Walking your Walk

Us humans take a lot for granted. We know that, because when something is taken away we mourn it and regret the fact that we didn’t treasure it more, be it a loved one, material possessions, money or our job.

So what about the body?

The body seems to be the one thing that is taken for granted the most. The way we use it, abuse it, make it do all sorts of extreme activities, diets, social adventures and just as commonly, letting the body stagnate in the comfort of inactivity by doing nothing at all! Of course, when the body starts showing signs of dis-ease and ill health, some of us take it as a wakeup call, that things need to change; some blame the body for its lack of acceptance of one’s chosen lifestyle and they continue to do what they’ve always done and ‘put up’ with the body’s communications, or silence these communications with ‘medicative means.

Healing is a big deal in our world and there are many who believe they can heal others, that they are talented, have the equivalent of a ‘green thumb’ to the body as if it were a garden bed. But what if no one can actually do the healing for us? What if they can only inspire or ignite the body’s own and very natural way of healing what has been erroneously lived?

The key here is ‘what has been lived’ – because if our bodies get affected, dis-eased and ill from the way we live and move through life, then doesn’t it make sense that ‘life’ could also be the healer?

Walking, breathing, eating, our relationships, our work, our study, the way we move, how we drive – everything in life is an opportunity to heal and bring more of ourselves to life through the body. These are everyday life activities, many of which we take for granted, not realising the value in these somewhat basic tasks. We may not realise or have the awareness in our everyday life, but we DO know the importance and we DO take notice of these aspects – even if it is on a subconscious level.

We know when we are nervous, tense or stressed because the breath changes and gets fast and shallow. We can tell by watching someone walking down the street whether they are well in themselves, healthy, confident, shy, and insecure or being himself or herself. We know when someone is in a relationship, be it family, friends or partners, that isn’t doing so well and we can see that disharmony in their body by how they talk, breathe, sit, stand and walk.

It’s obvious, yet we haven’t really put two and two together and figured out the link between our living way, true wellbeing and sense of self.

There is one man who is presenting this as a fact and in doing so is changing the way many people see themselves and how they use life to their advantage by making use of everyday movements and tasks that we all have to do.

That man is Serge Benhayon.

Not only does Serge support many people in all areas of life through healing workshops and presentations that empower people to take their lives into their own hands and live it the way that life is intended to be lived, he has also recently initiated the modality of Walking Therapies.

Now this may sound strange, but when you think about it, how often do we walk? We have to walk to get from A to B – we have to walk to the bathroom, to the car and to bed (unless of course you have lost the mobility in your legs). So is there something in our walk that can actually have a very healing and medicinal quality for our body? There are sayings like ‘take a walk’ if someone is out of control, or ‘walk it off’ if they need space to come back to themselves. We know the power of a good walk, whether it’s solo or with others. Our walk speaks volumes of how we are so it makes absolute sense to myself and many other people who have experienced the modality of Walking Therapies, as presented by Serge Benhayon through Universal Medicine.

On a personal account, nothing fancy happened in my Walking Therapy session – no crazy hi-tech machines that test the heat and pressure on your feet were used in this operation. It was basic and simple: a group of people walking, but walking in a way that was full of whole body presence and a purpose of expressing who we are in each and every stride. Serge was remarkable in the way he moved and walked from person to person offering one-to-one assistance. Watching him move was inspirational in itself, as the level of love, grace and speed he moved with spoke deeply of the way he lives his life and what he is connected to on an everyday level. You look at Serge walk and know that we are more than human – but he does human very well!

By taking on the small adjustments that Serge offered to me, my body completely shifted and my walk changed in a big way: no longer was I stuck in my head, I was in the presence and total enjoyment of my own movement and flow. I felt more confident, more connected to myself and more connected to those around me and afar. I guess that is saying a lot really – as when we are actually connected to our body and not caught in the mind we can FEEL the level of connection that our bodies have with everything else in life. The mind can’t feel, but the body feels it all – especially what we cannot see.

The Walking Therapies have taught me much about my movement and the beauty of this is that I can practise it ALL THE TIME! Just as we breathe, eat, go to work, communicate in relationships – life is a constant instrument to express and deepen the relationship with the body and the connection this carries to the greater, grander aspects of life energetically.

