A New Ending Point

By Joel Levin, Western Australia

A recent article ‘A New Starting Point’ explored what life might be like if we gave life a new starting point. It explored the change from having pain and suffering as our starting point, to making love as the starting point…

It seems, however, that that story is only the end of the very beginning.  

Love is not only the starting point, but it is possible to make it our ending point as well.

I am beginning to realise how often I start with love now, which is an amazing gift I have given myself. However, it’s been interesting to notice how often I feel amazing but then let myself become distracted by something – a thought, an ‘issue that I must deal with’, a perceived issue with something. In essence, I make love my starting point but I don’t make it my ending point.

Basically I say ‘that’s enough love now’ and pull the rip cord. It turns out I have a long list of ‘rip cords’ ready and waiting for me to pull at any moment.

If I explore why I might do that, what comes back is usually things like – “how will other people react”, “I can’t let it get too amazing because I might lose it”, or “I’m not strong enough to hold that love in the world”… or the classic “I’ve just got to sort out this issue then I’ll be able to hold it”.

All of these statements give me an issue to deal with and reason to be distracted – and a justification for starting but not ending with love.

I attended a recent men’s group and realised that for almost 10 years now I have studied The Way of the Livingness to varying degrees. All the usual difficulties of life were there at the start and are still around me today, but they affect me less.

Sometimes it feels like there is more pressure now to NOT start and end with love but the truth is, I AM living with more love than ever before. I AM deepening and improving relationships with people rather than them breaking down, I AM dealing with what life throws at me... in fact there is a long list of things I USED to use as a reason to not end with love, that I no longer do.

So I am and have made choices up until now that can change the tide and rhythm of my life: all those pressures on the outside don’t change, and based on my progress (slow at times, but progress all the same) it turns out they aren’t stronger than my making these choices.

The key difference as I see it, is to change the slogan “don’t sweat the small stuff” to something like “don’t sweat the big stuff!”. The big stuff being; how my parents were, workplace stress, deadlines, my role in the world etc. It’s this big stuff that gives me plenty of reasons to affirm why I am not enough right now and why I shouldn’t end with love.

The small stuff is making choices about; obsessing over thoughts or staying present with what it happening, the way I move my body, whether I let emotions or feelings run me, the food I eat, how I breathe… all that small stuff is the stuff that over the years has resulted in a significant shift in not just how I live, but the level of vitality, joy, harmony and yes, love that I feel.

I made love my starting point through these choices and it seems that love as an end point has no ending, just a deepening because in truth it never ends…!

261 thoughts on “A New Ending Point

  1. Sometimes our progress can feel as if it is not progress due to the pace it moves at but what this blog has reminded me of is that appreciating how far I have come is what will propel me forward, not dwelling on the pace I have got there in.

    1. Hear, Hear Sarah – how far we have come is a powerful marker to consistently return to deepening our connection within. Measuring the pace to get there makes it a slog rather than a joy.

  2. Thank you Joel,
    This article has stopped me and given me much to ponder on. I like how you share to make love our ending point. As, like you share, I too have many thoughts that erode the love I start with, but what if I choose to make love my ending point. I can already feel the significance of your article on my life.

  3. I find sometimes that the big stuff seems so big and I cower away from it and delay doing what needs to be done. As soon as I start dealing with this big stuff it begins to shrink. I have made it big in my mind and it has no power of it’s own at all.

    1. I think that’s a great point – how we can make things seem more of an issue than they are and in fact it is us just feeding it to be a problem rather than it being something unsurmountable.

  4. I enjoyed reading your blog again Joel. What you describe is all too familiar. The ripcord that caught my eye this morning was “I’ve just got to sort out this issue then I’ll be able to hold it”. For me it’s as if I feel I don’t deserve or am not worthy of even starting, let alone ending with love if I’m stuffing things up. My old habit was to feel the need to fix myself first before I could bring love in, but that is so not the case. I am experimenting now and can start with love and sometimes even end with it and then deal with the stuff ups from that place of connection.

  5. “I made love my starting point through these choices and it seems that love as an end point has no ending, just a deepening because in truth it never ends…!” Glorious inspiration for my day – thankyou Joel.

  6. Joel, I always come out of reading one of your blogs ready to move in a way that will bring about evolution within. Thank you for your expression.

  7. Thanks Joel- your blog offers a great perspective. To look at making it love all the way and to stay steady and true in this and continue to deepen our expression of this.

  8. I absolutely agree Joel, the truth is love never ends. I felt to highlight this part as well, “I can’t let it get too amazing because I might lose it”,it reminds me of how I used to think. I used to be too afraid to lose ‘feeling amazing’ and embracing love, so I played it safe and didn’t allow myself to feel too amazing just in case it got taken away, yet I was the one choosing to hide it. Crazy, how I allowed this fear of losing love cap me from expressing it, when in fact it is impossible to lose love because I am love. I now understand that it is always my choice to connect to love or not, because no one can take love away, it is definitely endless and will always be with me regardless.

  9. Focusing on the small stuff and not sweating the big is a great way to be. Life opens up and instead of going out of ourselves to live it, it comes to us. We learn we need not go anywhere and in fact to do so is to leave ourselves behind.

