Words by Serge Benhayon…”Be Love”

by Katinka de Lannoy 

I met Serge Benhayon for the first time in June 2008 in London. My first impression, without having heard him speak, was one of simplicity and warmth. If I had been honest my true feeling was to never ever leave his side again.

I spent ten days in England that time for a couple of Universal Medicine workshops and courses. An amazing experience which would change the way I saw and understood life. This was mostly something I felt on a deeper level, not something my mind could understand at the time.  

The first times I personally spoke to Serge Benhayon we did not have long conversations. Actually, for a long time I was not able to be close to him for more than a few minutes. But that was all okay, for Serge has the ability to say it all in only a few words, two if needed. The few words he said to me were “be love” and “just be all that you are”.

In the years after I never forgot these words. Somehow they were always there in the back of my mind. I can see now that I have been trying very hard to not feel who I truly am. This was before I met Serge, but I also continued to feel that way for quite some time after that event. I did not want to see the simplicity of what he teaches – to just be ourselves.

Today it is not clear what exactly happened that made me stop resisting, but I did.

Today I choose to come back to this precious beautiful being that is me, every time I get distracted.

Today somehow it’s just not possible, or at least too painful, to do or think anything that is not loving and supporting of me.

It all began with the words “Be Love” and I am finally allowing myself to be just that…

242 thoughts on “Words by Serge Benhayon…”Be Love”

  1. Everyday we can find examples of simple words such as “be love” being used, so then why is this instance more powerful than others? It’s the energy that it comes from that makes a difference.

  2. Beautiful Katinka, simple, heartfelt and very inspiring what you have shared. Reading about the many students of Universal Medicine who are returning to be the love they are is simply gorgeous. It’s very beautiful knowing people around the world are freeing themselves from painful and joyless ways of living to ‘be love’ again. And, I’m right there with you all.

  3. Be love – it is so simple, and that is everything. We might try our hardest making it complicated, but that is where it comes back to, no matter how long we make our detour to be.

  4. “Be Love” it is really so simple and expanding on the level of Love we can live then becomes a life-times pursuit, of simple living as a reflection of that Love!

  5. Serge Benhayon is the most extraordinary person, he is living the truth of what he speaks, when he offers the words “be love” it’s coming from someone who is living love and that’s why it is so powerful.

  6. Yes, that ability of Serge Benhayon unlocks the potential in people. With just a few words we can do magic.

  7. To be love is simply to be who we truly are, and the difficulties I had with that is I simply overrode what I felt and then I was not love. Making more loving choices has helped me choose my truth, and from there I feel the love that I am.

  8. It is through simplicity that our love emanates. I find that when I keep things simple that this allows me to be fully present with all that I am doing.

  9. I think the simplicity of those few words might take some time to really understand and let be in our life. That is how I have related to them anyways. Be love is not about doing anything but an honouring and celebration of what is already within waiting to just be (love).

  10. You’ve answered the unknown of what it was that stopped the resistance. It’s that in fighting it, we exhaust ourselves to the point where we exhaust the want to resist and accept that we are love.

  11. These simple words of wisdom ‘be love’ and ‘be all that you are’ hold volumes of value for us to explore, as they offer us the answer, the way for us as a humanity to live our true potential, our imminent future together in brotherhood. If we all embraced the truth that we are love in essence, and lived in connection to this quality, we then will begin to see what it is to live true freedom, power and the magnificence that we already innately are.

    1. These simple words of wisdom would hold a very strong foundation for all of life if we were to honour them.

  12. To ‘be love’ is the most powerful ingredient that brings so much understanding about life, others and the relationship with ourselves.

    1. So true Anna – when this is the foundation of how we live it is joy that continues to inspire to explore, learn, be and live more and anything less feels like abuse.

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