By Rachael Evans, Bookkeeping Consultant, NSW, Australia

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1,111 thoughts on “Walking your Walk

  1. ‘because if our bodies get affected, dis-eased and ill from the way we live and move through life, then doesn’t it make sense that ‘life’ could also be the healer?’ Absolutely! So in other words movement is literally everything. We can move towards (within) our truth, well-being and vitality or away from it. And if energy is movement we can then ask what energy are we aligned to that is moving us? For this is just as important. The teachings of Universal Medicine are absolute GOLD and offer much to humanity. As you have said no one can heal us but a different/true reflection can be offered to inspire. There is not only so much to discuss here but so much to live ✨

  2. Rachel I was walking through town the other day when I noticed a man so badly over weight he could hardly walk and the chafing of his legs as they rubbed together must have hurt. And if we are honest we do wonder why people can get so over weight, and I wondered if this man was so sensitive to the world that he comfort eats as a way to protect himself from the intense abusive energy he feels surrounded by. We all seem to be self abusive in denial that we are very sensitive human – beings. We hide our sensitivity in many different ways in order to be able to ‘cope’ with the way we have collectively fashioned our society. We have made the mess we live in, we hate living this way and we keep trying to fix it. But nothing can be fixed until we fix ourselves. Until we admit we are very sensitive because we feel everything nothing can change and life will only get worse. Why is it we would rather self harm than admit we are sensitive?

  3. It’s been a gradual and ongoing process to understand that movement is expressing something all the time, and we can see the more obvious examples like someone slumped over, sad or racy, but how about the expression of our inner magnificence as souls – how does that move? It’s a beautiful exploration.

  4. I sit and listen to usually elderly patients that wish they had taken more care of themselves when they were younger. But when we are young we seem to have this ‘I’m invincible’ attitude and that nothing can go wrong or happen to me. So we disregard our bodies until age or illness catches up with us and then we realise that actually we should have taken more care. I wondered if we took young children into hospitals to show them what happens as we grow older, is it possible they would take a different stance on life and live in a more responsible way?

    1. Mary I have wondered the same about how to educate children and young people about self care, I know I now have many conditions in my body I had no idea I was causing to myself in my younger years. Establishing true body centered self care at an early age would be so supportive.

  5. It is so true that we often suggest people go for a walk to cool off, I remember the police using it in a number of instances that I thought they would simply arrest the person in question. Our bodies expose so much in their movements, like the person who is very nice but slams the door with all the fury that they didn’t feel safe enough to express, or the slamming around the kitchen not noticing the tension in the body and the muscles knowing the dinner needed to be ready on time.

  6. Walking our walk …. today my walk felt awesome, my body felt strong and I felt so connected within and pretty light in my step. Definitely something to appreciate and in this appreciating Walking Therapies which has helped me understand so much more about myself and true movement and well … walking ✨

  7. For much of my life I have walked contracted, felt small and lacked in self-worth… to walk my walk with the knowing and confidence of who I am, with all the qualities that I bring is the most fantastic transformation.

  8. “everything in life is an opportunity to heal and bring more of ourselves to life through the body.” Through the body we get to understand life, we get to feel our part in it and our connection to the glorious all.

  9. “It’s obvious, yet we haven’t really put two and two together and figured out the link between our living way, true wellbeing and sense of self.” Yep and yet is so important, if we figure this out we really get life sussed.

  10. ‘So is there something in our walk that can actually have a very healing and medicinal quality for our body?’ Yes!! How could we ignore or dismiss movement when we are doing it all the time! Yet we do, I deeply appreciate what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are teaching with regards to this. So very simple, yet the way we walk can change everything.

  11. “Use life to their advantage by making use of everyday movements and tasks that we all have to do” – wow, I really love how you have put this. This is a very different way of looking at life, one that tells us nothing is nothing, even the most mundane, habitual activities we do without thinking is everything, and much more than what we make it to be.

    1. Since embracing this concept I can honestly say that I no longer have dull moments. Wiping down the kitchen or doing my laundry is simply a lovely opportunity to hang out with myself, enjoying my qualities and my expression of them.

  12. “… doesn’t it make sense that ‘life’ could also be the healer?” This is such a powerful line because it exposes the false consciousness that illness and disease are random, when the way we live every part of life and the quality of energy we are in determines our health and wellbeing.

  13. Experiencing walking therapies, have helped me about what I portray to life. I’ve found since being introduced to it, that my posture has changed in that my spine feels longer and I feel taller. And every time I attend, I refine it further and discover more about me.

    There is an expression of life to the way a person walks, you can tell so much by it. It is no different to the way a car is driven. Spend some time observing the way a person walks, and what do you really observe about them except the fact that they are walking.

  14. Learning to walk free of all the impositions that life puts on us, the ideals and beliefs that we take on and the burdens from life times past, is truly magical. It is amazing what a few Walking Therapy sessions with Serge Benhayon can change. To be able to feel the power of who we truly are in our walk is a true blessing and incredibly healing.

  15. Rachael, I would agree with this; ‘The body seems to be the one thing that is taken for granted the most. The way we use it, abuse it, make it do all sorts of extreme activities, diets, social adventures’. Reading this makes me reflect on how I used to treat my body – taking part in extreme activities, drinking alcohol excessively and smoking – the list goes on. And this is seen as ‘normal’ in society.

  16. “The mind can’t feel, but the body feels it all – especially what we cannot see.” And when we walk with all of who we are, there is no denying what we feel is true.

