Appreciating the Power of the Universal Medicine Livingness 2 Workshop

Last year, via webcast, I participated in the Livingness 2 workshop held by Universal Medicine. This was the third time during the last ten years that I have participated in this particular event and I have found that each experience has left me with a beautiful healing and openness in my body.

In this workshop, we work in groups of five with one person being the client on the table receiving gentle esoteric hands-on healing from the other four while being warmly wrapped in a blanket, tenderly cared for and gently attended to by the other four. Being met with this level of care and feeling the power of working together is a healing in itself.

During these sessions, I worked with several gorgeous and tender men, and I felt that I received and fully embraced a beautiful healing. During and afterwards, I felt far more open and surrendered in my body. I felt that I was able to let go of past abuse imposed upon me from males when I was a young girl, as well as the levels of abuse I accepted in past relationships. I felt that a deeper level of trust within me, for me and towards men, was resurrected. I felt that I was able to let more of the love in I know I am and receive the care others were offering.

As the client, I was able to appreciate how much I had healed and let go of over the past ten years with the support of esoteric healing practitioners, modalities and workshops. I remembered how closed, protected and hard I felt in my body at my very first session with a tender male esoteric practitioner ten years ago, compared to how open, willing, and trusting I am in my body today. This was a moment of truly appreciating the power of healing the esoteric modalities offer.

On the table at Livingness 2 on that day I was presented with another level of letting go of protection that perhaps I was not ready to see before this day.  And to be honest, I did not realise it was still there, as I thought I had fully dealt with my past experiences. Today I understand just how much the little supportive steps that we choose to take assist us fully walking in our truth and light.

The amazing element this workshop offered me, as I’m sure it did all others there, was the precise constellation of qualities in each of the participants to provide the tenderness, the care and the power of healing to expose that there was still a marked level of protection that I was carrying around every day from those experiences so long ago. It offered me this in a way which enabled me to recognise the abuse that my body had not let go of and allowed me to trust and surrender to a deeper level. My body experienced an amazing healing.

Since the workshop… I now see that the protection I was carrying in my body was actually something that stopped me from letting people in fully, causing me to be wary of them. Now I feel more surrendered and open to receiving the love others are. I feel that as I practise living this way I am developing new levels of trust and surrender, which means I find myself being more in-tune with, and appreciative of, what comes before me and is presented from life.

I can unequivocally say that I know everything in this life can be healed and we have the choice to live our amazingness today more than ever before. If we can surrender to all that we each are, let ourselves see and feel life and choose to be in our truth, then the world is blessed on more levels than we can imagine. We only need to look at the impact one person, Serge Benhayon, has had from simply reflecting and living truth and love. Now today there are many who have been inspired to do the same.

As I was on the table at the Livingness 2 workshop with these three* tender group members, I appreciated in that moment, as they were working on, healing and supporting my body, just how one’s commitment to living with deep care and love allows a true healing quality to be there. Likewise, I also felt deeply appreciative of Serge Benhayon for holding his massively dedicated, lived quality which has, over the years, supported much healing to take place through presentations, reflection and simply being all he knows to be true and divine.

I continue to trust the love and Divine support we are sustained by, and constellated with, as we open up and are ready to heal.

* There were only four members in our group due to the division of available participants.

By Anonymous

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390 thoughts on “Appreciating the Power of the Universal Medicine Livingness 2 Workshop

  1. The modalities and workshops of Universal Medicine give everyone an opportunity to let go of all the hurts that they have accumulated. If we can surrender and let go it is the best medicine we can give to ourselves because by healing the root cause our bodies can blossom and grow back to who we truly are which is deeply expansive.

  2. Every Universal Medicine event brings to light so many amazing aspects of our lives that can be healed and when we are on a massage table as at a Livingness 2 workshop these healing are exponentially accelerated.

  3. I know that wall of protection so well, a wall that grew thicker as the years went by until the day I realised that it was not protecting me at all, it was actually harming me and all those who came up against it. And for the wisdom to finally see how futile and harming this protection was, I have Serge Benhayon to deeply thank, along with many other life-changing gems of wisdom and common sense I have been presented with over the last 14 years.

  4. It doesn’t happen very often in our daily life that we get surrounded by people who are just being themselves, supporting us to surrender to be simply who we are. It’s a weird thing because ‘being who we are’ should really be the most natural and easiest thing, but we have learnt and been trained so well not to, it’s like we don’t know what to do.

    1. Fumiyo I totally agree with your comment as we are moulded from the get go to be anything other than the truth of who and what we are. To say the spirit is a bully is an understatement as it ensures that our bodies, that it wilfully uses, are kept unaware that they are being used as a plaything, The workshops and healing modalities of Universal Medicine give humanity a chance to understand what is truly going on and the tools to arrest the spirit and bring it back to our soul from which it separated from eons ago to pursue its form of creation.

