Universal Medicine in My Life

by Leigh Matson, UK

I was introduced to Serge Benhayon and the teachings of Universal Medicine via a Vietnam retreat in 2011. Originally I had no intention of joining Universal Medicine. I just wanted a holiday.

Before Universal Medicine:

  • I was introverted, wanting NOTHING to do with other people.
  • I was very miserable with life in general and had an overall sense of dread when considering the next, however many decades it is I’ve yet to live.
  • I had no spark or interest in interacting with life, people, the world… anything.
  • I was very hateful towards myself to the point of horrible thoughts.

After Universal Medicine:

  • I now see people as a benefit, something I want in my life. It’s not the people I don’t want to look at, but the reflections they provide. Gradually I’m learning to accept those as well.
  • Building up from only wanting to do the minimum amount of work to get me by, I’m determined to find full-time work in the catering industry. Those who know, know what a demanding profession this is.
  • I look forward to whatever life brings me, as I know that there are those around me who can help me understand more and more.
  • I would never want to go back to the closed-off life I had before Universal Medicine, and while I may wobble now and then, it’s certain that I do want to keep expanding what I have started.

Serge Benhayon has presented to me a sense (and examples) that life doesn’t have to be hard, and with commitment it can be something very special and enjoyable.

In regards to my one-to-one sessions:

The sessions I have with my practitioner, Bina Pattel, are absolutely invaluable. They provide me with an example of how Serge’s presentations can be lived in an everyday, normal way.

Going to Bina Pattel and seeing, experiencing and being told how she goes about her everyday life shows me that it can be achieved. It’s not just for the minority, but for anyone and everyone who chooses this way of living. As to why I continue to go, it’s so I remain on track and avoid slipping into bad habits, abusive habits or downright destructive habits.

The best way I can explain my consistency with my sessions is something along the lines of:
a builder repeatedly looks back to his blueprints to make sure that the building is being constructed properly. In a sense, Bina Pattel is the blueprint I look to for guidance on how to go about life. I’m not relying on my practitioner to take all my problems away – she simply shows me how I can do that for myself.

This isn’t something where you can just go to one of Serge Benhayon’s presentations and instantly, from there on, have an absolutely amazing life – at least that has been my experience. It’s something that needs baby steps, to grow and gather momentum before it can just take off and support itself. It’s about building a self-loving foundation that supports my body and keeps things simple.

184 thoughts on “Universal Medicine in My Life

  1. Universal Medicine presents a way to live that brings you back to the love that you already are.

  2. I can relate to your ‘before’ list Leigh, as I was very given up prior to finding Universal Medicine. I feel like I had literally tried everything from alternative and complementary therapies, counselling, self help/self development, etc. to heal myself and my life, but nothing truly worked. It wasn’t until I began studying with Universal Medicine and receiving the benefits of their Esoteric therapies that things started to change. Not only was my past being healed and cleared, I was also making steps to be more self-caring and self-loving (and I still am). The results have been extraordinary.

  3. Universal Medicine and Universal Medicine Practitioners do not ‘fix’ anything, they are guides to one’s own inner-knowing.

  4. If we sat and truly wrote about our before and after meeting Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, many of us have/can share the differences it has had in our lives. From being angry with life, withdrawn, anorexic or obese etc to the opposite.

    No practitioner does it for us, it lies with us all to make the change or heal, the practitioners are there to support us and I can honestly say thank God for them. I wouldn’t be where I am in my life, if it wasn’t for their support too.

    1. Maybe that is part of what’s challenging for some about the Universal Medicine model. It asks each person to not give their power away, and instead take responsibility for their own life. There are a people reliant on others giving them their power across all facets of life, including in religion.

  5. Seeing life without our dark glasses has only become available as far as I am concerned because of the presentations of Serge Benhayon and the Truth of life has never looked as good as you have shared Leigh.

  6. Love what you say about people here Leigh. It’s not people that I find difficult, it’s the reflection.

    The more I understand this and am around people, the more I can make life more and more about love.

    Even after all the mistakes, push aside the nonsense that interferes and make being with people about love.

    It’s one thing to know and then another thing to put into practise.

      1. Living-ness, and very few words, until Love is a True way of being, so the impact is a reflection, which is our greatest form of communication.

    1. Yes I totally agree how reflection can affect us. I once understood reflection as being a one way thing. I could reflect but not the other way around and boy oh boy, was that a learning.

      Over time, I have learnt that this reflection is the equivalent of placing a mirror in front of me, and seeing me all the time. It is accepting that this reflection continues to be within me, and when I react, great what an offering, an opportunity to heal it. It is that simple.

  7. To read your words at the start of this article, the words of how a young person in our world was feeling about life and themselves is heartbreaking. And i can see how common it is for young people especially to have these thoughts, often feeling limited and powerless, whereas adults can usually afford to busy themselves with distractions so that these thoughts and feelings can be ignored – even though they may be operating in the background. And this makes me wonder how are we building a society that allows for so much misery, and why are our young people not speaking out? What are we teaching them that makes it normal and ‘understandable’ to be withdrawn? We have got to get a handle on this and learn to appreciate the young beautiful people that we have coming up through the ages – regardless of our own hurts and inhibitions, we surely need to learn to love without condition so that not one single person – young or old – is experiencing misery.

    1. I completely agree with you Shami and I’ve just started a job that works with young people. It brings up the responsibility to appreciate myself in order to see the gold in another, regardless of age.

    2. It’s a great comment Shami and very true, misery is our normality. Even when life supposedly ticks all the boxes there can still be that misery because the true grandness of our soul is missing.