    1. This is a profound line because it acknowledges the honesty of the body to receive all of life, not just what the mind thinks or what we prefer to see.

  17. “The mind can’t feel, but the body feels it all – especially what we cannot see.” There is much truth and grace in that.

  18. The Walking Therapies have changed not just my gait or walk but my whole life simply because I now walk through it [life] changed and much more free in the hip area and also shoulder area too.

  19. Not only does Serge Benhayon walk his walk and his talk, he shows others how they can walk their own walk and talk too. The depth to which this man is generous beyond measure needs to be seen to be believed.

  20. It is an interesting comment that the body feels what the mind cannot see. Why not use the whole body intelligence rather than just recalled knowledge and previous experiences.

    1. Yes, the body is a barometer and the mind processes it’s messages. If we have a traumatic experience the mind can form neural pathways as a reaction to the unwanted experience so that we do not experience it again. Yet if we do not clock the aversion to situations we might end up walking a number of detours trying to avoid getting hurt that actually hurt our bodies far more than if we had sought support to understand the traumatic experience in the first place.

  21. “….everything in life is an opportunity to heal….”. The walking therapies are a great example of this, after all we walk a lot during our day, moving from one place to another. Going ‘for a walk’ gives me the opportunity to experiment with the information I’ve been given and find a new way of walking that feels so different from how I’ve walked all my life. How we move is so important.

  22. We are naturally designed to live (feel) our way through life though the connection we have with our bodies. The Walking Therapies are supporting us to reconnect to our ‘natural way of being’ as we are Human Being not Humans doing.

    1. I was aware the other day how tense and stressed I was when walking during a lunch break, like I had to get somewhere really fast and had no time. As soon as I noticed this I slowed down, came back to my body, came back to my heart and walk and everything changed ❤️

  23. Walking Therapies is a powerful modality that frees the body up to move in its designed and natural way. As the layers and constraints that we’ve ingrained into our bodies literally get walked off you feel a sense of spaciousness and openness in the body, an experience that can inform every walk.

    1. Very true Rosanna. Who would have thought that something so simple as walking can be a healing modality. The quality of our everyday movements can either harm – by ingraining old ideals – or heal……

  24. I am so grateful to have been able to attend a walking therapy with Serge Benhayon and wowzers they aren’t just a walk in the park. This is where we pull our socks up and get into it, thought he different exercises offered and experiencing them it was undeniable the chose we have and how we walk. But more importantly how this had a massive impact not just on myself but my partner and the whole room. So a profound experience and one that I can take with me to explore and have fun with.

  25. A simple change in the way I chose to walk to work had initiated a massive change in my whole composure at work and in life. It only takes a choice to walk in your full power and authority for you to initiate a significant change in your walk. Walking in any other way is in fact illness and dis-ease.

  26. We take so much for granted, it is often only when we do not have something that we really value and appreciate it. Just like with another person the same goes for our bodies and health. When we are feeling great no problem, but it is usually only when things go wrong that we start to look at the way we are and have been living. So why do we need to be forced rather than continuously choosing love. It makes no sense as we are the ‘intelligent’ species but shows there is more going on than purely what our eyes alone can see.

  27. ‘everything in life is an opportunity to heal and bring more of ourselves to life through the body’. Without this awareness of our bodies we are lost…we are then reliant on the mind and thoughts that can take us way off course..bringing it back to the body brings it home.

  28. The Walking Therapies as Serge Benhayon has presented are a game changer, because they bring us back to the fact that we are vessels of energy and the way we move affects EVERYTHING. We can deny this and think we have the answers, but if we do not first move with the love we are, then the answers we get will simply be to solve the problems we face rather, than truly and fully embracing the love we are.

  29. “The mind can’t feel, but the body feels it all – especially what we cannot see.”

    I love this line. Not only is it so true, it also helps us be aware of how much we use the noise in the head to drown out the simple communication of the body.

    1. If we were to simply live the words you have shared Elizabeth our life would change, rather than seeing life as a challenge and a fight, if we see life as opportunity to live the love we are we will not fear or react to what is before us, rather we will embrace it. And when we move with this acceptance and quality we will deepen and solidify the love we are.

  30. Allowing our body to lead the way when we move from a steadiness of connection and presence with our body establishes a true quality and harmony to our whole way of being and empowers us with an awareness to observe and discern the truth in the situations around us instead of reacting and being at the mercy of life and walking in an anxiousness and in unsettled way that can stay with us for many years.

  31. Since experiencing the Walking Therapies with Serge Benhayon, every day has changed because of how inspiring and incredible it was.

    1. Walking therapies and the Livingness have really changed how I look at healing, because the way we move and how we live our lives everyday can be incredibly healing, and to not just restore function in the way we normally associate with healing, but to restore true beingness.

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