Trust and Appreciation

For the past 4 plus years I have been attending Universal Medicine courses, presentations and workshops, followed by my first retreat at Lennox Heads in 2015. Every single experience has been absolutely amazing. Each time I come away feeling clarity, love, purpose and truth, and feeling deeply supported.

Prior to Universal Medicine I was coping with life, not fully living in joy or in harmony with my body or my family. I had dealt with sexual, physical, verbal and mental abuse throughout my childhood. Reflecting back, I realised that the people I loved dearly have been the ones who attacked me the most.

What really hurt deep was not what was physically done to me but seeing clearly that the people who chose to abuse me were simply very hurt and choosing to vent it out on others. The sadness for me was seeing that they chose to suppress love in order to attack and defend.

I too then chose to reduce my immense love and joy as a form of protection so I didn’t have to feel the pain. I simply didn’t feel safe to be shining with joy and love, so I deliberately chose to tone it down. From about 7 years old I decided that this was the safest way to function through life – to not be too joyful in case I get attacked. This was my false sense of security and investment to make life about keeping me safe.

My deliberate choice to not be too joyful in case something horrible might happen was a contracted way to live. I thought if I made myself small by holding myself back it would not attract too much attention, therefore, I felt safe. This was what I had chosen pretty much my whole life.

Through attending courses, presentations and workshops at Universal Medicine I was able to see that with this false sense of security I was not truly living. With my fear of fully living my life and being joyful, I was capping myself so that I couldn’t see any possibilities that were out there waiting for me to explore, to express and to share.

I came to the realisation that life isn’t just about me but it is about encompassing everything and everyone.

I came to understand and appreciate that we are all deeply connected and how protection is a contracted way to live that is completely false. The truth about my choices was exposed and this was such a healing to understand and to heal what was not loving.

From years of exposing what was not love and starting to choose love again, I have experienced something I have never thought was possible – an amazing expansion. During Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 5 I felt the loving energy of a full house of people. It was incredible… out of this world. During a break I lay down on a massage table, closed my eyes and felt the energy in the room. I felt I was finally home with my family, even though I only knew a small percentage of the people there. I felt Love was emanating from within and I could feel it all round me; I could feel the love in everyone’s voices and the entire hall. I thanked God with appreciation in my heart for constellating me to be there in the hall to experience this amazing power of love that has always been there for me to access.

For the first time in my life I felt completely safe to truly allow my love and joy to shine, to be who I am and to not hold back expressing the joy I felt. 

I felt deeply connected to me, to my body, to everyone, everything and to God. The love I felt for humanity was so absolute, so full and expanded. There are no words to capture what I had experienced, simply deep appreciation for everyone.

A huge massive thank you to everyone who attended Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 5 for expressing love and for creating the space for me to trust and to love again. Now that I have experienced what true connection to everyone and everything is, I know that whenever I feel disconnected I can choose to re-connect to love and to connect to God in an instant. In knowing that He is in me, all round me in every moment, always beside me and in every part of me and in absolutely everything, I can then choose to not hold back my joy but to fully express it with every part of my being, to celebrate brotherhood and return to God.

by Chan Ly

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1,306 thoughts on “Trust and Appreciation

  1. In the reflection of our loved ones we get to see all that we have chosen. Our family we were born into is no coincidence and whether we like it or not every member within the family offers us a wonderful opportunity to grow.

  2. Its the surrender to all that we are, that is the true gift shared and received. Thank you Chan Ly this is beautiful to read.

  3. I share the same experience Chan. It makes me wonder how power-full and influential the reflection we receive from others is. When you are around others that do not like the joy that you bring, their reflection, particularly as a group can be very full on and rather imposing. But equally if not more so are groups of people who do actually love, express it in full and support you to be the natural joy that you are.

  4. Choosing to hold back or temper our expression according to who we’re with in order to keep a low profile or fit in to keep ourselves what we perceive as safe is something that is so common. I’m sure many of us do it without even being consciously aware of what we’re doing because we’re so used to it. But on another level we do have that awareness that there is more to us, more connection, love and joy that we can experience and share with others and Universal Medicine shows us how that can be our norm rather than a special occasion. Thank you Chan Ly for showing how beautiful it can be to truly open up.