  8. It’s step by step that we grow and some guidance from those who have already walked the path, is always very welcomed.

    1. Sometimes I think I have made ‘enough’ steps and I can coast, but those who have chosen to go deeper into their essence can shake me out of this ‘comfortable’ position by highlighting how uncomfortable it actually is. While it is welcome eventually at first there can be reaction.

  9. The changes you have made Leigh were actually an immense support during a phase in my life when I struggled with similar negative thoughts and harmful habits. These changes in your life provided an invaluable insight into why we may be having these thoughts, the baby steps we could make and the grand opportunity that’s at the tip of our fingers may we choose it. For me this only goes to show the ripples of Serge Benhayon and the rest of the UM student body.

  10. I’m not sure Universal Medicine is something you can “join” as such but you can definitely align with what they present and maybe that is what you mean. For me they represent the Medicine that is true and I guess that is where the name Universal Medicine comes from, that it applies to all, universally so.

    1. I would agree Matts that you cannot join Universal Medicine in the sense of being a part of a group that has any clique or exclusivity or such. But you can align to what is presented and feel a quality of unity.

  11. Each step is worth appreciating. I forget this sometimes but when I do appreciate the small steps (or big steps) it makes the next step easier to take.

  12. It’s great to see the huge difference between the two lists. And I so love what you say in the last paragraph, and this is a great reminder for me as well, that it’s not about going to a presentation or having a session. It is something we build with baby steps, it is all in our hands and whether and how much to make use of it, is entirely up to each one of us. And it also reminded me a recent conversation I had with someone where they said to me that they believe people are born a certain way and it is not possible to change that – e.g. criminals are born criminals, addictions cannot be stopped etc. So I asked how they would explain when some people can change their habit and the way they approach life because we do meet those people, or at least hear about them, and their response was that these occurrences were just coincidence, a fluke. They should meet you.

    1. That saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” never met my dog that lived till 22 and had learnt new things. Equally I’ve met many in the student body in their elder years to change their lives completely. Energy is constantly moving, everything is energy and so we too are constantly moving. When feeling stuck I remind myself of this.

  13. Leigh thank you for sharing your experiences, when I came across Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I realised that I was the maker of how my life was, and through simply making more loving choices my life changed, and from my commitment to be honest and loving with myself so too does my life continue to change.

    1. In my teens I used to think that we are masters of our own universe, Serge Benhayon simply confirmed this and much more that I and all of us deep down know to be true.

  14. Bringing what we learn from the Universal Medicine presentations alive in our day to day lives definitely helps us make sense of what is going on within ourselves and the world around us.

    1. And having conversations with others about the parts that we have made sense of allows them to share the parts they’ve made sense of. We can support each other to make sense of life rather than colluding with one another that life is ‘random’ or ‘mysterious’.

  15. Absolutely there are no quick fixes in life – a true and amazing life takes daily building and requires our attention every moment of every day – you could say it’s a full time job – but what an amazing process that daily building is …

  16. I feel this statement ‘a builder repeatedly looks back to his blueprints to make sure that the building is being constructed properly’ is gold.
    In reality everyone is reflecting something to us whether they are a Universal Medicine practitioner or not. In the grandness of it all life projects this to us everyday, its only when we are ready to let go of those hurtful shackles, the blueprints emerge and then we can reconstruct our building.

    1. Our hurts and projecting those hurts can keep us locked up and tense. There’s little movement for change and we go about life the same way we always have. Healing those hurts allows that movement of change and to re-shape our lives to one that is not a hurt person avoiding people.

  17. Spot on Leigh, ‘ It’s about building a self-loving foundation that supports my body and keeps things simple.’ Universal Medicine shows us there is a different way to live and be in the world and the love we build for ourselves supports us to experience deeper relationships with others and to have a greater understanding of life.

    1. Definitely, Universal Medicine has redefined relationships for me. It now feels strange to talk about the weather and remain on the surface when I know connecting with others can go deeper.

  18. Just like when you walk down a road or drive down the road the wrong way or in a direction that you find doesn’t take you to where you know you should be, you will need to turn around completely and go back the way you came. You can’t just arrive and then change the arrival point in an instant, all you can do is change the direction with the intention to have the location change or to have another location in mind and then set your course to it. I guess healing is the same, we have walked down a road that has lead us to a point of healing. In that you have a clear point of where you need to be next and then comes the walk to that point and the re-walk of the road we have travelled. As we know everything we do that doesn’t support us will need to be re-done in order to complete the healing for everyone.

    1. That’s a great analogy Ray of what I’ve experienced healing to be. Sometimes re-tracing that road is painful but once tread it’s healed. And sometimes it’s a little oops and getting back on track. Being aware of which road I am on and being confirmed that I can feel and know which road I am on has been a life changing blessing.

  19. One cannot argue with the benefits you have outlined here that you have gained from applying what you learnt from the presentations of Universal Medicine to your own life. This is simply beautiful Leigh and an inspiration to all

      1. Yes, Leigh I understand completely for how can we possibly express all that these ageless teachings have brought to our lives. We do the work on ourselves and we change completely as if leaving an old idea of our self behind to embrace life from a whole new angle. We really go from ‘what we can get out of life’ to ‘what we can bring to life and others’.

  20. Thank you Leigh for sharing how you are now committing to changing your life to live the love you are, one step at a time, we all have this blueprint within us to guide us through life, along with healing sessions that support us further.

    1. Aye the healing sessions are and always have been a support to allowing what’s already within us to heal our being. Nothing is bestowed or given to us from on high from Universal Medicine or Serge Benhayon.

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