationship
  • I no longer drink caffeine or alcohol
  • I have no high blood pressure, and acid reflux is no longer a problem
  • I am the fittest I have ever been – fit for life that is
  • I am the healthiest I have ever been
  • I am the most harmonious I have ever been
  • I have never slept as well as I do now
  • I have never been so purposeful
  • I have never been so clear and steady
  • I have never loved myself more.

I have never cared for or been so committed to humanity as I am now. I have not become a slave or disciple of anything or anyone; I choose every moment with my own free will that which feels right for my own body, myself.

Christopher Murphy (Age 57)
Christopher Murphy (Age 57)

There are however a few people making a lot of noise, and in fact being extremely abusive towards Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and many of the students thereof.

So what is the problem?

Why be so abusive?

Why make up so much garbage?

Why throw it around the internet on social media?

Why try to get complete strangers sacked?

Why do internet trolls and abusers attack people that have truly loving intentions?

So what is the REAL truth about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon?

The REAL truth is that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present to the now 1000’s of “willing” students, of which I am one:

  • That they can be more than they presently are
  • That they can be more aware of themselves and what goes on in society
  • That they can live a healthier more fulfilled life
  • That they can truly love themselves, thus loving everyone around them
  • That they can live joyful, honest and transparent lives
  • That they can help change the corruption of the world as we know it
  • That changes in diet can support a healthier life
  • That true religion is simply to reconnect to the essence of who they are
  • That all men and women are equal
  • That we can love every single person on the planet, even abusive cyber trolls, no difference.

Universal Medicine is a gift for all of humanity.

For those who do not agree with what Serge Benhayon presents, then disagree with it, however there is no need for abuse. Everyone has the right to say what they mean, but the freedom of speech is not the freedom to abuse others.

What Universal Medicine presents is a more loving way to be with ourselves and others, a way that will lead us all to a more harmonious way of communication and a more harmonious way of living.

After all, there is no TRUTH in abuse.

By Christopher Murphy, Age 57, London

Christopher Murphy Christopher Murphy is an Esoteric Practitioner, personal trainer and dedicated to the brotherhood of humanity. He is deeply connected with the plight of mankind and a supporter of equality for all, and is actively engaged in writing about global humanitarian affairs.

You can follow Christopher Murphy on Twitter @Christo67788666.

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518 thoughts on “The Truth about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon

  1. A wonderful testimonial to your choice to make different choices inline. You can see and feel the vitality shining from you, there is no doubt that something has shifted from the inside out. These sustainable changes do not happen from a fad, force or guilt, it comes from a true change in how we feel about ourselves.

  2. Christopher your testimonial undeniably shines a light on the truth of what The Way of The Livingness is actually about. Learning to live in a more loving, caring and honoring way for ourselves also brings a greater depth of loving and meaningful relationship with all others. And by developing a loving relationship with our bodies through being guided by our connection to our truth within, we find that our well-being and vitality greatly improves. Understanding what is true in our lives and what is not is empowering, as we discover that every moment offers the opportunity to choose to live in truth or not. A choice only we can make for ourselves. As you have said – ‘After all, there is no TRUTH in abuse.’ And where truth is absent so is love. For through, as has been shared and is now being lived by many, our bodies naturally hum and glow, our purpose becomes clear and our quality of life enrichens the more we choose to live in truth, the love we are within.

  3. What Universal Medicine brings to the world is truly sucessful and the quality of life that it brings when we apply what is shared grates on the pride within us that doesn’t want to accept that how we are living is not true nor truly successful. I know this from my own stubbornness to accept that my choices have not been true. Those who lie are holding onto their pride more than those students who are open to questioning and healing those hurts that the pride covers up.

  4. “Everyone has the right to say what they mean, but the freedom of speech is not the freedom to abuse others.” A great call to us all to allow respect and decency be part of our lives once again. Freedom of speech is a great good, and when handled with care, respect and decency to all who live on this planet will serve us all and lead us to a grander way of being, in which abuse will absolutely have no place to be.

  5. Really the pictures say it all. If I as a stranger would meet you in the street I would surely ask what you are on. What makes you look so radiant, vital and alive? And we all know the answer to that.