  5. Serge Benhayon continues to offer his services to people who are interested in true healing and if you’re not, he doesn’t turn you away either. His love for people is beyond what I have ever experienced in the past from other presenters. I deeply appreciate the service he brings forth to humanity.

  6. Reading this, I appreciate that every time I attend Livingness 2 workshop, I receive a deeper level of healing. I love the power of healing of a group of people and each one of us receive exactly what is needed. And even more supportive and reachable to many, is the availability via webcast. The healing is just as powerful, as attending personally.

    Thank you Serge Benhayon for bringing this to and for us.

  7. “We only need to look at the impact one person, Serge Benhayon, has had from simply reflecting and living truth and love. Now today there are many who have been inspired to do the same.” A very inspiring line to read today to remind me to continue along my own path of healing my hurts, because to be able to be love for others in this world means so much, exactly as I have already experienced with Serge and the Benhayon family.

    1. Melinda absolutely it is impossible to keep what has been presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine to ourselves as the possibility to heal and live a vital life is very much needed. It is proof of the steadfastness of Serge Benhayon that more and more people are seeking him out because somewhere within themselves they know that he represents the truth of everything he has shared and lived these last 23 years.

  8. Universal Medicine workshops and courses give us the opportunity to deepen the quality that we are moving and living in and there is healing that happens unique to each individual that, if we are open, can support us back to a wholeness that we hadn’t felt before….and that can happen at every workshop or course.

  9. There’s always another layer to see and it’s only when we’re ready to go that we are presented with the opportunity and support to assist that, and suddenly something we were not aware of, is there to be let go of and it allows us more space, more freedom to be more who we are and express this in the world.

  10. The Livingness 2 workshop is one of my favourite workshops because of the group healing aspect and people working together. I so openly love to feel the power of what it feels like when others commit to the same purpose. It represents just how important healing and connection is together.

  11. The reality is that we hold a lot of hurts, from past experiences, from past abuse inflicted upon ourselves or upon us by another. We need understanding in order to let go of these hurts and to allow ourselves the space to heal. These workshops held by Serge Benhayon through Universal Medicine provide just the space for this healing and just the support to help let go. A real blessing in my life that I will always hold as a dear moment as it allows me to be where I am today and know that this is only the beginning.

  12. The Esoteric Healing workshops presented by Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, and more recently by Natalie Benhayon are absolutely incomparable to any other workshops I have been to – they are very powerful in supporting us to empower ourselves and to feel safe to let go of those things that no longer serve us. You walk out of them with a deeper sense of who you are and knowing that there is much work to be done in this world of ours to support others to realise that there is another way to live, a way that is true to the powerful beings that we are.

    1. I agree about the Universal Medicine workshops, I had done many kinds of workshops, studied complementary medicine modalities, read many books etc, all on self-help, personal development, spirituality and the New Age, yet after decades there were no true changes in myself or my life. It wasn’t until I did my first Sacred Esoteric Healing course with Universal Medicine that I felt true and lasting changes taking place, so I explored further with more workshops and clinic sessions with the Universal Medicine therapies and I have now made so many significant changes, and as a result of my health, wellbeing, self worth, relationships, work, etc, have all changed in many wonderful ways. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are truly the real deal.

      1. Melinda as I grow older I have realised that you cannot put a price on the true wealth of the inner contentment and joy that is released from the workshops, healing sessions and modalities of Universal Medicine. I am beginning to understand the saying that you can have all the riches in the world but this is incomparable to the richness that is to be found within ourselves that we have completely overlooked in our insatiable appetite to own more material wealth. Maybe that’s because we know we are missing a wealth of something and chose material wealth over the riches of our heart.

  13. The Livingness 2 workshop is an amazing support for deep healing and discarding layers of protection/hurts that hide our essence. I love to attend this workshop whenever I can and I too hugely appreciate the power of this workshop.

  14. It is very rare to experience the quality of care and tenderness that occurs in these workshops and it is wonderful to experience the importance of energetic integrity in the way that we hold ourselves.

  15. I love what you share here about the Livingness 2 workshop. Everything Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon offers us via workshops, presentations, the healing clinic is truly powerful and deeply healing for the body.

  16. There comes so much care and love from all who put their hands on your body, that there is no way to escape the love offered to you.

    1. I agree Sylvia, this is a deeply healing and nurturing workshop that supports your body to surrender to the love that is offered and reminds us that this love is already within our body.

  17. Every workshop, every session and every presentation are a window for us to get deeper, understand ourselves better – but so are our everyday moments.

    1. Well said Viktoria, for though the workshops are powerful, what they do is support us to realise the power that lies within and is simply in need of being activated in our day to day life.

  18. I love the Livingness 2 workshop I think it is one of my favourite ones not only because it is body work but you get people from all walks of life, all ages, some who have never met before or done any form of healing working together in a group all day. There is a deep sense of holding, equalness, respect, care, love, appreciation and healing. It really is quite something.

    1. Me too Vicky, I love it for the same reasons and most of all my body loves it as it is supported to deeply surrender to the love that is there for all to connect to.

