Esoteric Healing: Coming back to Me

by Jean Grima, Children’s Day Care worker, 43, Sydney, Australia 

When I was a little girl my joy and happiness were immense; as a child I felt a lot. I always felt different to people around me, I was always curious and felt things deeply. Sometimes I felt more of what was going on around me in life than what others seemed to be showing they were seeing and feeling, which confirmed my feeling of being different. People fascinated me, and at this young age I was able to see truth and what wasn’t truth really easily, but as I got older, because I felt stupid and jealous of others’ academic abilities, my true core feelings got clouded with a feeling of failure and lack of self worth.

I put people on pedestals and looked up to what they did; friends, relatives, relationships, parents, priests, neighbours and everyone, really. I soon found alcohol, smoking, and sex at 16 years old. I remember the initial pull of using these things to cope with life.

On the outside I seemed carefree and as though I had it all worked out. People would make comments to me such as “you always land on your feet”, but inside I was crying very loudly, if not screaming with pain. My head was full of thoughts and at times my thoughts scared me. I felt controlled by my thoughts and had no understanding of how to deal with these feelings: I felt this was me and that there was nothing I could do to lighten this feeling. I found reality hard and complicated, I wanted to fit in so much, and so to fit in I chose to make myself ‘small and normal’ so that I didn’t stand out. Doing this made people feel comfortable around me so I felt like I was finally fitting in more.

At this point I was just rolling with the highs and lows because I was constantly and conveniently covering the pain with the vices I was using such as drinking, smoking and mucking around with boys.

Three years ago I chose to have some healing sessions with a friend of mine who had begun to study Esoteric Healing with Universal Medicine. I couldn’t pronounce, let alone spell ‘esoteric’. I trusted her and I felt comfortable; from there I met other esoteric practitioners and other people attending workshops and presentations over the years. I now know and understand ‘esoteric’ to simply mean ‘inner-most’.

Life on a day-to-day basis was becoming less difficult and there was more clarity of thought. Previously in the mornings, for as long as I can remember, when I woke up my thoughts would flood my head and depress me; these thoughts would continue throughout the day and intensified during my monthly period. I now breathe gently from the tip of my nose and follow my breath up into my head and bring myself back to me rather than letting myself get lost in my thoughts like I used to. This has helped me enormously over time.

There was a lot of ‘yuk’ that I would feel which were things coming up for me to look at and at times this still happens, but my fear and anxiety about life began to subside. I started to simply love myself and began to be open to adoring the woman I am… I was learning how to be gentle with myself. This is the most empowering feeling in the whole world – the peace and stillness from the Gentle Breath Meditation is amazing to experience.

What I have found great about Esoteric Healing sessions is that it is my responsibility to heal myself through my own choices, with the esoteric practitioners there to support me, which is a blessing.

So today I continue along my journey of love and joy, coming back to the wonderful person I am and have been all along, but simply didn’t recognise due to the complication, confusion, and doubt that I used to live in.

My family are also benefitting from my life choices as day by day they are now getting to feel more of me around the house rather than more of the moods I used to be in. 

My love and thanks goes to the people I have met along this journey, with all their unpressured, tender love that each of us deserve to experience.

Today, what people think and judge doesn’t matter to me as it did before: the strength in my heart and soul is so powerful. This is a healthy place to be; I know this because of the difference I now feel to how I felt before – I wouldn’t swap it. Those that love me dearly and have known me a long time, including my Dad, see the positive changes in me and often comment on how well I am doing.

447 thoughts on “Esoteric Healing: Coming back to Me

  1. It’s common for people to notice the positive changes when others begin living the Esoteric way of life, and receive support from the Universal Medicine therapies and presentations to heal what gets in the way of that. This is something I can relate to also “to fit in I chose to make myself ‘small and normal’ so that I didn’t stand out. Doing this made people feel comfortable around me so I felt like I was finally fitting in more.” It’s like a chain of everyone doing this and an unwritten contract to do the same so no one feels disturbed – strange that shining by being the amazing people we are is so unsettling for others, it says a lot about the reduced way of being so many have said yes to (and pressure others to live in the same reduced way).

