Walking your Walk

Us humans take a lot for granted. We know that, because when something is taken away we mourn it and regret the fact that we didn’t treasure it more, be it a loved one, material possessions, money or our job.

So what about the body?

The body seems to be the one thing that is taken for granted the most. The way we use it, abuse it, make it do all sorts of extreme activities, diets, social adventures and just as commonly, letting the body stagnate in the comfort of inactivity by doing nothing at all! Of course, when the body starts showing signs of dis-ease and ill health, some of us take it as a wakeup call, that things need to change; some blame the body for its lack of acceptance of one’s chosen lifestyle and they continue to do what they’ve always done and ‘put up’ with the body’s communications, or silence these communications with ‘medicative means.

Healing is a big deal in our world and there are many who believe they can heal others, that they are talented, have the equivalent of a ‘green thumb’ to the body as if it were a garden bed. But what if no one can actually do the healing for us? What if they can only inspire or ignite the body’s own and very natural way of healing what has been erroneously lived?

The key here is ‘what has been lived’ – because if our bodies get affected, dis-eased and ill from the way we live and move through life, then doesn’t it make sense that ‘life’ could also be the healer?

Walking, breathing, eating, our relationships, our work, our study, the way we move, how we drive – everything in life is an opportunity to heal and bring more of ourselves to life through the body. These are everyday life activities, many of which we take for granted, not realising the value in these somewhat basic tasks. We may not realise or have the awareness in our everyday life, but we DO know the importance and we DO take notice of these aspects – even if it is on a subconscious level.

We know when we are nervous, tense or stressed because the breath changes and gets fast and shallow. We can tell by watching someone walking down the street whether they are well in themselves, healthy, confident, shy, and insecure or being himself or herself. We know when someone is in a relationship, be it family, friends or partners, that isn’t doing so well and we can see that disharmony in their body by how they talk, breathe, sit, stand and walk.

It’s obvious, yet we haven’t really put two and two together and figured out the link between our living way, true wellbeing and sense of self.

There is one man who is presenting this as a fact and in doing so is changing the way many people see themselves and how they use life to their advantage by making use of everyday movements and tasks that we all have to do.

That man is Serge Benhayon.

Not only does Serge support many people in all areas of life through healing workshops and presentations that empower people to take their lives into their own hands and live it the way that life is intended to be lived, he has also recently initiated the modality of Walking Therapies.

Now this may sound strange, but when you think about it, how often do we walk? We have to walk to get from A to B – we have to walk to the bathroom, to the car and to bed (unless of course you have lost the mobility in your legs). So is there something in our walk that can actually have a very healing and medicinal quality for our body? There are sayings like ‘take a walk’ if someone is out of control, or ‘walk it off’ if they need space to come back to themselves. We know the power of a good walk, whether it’s solo or with others. Our walk speaks volumes of how we are so it makes absolute sense to myself and many other people who have experienced the modality of Walking Therapies, as presented by Serge Benhayon through Universal Medicine.

On a personal account, nothing fancy happened in my Walking Therapy session – no crazy hi-tech machines that test the heat and pressure on your feet were used in this operation. It was basic and simple: a group of people walking, but walking in a way that was full of whole body presence and a purpose of expressing who we are in each and every stride. Serge was remarkable in the way he moved and walked from person to person offering one-to-one assistance. Watching him move was inspirational in itself, as the level of love, grace and speed he moved with spoke deeply of the way he lives his life and what he is connected to on an everyday level. You look at Serge walk and know that we are more than human – but he does human very well!

By taking on the small adjustments that Serge offered to me, my body completely shifted and my walk changed in a big way: no longer was I stuck in my head, I was in the presence and total enjoyment of my own movement and flow. I felt more confident, more connected to myself and more connected to those around me and afar. I guess that is saying a lot really – as when we are actually connected to our body and not caught in the mind we can FEEL the level of connection that our bodies have with everything else in life. The mind can’t feel, but the body feels it all – especially what we cannot see.

The Walking Therapies have taught me much about my movement and the beauty of this is that I can practise it ALL THE TIME! Just as we breathe, eat, go to work, communicate in relationships – life is a constant instrument to express and deepen the relationship with the body and the connection this carries to the greater, grander aspects of life energetically.

By Rachael Evans, Bookkeeping Consultant, NSW, Australia

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963 thoughts on “Walking your Walk

  1. We are always carrying with us, what we have already lived and all our choices, so it makes sense to not accumulate any more burdens or ill baggage by living and moving to the truth of who we truly are.

  2. “if our bodies get affected, dis-eased and ill from the way we live and move through life, then doesn’t it make sense that ‘life’ could also be the healer?…” Yes, very true.. how we live, respond, react, do, the way we live could be the key ingredient to our health and wellbeing.

  3. Breathing, walking and sleeping; probably the three things that we do most in our life. Thus it is no surprise that Serge Benhayon, a master of life, places so much importance on these three things and has done so much to show us the support that these three activities can give us. Super simple. Super practical. Real life.

  4. “It’s obvious, yet we haven’t really put two and two together and figured out the link between our living way, true wellbeing and sense of self.” So much of what Serge Benhayon presents makes absolute and immediate sense to me because, as you explain in this blog, we know it all already; we can feel it and see it. Listening to Serge Benhayon is like getting a constant stream of Eureka moments – when everything just slots into place and the jigsaw of life gets that one step closer to being complete.

  5. I had my first walking therapy session two days ago and I loved it! there is so much joy to be felt not walking in issues/problems the future or the past. I feel so light and energised in this way of walking.

