What is True Religion?

One day after hitting absolute rock bottom, I shouted from my veranda, “God there has to be more, surely this can’t be it?”

I had never considered myself to be a religious person, so when the word God came out of my mouth, I must say I was a wee bit surprised, to say the least.  But at the same time, it felt like it was a true relationship with God that had been missing all this time, and that for my life to change, I needed to look at the possibility that there was a God.

For me to even consider this was huge. Growing up, I was not religious and didn’t want anything to do with religion. I thought it was all rubbish, a waste of time and something that people used to hide behind to avoid not having to take responsibility for their behaviour, actions or thoughts. I believed that religion was something that instigated wars, caused people to behave in hypocritical ways and allowed a group of people to create something they called religion as a way to control, manipulate and influence others.

I know this sounds harsh, but as a young child heading into adulthood, from what I had observed, my perception was one that I later came to realise held some truth. However, the picture I had, and what I had observed of religion, was certainly not what I have now come to know true religion to be.

What if there was another meaning for Religion? What if for all these thousands of years we had falsely believed that God was a being that lived outside of us, that he was the only being that could grant us salvation and give us retribution, and permission to enter the golden gates of Heaven; or the supposed alternative, going to the fiery depths below, and that this was not actually true? What if religion was not outside of us but instead lived within us all?

What if we all have the ability to feel an inner glory, a fire that burns deep within, an inner-heart that waits for us to re-unite with it once more?

I have come to understand that True Religion is not something or someone that lives outside of us, it is not about visiting a place of worship or repenting our sins. True Religion is about building routines, rhythms and rituals that support us to live in a way that is based on love so that we can reignite the fire within our body and reconnect to the love that we are.

Knowing that all we need is already within, we have a choice to connect to our body and live by and from the impulses of our inner heart, or we can make the choice to ignore our body, and instead let our minds lead the way, allowing beliefs to guide us, instead of love and a sense of equality for all.

In contrast to the mind, which constantly seeks acceptance and recognition from others, the inner heart seeks nothing – it simply is. It knows it already has, and is, all that it needs – there is nothing else, only an allowing for one to be love, and to live in and from this place.

True Religion has no rules, there is no guide book, no dictates to follow, everyone and everything matters, there is always a bigger picture at play, a grander plan you could say, one that includes everyone and everything. Each one of us is affected and impacted by the choices we all make and the way that we choose to live. I have found that this way of life is not about self, but about everyone.

It is True Religion that re-connects us with our inner heart, allowing us to honour the amazing beings we are, supporting us to build and develop a relationship with ourselves and in turn, redeveloping our relationship with God.

After many years of attending Universal Medicine courses, retreats and presentations, it was this that I discovered for myself. I found that true religion was not just about God, it was about absolutely everything, and it was everything that needed to be encompassed when it came to the choices that I made in my daily life.

Before this I used to live with a lack of acceptance for myself, refusing to take responsibility for the choices I made and the life I had created, a life that I continually tried to escape from, to avoid, my life that stayed with me, no matter what I did or where I went. How can you truly escape from your own life? How can you change your life if you do not take responsibility for the choices you made in the first place?

It was not until I fully felt this, accepted it and began to take responsibility for myself, my choices and the life I had created, that things began to change.

And wow!… have they changed, all because I have chosen to love and honour all that I am.

Making heart-felt choices that support my body, eating foods that leave me feeling light, not heavy, dull or bloated, going to bed when I am tired, establishing a rhythm leading up to my bedtime, showering, preparing my bed by pulling back the sheets, lighting an incense and having a fresh glass of water next to my bed, not pushing my body beyond what I feel it is capable of in that moment and listening intently to the signs it offers me, the niggles and aches, no matter how large or small they are, are important and deserve to be heard as well as felt. These are just some of the things I now choose for myself and this allows my body to then be the marker for what comes next.

Beginning with a few simple but profound changes in my life with the ongoing support, love and inspiration of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I am able to continue developing and deepening the love I have for myself and others by living a life of True Religion.

By Nicole Serafin, Woman, Wife, Mother, Hairdresser

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581 thoughts on “What is True Religion?

  1. ” One day after hitting absolute rock bottom, I shouted from my veranda, “God there has to be more, surely this can’t be it?” ”
    While it may look like rock bottom , it can be the start of the return to whats true . For when one hits rock bottom it can be the recognising that this presented way of life is in fact not true, therefore there must be a true way of life.

  2. “What if there was another meaning for Religion?” The magic of reconnecting to the essence of our inner being and the truth of our divinity that is equally in all.

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