The Truth about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon

Less than 3 years ago I was on the verge of exhaustion, living a life I thought was normal – working hard, training often and playing hard too. Like many people I knew I had poor relationships, chatted with friends about sport or other irrelevant topics, “enjoyed” a glass of red wine or two each evening to help me sleep, watched TV and films, surfed the internet aimlessly and basically filled up my days and evenings. I never even asked myself why I lived that way or what the purpose of my living was.

Christopher Murphy (Age 49)
Christopher Murphy (Age 49)

Christopher Murphy (Age 51)
Christopher Murphy (Age 51)

It came to the point that I could no longer drink red wine because it gave me acid reflux, another relationship had failed, I could go for days without sleeping, I still worked hard, my body ached, I couldn’t get away from the constant stream of thoughts spinning around my head and even though I was a yoga teacher and could meditate, it just didn’t work. I went to my GP and discovered that my blood pressure was a little high and that I needed to rest, but nothing seemed to help and herbal sleep remedies had no effect.

It was at this time that I was introduced to Universal Medicine and the presentations of Serge Benhayon. From the first moment it felt true; the effects of the changes I have made as a result of these presentations have been astounding. At the age of 57, for the first time in my life and when many are planning for retirement:

  • I feel more empowered to work longer hours and have no intention of ever retiring
  • I am in an amazing, truly tender, loving relationship
  • I no longer drink caffeine or alcohol
  • I have no high blood pressure, and acid reflux is no longer a problem
  • I am the fittest I have ever been – fit for life that is
  • I am the healthiest I have ever been
  • I am the most harmonious I have ever been
  • I have never slept as well as I do now
  • I have never been so purposeful
  • I have never been so clear and steady
  • I have never loved myself more.

I have never cared for or been so committed to humanity as I am now. I have not become a slave or disciple of anything or anyone; I choose every moment with my own free will that which feels right for my own body, myself.

Christopher Murphy (Age 57)
Christopher Murphy (Age 57)

There are however a few people making a lot of noise, and in fact being extremely abusive towards Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and many of the students thereof.

So what is the problem?

Why be so abusive?

Why make up so much garbage?

Why throw it around the internet on social media?

Why try to get complete strangers sacked?

Why do internet trolls and abusers attack people that have truly loving intentions?

So what is the REAL truth about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon?

The REAL truth is that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present to the now 1000’s of “willing” students, of which I am one:

  • That they can be more than they presently are
  • That they can be more aware of themselves and what goes on in society
  • That they can live a healthier more fulfilled life
  • That they can truly love themselves, thus loving everyone around them
  • That they can live joyful, honest and transparent lives
  • That they can help change the corruption of the world as we know it
  • That changes in diet can support a healthier life
  • That true religion is simply to reconnect to the essence of who they are
  • That all men and women are equal
  • That we can love every single person on the planet, even abusive cyber trolls, no difference.

Universal Medicine is a gift for all of humanity.

For those who do not agree with what Serge Benhayon presents, then disagree with it, however there is no need for abuse. Everyone has the right to say what they mean, but the freedom of speech is not the freedom to abuse others.

What Universal Medicine presents is a more loving way to be with ourselves and others, a way that will lead us all to a more harmonious way of communication and a more harmonious way of living.

After all, there is no TRUTH in abuse.

By Christopher Murphy, Age 57, London

Christopher Murphy Christopher Murphy is an Esoteric Practitioner, personal trainer and dedicated to the brotherhood of humanity. He is deeply connected with the plight of mankind and a supporter of equality for all, and is actively engaged in writing about global humanitarian affairs.

You can follow Christopher Murphy on Twitter @Christo67788666.

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571 thoughts on “The Truth about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon

  1. It is very strange that people lash out at others when they are making truly supportive choices. We all understand it of course as we can feel the jealousy underneath it all but even so it absolutely does not make sense. When one person makes a loving choice it touches us all. We each need to celebrate these choices and deal with our own jealousy and comparison issues.

