Middle England

In 1966 I was born into what is commonly known as ‘Middle England’. For those who are not familiar with this term, it is not a geographical location; Middle England is used to describe a particular class of people in England. People in ‘Middle England’ are characterised by the fact that they are neither rich nor poor, they are what is known as ‘comfortably off’. In fact, not only are they ‘comfortably off’ but they are ‘comfortably everything’. Comfort is a defining factor in nearly every aspect of life in ‘Middle England’. There are of course exceptions to the rule, but I shall talk about what makes up life for the majority of the people in Middle England, for I am one of them.

We tend to be well educated, not boffins by any stretch of the imagination, but our parents instilled in us the importance of doing well at school. A good education, a good job and a good life are all intrinsically linked in Middle England. In fact we see ourselves as ‘good’ people. We have enough money for it to not be an issue. We can afford family holidays, school fees, clothes with ‘labels’ and a couple of cars.

Middle England is a very cosy place, very cosy indeed, and therein lies the problem – when something is so comfortable there is little incentive to question it, let alone leave. We settle into comfortable jobs, comfortable friendships, hobbies that bring us comfort and comfortable marriages. What adds to our idea that comfort is a goal of life is that we compare ourselves to the majority of the world’s population who are struggling with the day to day basics such as food and water and we feel very privileged and lucky to be living the way that we do…

But what if life isn’t about being comfortable – what if life is about evolution?

Ah, now that changes… everything!

I have spent many years feeling what is commonly considered as ‘comfortable’. However what I now know is that feeling ‘comfortable’ actually took a considerable amount of effort because my body did not feel naturally comfortable at all. In fact my body was pretty irritated and uncomfortable most of the time, but due to the array of medications that I chose to administer myself, I rarely got to feel the full force of my discomfort.

I drank coffee to pep me up, I exercised strenuously to take the edge off my gnawing irritation, I ate sugar to rev me a little, I smoked marijuana to stifle my anger – oh, and my anger was to stifle my sadness, I had boyfriends to cover up my low self esteem, I overate to dull my awareness, I watched a lot of really crap telly to simply zone out and I partied hard in order to completely and utterly obliterate my ability to feel anything other than high. There is nothing that I have listed here that is unusual, in fact all of this is considered very normal for people who consider that they have a comfortable way of life – how else do we maintain the facade of comfort?

Repetition goes hand in hand with comfort. What is it that we repeat? Well, we repeat everything: we say the same things to the same people in the same way, we behave exactly the same with the same people, we do the same things at the same time in the same way, we eat and drink the same things, we smoke the same things and ingest the same things, we move in the same way, we think the same thoughts that we have always done and very often all of these things are actually very similar to the way in which the generation before us chose to do things.

We may kid ourselves that we are branching out by trying something new, but often that ‘new something’ has the same flavour as pretty much everything else that we’ve always done.

For example, I replaced strenuous gym work with strenuous yoga, thinking that I was bettering myself, oblivious to the fact that I was replacing one medication for another. I replaced marijuana with meditation, again thinking that I was doing something better and missing the fact that they both served the same purpose and that was to prevent me from feeling what I was feeling.

The Truth was forever inside me but comfort lay like a blanket of fog over the top of truth, obscuring my ability to feel it clearly.

Getting out of comfort is not easy: there is an inertia built into comfort that means that extracting ourselves from comfort has the same momentum as running in quicksand.

But the truth of the matter is there is no place for comfort in truth and no truth in comfort.

Living a life of comfort is to live a life of reduction and that is nothing short of a tragedy.

It is a misconception to think that living a life of comfort is actually easy – it takes a huge amount of effort to give the appearance that nothing much is changing. If you look at a man walking in a wind tunnel, it may appear as if he is not moving at all but he is actually having to work very hard at staying where he is because he is working against the force of the wind. We are all getting pulled up to constantly evolve, that is the natural order of life, therefore to keep repeating the same choices year after year takes constant commitment to resist the pull to evolve.