  2. This is an amazing journey of re-turn. There is nothing to achieve and nowhere to go. Everything is here already.

  3. A before and after… it is well worth acknowledging the steps we have made, how we have changed our lives and where we come from. For that is the only honest marker of how we are, are we feeling more joy as the days roll on, or less. If less, then we have an opportunity to make a change and turn that around. If more, then walk in the strength of that, appreciate it and let it grow.

  4. Jean, thanks for writing your account of your life thus far, as I feel it is one that we can all relate to.
    I have found the presentations of Serge Benhayon and the practitioners of Universal Medicine so supportive, as like you, I am on my journey of self discovery putting aside the complications, emotional dramas, and allowing myself to feel the love that we all hold inside and giving myself permission to express it.

  5. ‘I was learning how to be gentle with myself. This is the most empowering feeling in the whole world – the peace and stillness from the Gentle Breath Meditation is amazing to experience.’ That’s beautiful Jane. Never before Universal Medicine we were told about that being gentle would be related with power and strenght, but that’s true. By making this choice we learn to honour our body and the amazing beings we really are.

  6. Very cool to read how esoteric healing has helped you to make more supportive choices to heal and let go of a lot of stuff that was previously in the way of you feeling and living you, in full – and that it’s not about someone else ‘healing you’ – but them offering the space for you to feel whatever is going on for you, and in that, choose to let it go.

  7. The great thing about esoteric healing is that it shows us who we are – that we are grander and more love than I thought was possible, and the key is that we experience this in our body instead of accepting what we are being told.

    1. I agree Christoph. Love is not a lofty ideal we strive towards, it is an inner emanation that we allow to express out once we have reconnected to it.

  8. A great reminder of how when we take responsibility for our choices and begin to understand how those choices affect not only us but everyone else too, we start to make changes and through those choices our life changes tremendously.

  9. A beautiful sharing Jean, in coming to understand that it is the choices that we make that will change our lives, and bring healing “the strength in my heart and soul is so powerful. This is a healthy place to be;”

  10. The Esoteric Healing Modalities brought through by Universal Medicine are such a blessing to humanity. Thousands of people (including me) have been able to clear and let go of so much that has been held onto in the body that is not true to us and in doing so then can start to be and live all we truly are in a very clear, grounded, steady and stable way. Great to hear how so much has changed for you and am sure this just keeps unfolding ✨

  11. I like how honest you have been here about your thoughts and how they made you feel and how, with the simple Gentle Breath Meditation as taught by Universal Medicine, you are becoming the master of your own thoughts as they begin to come from a body that now has in it and understands love.

  12. The more gentle we become the easier it is to self love and when we self love we more easily feel the love that we are and begin to live love – be love. There is so much healing on offer in and during this process and a growing awareness that allows us to continually evolve.

  13. Esoteric healing supports us to reconnect with our inner spark of light, and then it becomes our choice as to whether we rekindle this and keep it alight to shine forth for the benefit of all.

  14. Lack of self worth ruins so many people’s lives. Just realising that this sense of self worth is fed to us and that there is no truth to support it whatsoever is huge and instantly life changing.

  15. Apart from my body recovering from obesity, I too have experienced many changes in my life the main one being less stress. I still feel tension and am currently eating a lot more than I need but there is greater awareness and a level of stillness and steadiness I had not experienced before. I love the Universal Medicine healing modalities and am enjoying doing practice hours with a view towards being able to offer healing services in my local community.

  16. I am left to ponder why those of us who are deeply sensitive end up feeling like we are stupid – because it is far from the truth. I experienced this myself but see now it was just because I ‘did’ intelligence differently to most, through a connection with my whole body, rather than just mentally. The negation of sensitivity is a sad thing. In truth it is a beautiful and valid way of being in life.

  17. Being different is always subject to judgment and questioning. It is by and large seen as a problem that stands in the way to being integrated and socially successful.

  18. Like the sun that rises above the morning mist, so too does the warmth of our inner most illuminate the fog in which we have dwelt, revealing the simplicity of a Soul-full way to be, over and above the chaos and complexity we have previously lived under.

