Playing with Life and Waking up with Me!

by Clare, Customer Service and Child Care Worker. Canberra 

This morning as I woke, I felt – ah… is it Christmas, is it my Birthday? Then I realised, no, it is me! I am lying here, gently tucked in under my blankets, with Me. This felt so warm and so beautiful… it is not Christmas, it is not my Birthday – I have simply woken up with Myself, in all the beauty that I am.

Feeling the joy I felt as a child, feeling the glow of the day dawning, feeling my heart sing within my chest, feeling how, as I lay myself to rest so lovingly the night before, I have woken refreshed, inspired and divine. This Is Me. This is all of us. This is Love.  

Good morning!

With the love and support of Universal Medicine, the simplicity of feeling who we are at heart is on our doorstep, if only we choose to open this door and let love in. A love that is not scary, it is strengthening; a love that does not pretend, but only asks you to be more, when you are ready. A love that says, life is joyful, come play with me!

Today I will play, with life and with me, to enjoy the sun, the birds, the builders next door and the work that needs to be done, for all of this is life and all life has its place.

How fantastic to feel and to know this and to allow myself to express this.

What a joy it has been and forever will be, if I continue to choose to wake up with Me.

564 thoughts on “Playing with Life and Waking up with Me!

  1. How you felt Clare on that morning waking up is simply divine and resonates with me from within. I have had many mornings waking up with me and feeling the joy in rising and getting into my day, however, it is not my norm and reading your gorgeous experience today has reminded me to be more playful and light.

  2. Ah that is so glorious to read and feel – exactly what I feel like having as why would we not have that?
    “A love that says, life is joyful, come play with me!”
    This sentence, that is also the title, shows us how we have all (everything) inside and that we just need to connect, honor that and bring it fully out.

  3. Awakening to who we are in essence is our divine purpose of being here. With every day, with every sunrise we are offered the opportunity to embrace the light of who we are and explore how we can live our light through our days, bringing our lightness of being the lives we live. Thank God for Serge Benhayon for reminding us that this is our true way of being, and that awakening to our divinity is only just the beginning for us all, in realising what our true potential is.

  4. All of those with sleep troubles are simply experiencing the imbalance of living to someone else’s drum and not to the beat of their own. What you share Clare is the joy to living to your true rhythm. The trouble arises when what we think is our true rhythm is not truly ours at all we have simply got used to living someone else’s.

  5. What an absolute gorgeous way of waking up to the new day, thank you Clare for sharing and awakening me to open up to the joy of the love I hold within me. “A love that says, life is joyful, come play with me!”

  6. Good Morning Clare! As I sit here waiting for a train at the end of a very long day I read your blog knowing that every waking choice I make contributes to the way I wake up. You have clearly been making some excellent choices.

  7. I love how you have described love here Clare, “a love that does not pretend, but only asks you to be more, when you are ready.” The more consistently we choose to connect and express from our essence the more joyful and playful it is to truly express the love we are and share this with everyone.

  8. Reading this reminds me that our morning really starts in how we put ourselves to bed – for that will be the quality we wake up in. I have been very tired this week with mornings with me groaning in the mornings instead of feeling ready for the day so it’s great to be reminded thank you. Its a pattern that just needs to be reimprinted into it’s opposite so I feel my natural vitality each morning.

  9. What a blessing for all the children around you clare. That will support them blossoming too. Their natural way of being get reflected. and a great reminder of the simplicity of life.

  10. Life is joy come play with me, how gorgeous Clare I would love to play with you. What you have expressed here is so beautiful and inspiring, thank you for sharing your experiences, your love and your wisdom;
    “Feeling the joy I felt as a child, feeling the glow of the day dawning, feeling my heart sing within my chest, feeling how, as I lay myself to rest so lovingly the night before, I have woken refreshed, inspired and divine. This Is Me. This is all of us. This is Love”.

    1. Yes indeed Leonne. We should not accept that. At least I don’t. It still happens a lot that I don’t wake not tired or cranky, but also not feeling it is like Christmas – but somewhere in between: flat. Also not acceptable. I am really looking what causes waking up like that because, like you say, this is not normal.

    2. I agree Leonne, I used to wake up feeling like this everyday, I knew it was not normal but I didn’t know how to shift this feeling. It wasn’t until I started to reconnect to a more loving way to live inspired by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that I now wake up feeling amazing more and more each day.

    3. The blog sets a new marker for what we could consider living a healthy and vital life – vitality not just physically, but also including living each day joyfully, as surely anything less than this must be draining. The norm of waking tired, lethargic, sore and cranky etc should now really set off alarm bells that the whole of life is not being lived as it could be.

  11. It is great to not only know but also feel that this Joy, this Love is always there. And that we only chose certain behaviors to shield it off, like being in our heads and worry.
    It is the greatest gift we could ever want.

    1. Thank you Willem, we don’t often think of if being in our heads and worrying as not “us” because they happen inside us, yet these things do not belong to our essence.

    2. Yes, and regardless of how miserable we feel in one moment we can choose to connect to love in the moment after and hold it for as long as we like!

  12. That sounds amazing! Simply waking up in that way completely as you and not because of something/someone to look forward to! That to me, sounds like my kind of #lifewin!

  13. It is our birthright to feel gorgeous and beautiful just being ourselves and as you show we can always claim it back, the beauty, lightheartedness and ease that was once so familiar when we were children.