  19. Healing our body of the deep ways we are holding onto old patterns that are all held by our beliefs associated with being individual, is paramount in our evolution back to our true divinity, so Livingness 2 is a standout as we bring together amazing modalities with group work.

  20. Protection is an interesting subject to reflect on, how much do we assume, hold back, hide, speak up due to hurts that we have? If at one point today we do not speak our truth that is one time too many and there is stuff to heal in our lives. And so Universal Medicine are absolutely amazing, supportive and deeply hold the space to release the barriers to our natural truthful expression.

  21. Great timing for me to read this because I have just finished the Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 1 course today and I experienced that same letting go of protection and surrendering into myself and my being, so I appreciated your words about then bringing that into life and all relationships.

  22. Livingness two addresses our bodies and we can start to let go of so much we have held onto over many, many, many years that has stopped us from realising our true way of living.

  23. The power of working together applies to every aspect of life, we each have an equal role to play, no one part is greater than the other yet the whole can be truly powerful.

  24. We do not as a humanity embrace enough the power of living our love and the healing is offers not only us but also all others. The beauty and inspiration of the Livingness workshops is that your get to tangibly feel how it is possible to live our love, and also get to feel, heal and let of what is getting in the way and holding us back from living our innate way of being. What is also an incredible marker to experience is the power of Brotherhood, how powerful it is to work supporting each other to heal and deepen and realise that we cannot truly evolve on our own.

  25. Gosh I needed to read this today thank you. Especially the bit around being open to feeling and seeing life and continuing to ‘trust the love and Divine support we are sustained by, and constellated with, as we open up and are ready to heal.’

    1. I agree Sarah it is always a blessing to be reminded that we are forever and divinely supported to evolve through many aspects of life, as we are not designed to ‘go it alone’.

  26. This is such a powerful workshop, to have a group of people work with you supporting you to deeply heal. The details taken care of before the session starts, pillows under the knees, blanket laid over you, or half over you, pillow height and position, how your body is laid on the table. Everything so supportive and part of the healing and deep surrender that takes place.

  27. Livingness 2 day is amazing. Four to six people stand around the massage table with focus and then carefully and lovingly place their hands (without imposing) on the ‘client’ who has the intention to let go of old hurts and with the intention to heal. This year I attended for about the tenth time and it is no less powerful. From practitioners to newbies we are all equal. It is such a powerful day.

    1. The experience is profound in so many ways. A significant element for many is sensing the love, wisdom and power there is in of group work when everyone is aligned to supporting one another. And also the deep confirmation that our part absolutely and fundamentally matters.

    2. It’s beautiful to look up in the room and see each group at each table working in such a dedicated way to their fellow human beings.

  28. When we open up to feel all past hurts and traumatic experiences and embrace them as being the creation of them by karma we can heal all past life experiences too.

  29. I have just done the Livingness 2 workshop for the second time. It is phenomenal the healing that takes place and what I was able to let go of. Also the depth of connection I felt with God.. truly amazing, and cherished.

  30. Another workshop another layer. One thing you learn pretty fast doing these workshops is that you are forever deepening, and to do so the next layer stopping the depth needs to be cleared. Such incredible workshops that offer the universe.

  31. Gorgeous – it shows us our power of what we in truth are capable of and the quality of breath and being we can live and share, as Serge Benhayon has reflected back to us since 1999.

  32. This is one of my favourite events, and why would we not Love to have this level of healing that becomes available with so many practitioners having their hands on you.

  33. The Universal Medicine therapies and workshops offer miracle after miracle, and through those personal awareness leaps also let us connect with the gloriousness of our fellow man.

  34. What you describe is huge. How much of life do we walk around protected, keeping ourselves separate from other people and cut off from the possibility that in true connection both of us have a greater access to the universal wisdom flowing through us. When such a powerfully supportive and honouring space is offered as is in the Livingness 2 workshops, it inspires people to open up and work in unison in a deeply loving way and the healing offered is profound.

  35. We are indeed here to heal and let go of all that keeps us from living who we are, and the truth is that we cannot do it alone but only when we work together to inspire and support each other to feel the love we are, through the openness in which we are willing to share, express and reflect our true way of being.

  36. The Livingness 2 workshop is totally life changing. We are able to clear so much and allow our true selves out. People’s faces at the end of this workshop look totally different to at the beginning. This workshop offers true transformation.

  37. Livingness 2 is one of my favourite workshops, for most of life we keep ourselves to ourselves and our family and this worksop is an amazing opportunity to let go and trust people again.

  38. To have all those loving touching hands on your body in full care to be gentle with hands on the head, heart, feat, arms at once is an amazing healing experience.

    1. Yes all this and all that Universal Medicine presents is a testimony that we are all practitioners of medicine and of life through how we live and the degree of love we choose to live together. We all hold the power to heal ourselves and support others to do the same, including the support of both esoteric and western medicine modalities together.

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