The Truth about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon

Less than 3 years ago I was on the verge of exhaustion, living a life I thought was normal – working hard, training often and playing hard too. Like many people I knew I had poor relationships, chatted with friends about sport or other irrelevant topics, “enjoyed” a glass of red wine or two each evening to help me sleep, watched TV and films, surfed the internet aimlessly and basically filled up my days and evenings. I never even asked myself why I lived that way or what the purpose of my living was.

Christopher Murphy (Age 49)
Christopher Murphy (Age 49)

Christopher Murphy (Age 51)
Christopher Murphy (Age 51)

It came to the point that I could no longer drink red wine because it gave me acid reflux, another relationship had failed, I could go for days without sleeping, I still worked hard, my body ached, I couldn’t get away from the constant stream of thoughts spinning around my head and even though I was a yoga teacher and could meditate, it just didn’t work. I went to my GP and discovered that my blood pressure was a little high and that I needed to rest, but nothing seemed to help and herbal sleep remedies had no effect.

It was at this time that I was introduced to Universal Medicine and the presentations of Serge Benhayon. From the first moment it felt true; the effects of the changes I have made as a result of these presentations have been astounding. At the age of 57, for the first time in my life and when many are planning for retirement:

  • I feel more empowered to work longer hours and have no intention of ever retiring
  • I am in an amazing, truly tender, loving relationship
  • I no longer drink caffeine or alcohol
  • I have no high blood pressure, and acid reflux is no longer a problem
  • I am the fittest I have ever been – fit for life that is
  • I am the healthiest I have ever been
  • I am the most harmonious I have ever been
  • I have never slept as well as I do now
  • I have never been so purposeful
  • I have never been so clear and steady
  • I have never loved myself more.

I have never cared for or been so committed to humanity as I am now. I have not become a slave or disciple of anything or anyone; I choose every moment with my own free will that which feels right for my own body, myself.

Christopher Murphy (Age 57)
Christopher Murphy (Age 57)

There are however a few people making a lot of noise, and in fact being extremely abusive towards Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and many of the students thereof.

So what is the problem?

Why be so abusive?

Why make up so much garbage?

Why throw it around the internet on social media?

Why try to get complete strangers sacked?

Why do internet trolls and abusers attack people that have truly loving intentions?

So what is the REAL truth about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon?

The REAL truth is that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present to the now 1000’s of “willing” students, of which I am one:

  • That they can be more than they presently are
  • That they can be more aware of themselves and what goes on in society
  • That they can live a healthier more fulfilled life
  • That they can truly love themselves, thus loving everyone around them
  • That they can live joyful, honest and transparent lives
  • That they can help change the corruption of the world as we know it
  • That changes in diet can support a healthier life
  • That true religion is simply to reconnect to the essence of who they are
  • That all men and women are equal
  • That we can love every single person on the planet, even abusive cyber trolls, no difference.

Universal Medicine is a gift for all of humanity.

For those who do not agree with what Serge Benhayon presents, then disagree with it, however there is no need for abuse. Everyone has the right to say what they mean, but the freedom of speech is not the freedom to abuse others.

What Universal Medicine presents is a more loving way to be with ourselves and others, a way that will lead us all to a more harmonious way of communication and a more harmonious way of living.

After all, there is no TRUTH in abuse.

By Christopher Murphy, Age 57, London

Christopher Murphy Christopher Murphy is an Esoteric Practitioner, personal trainer and dedicated to the brotherhood of humanity. He is deeply connected with the plight of mankind and a supporter of equality for all, and is actively engaged in writing about global humanitarian affairs.

You can follow Christopher Murphy on Twitter @Christo67788666.

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622 thoughts on “The Truth about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon

  1. Universal Medicine presents that there is another way to live life one that is simple and fulfilling. This Philosophy makes sense to me. What does not make any sense to me are the people who are so actively against such a simple way of life … what’s the problem?

  2. ‘I never even asked myself why I lived that way or what the purpose of my living was’. There is a philosophy, a purpose to life that in the hustle and bustle of modern day life we all too often bypass in our rush of going from one tick box to the next.

