Esoteric Yoga: The Joy of True Freedom

by Helen Simkins, Alstonville, Australia

My relationship with Esoteric Yoga is always developing. I have attended many group sessions and practised at home by myself since 2008 and each time the experience is unique and revealing.  Each session rewards me with a deeper appreciation for my own body and what it can teach me, and an increasing sense of what the joy of true freedom feels like.

This modality has supported me enormously in reducing stress, anxiety levels, nervous energy and the relentless drive of my mind. It has given me real relaxation, increased presence and a much greater sense of freedom in my body.  It supports me to deal with the intensity of whatever may come up in the day without losing my connection within.

Sometimes, during the sessions, it seemed unbearably uncomfortable to be still in my body and have to feel the physical results of what has driven my mind, and sometimes a desperate need to “check-out” resulted in a snoring session on the mat!  At other times there was excruciating pain in various parts of my body as they became less numb, or as I began to connect to them – never had simply sitting still (or even lying down) with my body seemed so agonisingly difficult!

There are also times (more frequently now) when I experience the ‘exquisite, nurturing stillness – described beautifully in another blog – throughout my being and body, confirming for me my level of connection with who I truly am and showing me that there is no limit to how deep and vast this stillness can be.  This experience of real stillness is absolute freedom to go as deep as I am willing, and complete support for where I am at: it is hard to describe adequately in words…

Esoteric Yoga inevitably delivers to me the truth of how I have been living and presents an opportunity for me to become more aware of how much my body can tell me if I take the time to be with it.  It gives me the space to release energy and emotions that have been locked deep into my body and supports me to continually connect more deeply to the truth of who I am.

Esoteric Yoga is about developing quality – my quality – of union with me, which is then reflected in everything that I do.  It is so, so simple and yet SO powerful.  There is absolutely no need to be a contortionist or super flexible (phew), and certainly no straining to achieve anything. The only requirement is my own commitment to being prepared to be present and experience whatever is revealed through my body without pre-conceived expectation or judgement.

Esoteric Yoga is a truly amazing modality.

Part 1: Esoteric Yoga: Union & Listening to My Body

183 thoughts on “Esoteric Yoga: The Joy of True Freedom

  1. I know this is going to sound so horrible and silly but when I read this blog I felt jealous. Jealous that you have been able to commit and make time to actually do Esoteric Yoga and have allowed yourself every experience along the way without bunking out. I remember a time in my life, about 6 years ago when I was 3 children lighter than now and didn’t have 2 business, I was committing to yoga and experienced some of the same things. These days it feels like I am too busy to fit it into my own life, anyway, jealousy is poison but so is dishonesty, so now I have been honest about my jealously, ironically, I have let it go! Haha, and I feel inspired to roll out the yoga mat again! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Helen, all of your positive feedback with regards to Esoteric Yoga is the same for me. It’s has had a profound effect in every area of my life, and supported me to return to a natural state of stillness and steadiness, hugely reducing the anxiousness, nervous tension and stress I was living in. It’s also changed my relationship to myself, I’ve become so much more understanding, gentle, accepting and caring of myself – that in itself is gold because low self worth is crippling, as is self neglect and being harsh with myself that comes with it. My quality of life, health and wellbeing has profoundly changed thanks to this simple and very powerful modality.

  3. I just love how powerful Esoteric Yoga can be if I am open and willing to feel what the body presents me with at times. I can feel a restlessness in my body at times, my mind tries to take me away, at times, as was recently I slept through the Yoga to awaken to the most warmly exquisite feeling in my body where every cell felt alive and at other times a deep sense of stillness and surrender.

  4. What you have share here Helen describes so beautiful the relationship I also have with Esoteric Yoga. Never before had I experienced such a deep sense of knowing who I am, what I feel like through my connection to my body and being, and how I can live in connection to this quality throughout my day. I discovered that it is through our bodies that the truth of who we are is revealed, a stillness that is ever-present, where we are offered the choice to surrender to being more of who we are, bringing awareness to the choices that hold us back from our true way of being.

  5. A great definition of Esoteric Yoga and Yes, I would like to feel someone, or as many, put words into describing Esoteric Yoga. I love the stillness too and like your go at presenting it Helen “This experience of real stillness is absolute freedom to go as deep as I am willing, and complete support for where I am at.” Totally confirming – something we all need a daily treat of in the body.

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