Albert Einstein Once Said ‘The important thing is to not stop questioning.’

by Greg Hall, Australia, BSc Eng (Civil) PrEng

Let’s go back a bit… 21 years ago I stood as a 19 year old beside my good friend, who was on life support following a near drowning whilst on his honeymoon. A reporter was interviewing his family in the hospital room, and upon completion presented his notes for the family to edit and agree to. A few days later my friend passed on, and the papers ran a story. The vivid memory remains of just how much the story had changed by the time it was put into print – names of family members and places misspelt, and a completely different, sensationalised story told to the world. I do not read the newspaper much, and from that day on I viewed news media articles from the perspective that the story will be written in order to sell it.

Life in South Africa from a news perspective changed dramatically in the 1990’s, whereby escalating crime and human suffering took on a proportion that flooded the news media, to the point that the nation seemed to become overwhelmed and numb – we could hardly tolerate the smallest pinch of what was truly happening, never mind contend with trumped-up, sensationalised versions of events. The news media became almost silent about the goings-on in society.

More recently we immigrated to Australia, and I recall a news headline in early 2009, of how officials stopped traffic on a Perth highway to allow a family of ducks to cross to the other side – how refreshing!

In the past two weeks I have again stood beside friends amidst renewed evidence of the sheer lack of integrity and professional ethic in our local news media, for I am now cast, amongst others, as a member of the world’s newest ‘cult’ movement (yes, the news has spread to New York). And this because I have chosen of my free will, to pay to attend presentations afforded by Serge Benhayon. Not only am I free in the choice to attend or not, Universal Medicine hold no more of a record of me than the name I give them when I pay at the door – so they would have no way of contacting me (coercing or otherwise).

Those in my greater family, friends and work colleagues know me well enough to know that I am no de-railed, mindless drain on society, as implied by the reference to a ‘cult follower’, so my life goes on… but the sheer gall to print unqualified lies for the rest of the world to be misled by presents one little choice but to provide a response.

So who am I and why do I associate with Universal Medicine?

I am a 40 year old male, father to three sons, and husband in a loving marriage of 17 years young. I qualified as a professional Civil Engineer in the early 1990’s, and have worked myself into management roles in the construction sector that afford me a comfortable living, by world standards.

Despite growing up in Africa I consider myself fortunate to have lived a sheltered, easy life, but from as far back as my early teen years I recall periodic feelings of ‘emptiness’ and a sense that my life could be so much more. I changed companies from time to time, thinking more money would satisfy the source of these feelings, I bought newer and bigger cars, we bought a bigger house, acquired extra dogs or cats; I even (having been a reluctant member of sporting activities during school years – having your head kicked in at the bottom of a rugby scrum is not really enjoyable – but merely provides scars as a ticket to mingle with the rest of the ‘men’ in society) took up long distance river canoe and ocean surf ski paddling around the age of 30, along with personal gym training sessions 3-4 times a week (old school mates hardly recognised me with this ‘new’ physique). All of this was an attempt to fill that ‘emptiness’. But guess what? After buying that new car, or house, or canoe, or landing the ‘better job’ or punishing the body, the feeling of ‘emptiness’ would always return at some point.

Medically, I have lived a very ‘healthy’ existence, and only really appreciated the wonders of modern medicine when I broke several vertebrae in my back as a result of a motorbike accident. Oh, and of course caesarean section meant that my wife and sons all survived childbirth – the first one certainly would have put an end to them otherwise.

It was the birth of our first child that led my wife and I to investigate the possibility that there was more to medicine than a ‘quick-fix’ bottle of chemicals – all our friends just dished it up, and our parents would comment “you survived ok on it”, but it simply did not feel right! Homoeopathy seemed to make more sense, and quantum physics could at least explain somewhat how it worked and that it was all derived from natural products. We were introduced to a network chiropractor who performed a ‘form of energy healing’ light touch massage that settled our 4-month-old screaming baby, and he slept for six hours straight for the first time in his life. After follow up sessions he would even sit quietly and look out the car window on the way home. My curiosity led me to cranio-sacral therapy (as I understood at the time, the origins of which lay with an Australian), and from an engineering background of logic and math I was ‘blown away’ one weekend when I attended an introductory course, and could actually feel the cranio-sacral pulse of a fellow student’s body in my own hands.