  3. Most of us ease the hardness of life through food, drinking and drugs or by having a hobby, a sport or exercise or good cause – anything that will relieve the stirring of an uncomfortable feeling that all is not ok and this is not it – that there is more to life than this – and we could have had lifetimes of following this pattern. Universal Medicine supports us to face and observe what is really going on and to allow ourselves to feel it in our bodies to feel the living truth of it.

  4. When we turn our lives around there is no going back, the truth opens our eyes to the abuse we have lived in and with and how this has also affected others at the same time. It feels great to live with more purpose and commitment than ever before and just like you I am not planning to retire (58 now) and I work longer hours than I have done in years and I love it.

  5. ‘Universal Medicine is a gift for all of humanity.’ Here, here Christopher, it certainly is because Universal Medicine is founded on love, moved by truth and inspires true responsibility.

  6. The list of changes in health and well-being are remarkable. So many people suffer from insomnia, exhaustion, difficult relationships and feeling a lack of purpose in life. This purpose, when it comes with love for yourself and everyone else, rather than obligation or drive, is what gets you out of bed feeling great.

  7. What you say about filling up your days and evening is so relevant and that is exactly what many of us do, fill up the days. When there’s no true purpose, we need motivation, stimulation, distraction to keep moving, and we hate coming to a stop because that would be too exposing, and we call that a life but cannot ever deny the feeling of emptiness no matter what we do, how much we try filling it up. And what Universal Medicine is not just another filler, there is so much more that is being offered if we choose to connect and keep deepening that connection.

  8. “Universal Medicine is a gift for all of humanity.” Those who reject the offered gift are jealous of those who are clearly flourishing having chosen to be a part of it, and they seek revenge on the messengers in a vain attempt to destroy what they can see and know is truth, but have rejected for themselves.

  9. It is true, Serge Benhayon knows that we can be so much more and when we take a closer look it’s plain that we are being irresponsible with our behaviour. The sad thing is it doesn’t actually take that much to turn it around and make more self-loving choices as stated by the author of this blog.

  10. In a world where truth and love are not lived as the commonality that unites and represents us all, we instead have accepted living in a way where abuse and lies are considered normal. Enter Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and you can witness how love and truth not only can be lived consistently but is being lived by many, with lives clearly being transformed and empowered constantly. What this exposes is that the standards of living we have subscribed to is not working, and what’s more is they are what we have chosen for whatever our reason we have created. The reflection of love and truth is not always easy to receive as is reveals much of the lovelessness, abuse and lies we have chosen to live with.

  11. It is interesting to observe how the ones that react most to truth are the ones who clearly see it. For in order to create a reaction, you have to first know exactly what it is you are having a reaction to. Therefore, such people cannot say that they did not know they were telling lies because such lies are manufactured in full awareness of what it is they are trying to cover up. It is up to each of us to astutely discern from which source such information comes from. Because if it does not come from the truth, then it comes from the pool of energy that endlessly circulates human created lies until such a time that we decide to arrest it and see once again, the truth (divinity) beneath it all.

  12. I very much agree “Universal Medicine is a gift for all of humanity.” There is another way to live in this world than the way we have made it to be. The standards we have today are far off the normal that is natural to ourselves and our bodies. It is for all of us to wake up and take the steps into responsibility that are required, and being called for to bring us back to true vitality and a life of love and brotherhood.

  13. It is outstanding how quickly our lives can turn around when we commit to loving and cherishing ourselves.

  14. That is the question, isn’t it? If you don’t like what you see then walk away!!! There is nothing holding you to the courses, nothing, so why the vitriolic behaviour? I can’t help seeing the irony of Serge Benhayon who doesn’t want anyone to follow him, but is sharing all he lives so we are free to make a choice, and the concerted dedication of two people who have made it their all to ensure they get as many followers as possible to verbally, emotionally and physically abuse (to the point of getting total strangers sacked) as many people as possible.

  15. It is clear to see the changes you have made Christopher as your photo reflects it all. A steady ease and presence with you in your body. Many inspiring stories to be told.

  16. What you share here makes perfect sense Christopher, I am sure most would agree. When we do not accept and appreciate our sensibility the resistance can be fierce, though in truth when we target another we are hurting ourselves equally.

  17. Really getting a sense of what feels true to us in life helps us to reconnect with purpose that supports everyone.

  18. Christopher, your photos show how you have resurrected yourself, something we can all do when we are get honest about our lives and how they are not working.

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