There Must be a Full Moon Out There

Every month the moon silently but magnificently orbits planet earth. The reflection of light from the sun gets brighter and fuller each day as the moon begins to once again light up the night sky. Alongside the beauty and magic of the full moon there are also all sorts of phenomena, stories, news reports and incidents that associate the full moon with strange and even crazy human behaviour.

Recently, in the middle of a chat with a sales assistant, the conversation quickly turned to the phase of the moon. He had recently experienced some intense encounters with customers, who had been what he described as moody, aggressive and rude. He looked at me and said, “It must be close to full moon!”.

It is commonplace to hear people talking about the effects of the full moon. From increases in violence, aggression and unusual behaviour, through to car accidents, fights, hospital admissions and arrests, the full moon throughout history has often been linked to strange behaviour. Even the word ‘lunatic’, which refers to a reckless, crazy person or to a mentally disturbed person, is derived from Luna, the Latin word for moon.

Hospital staff and Police Officers have long observed the effects of the period around the full moon. Police departments have been known to roster more officers on in an effort to cope with the expected increases in crime rates. Hospital staff have also faced increases in hospital admissions and emergencies when the moon is full. These are just some of the things they share (Selby, 2015):

“You could almost tell the phase of the moon by how crowded that area of the Emergency Department was. Anytime the moon was full, that area was overflowing.”

 “I think people are sicker and it seems like more unusual things happen when the moon is full, though I don’t think I could ever prove it.”

 “For as long as I’ve worked in the emergency department, whenever there’s a full moon, invariably someone will make a comment about how it’s going to be a rough night.”

The sales assistant mentioned above had his own stories to tell about what he had seen on full moons. Four years earlier he was witness to a brutally violent act on the night of a full moon. He was working as security at the front of a club when a fight broke out. Fists were flying, and the fight ended when a broken piece of glass was used as a weapon. What took place that evening was so disturbing for this young man that he walked away from that job never to return. He had no doubt that the full moon could trigger some very inhumane behaviour.

So what is it that the full moon’s reflection is offering us each month? The incidents described above are extreme, but on some level are we all noticing and feeling the effects of the full moon? Not necessarily always in such an extreme way, but as a more subtle or loud tension within?

The Ageless Wisdom teachings, as learnt through Universal Medicine, have inspired me to learn more about the moon, its cycles and how this both supports and affects me every month. It made total sense when I learnt that the moon has a purpose and that each month it offers us a reflection on how we have been living. The moon is naturally guiding us to return to a way of living that is true and harmonious. It’s quality and movements around the earth not only affect the tides, but also our physiology – yet another reminder of our inter-connectedness with everything.

The full moon, as I have been learning, can be a time of the month where I am asked to reflect upon how I am feeling and therefore how I have been living.

Every full moon feels very much like an opportunity to be more honest with myself and others, to look after myself on a deeper and more loving level, to take my time to connect more with the people in my life, whether I have known them for 2 minutes or 20 years – basically living more lovingly and harmoniously with everyone I meet. The full moon has come to symbolise the potential of how I can be living and relating.

At times the inner tension I can feel is stronger than others, and I have come to accept this as a gift of awareness and understanding – a way of giving me a loving nudge to keep being open to even more. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut and comfortable with what we know. Yet there are endless opportunities to take a good look at ourselves, our behaviours, how we are in relationships etc., to see what can be let go of to make way for new experiences.

When I find ways to distract myself and avoid this awareness, the inner tension and agitation builds up. This is the opportunity to ask myself the question, “What’s going on within me?” as there is no one else responsible for how I am feeling and choosing to live.

Wherever we are in the world, we can all see the magnificence and magic of the light of the full moon. It’s like an SMS from God to the whole of humanity to remind us all of who we truly are – interconnected, loving human ‘beings’. A message that we all get, regardless of where we are, what we are doing or what we have done. No one ever misses out on our divine reflection.

So is all that strange behaviour that occurs on the lead up to the full moon a resistance or even a denial of the constant evolution that is on offer? We can deny the gift that is on offer or we may choose to accept the reflection and discover that we can let go of the old behaviours, ways of relating and communicating that have never truly supported us and discover a whole new way of living.

By Vicky Geary, Bachelor of Business (Accountancy), Dip. Yoga Teaching, NSW, Australia 


 (1) Selby, L. (2015). Full moon madness in the ER: Myth or Reality. American Osteopathic Society, The Do.

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563 thoughts on “There Must be a Full Moon Out There

  1. The moon offers us an opportunity to see that our life is guided by cycles and each cycle is to offer us a reflection of how we have been living during the month. In fact everything has a cycle, the year, the day, a week. We cannot escape cycles but we can try to ignore them. I have found that since having an understanding of cycles, life makes more sense and why we sometimes behave erratically when there is a full moon, because we are in resistance to the next cycle we are being offered.

  2. I have noticed how in my neighbourhood, the acitivities at night get louder and more disruptive when there is a full moon. Just last night, when the moon was at its peak around midnight, suddenly someone started playing very loud music at full volume and singing/shouting over and above the music, disturbing the whole area. There is undoubtedly an intensity that is felt at this time of the month, which is either honoured and surrendered to or resisted and treated with disregard.