  6. I too, have just experienced a Walking Therapy Session with Serge Benhayon and it was remarkable how by following his simple instructions the walk of all of us took on a grace and ease that looked and felt so freeing, energising and natural. I am definitely determined to keep practicing until it is my norm, for it is my true natural norm that has got scrambled by life.

  7. Having just done the walking therapies I can say they are life changing. My posture, how I walk, my thoughts have all changed. Just a few simple adjustments and my walk is totally different. I can feel how I am walking with me and not wanting to be ahead of myself. Truly magical.,

  8. I had the blessing last week to experience Walking Therapies with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Serge has always shared the importance of how we walk .. we can either walk in ‘our stuff’ or walk a different ways that changes this and brings connection. And during this one session while walking I felt the profound changes that happened within the whole body from just changing a few tiny things in the way I was walking. So amazing yet so simple. Yet about another stunning healing modality Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have shared with the all.

  9. We might think that we have to dance or do something special to be in the presence and total enjoyment of our own movement and flow but how lovely when a simple everyday movement like walking can do this for us.

  10. Yes walking therapy is simple, divine and a must for all, it is incredible. We do it all day every day, we adapt our posture through emotions, hurts and behaviours, so lets look at that gait, what the hips are up to and these shoulders, it is well worth us considering the the why and how of our walk and how it feels, does it support us?

  11. I notice the way I now walk my body is more upright, my chest is more open and my shoulders are more relaxed. But not only that, when I walk I feel more joyful, light and clear. I remember looking in the shop windows at my reflection a few years ago and I was able to distinctly see that my upper shoulder were hunched over. I tried to straighten myself but a few minutes later I was hunched over again. I tried to mentally walk in a way that was more supportive for the rest of my body but I found I quickly forget and resorted to an unnatural posture. But now, I don’t even have to think about my walk because I now naturally walk in a way that is so much more supportive to the rest of my body, it supports how I feel and the quality of my thoughts. It is so different to the way I walked in the past, as I now feel more free of burdens, ideals and beliefs, and walking my own walk feels amazing.

    1. I have found that in such a short space of time my posture now naturally drops down and corrects itself. During the walking therapy session the group was asked to do ‘Rush hour in the city’ walking and it felt so unnatural (yet very familiar) that we couldn’t fully go into that style of walking after having walked in the true manner prior.

  12. The quality of walk brings the quality of life; the quality of living brings the quality of walking through life.

  13. When we activate the intelligence of our body and surrender to that we will enter a cycle of healing all that is not lived in accordance with the intelligence we belong to.

  14. I know from experience that it is hard to continuously walk in anger, frustration, sadness or with depressive thoughts, like if the walk makes the space to free the mind from these indulging thoughts.

  15. I am looking forward to the Walking Therapies. For me walking is already a therapy, as I start almost every day with it. And I see that what I practice in my walking, transfers to other parts of my life as well.

  16. When we understand life as our healer, or should we say our choices in life being either healing or harming, we discover the road to lasting health is through a way of living, that develops and deepens as we learn from and by those choices.

  17. Yes, by now the quality of my experience when walking changes substantially when I make the final small changes that are necessary like standing up a bit more straight.

  18. ‘There is one man who is presenting this as a fact and in doing so is changing the way many people see themselves and how they use life to their advantage by making use of everyday movements and tasks that we all have to do.That man is Serge Benhayon.’ So simple , but such an absolute revelation – the way we move speaks everything about the way we live our lives, and we can change our lives by the very way we move. With our Soul .. or without.

  19. “The mind can’t feel, but the body feels it all – especially what we cannot see…” This is great to consider, as we are obviously connected physically (head on shoulders), yet we move and walk in a disconnected way by virtue of the thoughts and distractions that seperate the head from the body. The Walking Therapy you describe sounds incredible, as a way to walk feeling you, and being aware feeling what’s going on around you through the connection with your body.

  20. We do take a lot for granted, until it is no longer there, and then often we lament that we have lost our health, or our strength, or our ability to live a vital life. There is another way though, and through the Way of the Livingness the honouring of the body offers a new foundation for life.

    1. Hear hear, Heather. In the west, we have a head-central society where the intellect is idealized, and the body is just a instrument which is used. Time to switch over to a body-central society.

    2. indeed heather, we do take a lot for granted and too live with the idea that we can create whatever we want without considering the long term consequences of it. Until we are confronted with a loss or any other incident, we can come to our senses and connect with the truth of life and possibly choose for the Way of The livingness as our way forward.

    3. I agree Heather. It is also how we expect something to be there, like our health, when we have ignored our body and what it has asked (in that it needs to sleep, or not eat that food, or not drink that drink etc) over the years. It is quite arrogant.

  21. Taken things for granted is a numbness to dull our sense of responsibility, preciousness and interconnection, in short, to be self absorbed.

    1. Beautiful Adele, and indeed our body is very, very precious. When we connect to how amazing our body is and how it can express God’s love instantly and graciously without effort, we receive a blessing and an intelligence that is out of this word. We just have to surrender and let go of what is not supportive and allow our body do what it does best, shine God’s light through every part of our body.

  22. Every step that we take either confirms us as the divine beings that we are or reinforces an ill belief or ideal that we are not that.

  23. Thank you for writing about this Rachael. My Walking Therapy session with Serge Benhayon was an incredible experience. It showed me that every move we make has the potential to heal or harm. The session itself exposed the fact that I already knew this.

    1. True Leonne, “every move we make has the potential to heal or harm” – we can therefore literally walk ourselves into healing.

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