Comfort is a form of mummification, one that we have chosen for lifetime after lifetime, which begs the question as to why we continuously choose comfort over truth. Deep down (whether conscious or not) we can all feel the same unbearable fact and that is, that this bastardised version of life is the culmination of every single choice that we have ever made. If we owned up to this fact then we would all be called to account, and that is something that most of us aren’t prepared to let happen, therefore we often choose comfort because it feels much easier to simply put the telly on and have a beer: avoidance is our default setting, and although it muddies our perception, it can’t actually prevent us from feeling the truth of all things.

I am forever grateful to Serge Benhayon, the Benhayon Family and to the Universal Medicine Student Body for their commitment to both the truth and to love. I have been continuously inspired to make different choices, and those choices have led to an increase in awareness, a deeper understanding of life, and to begin the process of dispersing my own fog of comfort.

By Alexis Stewart, Dedicated Student of The Way of The Livingness, Partner to an amazing man, Mum to a beautiful boy, Yoga Teacher, Disability Care Worker, Sydney   

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611 thoughts on “Middle England

  1. It is extraordinary to see the layers of comfort we have chosen to numb ourselves out to the blatant and not so blatant horror of our way of life on earth. It is alarming and sobering to realise that ‘comfort’ actually describes practically everything that we do.

  2. So lovely to read, how we live in comfort is what needs to be dissolved. It is that comfort that keeps us in continuous struggle, although we may not see it as such. It really is a source of our constant wanting to check out, to numb our bodies, as we are not made to stay stagnant. We are here to evolve.

    1. I have started to seek out the unease, the tension and the disharmony because I know that by addressing the source of these things, I am addressing what keeps me in separation from God.

  3. ” Getting out of comfort is not easy: there is an inertia built into comfort that means that extracting ourselves from comfort has the same momentum as running in quicksand.
    But the truth of the matter is there is no place for comfort in truth and no truth in comfort.” Very true Alexis – Life isn’t just about ‘me’, We are not here to live comfortable lives and not progress in our evolution.

    1. Sue, indeed we are not here to live comfortable lives and yet we have cocooned ourselves in our own private duck down donnas (duvets), with what appears to me to be little or no regard for anyone who does not in some way contribute to keeping us mollycoddled.

  4. This is all so very true and I absolutely love what you have shared and exposed here Alexis. Perhaps we need to redefine comfort, for how can it be that something that requires so much force to sustain it, can be deemed in any way comfortable when it is the direct opposite of what true comfort actually is. True comfort is being at one with the flow of life and living in such a way that we are not imposing on our external environment nor allowing certain factors within this environment to impose on us. Our evolution is about returning to our true self – the body of love that is our Soul – and in this process we get to feel a greater settlement within our body and the way in which we move through life when we allow this love to infuse all that we do.

    1. Liane the eloquence of your reply has enabled me to see (yet again) that “True comfort is being at one with the flow of life and living in such a way that we are not imposing on our external environment”, there are still many things in my life that I try to impose myself upon and my body lets me know very clearly what they are, as I feel very uncomfortable when I bring force into life that is simply wanting to flow.

    2. No surprise everything in this world is designed to not let us feel the tension underneath the seemingly comfort. It needs constant feed to not feel the universal pull, that asks you to be more ALL THE TIME.I would throw the word settlement into this- and rereading you comment Liane I see you used the word as well. Being connected to the flow of life and true evolution back to our soul you will always feel the tension that asks you to be more, but don´t have to call in forces to numb the feeling of not living it.

  5. It’s great how you show that the kind of ‘comfort’ you describe here actually wasn’t truly comfortable and that there was a constant nagging disquiet underneath that we often dull down or try to avoid when actually that tension helps us to recognise when we’re not living true to who we are and so is something there to help us not just settle in the false comfort…

  6. True that repetition goes hand in hand with comfort. It sets up patterns and an ‘easy’ way of living that we start to default into rather than reading everything all the time and welcoming what is next. Comfort keeps us from evolving and keeps everything about a 1 dimensional way of life.

