A Great Philosophy for Humanity

By Val Hogarth, Melbourne, Australia

I am 83 years old and live in Melbourne. I had been on the ‘spiritual path’ for many years searching for the part that, for me, was missing from the religions and the new-age books. Faith had eluded me all my life. As much as I searched and sometimes thought I may have found it, it all dissolved again through lack of clarity.

The questions always remained. Why is the world in such a mess? Why do we crazy humans behave the way we do? Why are so many people getting sick? Or why are we killing each other? Why do I feel that there has to be an answer?

A friend sent me one of Serge Benhayon’s books and a couple of his CDs for my 81st birthday in January 2010. The book was not an easy read and I found it very challenging. However, the information he was presenting for my consideration got my full attention! Wow! Who is this guy?

Feeling very cautious, I decided I had to go to Byron Bay to check him out; so I phoned my friend, booked flights and went up to attend one of his lectures.

Here was a pleasant young man, fortyish, (remember I’m an old lady) dressed in non- descript pants and shirt, standing on the stage in a school hall packed with people. He spoke for one and a half hours without notes and without an ‘um’ or an ‘ahh’. No ego-filled guru this one. What he was saying, with clear diction and gentle humour, rang all my bells. Here, at last, was what I’d been searching for… the part that had always been missing for myself! Clarity.

I came home with more of his informative books and soon registered as a student, travelling up many times to do workshops and lectures. ‘The School of the Livingness’ which he presents is a philosophy that makes pure common sense to me. It is a way of living by gently and lovingly taking total responsibility for yourself, your own health and your own emotional wellbeing. No way could you label that a cult.

I would love to be able to take the courses on Universal Medicine to become a practitioner, but I’m too long in the tooth for that. Next time around would be good. Perhaps, by then, the medical profession will have taken an open-minded look at what Serge Benhayon is presenting. A merge of the two would be a great thing for humanity.

161 thoughts on “A Great Philosophy for Humanity

  1. I too was seeking truth and true clarity for many years and found what Serge Benhayon presented about life and humanity simply made sense in a way that deeply touched my whole being and ignited the truth and clarity within me. This was the piece of the puzzle to how life was the way it was and how it could potentially be.

  2. Val I love reading stories like yours of how people made their way to finding the truth they had been searching for throughout their life. All these stories have the same thread in common, which is that their lives were touched by the love and wisdom shared so lovingly and freely for the benefit of all by Serge Benhayon. We are all so blessed to have this world teacher walking among us on earth at this time.

  3. I so love how you talk about your ‘next time around’ with such glee and joy, and just like you would say ‘it has been raining so the ground is wet’. And like you said, this is just another example of philosophy that makes pure common sense.

  4. The Way of The Livingness and all that this way of living offers has transformed my life and continues to do so. In saying ‘yes’ to taking full responsibility for how I live, I say ‘yes’ to being honest with myself as such to living with greater love in all aspects of my life. The philosophy Serge Benhayon presents makes common sense to me also, and I now understand and experience that it is by virtue of the fact that truth is the commonality that unifies us all, and is what guides us to know and live our true potential.

  5. Serge is definitely without a shadow of doubt a true philosopher for humanity, the wisdom that he so lovingly passes on to us has the ability to change our lives, and at the same time he sees himself as a humble servant to mankind. Just watching how he moves makes you realise how at one he is with himself and all that is around him.

  6. True philosophy helps us understand from every angle what is at play and what is going on within ourselves and the world around us – we all need to be far more philosophical and honest about where our world has got to and what we together can do to correct it.

  7. I have never come across anyone or anything that has truly supported me to take responsibility in all areas of my life as Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine has and I would be lying to say that it has been and is easy. To take responsibility for my well-being and everything that happens to me means there is no-one or any situation to blame! It means through every choice I make, I create whether that is aligned with God or in self-creation I am responsible for the life I choose to live.

  8. Hi Val It is so great that despite being in your 80’s you never too old to be acquainted to the teaching of the Ageless Wisdom that Serge Benhayon so humbly presents. I agree with you, there are no ‘um’s’ or ‘ahh’s’ – just straight forward presentation without a single power point – now that’s a true presentation.

