The Science of Boiling Water

Have you ever taken the time to stop and watch water come to the boil?

I have a clear glass kettle that brings water to the boil even faster than pots on the stove (which as we know, boil very slowly – if at all – when we watch them!), and lets you see the whole process in motion.

There is a lovely sequence of events that happens, and a science to it.

What is the science of bringing water to the boil?

The only difference between ice, cold water, hot water and steam is the temperature, and the rate of vibration of the water molecules.

If we add energy to a body of water (or any body), the rate of vibration of the particles increases and the particles spread further apart, creating more space between them.

The boiling point of water is the point at which the liquid water molecules are vibrating so fast that they spread apart to become a gas.

So, we have a body of water – introduced into and held by the kettle (or watched pot).

We add energy to the system, via electricity, which is converted into heat.

The heat energy increases the rate of vibration of the water molecules.

Firstly we see this as an increased movement within the body of water. This actually has a scientific name – Brownian motion – which describes the fact that as water molecules heat up, they move around faster.

Then we see tiny bubbles start to form, which are small spheres of water molecules moving so fast they have expanded from the liquid state to become a gas, and joined together.

These spheres rise to the surface because they are lighter than the denser water molecules, and are released from the body of water into the body of air above it, where they merge with other gases and other particles of that vibration.

As the heating process continues, the energy of the water rises, and more and more spheres form, and the spheres become larger and greater, and join together to form even grander spheres, and the water moves faster and faster, and soon the whole thing is one joyous whirling mix of water and steam and air.

And if the kettle had a whistle on it, it would be singing with joy!

What can we learn from watching water boil?

When water is asked to heat up, to raise its vibration and come to the boil, it does not resist.

Imagine if it did! That watched pot would never boil! Indeed, if those molecules of water dug their heels in and refused to move faster, even decided to go slower out of spite, we may well watch the water turn into ice!

Why does water accept its natural evolution; what it is called to do and be?

Why does water allow itself to be filled with energy, to join with other molecules of water as a bubble of gas, and to rise and be released from the body it comes from, knowing they are always connected, and part of the one whole?

And why don’t we?

If we take the time to watch water boil, we create the space to allow ourselves to feel this process happening in our own bodies.

We can feel that as our energy rises, we become lighter and clearer, and our particles move at a higher rate of vibration, spreading further apart, creating spaciousness in us.

And we can feel that the same process happens in people as a whole. As we vibrate at a higher rate, we create movement and spaciousness within each of us, and within all of us as a whole. Some of us expand so much and rise so high that they can move to another plane of life – one just as real but not seen with the physical eye or heard with the physical ear, only felt.

As more and more of us are inspired by the light and spacious ones above, we too vibrate at a higher rate and our particles expand. We come together to form spheres of people, all vibrating at this higher rate, and as more and more of us rise, we magnetically pull the others, inspire the others, to arise with us.

And one day soon we will all be joy-fully moving together, rising together as one body to the next plane of vibration in which we are held, to begin the joy-full process again.

I am forever inspired by the life and work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

by Anne Malatt

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794 thoughts on “The Science of Boiling Water

  1. What you have written Anne is a beautiful account of what our evolution is; that we will again become more spacious, our vibration will increase and we will arise out of the denseness that we call human life back to the universe where we were always meant to be.

  2. The light brings us all together to deepen our relationships and increase our stillness, which is increasing our vibration and thus deepening our relationships with each other; this is evolution. Thank you Anne, as we become aware of those simple things around us we can connect to the magic as you have!

  3. I love this analogy, and as I read it I could almost feel my own particles vibrating faster – I got a real sense of how much we can and do to dull that vibration and keep it at a level that is comfortable and unchallenging. Awesome blog, thankyou Anne.

  4. As we reconnect – plug into – Fire, our particles respond with True Movement and increase the vibration of our particles in tune with the Universe.

  5. I have never considered steam and boiling water as raising its vibration by its particles spreading apart and moving faster, but it makes sense. I will definitely be observing a boiling kettle through different eyes now.

  6. I love the analogy of the boiling kettle to our evolution. It helps us to appreciate that it is all about vibration and nothing to do with coming from a single cell to eventually an ape. It was never thus and one day this leap of faith by science will be shown to have been just that.

  7. It seems like a contradiction that when my particles move faster, this is when I feel the most stillness. It feels like there is more space between the particles, which is where the stillness is found. I really don’t need to know the science as I feel every detail of the changes happening with me as my vibration becomes lighter.

  8. Like the water in the kettle allowing itself to receive the energy necessary to raise its vibration, we too can raise our vibration by embracing the love in our inner heart and allowing this to flow unhindered.

  9. What an inspiring reflection the boiling jug offers:). We are vibrational energetic beings.
    ‘We can feel that as our energy rises, we become lighter and clearer, and our particles move at a higher rate of vibration, spreading further apart, creating spaciousness in us.’ ..and around us. Thank you Anne.

  10. Why do we not only resist feeling amazing – but do everything under the sun to avoid it is a question well worth asking. What is really occurring? And what part of us stops it? And what needs to change for us to accept our inevitable gloriousness?

    1. That is a question worth pondering on, what needs to change for us to accept our gloriousness, why do we resist it?

  11. There is a vibration of life, of the universe, of God that we, our Souls, too are inescapably in union with and our bodies are divinely aligned to, and this is a beautiful reminder of the fact that all we need to do is surrender to being moved by this quality of energy rather than resisting it thus lowering our vibration.

  12. Lovey to read again. The beauty of the simplicity of the analogy to describe our evolution is joyful to feel and read.

  13. Recently my kettle forgot how to turn itself off after bringing the water to the boil. It just kept going and going then I realised something was wrong with it and decided that it was broken. Now I am getting a sense that it was an invitation for me to reconsider my limit, what I think is enough, when there is an offering of more.

  14. Who would have thought that actually everything around us is offering us a reflection of how to evolve and grow. Even down to the simple everyday things in life like boiling a kettle. No wonder many of us feel so purposeless or given up if we don’t see the magic in all these things around us.

  15. We are constantly being offered opportunities to raise our vibration, we can dig our heels in and resist this pull, or embrace it and feel how expansive and spacious we become.

  16. The reflection we can get from boiling water is that the more heat we bring to it the higher the vibrations of the particles becomes, but too that there is more movement but above all more space between the particles to observe. Could it be that it is the same with us people, that when we let more fire in that our particles become more spacious and in connection with that what is all around? So different from when we behave like being a frozen block of ice.

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