  19. Jean i love the way you say that the soul is healthy – it is indeed the most healthy way to live and to lead life. Without the connection to soul i lived life (symbolically) in a darkened room of existence with little light. The presence of light, soul, helps us to see what’s there.

  20. “This is a healthy place to be; I know this because of the difference I now feel to how I felt before – I wouldn’t swap it” – so simple. Esoteric Healing does work.

  21. I can feel your vitality through this piece and the embracing of who you know you are. It is hard to consider the years in between where we go on this jaunt to try to find who we are, ensuring we are liked and perhaps loved by everyone on the way only to find that no amount of liking and pleasing feels good in the body or the mind. Walking away from the emotional tornado has been but one of the greatest gifts the Gentle Breath Meditation has offered me.

  22. Sacred esoteric healing is truly inspiring, helping us to reconnect with our inner-spark and bring it back out into our daily way of living, as you share it’s not about being healed by another but inspired.

  23. “My family are also benefitting from my life choices as day by day they are now getting to feel more of me around the house rather than more of the moods I used to be in.” The beautiful thing about esoteric healing is that is doesn’t just benefit us as individuals but the ripple effects go out to family and friends and to people we meet every day at work and out in the world.

  24. Beautiful Jean, I love to hear of other’s stories of their connection back to their true selves, we then get to feel the powerful ripple effect our choice has on others around us as well.

  25. Remembering that we are the only one that can make different choices and heal our hurts, is an empowering and honouring experience. It removes blame or being a victim because our wellbeing is cradled solely in our own hands… we are not alone though. We are continually supported by God’s love to reconnect and live from there.

    1. We are the only one that can AND we can – the latter is vastly empowering and shows us how much is possible for us.

  26. One of the biggest confirmations I have had in regards to me making changes to my way of living since starting Esoteric modalities, has been the response from my family and friends. I have inspired, challenged and lead the way for many of them to make changes in the way they live. This has confirmed and inspired me to keep moving in this way with how I live.

  27. Thank you Jean, your story reflects many people’s return to their true selves with the support of Universal Medicine and their therapies. Your words about the disturbing quality of your thoughts is something I, and I’m sure many people, can relate to. The simplicity of using the gentle breath technique from the Gentle Breath Meditation to let go of these thoughts is a great tip, thank you.

  28. The power is in the yes of saying yes to all of you – in your power and uniqueness, to claim it and bring that out in full. That is what our world needs. Every single body – every single day.

  29. I completely agree, that it is absolutely empowering to feel our connection to our essence, to our Soul, to who we are, as we then are able to live guided by the love and the truth that we are born to live. Being open to healing that which keeps us hindered from living our truth is liberating and inspiring, as we come to realise that being who we innately are is everything.

  30. One of the most empowering yet at times challenging things about what Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon present is that we are not our thoughts or emotions. We are just channels. Hence no matter what we do or choose to be in life it does not change who you are inside.

  31. What is interesting is how many people I have spoken to felt they were different and how often we have the same feeling of being different and really in many ways are the same – one reason for the feeling of difference is that we are all hiding and protecting who we truly are. If we came out of hiding we would find we are not so different after all.

  32. I agree Jemma learning to love and be gentle with ourselves is very empowering, and through the simplicity of the Gentle Breath Meditation we are able to reconnect to the true inner wisdom and natural tenderness within our body that supports and guides us back to building a true foundation and quality of being.

  33. It’s amazing how simple and beautiful the adventure of life is when we bring it back to ourselves, life is so rich when we begin exploring who we are, it’s like the whole world becomes our playground.

  34. Esoteric healing has greatly supported me to let go and discard all that I have taken on that was not loving. I always leave the sessions feeling much lighter than when I went in, as a new understanding has been discovered which supports me to see the bigger picture to enable me to re-imprint with a different choice.

    1. It’s crazy that we don’t realise how much baggage we’re carrying until we start to discard it – once we start to discard it we start to feel how light and how amazing we actually are intended to be.

  35. Our inner-most is a deeply rich unseen world yet we walk with it every single moment of our lives. That said it is our choice whether we tune into this and receive all its guidance and wisdom and access to universal intelligence, or we tune into another station and be at the mercy of whatever is playing.

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