  9. Yes Val, the combination of Western Medicine and the Esoteric Modalities work beautifully together allowing the body to truly heal. One day the medical profession will acknowledge Serge Benhayon for his amazing contribution about true health and well- being and his deep understanding of the body.

  10. This blog goes to show that there is always an opportunity to find Truth no matter what age we are. All that is required is an openness and a willingness and Truth will present itself.

  11. Thank you, Val, for a great sharing. ‘The School of the Livingness’ which Serge Benhayon presents is a philosophy that makes pure common sense to me. It is a way of living by gently and lovingly taking total responsibility for yourself, your own health and your own emotional well-being.” This is it in a nutshell; so beautiful to have found this truth in your latter years, a great preparation for your next life.

  12. When I came across Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon I had begun to slip into accepting that the turmoil, the abuse, the struggle and dissatisfaction in life and amongst us was normal, and that this was ‘life’ we just have to get through it as best we can. I had anguished for many years over how we treat ourselves and each other but never could see the way out of the vicious cycles and momentums we as a humanity were caught in. I knew that that answer was love, I could feel this deep within and that love could conquer all, but how we could come to live this was not clear to me. Discovering the love within in me, who I already am, when lived in full has a great effect on the world, has brought a greater understanding of what true responsibility is and a clarity of how this can be lived every day, through the loving choices we make in our everyday lives. We are the leaders of change through the consistency of love we live everyday.

  13. Conventional medicine together with Universal Medicine and Esoteric Medicine is a true marriage made in Heaven. Vitality and wellbeing do not come in a prescription bottle or packet of pills but in the choices we make in the way we live.

  14. Hello Val, I just love your expression or the how you ventured into Universal Medicine. How apt what you have written, “Feeling very cautious, I decided I had to go to Byron Bay to check him out; so I phoned my friend, booked flights and went up to attend one of his lectures”.
    I have to admit I did exactly the same after being burnt by many new age techniques, so I also went with OK, I will check him out as I have nothing to loose and see for myself what others were saying about Serge.
    What a refreshing realization I had to finally find someone who walks his talk, and that is exactly what I discovered in Serge Benhayon.

  15. How lovely to read of your experiences, insights and wisdom, thank you Val. Like yourself, I heard word of mouth about Serge Benhayon and flew interstate to hear him speak. From the first moment of hearing him live I felt the truth he spoke and have now attended many presentations and my life has changed considerably for the better. Serge is an amazing man and the world leader in self care.

  16. Nice and simple and straightly delivered. The joy that it is when the older generation speak about things like this. Perhaps we should all listen to them more and take care of them and what they are saying. If you have spent that much time doing anyone thing I would consider you more then an expert in your field. You can’t pay for lived experience and here it is for everyone to see, it’s your choice to listen.

  17. Awesome Val and I totally agree, Serge Benhayon’s presentations are completely suitable for anyone regardless of your age as the love, simplicity and clarity that he brings to all topics even the ones that can be very heady and heavy never ceases to amaze me.

  18. Absolutely Val, the medical system, as we as human beings, would be far better of if we indegested the truth but more important the true living way that Serge Benhayon lives and so presents about.. As without our inner-knowing and responsibility that we carry for that – medicine is missing a link that we will need to truly heal. SO I agree, I hope that by time we , society, humanity, the medical system and researchers will see and acknowledge that the missing link is right in front of our eyes: Universal Medicine, a living way of truth. Thank you..

  19. Val you wrote: “It is a way of living by gently and lovingly taking total responsibility for yourself, your own health and your own emotional wellbeing. No way could you label that a cult.” That is so true and I only can recommend that if someone is interested in what Serge is presenting – the best way is to have your own experience instead of trusting what the media is publishing.

  20. What I have heard Serge Benhayon present over and over again is not a manifesto full of do’s and don’ts, rules and dogma but simple common sense that includes “gently and lovingly taking total responsibility for yourself, your own health and your own emotional well-being.” Yes it is that simple to make huge changes in our lives but somehow most of us have made living this life so complicated that common sense seems to have taken a back seat.