  2. Just your photos alone speak volumes Christopher. Its truly remarkable to see the change in you and read that at 57 you are the fittest, healthiest, most harmonious, committed etc. you have ever been. No more sleepless nights and purposeless drifting. The abuse being levelled at Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and students is pure jealousy. A person raging against themselves for not making the loving choices Serge, you and so many others are making, but rather than taking responsibility for this, directing out at those they are jealous of.

  3. Awesome to hear just how many amazing changes you have made in you life. Also this is very true ‘For those who do not agree with what Serge Benhayon presents, then disagree with it, however there is no need for abuse. Everyone has the right to say what they mean, but the freedom of speech is not the freedom to abuse others.’ And to add for those who do not agree with ANY other person, disagree but do not abuse. This is happening to far too many people, not that it is about the number of people that are being abused but the fact it is happening at all.

  4. Jealousy can raise its ugly head when some see others making choices and living in a way that they have not chosen for themselves.

  5. Great transformation Christopher. You indeed look fitter, healthier and younger than years ago. It seems you are going back in time. A wonder, yes and no, because yes it is unique but then again many people report the same miracles by making these simple choices.

  6. “I am the fittest I have ever been – fit for life that is” I wonder how many people could actually fully claim this about their life, we can say we are well but are we truly fit enough in every capacity to handle everything that is asked of us

  7. “There is no TRUTH in abuse” If we want to live a true life then, as we become aware of the abuse that we are living in not honouring ourselves that gives way to a greater honesty in us, we may find the willingness to change as you have Christopher. A change that gives the soul more access and the spirit less domination.

  8. Christopher reading your blog today I am blown away by the incredible transformation in your life since being involved in Universal Medicine, it is staggering to consider just how different life can be when you connect to and focus on the quality of the soul.

  9. Thank you Christopher – profound. You look so, so healthy now if I compare the photos. What a difference to feel, and more greatly so, as you expressed, it is simply allowing yourself to be in its absoluteness. No wishy washy thing or fix. The great power that Universal Medicine engenders and shows is what is within us all. That’s why The Way of The Livingness as our religion is so truly successful.

  10. Hear, hear Christopher. There is no need for abuse. Wow has your life changed! As has mine and hundreds of others, in a world where pretty much everything is in a downward spiral, it would make sense to pay attention to those whose lives are now moving forward, evolving even.

  11. From personal experience of Universal Medicine presentations and the modalities offered, I am in whole-hearted agreement with you Christopher –
    “Universal Medicine is a gift for all of humanity.”

  12. “After all, there is no TRUTH in abuse.” So true and we all know this so why wait to act on it? How low is our feeling of self-worth and self-care that we just let it go on? It is simple to start with making loving choices for ourselves as much as we can, and this will then spread to how we are with others, and they might then be reminded and inspired to do the same. It is only because we all keep abusing that there is the reality of abuse, but as you said, there is no truth in abuse, so if we stop putting energy into it, it won’t stand.

  13. It is fantastic to observe the change that occurred for you Christopher over a very short period of time. Your photos reveal the butterfly that was hiding itself in another form. What a joyful transformation

  14. When you read articles like this and you can clearly see how someone has changed their life for the better, and then consider that this gets attacked, you have to ponder on why it gets attacked as it simply isn’t rational.

  15. Christopher, I love it. Especially “There is no Truth in abuse”. We need more truth in the world. I know it can be quite difficult to speak truth, as Serge Benhayon knows, people often react in ways that may be difficult for others to understand, but when our hearts speak truth, that truth then comes with love. Anything said or done from the heart, comes with a loving truth and if people choose to react, they still get an opportunity for a healing, because their heart feels your heart (as we feel everything) and knows you truly care.

  16. When we have a clear choice to be joyful and healthier and we don’t make that choice – would we feel good about our choice?

  17. The thing is, if people allowed themselves to see the extraordinary changes taking place in people around them who are choosing to live in a different way, it cannot help but be a reflection on how they are living their own lives, and what they are using to prop up the tiredness, the anxiety, the general lack of love

  18. It is amazing what happens when we actually start to take care of ourselves. Taking care of ourselves is such a simple thing to do yet we seem to fight it all the way. Could it be that we are invested in some way in struggle rather than allowing more of the love that we are out for all to see and feel.