  3. Full Moon coming this week – what is it all about….”Hospital staff and Police Officers have long observed the effects of the period around the full moon. Police departments have been known to roster more officers on in an effort to cope with the expected increases in crime rates.” Could it be that we are all deeply connected with the cycles of life. I love how the tides respond to the moon so many miles away from each other, so why not us?

  4. “You could almost tell the phase of the moon by how crowded that area of the Emergency Department was. Anytime the moon was full, that area was overflowing.” A statement such as this coming from a member of the medical staff in a hospital is very telling. In a situation such as this where more accidents and emergencies are happening, does it not make sense that around the time of the full moon it would be wise to take more care of ourselves and be more vigilant about the way we were living? Its certainly food for thought.

    1. I was at the minor injuries department this week and it was full at 11:30am in the morning on a weekend day. I have no doubt that we are all linked to everything and respond or react to everything, but the key here is we get to choose one way or another.

  5. The moon goes through different phases during the 28 days cycle. The moon is pure regularity and change within that. We are affected by it, therefore, why does the word lunatic have a bad connotation? Is this the right word to refer to sudden shifts coming from ‘nowhere’ with no regularity attached to it?

  6. “The full moon, as I have been learning, can be a time of the month where I am asked to reflect upon how I am feeling and therefore how I have been living.” There is so much for us to learn from the universe if we are but willing to connect to ourselves first, and in doing so tune in to what is offer for us all in our everyday.

  7. The more aware we become of the cycles of nature, the more in tune with them we become. We cannot and should not underestimate our deep connection with the natural world and the universe.

  8. ‘The full moon has come to symbolise the potential of how I can be living and relating.’ When we become aware of how we all are an equal part of the universe and start to live in connection we are no longer limiting ourselves as being ‘only’ human but have the choice to live as the divine being that we are.

  9. We live in the midst of so many cycles, including the death, dying and re-birth that we are a part of, and what goes on in our own bodies. But we are so resistant to even acknowledging these cycles, let alone open up to being supported by the awareness and understanding they offer. This arrogant denial suits the irresponsibility we have been choosing for eons so very well.

  10. When I look at the moon getting fuller there is something sacred about it which I do not have words for.

  11. I don’t believe the moon cycle is not a subject we all learn about and something we all live our lives by, sometimes if I am over the top tired and look at the moon calendar it is usually a week before the full moon, then it passes and gradually lessens until I feel normal again after the full moon.

  12. We’ve recently had a full moon and an interesting thing I observed coming back into the office was how many work colleagues said they found themselves during this period clearing out their clothes, cupboards, going to the tip .. generally tidying and cleaning up. Coming back in to the office there was a palpable sense of people shifting in their energy, focus and attitude – such is the healing grace of a full moon in all its exposure.

  13. I was in an area with clear skies and a beautiful full moon 2 nights ago, not always possible to observe in UK. It looked huge and bright, clear and expanded. I felt it was telling us to live 100% in all our fullness that we are too.

  14. There is certainly a correlation to our behaviour, the full moon and the way our bodies are affected, but we choose to not be aware of all the signs our body is constantly showing us.

  15. For as long as we are reflectively graced by a full moon each and every cycle we each remain a humble and reflecting student of this great earthly planet, where through each full moon cycle we can learn the joy and essential importance of (our) evolutionary way.

  16. Understanding that the moon and its cycles has such a powerful impact on us makes so much sense to me. As with everything in the natural world, there are continuous rhthyms and cycles that are an intrinsic part of our world, and that we are very much a part of.

  17. When we see a full moon every month, it does have a tendency to bring us to a pause, and this is a natural moment or opportunity to reflect and see how we have been living in the previous 4 week cycle – the cusp of the ending and beginning of another cycle of living.

  18. The beauty power and specialness of the full moon is something we all feel, know and touches us inside when we look at it and is always there in our cycles and lives to reflect to us something. It is a knowing missing in our education system about our cycles with the moon and the universe and all it shows us in our learning and support in our everyday living way and something to embrace as shown to us by Universal Medicine and the ancient wisdom we are innately part of in.

  19. It is notable how seeing a full moon, particularly when it is a ‘once in a lifetime red moon’, or extra big ‘blue moon’ the hush and awe that brings many people out to look and even gaze up at it… There is a quite knowing, an inner confirmation from us all (humanity) that we belong to something far grander than bricks and mortar.

  20. We are under the influence of cycles all the time. Not just the moon cycles, seasons etc., but even the tax year is a cycle, getting paid every month, our daily routine and so forth. All offer us different opportunities which repeat themselves so that we forever have a chance to deepen our relationship to each moment.

  21. Its amazing how disconnected we really are to the cycles and what they offer us. That we too are an intrinsic part of this and how the Universe is offering us constantly an opportunity to evolve or not. It’s not something we can work out and own it is a matter of surrendering to and being impulsed by to movements that are in divine order.

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