  21. Love that you’ve shared this Val. Before coming to the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I’d also been on quite a search… exploring various religions, meditation, new age philosophies… and nothing ever held the whole and complete truth for me. I used to grasp at the glimmers, the embers of what resembled truth and treasure them in a way…
    And then, enter Serge Benhayon. Here was the whole package and a man who walked his talk, living and breathing everything he taught and shared in a way that I had never seen any other do. In hindsight, it was a coming home to reignite my connection with the Esoteric Work and the Ageless Wisdom through this man’s life work – and recognise, as he constantly states, that this wisdom and universal truth for all humanity, belongs to no ‘one’, but to us all.

  22. Universal Medicine and how it captures philosophy is just beautiful to feel and reinvigorates you to renew your relationship with life – “It is a way of living by gently and lovingly taking total responsibility for yourself, your own health and your own emotional wellbeing.”

  23. When I began attending workshops and courses I found myself saying, in response to what Serge Benhayon was presenting…”yes of course that makes sense”. It was like there was nothing new in what he was saying. There were definitely things that were presented that I did not like, but I could see that it was for me to then look at that in my own life, rather than reacting. I agree Val, whats presented is a wonderful philosophy to live by.

  24. There is so much in the world that promises or claims to know the answers to the ills of the world. Yet we still have the ills. What Serge Benhayon presents is that we all have the answer to the ills of the world but we need to work on the ills within us that keep us from working together. Simple stuff but challenging as you mention Val as it asks us to look at life in a way we haven’t for a long time and continue to avoid. At the same time he’s a living example of the joy that comes from committing to life.

  25. Well said and very true Val, what Serge Benhayon presents makes complete sense to me as well, the philosophy Serge presents is a beautiful gift to humanity that presents a way of living that brings true healing to the body and a deep love that humanity is craving to connect to.

  26. Yes indeed it would. A combined approach. You mention here the constant searching, how that dissipates when you understand the energy behind behaviour. It is the only thing that has come close to bringing understanding for me.

  27. A combination of Universal Medicine and conventional medicine would be AMAZING for humanity. Then we’d have the science, plus the deeper understanding, plus the self responsibility to change things around forever.

  28. “It is a way of living by gently and lovingly taking total responsibility for yourself, your own health and your own emotional wellbeing. No way could you label that a cult” – beautifully, simply stated truth, and I agree wholeheartedly.

  29. Val I love how you write, with a joy and humor that is so very refreshing. I too thought Wow, when I read my first ever Serge Benhayon book. Here was a man saying what I thought we all knew, but weren’t game to stand against the tide and offer as the way it is. Little did I know then the beauty, grace and love that I know to be me was ignited by the honesty and grace with which Serge wrote.

  30. I love and totally agree with what you have said here about Serge Benhayon, Val : “No ego-filled guru this one”. From the moment I met Serge and began to hear what he had to say, I did not get one single feeling that I was sitting before a guru, in fact he felt like just an ordinary guy, a guy who I felt I had always known and who just happened to be presenting “a great philosophy for humanity”, and still continues to do so today.

  31. Beautiful Val, that you found Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon and have a great grasp on the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom . . . . most timely for now you will be in good stead for your next life.

  32. You share so well, what Serge Benhayon presents, true Ageless Wisdom, how to care for ourselves and to be responsible for all of our choices, in doing so making loving choices all the time.

  33. Common Sense and Responsibility come hand in hand. Thus how can responsibility be something that is greater than or too much for us to handle or something that has an endless amount of excuses as to why we are not responsible in our lives when it is actually just the application of common sense? That which feels true to us, our bodies and every one else? I’ve never really seen these two together in such a way before but it makes complete sense, if I feel tired, common sense would say sleep and this is responsibility. It’s so simple. Thank you Val.

  34. Taking care and taking responsibility for ourselves, our own health and wellbeing while considering all others equally is a logical and essential ingredient to a healthy society. It makes total sense to me.

  35. I absolutely agree Val that a union of Western Medicine and what Serge Benhayon presents, Esoteric Medicine, “would be a great thing for humanity”: in fact it would be the best ever thing to happen. Western Medicine is amazing but it is obvious that they haven’t got all the answers, but sadly in many cases the medical personnel are shut down from looking at what else is being offered, in this case a way of living that has each person taking responsibility for their lives and their bodies, and from this responsibility there is huge potential for great change and great healing.

  36. Great questions that you ask Val…and Serge Benhayon addresses them so beautifully and so easy to understand. How blessed we are to have him present the Ageless Wisdom teachings in such an accessible way.

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