  5. The mere absence of love when everything in us knows and wants to live and share love is as such a deep pain we don´t want to feel and is enough to shut down even without being exposed to further abusive behaviours. Shutting down one´s own love means abandoning who we are, from then onwards missing ourselves is the deepest sadness we hold; it is the reason for feeling lonely.

  6. In disconnection and or under the onslaught of the loveless of life that surrounds us most of the time it is easy to ‘forget’ the omnipresence of God; reconnecting to HIs love and presence immediately enables us to change our relationship with life.

  7. Once the love that is spoken about has been felt, it cannot be forgotten and it is this that inspires me to continually return to it, even after the most difficult or trying of circumstances, as the steady acceptance and understanding I feel in this love supports me more than anything else as I live my own personal life, with my own challenges.

  8. In holding back and hardening my body in protection based on a false sense of security to feel safe I did not realise how this was harming me even more. I am now learning to trust what I am feeling in my body and to express this which is building my awareness and a steadiness within that truly supports me. In appreciating how far I have come inspires me to want to be more gentle and caring which increases my confidence and feeling of self-worth.

  9. I have held back a lot in my life and now realise that I protected myself from others because I had this long held belief that if I kept myself small and in the background then i would be safe and not harmed, but oh how much I have learned since then. Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon have inspired me to uncover my hurts and beliefs held and allow my true essence and expression to shine. Sometimes I fall back into old ways of being but I now know that I can make a new choice to return to that love once again.

  10. This is truly beautiful to read Chan and be reminded that we all can feel this deep connection with God and this immense love if we make the choice to surrender – a simple and very powerful choice available to us all.

  11. Beautiful Chan Ly, reminding us all of the fact (consciously aware or not aware at this moment in time), that we are always supported by something greater than we can see or currently live by. And hence, we are never alone or left alone. We are constantly being pulled up to go with the love and connect and deepen.. As this choice is there for everyone of us, we can either accept or deny. And so this blog is very well placed for us all, to stand still for a moment and feel that we have a choice now and everyday to connect, be love and receive, and let all the support in that is around us for us to return back to who we are – love.

    1. Thank you Danna for your beautiful comment. What I appreciate is that we are constantly getting reminders to be love but are we open to seeing them? For me, I am definitely more open to love now than I have ever before and that is thanks to the amazing reflection from Serge Benhayon and constant inspiration from Universal Medicine.

  12. Chan Ly, you are so right, we are absolutely held in love all of the time, so it is to give us over (obey) to all that love available. As you say: ‘In knowing that He is in me, all round me in every moment, always beside me and in every part of me and in absolutely everything, I can then choose to not hold back my joy but to fully express it with every part of my being, to celebrate brotherhood and return to God.’
    This is our answer to all of our world problems. It can be solved simply by coming back to connecting to who we are. And feel that we are part of a grand/enormous whole (universe). Appreciation of ones Light is the key to coming back to who we are.

  13. So beautifully shared Chan. It is so true that when we are willing to embrace the love we are, connect to who we are within, we then come to know that we are all equal in essence, equal Son’s of God no less. It is only our resistance to being the love we are within that we instead take on loveless and abusive behaviours that do not reflect or honor who we truly are in any way. The fact that we are Sons of God means that every cell and particle in our body is constellated, in order for us in connection to our Soul, to simply let the light of oneness pour through us.

  14. ” I can then choose to not hold back my joy but to fully express it with every part of my being, to celebrate brotherhood and return to God.” So great to read this Chan Ly – and celebrating ourselves gives those around us a reflection – so that they too can feel joy in everyday living.

  15. When we are in contraction and holding back our natural divine expression in the mistaken belief that this will protect us, life is all about me, me and me…..When we start to heal our issues and hurts, life starts to expand, more choices and more support become available to us and at one point, life starts to flow towards us, and then life becomes about everyone and that people come first.

