A Great Philosophy for Humanity

By Val Hogarth, Melbourne, Australia

I am 83 years old and live in Melbourne. I had been on the ‘spiritual path’ for many years searching for the part that, for me, was missing from the religions and the new-age books. Faith had eluded me all my life. As much as I searched and sometimes thought I may have found it, it all dissolved again through lack of clarity.

The questions always remained. Why is the world in such a mess? Why do we crazy humans behave the way we do? Why are so many people getting sick? Or why are we killing each other? Why do I feel that there has to be an answer?

A friend sent me one of Serge Benhayon’s books and a couple of his CDs for my 81st birthday in January 2010. The book was not an easy read and I found it very challenging. However, the information he was presenting for my consideration got my full attention! Wow! Who is this guy?

Feeling very cautious, I decided I had to go to Byron Bay to check him out; so I phoned my friend, booked flights and went up to attend one of his lectures.

Here was a pleasant young man, fortyish, (remember I’m an old lady) dressed in non- descript pants and shirt, standing on the stage in a school hall packed with people. He spoke for one and a half hours without notes and without an ‘um’ or an ‘ahh’. No ego-filled guru this one. What he was saying, with clear diction and gentle humour, rang all my bells. Here, at last, was what I’d been searching for… the part that had always been missing for myself! Clarity.

I came home with more of his informative books and soon registered as a student, travelling up many times to do workshops and lectures. ‘The School of the Livingness’ which he presents is a philosophy that makes pure common sense to me. It is a way of living by gently and lovingly taking total responsibility for yourself, your own health and your own emotional wellbeing. No way could you label that a cult.

I would love to be able to take the courses on Universal Medicine to become a practitioner, but I’m too long in the tooth for that. Next time around would be good. Perhaps, by then, the medical profession will have taken an open-minded look at what Serge Benhayon is presenting. A merge of the two would be a great thing for humanity.

193 thoughts on “A Great Philosophy for Humanity

  1. “It is a way of living by gently and lovingly taking total responsibility for yourself, your own health and your own emotional wellbeing.” Absolutely Val, I agree. And this loving responsibility is all encompassing, it begins with self but it also includes others, nature, and the universe. The universality, love, and harmony of the soul is beautiful to experience.

  2. Many people become caught in gossip because something affected them, truth came banging at their door. So what happens to people? Gossip becomes distorted, people become uncomfortable for having to face their irresponsibilities and the blame game takes over. And to add to this, let’s invite journalists to add more fuel to the gossip. They certainly know how to scare monger people sucked into the vortex of gossip.

  3. Val such admiration for continuing to search for the thing ‘missing from the religion and new-age books’. And age wasn’t a factor that stopped you from finding it either. What was presented resonated for you and that something inside of you went, yes, this is it. So, agree what is cult in all of this? Did you then start to convert others or did you let people be?
    And maybe one day the medical profession will research Universal Medicine and will realise that there is more to living life and the body being fixed by drugs and surgery.

  4. Working on the grounds that next time around is a great attitude Val, that will hold many students in good stead, as this is surely a part of the true purpose that we can all live with. Once we understand how we are responsible for every life and how we live now, has a great effect on our next life.

  5. I agree 100% that what Serge Benhayon presents is a great philosophy for humanity, bringing clarity and much needed healing. “A way of living by gently and lovingly taking total responsibility for yourself, your own health and your own emotional wellbeing” – how can anyone attack this? But some do, and they are needing to lie, or believe the lies.

  6. No matter the lies that may be sent into circulation, there is no match for truth that is lived. Thank you Val for such a gorgeous and simple reflection of this.

  7. Often what we search hardest for is the very thing we avoid most – the truth of who we are and what exactly we are here to do. All this is found deep within our innermost self and never can it be found elsewhere. Hence the futile nature of ‘the search’ is revealed by this factor alone.

  8. Absolutely Val, a merge of the Esoteric and western medical practice would be a good thing – and a vital and crucial direction to take.

  9. There is perhaps, a waywardness expressed through the searching for answers from outside sources, a waywardness that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine gently corrects by introducing energetic responsibility, thus ending the indulgent search and bringing a person back in to view of their own power and the potential for true brotherhood that this holds.

  10. Hi Val, these are the questions that I am sure most of us have asked though are not realising or willing to know that it is we that have the answers. This is the responsibility the Ageless Wisdom offers that it is from within us and the quality of our living way that the outer will come to reflect the same.Thank you.

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