Garbage, Toilets and Cars – My Normal, My Religion


I clearly remember when, as a kid, I made a decision not to throw any rubbish on the streets. It feels surreal for me to even mention it today, but when I was a kid the streets in Brazil were very dirty and it just seemed ‘normal’.

I realised that if there were things I didn’t like in this world, I had a responsibility to not contribute to them. I also remember that once I made that decision, I found my first obstacle – very often I could not find bins – but that didn’t stop me. I was so firm in my decision that I would carry garbage in my pockets, bag, or wrap an apple core in  paper or plastic until I could find a bin – this became ‘my normal’.  


Around that same time, I was at the toilet at my parent’s house and the toilet paper was just about to finish. I knew I should replace it, but I was too lazy to get another toilet roll from the cupboard and I thought that ‘someone else’ would replace it. And something very interesting happened… guess who was the next person to use the toilet? Me!!!!

So I learned a big lesson that day: what you do to another you do to yourself! From that day on I decided I would replace toilet papers or leave a spare one whenever they were about to finish.

And again, a little obstacle – like when I am running late and think I shouldn’t bother with replacing the toilet paper… but no; on these moments I would only stop and laugh and honour my commitment to replace the toilet paper, no matter what. Another ‘my normal way’ established.

Toilets also taught me that no matter how dirty a public toilet, I will not contribute to its dirtiness, if not clean a little bit ­– like using the paper towel to quick clean around the tap. I do it on airplanes too and this is ‘my normal’.

Toilets are awesome schools, I learn a lot with them!


It was about 6 years ago, when I was living in a very small city in Brazil that I made another decision that would change the normal to ‘my normal’. It’s very common in Brazil for people to simply quick stop in the middle of a road to drop someone or pick up something from a shop – ‘it’s only a quick stop, it won’t take a minute’.

While I was living in this city I used to quick park in the middle of the road just to drop off some dvds at the video centre (‘it takes me 30 seconds max…’). But NO!, I realised that was not right – that simple act could affect someone else who would have to wait for me to leave…

I so clearly remember the day I questioned the fact that I was contributing to the exact situations I would complain about.

In Brazil, for example, people complain a lot about the culture of ‘taking advantage of others and situations’… but was I not acting exactly the same in this example with the car? And even worse, contributing to it?

So, from that day on, no more quick stops in the middle of the road whenever I liked. And of course, the next time I went to drop off the dvds, there were no places to park nearby the dvd place, and so I had to park a bit far away from it. But it didn’t affect me – I had already committed to the decision and would not back off, no matter what.

I was often criticised for doing such things and I would hear common discouraging sentences as:

  • ‘What you are doing is so tiny and will not make any difference, this is not going to change the way people behave’
  • ‘You are a fool… the only one doing that…’

It didn’t matter because I MATTER and I MAKE A DIFFERENCE. This is my normal, the way I do things; the way I feel deep within is the way to live…


This is my RELIGION. And it’s a great fun doing it!

When I attended my first Universal Medicine workshop about 3 years ago and Serge Benhayon mentioned ‘Energetic Integrity’ and ‘Energetic Responsibility’ and how we affect everyone else with everything that we do, it was already my experience. The reflection of Serge’s integrity is very powerful and it forever inspires me to deepen my own, in everything that I do in my life.

I recently took part in an amazing group discussion on ‘Esoteric Philosophy’ with Serge. In the group we had the opportunity to discuss (in very practical and detailed examples) how the way we behave in our homes, streets, and supermarkets affects everyone. A new horizon opened up for me after that. What amazed me the most was the fact that although what others shared was not exactly my personal experience, it was something that deep within I had already considered and knew to be true.

I left the discussion feeling very inspired; since then I’ve deepened enormously my understanding of Energetic Integrity and Energetic Responsibility. They are forever expanding, encompassing of everyone. Everything matters and everyone matters.

This is my religion; this is my way. THE WAY OF THE LIVINGNESS.

By Priscila, UK

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