  14. To me what you share Clare, is key to living life in our full glory. to awake every day like it is Christmas or your birthday when you were a child. Every day is our birthday as it is our right to shine and celebrate this beauty we are in every moment of our lives.

    1. Nico it’s exactly how kids are, they reflect to us we too can live connected to our essence and enjoy being ourselves in each and every day.

      1. Indeed Melinda, children are a great reflection for us and is a reflection we very much need. But to be honest, I too do not always awake with feeling this joy deep in my body as while it is there the thoughts in my mind try to convince me that life is hard and a chore, a belief that is, en masse, lived in our nowadays societies. To me this means that there is something outside of us that tries to control us, to make us think that life is hard and a chore instead of enjoying life from that vibrancy that lives in each and all of us equally so. Imagine if we all would awake in joy and celebrate every day as if it was our first?

  15. What if everyday could be amazing and everyday could be what we feel and experience and know, and life could get better and better? All we need to do is grasp the opportunities life presents us with both hands.

  16. Thankyou Clare, its simple and succinct what you have shared, but it expresses volumes. I don’t often wake up feeling that same warmth and wonder to be me. I participated in the Universal Medicine workshop Livingness 1 a few days ago and it was so powerful regarding reconnecting to the essence of who we are within. I have felt my essence more throughout my day, and you have inspired me to nurture myself more and wake with me everyday.

  17. In fact, we have chosen to walk away from a way of living that would be so much more joyous to the life I nowadays see people do have. They are busy with chasing their ideals and the ways they think life would bring joy and prosperity, but in that forget to stop and go inside where this joy already resides. So simple actually.

  18. How beautiful to wake up with this joy and love for yourself everyday, to appreciate these moments as ‘normal’ is a beautiful step towards deepening our own love.

  19. Gorgeous and inspiring, a beautiful way to wake – and then the joy of .. how can I serve today? Thank you Clare

  20. Waking up like that is magical, so many mornings I have woken up and felt the complete stillness in the room. It comes with such clarity, no overwhelming thoughts, no rush to get up and do whatever, just an ease with myself and with an inspiration to have a gorgeous day.

  21. Indeed it is not normal to wake up tired exhausted and irritable and yet many times we do. Maybe it is time to look at the quality in which we live and sleep.

  22. The valuing of ourselves is unfortunately not common, but in that delightful connection and understanding of who you are in the body, much is now possible including an inner joy that knows no bounds.

  23. Have you written that book? Have you sent in that form? Have you completed that project? Have you emailed your friend back? Have you sent through the photo that you said you would? Have you finished the powerpoint pack for work? All of these things are there to be done but never ever at the expense of ourselves, in a drive, a rush or a push – for nothing beats or can replace the joy and warmth and love and fun of waking and living with appreciation for yourself. This quality is always the right side of bed to get out of. Thank you Clare.

  24. For the most part this is how we wake as children – all skippity skip and ready to meet the new day because we have not burdened ourselves with ideals, images and expectations of how we should and shouldn’t be that act like a lead sinker in the sense they prevent us from feeling the lightness we all in essence are when we live in an authentic way. That is, we are not trying to be anything but just being with ourselves and whole heartedly expressing this ‘beingness’ in all we then do in our day.

    1. And a valuable part of waking with this sense of amazingness is the humbleness required to willingly see all that we live throughout the course of our day that does not match the quality of this.

  25. Yes, I know this joy of waking up with ME as well. When you wake up like that you already now that day will be awesome.
    But I also wake up, many times, feeling not that great. When once that was my normal, I now question it and feel into: how I have been living, eating, moving, feeling it is NOT my birthday that day?
    And slowly slowly things are changing.

  26. “I have simply woken up with Myself, in all the beauty that I am.” A beautiful present we can gift to ourselves everyday.

  27. This is like a little poetic prayer to ourselves and we may have a reaction or two with it but the message and imprint is clear. There are days where we genuinely wake up fresh and ready to go and in the wonderment of what the day will bring and yet why isn’t this our everyday? Why can’t this be our everyday and who ever said it can’t be like this or we aren’t truly like this? I love that this is what this article brings, our everyday simply and truly with us is cause for the deepest celebration just for this reason. When was the last time we genuinely and simply celebrated and appreciated our breath? and why do we think that this simply is never enough? Today marks a day forward that me being and breathing my truth breath is enough.

  28. In order to rise from our darkened slumber and feel the truth of who we are, we first need to lay to rest all that is not born of this absolute truth and beauty and know that it was never truly a part of us no matter how much we may have identified with or sought comfort in it.

  29. I love this “Feeling the joy I felt as a child, feeling the glow of the day dawning, feeling my heart sing within my chest, feeling how, as I lay myself to rest so lovingly the night before, I have woken refreshed, inspired and divine. This Is Me. This is all of us. This is Love.” I can absolutely relate to this experience and I am constantly in awe of how I am returning to something that I already know, as I un-peel the layers of habits and hurts, I unearth a joyous innocent relationship with the All and myself that has always been there.

  30. Awesome Clare. As I learn to accept all of who I truly am, that is to accept that I am a beautiful, delicate woman of the world life is becoming joyful. I want to commit more and more to all areas of my life and at the same time addressing issues and hurts that arise along the way; in fact hurts and issues are beginning to not be such a big deal anymore, getting a glimpse that life is about my purpose and what I bring to the world.

  31. Waking with joy every day is normal when we start taking responsibility for all our choices and the impact they have both on ourselves and on the rest of humanity.

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