Grow Your Own Love

by Jane Torvaney, Scotland

Last night when I came home from work I took a cup of tea out and sat in the garden. As I looked around me, taking in the vibrant colours of the flowers and their different shapes and sizes, I witnessed the ease with which they interacted with nature. The wind was blowing ever so gently, causing ripples of movement across their delicate leaves and petals. An abundance of insects were busy in the soil beneath and flies, bees and beautiful butterflies were flying around, sometimes choosing to land and explore the surface of the leaves or, in the case of bees, venturing deeper into the heart of the bloom in search of pollen.  

I remembered how back in early springtime I planted some tiny seeds wondering what would emerge later in the year. At the time I could feel the potential in the seeds, everything was there ready, the beautiful flower was already within the seed, its amazing colour and shape patiently waiting to get out and express itself and interact with all around it.

All that was needed for it to grow and blossom was the nurturing sun, the soil and water.

As I sat in the garden last night I thought about how it is for us as human beings. How, just like the seed we too are born complete with everything already inside us. We are simply bundles of love expressing who we are within the world.

This love never ever leaves us, but whether we grow up holding it tight in a bud or whether, like our flowers, we allow it to blossom, depends on our choices – our choice to nurture ourselves truly and deeply, our choice to say yes to life and our choice to commit to it fully with all the love we know we are and always have been….. a choice to grow our own Love!


329 thoughts on “Grow Your Own Love

  1. Just like flowers, we don’t have to try to blossom or grow into anything – it’s a natural unfolding process. We will only hinder it if we try.

  2. A great reminder that we are born complete, the outside packaging will grow and will learn how to function in its new home but we are born from love, made from love and connected to love without strings attached. We are free to choose what we choose and therefore we have responsibility and accountability as well. What are we nurturing our seed of love with?

  3. Thank you Jane, this touched me deeply, I found the analogy of the seed perfect to describe the bundles of love we are born as, and that as we grow and mature we can decide to hold it all in like the tightly held bud, or let it all out like a flower open and radiant in its own beauty. There is a preciousness to realising we are love, and to the care we can give ourselves to grow and expand this love. We are like gardeners of the soul, nurturing and caring for this precious gift of love within, and caring for the body that acts as it’s vehicle.

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