  6. It’s an interesting thing to consider why someone would abuse anonymously online someone they know very little about. But it makes sense. When we see someone step up and live with absolute dedication and commitment to life and we are choosing not to, it sets us off. We go crazy and start abusing, whether it be online or face to face. The abuse is never about the person being abused but the person doing the abusing. But do we see through that? I am seeing this more clearly now and see how important it is to call it out rather than getting caught up in the sometimes franticness of the run of the abuse. For not calling it out is a greater form of abuse.

  7. My life so much changed since I know Serge Benhayon and attend his workshops and presentations. It is like magic as true change is effortless.

  8. If we take a moment to stop and look around us we can see that life is not working, we are getting very very sick so something is out of balance. And if by taking more care of ourselves and more responsibility for the way we behave with each other surely this is a step in the right direction. It’s worth bringing a quality to the life we live after all, nothing else has worked.

  9. Chris, looking at your ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos, I was struck by how open your face is in the ‘after’ shot. Looks like self-love, self-care and self-responsibility are the best muscle relaxers around!

    1. Great point Sarah – when we look at the Students of The Way of The Livingness one of the things that strikes you is the freshness of their faces, the openness, the quality of their skin, and the brightness of their eyes. That says it all.

  10. I agree – Universal Medicine is a gift to entire humanity. Agree, disagree, like, not like, embrace – we can take it any way we like, but robbing others of the opportunity to make their own choice by telling lies and abuse, is an attack on humanity.

  11. Amazing turnaround Chris, and certainly something to be celebrated in a world where ill health due to lifestyle related issues is in decline. I read the other day that they are predicting over the next decade that life expectancy worldwide will actually decrease for the first time since the industrial revolution.

  12. A beautiful sharing Chris and inspirational to all. May we all take responsibility for changing our own lives with the choices we make, and the Teachings of The Ageless Wisdom as presented by Serge Benhayon that inspire us to do so.

  13. True indeed – freedom of speech is not freedom to abuse – and yet we seem to have mostly abandoned this kind of respect for one another especially when it comes to the internet. It’s simple, we don’t have to all agree and that can be expressed but to bring in lies, smear campaigns and malice where there is no wrongdoing whatsoever is out of line and harming.

  14. Thank you Chris, you are a true testament to The Way of The Livingness and it is through the appreciation of these self-loving choices that we have made that we emanate true love for all.

  15. Am absolute miracle you are, like so many other students of The Way of The Livingness – how living in a true, loving way in honour of yourself and in commitment to life can arrest the most ingrained behaviour and pattern and bring vitality and true clarity and wellness in place of struggle, depletion and treadmill living.

  16. I can ditto what you’ve shared about how life was (aimless and full of distractions, foods and the internet without question) to now being one of greater vitality, joy, a commitment to life and having loving relationships and a curiosity to discern what is in my life rather than to follow blindly. I know when I resist what Serge Benhayon is presenting as a way to live (not as a rule or dictation but an offering to test for ourselves) life is much lesser than when I do give it a go. And those that lie and hate are simply in deeper forms of hurt and misery that they don’t or can’t step away from at the moment.

  17. This says it all – what a huge turnaround. And what I would like to point out Chris is that the way you described yourself before is how a lot of people ‘do’ life – they just get on with it and don’t truly consider if there is another way. I was one of these people – I got on with it, numbed out, over indulged but I considered this ‘me time’ – since choosing to welcome Universal Medicine into my life – I have a whole new perspective on what it is to be truly happy, vital and responsible.

  18. Universal Medicine is a pure gift for humanity, I too am a student and have to say that the state humanity is in it has never needed this gift so badly before in all our history. It has changed so many peoples lives for the better and is the path we all need to take if we want to evolve out of the troubled times we live in. People that knock it should try it, my life has been transformed and there is so much more to look forward to instead of just stumbling through life letting life just happen.

  19. A beautiful testimony to your choices and level of responsibility Christopher. What you have presented is a powerful reminder of the quality of life we are able to live; if we so choose. I am deeply aware that the choice is ours, always.