It was a Sunday morning in July 2008 when my wife and I woke up, looked at each other, and announced in unison “let’s have a look at relocating to Australia” – having never considered leaving our family and friends in South Africa we surprised even ourselves; nonetheless our lives were packed up and relocated by the end of that year. After the chaos of settling into a new life in a foreign land subsided, that feeling of ‘emptiness’ in my life returned.

In early 2010 we saw a pamphlet in a dentist’s rooms for a presentation by Serge Benhayon of Universal Medicine. Having researched their website, I arrived at Heart Chakra One on a Sunday morning with a healthy dose of scepticism – after all, if you’ve only read his writings once you’ve got to question which era in history that version of English comes from.

I came home from that first presentation feeling that I had been offered a point of view with such honesty and clarity, that it somehow made sense of so many of the unanswered questions of life that I held. I chose to go back to the next presentation. Albert Einstein is quoted saying “The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” There certainly was a curiosity to understand more of what I felt to be so true in my body from what this man, Serge, had to present. Not only does he present a possibility for our consideration, but lives his own life as an example of what he presents.

I have come to meet many students of the Way of the Livingness. I could not describe them as overly friendly, courteous or polite or any combination of these, but there is something about the way so many of the students simply know who they are (and know who I am that it does not need to be questioned), and in their presence you feel a love for yourself that is indescribable. Suffice to sum it up as the most awesome experience that you wish would not wane when life continues ‘outside’ of this meeting.

What I am learning of myself is, that the ‘emptiness’ returns in smaller and smaller doses the more that I feel into who I truly am and allow this great love I have in me to simply be. I have been presented with so many examples of students living from the love within their inner heart, that I strive for the same within me, and in my life. I have noticed too, that the more I allow my love to be and guide me through my day, that it has a positive effect on all those around me too.

Imagine being on a construction site (I manage a construction company that employed nearly 200 men in Brisbane last year), and when you’re around hardly anyone utters a swear word; and if they do let the odd profanity slip, it’s out of old habit and has no force or anger behind it! I had one of the foulest mouths around until I made the conscious choice to no longer impose words of anger onto others.

Similarly, I made a personal and conscious choice one evening to leave the beers at home and take only cool drinks in the esky to our men’s poker evening. I cannot describe how liberating it was to admit to myself that alcohol is a poison to my body that makes me ill to some degree each time I ingest it. The only reason I chose to drink was to ‘fit in’ with my Dad and my friends, and so that society in general would not think I was deranged. It never ever felt good in my body (we even had a slogan: ‘the liver is bad and must be punished!’). Having made the conscious choice and openly saying I do not drink because it does not feel good in me, I have never again been second-guessed – not by my family, friends, colleagues or society.

I stopped eating gluten and dairy, again as a personal choice, which requires considerable ‘effort’ and commitment as just about every pre-packed, processed meal or food item contains one or the other, or both… (dairy had always affected our children, either in their mood and behaviour, or in the ear, nose and throat infections that always presented soon after they ate it). Several months later, I began to feel my body responding to the food I eat. I am still exploring, and am amazed how sweet so many foods taste just with their natural sugars. I recall in my early working career caring little about the food I ate, and I lived on meat pies to the point that one day my body simply refused to allow another one in – the same happened after a few years of regular take-away burgers and the likes. When I look back, it was the time in my life that I was the most unwell from a health perspective, with colds and flu, lethargy and generally run down – even though I was in my twenties and should have been feeling ‘bullet-proof’.

Something else that simply makes sense of the ‘emptiness’ is the possibility that I have spent a life being identified by what I do and achieve, and not simply being accepted as the love-filled being I am. How profound an opportunity it is for me as a parent to be (for the first generation in humanity’s recent history?) aware of the possibility to simply love my children for who they are – to forget about placing expectation on them to do, or be, or achieve anything in particular in order for me to grace them with love and acceptance. Wow, that’s huge!