  16. We are all connected with one another whenever we agree with that or not. With allowing ourselves to feel this natural connection in full we can understanding that this state of being, in which everything we are, think or do is felt by all, brings a responsibility to live to the best our ability and in that we support not only ourselves but all of humanity in their return to Soul.

  17. “I came to the realisation that life isn’t just about me but it is about encompassing everything and everyone.” How beautiful and how full our lives can be if we choose to live ourselves fully “For the first time in my life I felt completely safe to truly allow my love and joy to shine, to be who I am and to not hold back expressing the joy I felt. ” very inspiring and beautiful to read and share with you.

  18. Good on you Chan, I related to every word and feel very inspired by your experiences. I have recently been examining my own pattern of shutting down my essence, my own natural love and joy, to avoid attacks or disapproval. It seems to be quite a theme in humanity to attack those who shine in truth and love – yet there are also many who welcome a person who shines in their fullness and is inspired and healed by that reflection. You captured the essence of Universal Medicine workshops – deeply healing, amazing, and reconnecting not just to ourselves, but to brotherhood and the vastness of the Universe/God. What Universal Medicine offers is the real deal and its spectacular to experience.

  19. What an opportunity for us to share in that learning as well Chan, thank you so much. The interconnectedness of us all brings a responsibility and an accountability that I find to be the best medicine I have ever had for letting go of the protection I have kept around my heart for way too long. Learning that it is a self-imposed prison came from feeling what it is like to trust on a grand scale just as you have shared here.

    1. Very true Leigh – we ultimately starve ourselves of the real fuel that charges our body… Love. When we don’t express it we turn to distractions and forms of escape or self-abuse to counter the already abusive move to not express who we are. Thus a vicious cycle that can be difficult to break.

  20. It is a solid confirmation when we can trust in ourselves in all we are feeling and then express from that space without holding back or being in fear of reaction or rejection.

  21. Learning to trust and appreciate, ourselves and others, is such a blessing. I love how you appreciate this fact Chan and have found a true home and family; gorgeous to read, thank you.

  22. The choice to contract away from the joy that we naturally feel to express has such a huge impact and it is so lovely to feel your appreciation for the all-encompassing love that you experienced on Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 5 and the solidness of your commitment to share that expression of joy with all.

  23. I work with people at often challenging times in their lives and in the past I would have toned down my joy and gone into sympathy for their situation leaving me drained and in no fit state to support them. What I am learning is that by bringing all of me to my work I offer them an opportunity to see that there is another way to be and that they too have choices in life.

  24. Trusting in myself and all I am feeling has been a huge expansion for me, although recently, with a new situation, I allowed doubt to creep in, which felt old and not needed. Just coming back to my self worth and reconnecting with how much I bring and share of my true self (without perfection) was enough to bring me back to trust and in the trust I got to feel that there was nothing for me to do, as everything was already provided for me to take my next step. Appreciation is what I am feeling now!

  25. If we are honest we can see that a lot of the attacks we experience in life come first from those close to us and because we hold onto certain ideals and values about what we call family we tolerate abuse. It is through the appreciation of who we are in every movement that we can stop tolerances for that which is less than love.

  26. It’s an amazing journey to be understandably shut down from abuse and trauma in childhood, to carry the management strategies of such experiences into life such as being contracted and joyless as a way to avoid attack – to living in love, joy and brotherhood. This really communicates the truth and power that Universal Medicine offers people, the chance to resurrect ourselves out of our trauma and back to the love we innately are.

  27. When we understand that everything is energy, we have an opportunity to observe and reassess life from a different perspective without reaction only the awareness of the opportunities we are blessed to evolve.

  28. I may be a bit naive, however, if we trust the universe, if we trust that people are good deep inside, won’t we receive the same back?

  29. Chan thank you for this inspirational sharing on trust and appreciation. There is much to ponder on here!

  30. When those we love choose to not be loving what a golden opportunity for us to up our own love! There is so much to appreciate in others being them, and for us to continuing being us no matter what. Isn’t this just the most amazing plan for every one of us to come back to love? Live and let live! And being the whole and truth of who we are is the best form of protection, ever.