  7. Sadly we have made life about comfort- always chasing the dream at the expense of the body; this is the opposite to the richness of the universe that we have access to when we are willing to respond to the call of evolution.

  8. When I go into comfort and plateauing or not being focussed I am open for energies that just want to destroy me. This might be very destructive thoughts in form of doubts or anxiousness. We are made to stay present and to constantly move on- I get it proofed every time. The moment I connect back- the thoughts etc have no chance to get me.

    1. When any of us go into comfort, plateauing or not being focused the energy that wants to take us away from our connection with God is already in and having it’s way. It is our movements (movements being physical movements, speech and thoughts) that have the ability to switch us from this separative energy to the united energy of fire.

  9. Having been a professional dancer for 17 years it is interesting seeing some people I know doing excessive Yoga and seeing them believing that they are doing something great for their body. I feel their bodies are hard as before and it feels this is like being not as honest. Before when I was a dancer it was obvious to me I have to make my body hard and in a way smash it. Yoga has this spiritual stamp, that says you are more caring for your body. But in fact, the energy of disregarding the gentleness and delicateness in the body is the same as my dancing profession, but just having a different face.

    1. Stephanie I agree, there are many similarities between dancing and the type of yoga that people have erroneously come to believe is yoga. Both push the body to physical extremes, both put the body into unnatural positions, both involve pain, both provide identity to the person performing, both are impulsed by the same pranic energy; an energetic source that does not come from soul. But make no mistake, even when an activity doesn’t involve pain or harmful positions but is impulsed by prana then it is still harmful.

      1. Absolutely- especially the identification is a huge one. For me it feels it is the prior reason, why you then put your body under pain and extremes postures etc.. The identification needs constant feed and the more you stick out and belong the more it gets fed.

  10. It is very understandable that people seek comfort and safety in such world we have created – full of lies, illusions, violence, jealousy, dog eats dog, cat fights cat. People seek anything that will lessen the pain and ensure a ‘better’ future. If only we realised that our complete joy, love and fulfillment lies in our very own hands – reconnect to the inner heart and find the jewel right there.

  11. It is true that repetition goes hand in hand with comfort. When we introduce something into our rhythm that is not supportive, and we keep repeating it, then we are choosing to lessen. The fact is as human beings we are constantly evolving, and if we go against this, it is comfort.

    1. When repetition is borne out of self love then it creates a loving and solid foundation. A rock solid base on which we can stand. The question therefore is ‘is what we are repeating loving or not?’

  12. This is a beautiful expose on the comfort we have all chosen, all around the world. The fact that you have lived comfort and evolution means that you write in a way that understands both deeply and without judgement life from both inside and outside the wind tunnel. Thank you for actually putting what you have lived down in history for all of us to learn from.

  13. The thing with comfort is that we can be quite happy there as everything is ok. Looking at ourselves and way of life may not come to the forefront as nothing is wrong. And this is where the evil lies – in our apathy.

    1. Comfort does not necessarily mean that everything is ok. Many people are very comfortable being unhappy and actually more comfortable when things are painful and difficult than when things start ‘going well’ for them. Comfort refers much more to what we’re used to, rather than to something being ok.

  14. I was part of middle England too and can relate to your blog Alexis it was very much my life too and your words ” – when something is so comfortable there is little incentive to question it, let alone leave.” is very true and why most of humanity don’t question comfort, why would we, it is what everyone strives for, a comfortable life. I used to question my life enough to feel it was going no where and I was just going along with what I thought life should, but I never wanted to be honest enough to question the comforts I had put in place to make sure I didn’t feel uncomfortable enough to really question what life was really about. Thank God for Serge Benhayon for his unwavering commitment to showing us the many lies and falsities that we live under that hold us back from opening our eyes to the truth.

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