It is for all these reasons that I continue to attend Universal Medicine presentations and healing courses, of my own free will. I am convinced Serge Benhayon does not need any of us there – he has his own life sorted, but for the same reason as I described on the construction site, it feels really awesome to feel that others respond to your choice to be the love you are – by recognising, even in the tiniest amount, that they too have the same love within themselves. And that your choice may one day show them that their ‘emptiness’ may be filled too.

So in summary, I say to the news media world:

Be of true service to humanity; be the love that you are; the millions of dollars in media (and others’) bank accounts that you strive to top up, cannot be taken to the grave (or even your next life – what if, hey? We were all convinced once that the world was flat, were we not?).

Feel every story with your heart and make a difference now. Thank you.

187 thoughts on “Albert Einstein Once Said ‘The important thing is to not stop questioning.’

  1. When we start to question things that do not feel right from what our body is communicating, it opens up our awareness to feel the truth within that is guiding us to live from a quality and natural way of being that makes sense and feels far more loving and equally encompassing of all.

  2. That is what true parenting is, to have no expectations whatsoever but to raise them in the knowing that our children are already everything and we are there to guide them to live with all of who they are in a world that asks them to be all that they are not.

  3. I agree it is a profound opportunity to be able to parent with the awareness that you can just love your children for who they are with no expectation. We are constantly being fed by this idea of getting it right or wrong and this model has been separating us from ourselves and each other. This is an amazing opportunity, and responsibility, and not having our own children doesn’t warrant a get our of jail free card.

  4. The inner emptiness cannot be satisfied with material goods or accolades; it is the being craving its beingness and true settlement.

  5. Great blog Greg, to embrace all that Serge and Universal Medicine offers humanity is totally life changing, I remember the first time I went to one of his presentations, not only did I hear and feel the truth in what he presented I had to ask myself why was no one else presenting this because it made such perfect sense to me.

  6. How devastating for a brand-new wife and family to lose a loved one and then have the sensationalized inaccurate story reported in the media and disseminated to the world. It just goes to show how discerning we have to be when we read or listen to anything shared by another – and that applies not only in regard to the media, but in our normal everyday conversations with others too.

  7. More and more it feels clear to me that the quality of the love for ourselves and humanity that we take with us when we pass is a responsibility to honour completely. This applies to every human being, so if we are not living with integrity in our everyday – regardless of our ‘jobs’ then we are living with a heart that is forced to contract from truth against its own free will. It is only the mind that chooses to be less than the love we innately are in our essence.

  8. “How profound an opportunity it is for me as a parent to be (for the first generation in humanity’s recent history?) aware of the possibility to simply love my children for who they are – to forget about placing expectation on them to do, or be, or achieve anything in particular in order for me to grace them with love and acceptance. Wow, that’s huge! ” As a parent who is in her seventies I feel too how what you have expressed above is so huge, to have this opportunity to express to your children true love in honouring who they truly are divine sons of God and appreciate the reflection and opportunity for evolution each family member brings.

  9. Recognising when there is an emptiness within allows for the opportunity to change it. There are many who are sold out to their way of living in complete denial of that inner emptiness, and hence can attack another who is humble enough to admit it and address it.

  10. Thankyou Greg, your writing is very engaging and beautiful to read. This paragraph in particular stood out for me; “What I am learning of myself is, that the ‘emptiness’ returns in smaller and smaller doses the more that I feel into who I truly am and allow this great love I have in me to simply be…. I have noticed too, that the more I allow my love to be and guide me through my day, that it has a positive effect on all those around me too.” Allowing our own great love to be – it’s so simple isn’t it? I also feel the profound effect this love has on others and how easily they can reconnect to it inside themselves in the presence of someone who is connected.

  11. Questioning life is everything – we all know there is so much in the world that is not right and not ok, if we simple accept it all and don’t question what and why and how all this is happening then nothing will ever change. Questioning is the first step towards changing what is not right for good.

    1. So true Eduardo, space is never vacant it is either filled with emptiness or with love, and individually we are responsible for our input into space.

  12. Thank you Greg for this absolutely marvellous testimonial, packed full of integrity and truth. If this were made public in mainstream media we’d have real journalism of a kind that would bump even those ducks off the front page!

    1. I agree this kind of truthful, honest and integrity-filled kind of writing is exactly what we need in journalism and in all our newspapers.

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