  31. True Chan, when we cap ourselves we cannot see what is around us to grow in love, how to express in a way so we can inspire others or even honestly admitting we can be an inspiration when live life in our fullness. What a joy you have come back to the love that you are and not holding back any longer your light; shine on!

  32. I can really relate to what you are saying here Chan about learning to hide or tone down our joy to keep safe in the world and it is a shocking aspect of human behaviour that we constantly attack each other for shining too bright. Learning to express myself as myself and my joy no matter what the response or reaction from others has been one of the most liberating things I have ever done in my life, even though it is still a work in progress.

  33. ‘I came to the realisation that life isn’t just about me but it is about encompassing everything and everyone.’ When we make life about the whole (everyone and everything) and not just about the individual, it can change the way we make everyday choices.

  34. ‘I thought if I made myself small by holding myself back it would not attract too much attention, therefore, I felt safe’. Oh this was my old way too, which created so much struggle and complication in my life and also kept me ‘alone’. Having seen the falseness in that like yourself, these days I love to connect with people, my family and friends, and I observe how easy it is to just be myself with not needing anything from the other.

  35. Life is about everyone, and allowing ourselves to be connected to this love, knowing it is normal and we aren’t meant to be in protection but in awe-some Unity.

  36. I recently heard someone share that one of the most unsafe places and the most likely site for abuse of a person, be that child or adult, is in their own home. If this is true not only how sad is that but what an indictment on today’s society as a whole when our home should be one of our safest place to be ourselves, learn and grow.

  37. Thank you Chan Ly, it is lovely to feel the joy in you now and inspires me to stay open and allow that in me also. I can relate to the protection and shutting down that can occur, especially and ironically, in families. This is a great reminder that it doesn’t have to be this way.

  38. Thank you Chan Ly, I could feel the love you felt on that course, you shared it from your whole body and it came through your writing. It is so true, we can re-connect to the love inside, to the fact we are part of that great body of love, the great body of God, any time. It is us who wander away, and for us to come home at any point.

  39. I got caught in a false sense of security in hiding and keeping myself small not realising how capping this way of being was for myself and everyone around me. Learning to develop a deeper connection and relationship with myself has been the key to establishing trust and honouring how my body is feeling.

  40. “For the first time in my life I felt completely safe to truly allow my love and joy to shine, to be who I am and to not hold back expressing the joy I felt. ” This is beautiful Chan Ly. Coming to the realisation that because so many people suppress what they feel and hold back, when they see someone who expresses their natural joy and vibrancy in life it presses their buttons. For me learning to not take things personally is a work in progress around this.

  41. Beautiful Chan, one of the greatest gifts Universal Medicine has offered me, is you see and live the truth that our greatest protection is to be all the love we are.

  42. Understanding the ‘false sense of securities’ that we might employ is such a loving choice, one very worth appreciating in and of itself.

  43. Appreciating our loving choices – even the tiniest of them feels like it goes a long way towards healing what may have filled the space before.

  44. Thank you again Chan Ly. Bringing our awareness to our body is always our key to surrender to ourselves. Truly. Since I have come to Universal Medicine I have deeply discovered this fact or actually re-discovered that on this planet earth, we need to live in full connection to our body – as without, we see – look around – it is not working. Hence why the works of Serge Benhayon are it, simply absolute exactly who we are and what we need to live and bring back again – connection, awareness of our body and everything in and around it.

  45. Thank you Chan Ly for reminding us we are all one family. There is no need for us to see ourselves less than but rather equal to all, in other words, we are all love!

  46. Reading this has simply invited me to choose to initiate joy into my day, by allowing myself to connect and play with what I already know exists with-in me. The pattern of holding it back because another might react causes more harm to everyone in the contraction than in the expression of what is natural, innate and wants to come out.

  47. Universal Medicine is a great business that supports people all around the world to live to their full potential. To hear about your transformation is inspirational and touching. Our body is key, it has an intelligence that can be capitalised on and it offers us a way home.

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