Grow Your Own Love

by Jane Torvaney, Scotland

Last night when I came home from work I took a cup of tea out and sat in the garden. As I looked around me, taking in the vibrant colours of the flowers and their different shapes and sizes, I witnessed the ease with which they interacted with nature. The wind was blowing ever so gently, causing ripples of movement across their delicate leaves and petals. An abundance of insects were busy in the soil beneath and flies, bees and beautiful butterflies were flying around, sometimes choosing to land and explore the surface of the leaves or, in the case of bees, venturing deeper into the heart of the bloom in search of pollen.  

I remembered how back in early springtime I planted some tiny seeds wondering what would emerge later in the year. At the time I could feel the potential in the seeds, everything was there ready, the beautiful flower was already within the seed, its amazing colour and shape patiently waiting to get out and express itself and interact with all around it.

All that was needed for it to grow and blossom was the nurturing sun, the soil and water.

As I sat in the garden last night I thought about how it is for us as human beings. How, just like the seed we too are born complete with everything already inside us. We are simply bundles of love expressing who we are within the world.

This love never ever leaves us, but whether we grow up holding it tight in a bud or whether, like our flowers, we allow it to blossom, depends on our choices – our choice to nurture ourselves truly and deeply, our choice to say yes to life and our choice to commit to it fully with all the love we know we are and always have been….. a choice to grow our own Love!


283 thoughts on “Grow Your Own Love

  1. Such a simple analogy Jane, it shows how powerful the choices we make are that either sets us up to bloom or shrivel… and knowing what does support and what doesn’t then innately is what builds a foundation that we can keep expanding and growing from.

  2. What a joy it is to express our own love especially with another and, to feel it expand. It has always been inside me. The challenge is when we observe what disturbs us most and still be able to bring and deepen our love in this moment.

  3. Every part and process of a flower is beautiful. No matter whether it is a bud, a fully blossomed flower, a wilting flower or dried one,eventually everything is beautiful. Can we also say that without a doubt about ourselves and our life?

  4. How our world would be if this truth was what founded our parenting and education in our schools: “…just like the seed we too are born complete with everything already inside us.”
    It is this truth, the essence of God within, that deserves to be fostered within us all – and continuously so.
    Thank-you Jane.

  5. I love it Jane… ‘grow your own love’! Learning that love is within us and not from another might sound basic but our entire society is based on love being something we give and receive. Hence why we can spend our entire lives surrounded by family and friends who supposedly ‘love us’ and whom we profess to love equally, yet feel there is ‘something missing’ at the same time. Love is inside us, and when we take care of ourselves truly, we get to live with love and ‘in love’ 24/7.

  6. So simple – a choice to say yes and surrender to what’s already within. What a beautiful garden it would be when every single seed chooses to be in full bloom. That may sound impossible, yet the potential has always been there.

  7. If we use nature for its true purpose then it is a great tool of reflection in times of disconnection, it is never grander than what we are and if we hold that to be a known, we can be truly blessed by its magic.

  8. This is lovely, we always have all we need within, whether we choose to nurture that is our choice which is always there for us.

  9. If we don’t take responsibility for growing our own love, then we will seek all sorts of ‘life’s pleasures’ to fill the gap left within. None of that works in the long run, even though it can appear to in the short term. Eventually we end up feeling the same feelings of lack, not enough, emptiness or dissatisfaction. When it is our own love we grow, there is the opportunity to forever deepen a sense of being nurtured, cared for, loved and held as a valuable and equal member of society.

  10. There is a natural order or harmony that we are intrinsically part of; it is the vibration of love, of truth and oneness that this represents. It is a quality this is lived from within out, from simply being in surrender to ourselves, in connection to the love we are in essence, where we discover that this love is always calling and guiding us to be more, express more and live more of who we naturally are.

  11. A simply beautiful sharing Jane on the reflection nature is giving to us. We have this tiny seed with in us with all the potential of the universe held there, just waiting to be warmed by the sunshine of our love and watered by our gentle nurturing ways.

  12. I love analogies for what they bring the simple truth of life. The observations of how we can be. I love the reflections from nature it is the ease and flow and acceptance of life that I love, a full green leaf doesn’t resist become autumnal and dying it goes into it in full colour and let’s go. Effortlessly. We have so much to learn from nature and the cycles of life.

  13. A beautiful analogy Jane. The potential to blossom in full from within is forever there waiting for us to unfold to when we choose to take responsibility and commit to truly caring and nurturing ourselves.

  14. A gorgeous blog to read Jane. I love how you have expressed that the responsibility and choice is always ours;
    “our choice to nurture ourselves truly and deeply, our choice to say yes to life and our choice to commit to it fully with all the love we know we are and always have been….. a choice to grow our own Love!”.

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