  19. I can’t think of one single presentation from Universal Medicine that hasn’t had a positive, deeply healing, loving and health-promoting benefit to my life. Even the parts that I’ve yet to accept it’s been my rejection that causes the damage and not the teaching.

  20. I now deeply appreciate how the body communicates 24/7 and love it when a stop is chosen to actually listen to what it is asking from us to work together in harmony with it. How healing for you Christopher to finally pause and act upon the signals from your body signals.

  21. This is a solid reflection of just one person’s story who has turned their life around. So massively inspiring and deeply beautiful to read. There are too many lies thrown in the face of Universal Medicine that are so far from what is actually the case. So thank you Chris for sharing your story with us all.

  22. Those that are attacking Serge Benhayon are attacking the messenger rather than the message because to address the message would require addressing what is true or not in their own life. They are so committed and invested in their life they are unable to see the illusion they are in, or do not wish to as to do so seems too impossible to change.

  23. I like your description Christopher of being ‘fit for life’ as opposed to being fit for any other reason, which, at the end of the day, is probably something we pursue for ourselves and some sort of recognition rather than for purpose and humanity.

  24. Stunning Christopher, one of the greatest abuses we face is the ingrained idea that one day we will ‘get there’, that life is designed for us to strive for perfection, that we should perform without any flaw. The truth we have it all the wrong way around, it’s not about seeing how many issues we stil have but confirming and appreciating the truth that we live. It may not be perfect but any step towards being healthier, more loving and living openly deserves to be celebrated, every day.

  25. When you read stories like yours you can feel the denseness of the veil we live under. Totally blinded to never question or ask why we do what we do. Universal Medicine exposes the veil, empowering us to see it for the illusion it is and supporting us to take responsibility in our choices that keep the veil lifting.

  26. “Universal Medicine is a gift for all of humanity.” I so agree Christopher. I feel so blessed to have said yes to this call…. and so my life has changed exponentially.

  27. Simple changes can make a huge difference in the quality of the life we lead; listening to our body gives us a marker from which we can really develop being honest with ourself and being more true to all of whom we are.

  28. It is hard to get past the photo of you Chris, beaming with absolute vitality, joy and a beautiful sense of real settlement. The Way of The Livingness offers a way to live with more love, harmony and clarity, honesty and purpose in our lives through understating and embracing a relationship with ourselves, and living guided by our connection to who we innately are within, our truth.

  29. Thank you Christopher, there is no denying the power and love of what Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon offers humanity. Over the past 12 years I have been witness to many students making miraculous turnarounds with their medical conditions, in their relationships, with their wellbeing and general outlook on life, and living a more committed and truly loving life… so yes I agree that Universal Medicine is an absolute gift to humanity.

  30. “For those who do not agree with what Serge Benhayon presents, then disagree with it, however there is no need for abuse” – I totally agree with you, but I have observed and experienced myself at many occasions that it feels uncomfortable to not be in agreement. When we don’t agree, it feels like one is right and the other is wrong. It feels like we take it for granted that we should agree, that it is a given that we share the same value – hence our reaction when proven otherwise. This happens when we stop short of truth and try wrestling with each other’s opinions. It is truth that unites us all equally.

  31. It is undeniable that what is offered and presented by Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon is a true science known to us all that when lived can transform our entire life – how can it now for in accepting our greatness we return to our true flow and bodies natural harmony.

    1. I agree Deborah – what Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon offer and present is undeniable, with a truth that is evident surpassing the need for words. Our bodies and our eyes will always reflect the absoluteness of truth, end of story.

  32. The campaign of detraction against Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine can be ‘read’ through different glasses. Yet, what has to be said is the glasses we use to do so are pretty much of the degree of unsettlement/settlement that each one has in its own body. This is also what really commands the use we make of the freedom of speech.

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