  20. There is no truth in abuse and there is no love in abuse. With all the abuse that is rampant and made normal in the world, love and truth expressed openly, consistently, steadily and in commitment is the way. The testimonial to the fact that we are all EQUAL in love, and whenever we are not being loving or true, we would feel how awful that is, and if we refuse to allow ourselves to feel that, our bodies would still reflect that to us in illness and diseases. We can then still try to avoid this awareness by other excuses for our sickness, and that is fine too, but ultimately our awareness has to catch up with us one day. We can choose a more simple path or one which is full of complication and suffering.

  21. Universal Medicine is truly delivering the gold – all that we have ever sought and more. Universal Medicine is revolutionising healthcare and setting a standard of absolute Love for all.

  22. ‘A picture says a thousand words’; your photos convey an inspiring story and say much more than words Christopher.

  23. The world around us is propelling us at such a fast pace that too many of us are just allowing that never ending propulsion to continue to drive us. Until we actually stop (or are forced to stop) and ask ourselves why we are actually living this way and what is the actual purpose in living, this relentless momentum will continue unabated.

    1. What Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present and show us is how to stall that momentum without having being forced to stop.

  24. It is one thing to disagree or not want to make changes in your own life and another entirely to lie about, slander and abuse people – the second being purely malicious and damaging. The damage here is not just to those whom the lies are aimed at but also to all those who may be put off exploring what Universal Medicine has to offer because of the false rumours and ‘noise’ that is put out.

  25. Just love the before and after of you Christopher, it is truly amazing for people to reverse ageing and find real purpose in life. I really relate to your opening sentence of how you lived and how you never questioned why you lived that way, for me life was very similar, in fact I had a good life but it had absolutely no purpose and I knew that it was so well before I met Serge but didn’t know what or how to connect to what the purpose was. Now it is simply the purpose of being connected to my soul and being that in everything I do.

  26. What Universal Medicine presents is the truth of the world we live in reawakening us to realise that there is so much more to life than meets the eye and that the world we fixate on, create, and better is not it. There is a far far grander Universe that awaits us all when we reconnect to who we truly are.

  27. Universal Medicine is offering a new normal way of living. It is not prescriptive in any way, but 100% truthful about how choices affect our daily experience of life.

  28. This is true – we keep on keeping on in our same patterns and behaviours and never for a moment stop and consider the trajectory we are on or what is propelling us forward.
    It is well worth pausing and deeply reflecting on our life, the level of lived joy and love and vitality we have, our contentment, purpose and commitment to life and our relationships with others and assess if they are of the truth we deeply know we are and if they reflect all that our life can be?

  29. Universal Medicine is certainly a gift to us all, thank you Christopher for highlighting this truth;
    “What Universal Medicine presents is a more loving way to be with ourselves and others, a way that will lead us all to a more harmonious way of communication and a more harmonious way of living”.

  30. I totally agree Universal Medicine is a gift for all humanity, and from your latest picture Christopher, it is clear that you have accepted, appreciated and are living this gift in your life.

  31. “What Universal Medicine presents is a more loving way to be with ourselves and others, a way that will lead us all to a more harmonious way of communication and a more harmonious way of living.” From personal experience I can attest that this is true as since meeting Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine so too have turned my whole life around in a similar way to Chris.

  32. Beautifully put Christopher. There are so many workshops, religions, ‘answers’ out there being taught and sometimes pushed down people’s throats, that it is worth questioning why, what Serge Benhayon presents, pushes so many buttons? My sense is, it asks us to be personally responsible for what we are putting out there. It asks us to be who we are, to be love, to care for each other and that seems to challenge us to the point we blame someone else for not wanting to choose it. I say – just don’t choose it, walk away and carry on doing what you are doing, but don’t abuse others who are interested in building more love back into their own lives and the world.

  33. At a point in life where many retire to a certain way of being it is amazing to hear of the changes you have made, it is very inspiring of what is possible.

  34. Thank you Christopher, you are an amazing testimonial of someone who chooses to live from the heart honouring the innate quality of tenderness and gentleness we are all made of.

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