  10. I always feel inspired by your blogs, Joel…. I find that the wisdom that you share always supports me to make more loving choices within my life.

  11. What I have noticed in myself is that I was acting as though love had a limit, believing I was only able to hold and harness love up to a certain point, if that makes any sense. Similar to thinking that I am not good enough, but in a way trying to keep it safe, not wanting to make ‘mistakes’ or getting it wrong – by letting love be the way, all the way. So for me, what it shows is that if the ending point is not being love, the starting point is already wobbly.

  12. Making it about love all the way does away with the manufacturing of issues for the simple reason, that love and issues are the polar opposites.

  13. Yes, I agree Joel, it is all the small stuff that makes a difference to how we deal with everyday life and the big stuff when it comes along. And yes, there is never a stopping or ending point as we go on for ever, as does love, so we may as well deepen the love as we go by paying even more attention to the little details of life! Great blog.

  14. Thank you Joel for a great article, showing the expansiveness of love to never having an ending point and how our issues big or small can derail us if we let them on our ever deepening journey of love.

  15. Joel, it is so true that all the small stuff does add up and so lets appreciate how far we have come. However, lets not seek comfort in this as there is a deeper place in love for us to go and then deeper after that and so on. There is no end point -not on this plane of life anyway so lets enjoy the ride, work on the small stuff and feel the beauty in the depth of connection we have with life, with ourselves and with God.

  16. I remember a few years ago someone telling me not to sweat on the big stuff and I appreciated what they were saying but could not really follow their advice because I had not yet built the love in my body from not sweating the small stuff. Bringing more love and care into my life in so many ways allows me to build a foundation whereby the big stuff becomes equal to the small stuff. This foundation rests on the connection and expression that I choose.

    1. So true Elaine, our power is in the details. When we commit to bringing our love to all the small things we do in our lives we build a loving foundation, a steadiness and consistency that then naturally magnifies this love throughout our lives, in all we do be it big or small. And in fact we discover and come to know that the love we are within is immeasurable and unchangeable regardless of whatever situation we are met with.

  17. What you have illustrated so very very well here Joel is a deep appreciation and understanding of the infinite quality of Love.

  18. Thank you Joel for this blog. The ‘small stuff’ is what shapes our relationship with the ‘big stuff’ and lifestyle choices are well within our control when we give them our focus. So the bigger, ‘outside of us’ situations are related to differently, the more we are responsible and caring in the parts of life we do have a say in. We can only have issues while we choose to believe that we have no power over how we feel, respond or react to certain situations and that comes if we focus on the parts we cannot change (other people, situations etc) and ignore that our small parts contribute to the bigger picture.

  19. As I read this I contemplated what my day would be like if tonight I finish with love and feeling that I have lived love today. That alone gave me the perspective to consider my choices and what they would look like and what I would choose throughout the day and how that would then feel.

  20. I often put the breaks on when I feel it’s enough – amazing enough. I think there is a limit and that too much more amazingness is not possible so I pull my own rip cord and put the breaks on. I wonder what would happen if I didn’t….

  21. Regardless of whatever we do in our lives, the situations that we are met with, the challenges we face and breakthroughs we experience, the one constant and steady quality that is ever-present in our lives is the love we are within, through which there is no end to the degree that we can choose to live in connection to. It is this love that forever calls us to remember who we are first and foremost, and embrace the wisdom of our love within that awaits to guide our every step.

  22. There is no end point to our connection to love only a deepening of that which we are. I start my day off with love but often lose it when I take on my children’s issues, as I am learning to observe and not go into the fixing mode, I can hold my love more consistently, and end my day with a loving repose.

  23. So true Joel, there is no end point to love, why limit ourselves and only accept a small amount when there is an abundance of love on offer waiting for us to embrace.

  24. I love this blog Joel. I like the simplicity of it and this morning it has inspired me to keep things simple and focus on the small things like my breath and how I move as I go about my day.

  25. Thinking that there would be an ending point is rather tormenting as in truth there never is an ending and I know for myself it feels like the goal posts are constantly being shifted and I am not able to appreciate neither life as it unfolds, nor myself as a forever student.

  26. It certainly changes the focus of your day if you say – I want to end this day in love – it changes then how you move and what you observe and choose not to take on in the day and how you support yourself and respond in each moment. I am going to use this today.

  27. I loved this blog for all it revealed. I could very much relate to starting with love but petering out a bit. It showed me a lack of commitment to love even though it’s everything we could want in the world. I also loved the realisation that we shouldn’t sweat the big stuff. The only big stuff that really matters is love. All the other stuff big stuff can be done with love. If it cant include love at its foundation, it is not worth doing.

  28. Ending a day in the same quality we have started is really a challenging one because it requires us to be so much aware of where we are at every moment and to correct our movements when we are deviating from it. It is important to admit that this is a major challenge that requires to focus on the quality of our movements all the time and not get caught by the different scenery.

  29. A great reminder Joel of how easily we allow our emotions to run us, or the thoughts that go on in our mind, when really if we come from love we are first we are able to deal with all the challenges life brings us.

  30. Human life is full of waves with the odd tsunami coming in threatening to wipe us out – but the more in rhythm we are with the flow around us, the more prepared we are to be steady and solid with whatever comes our way.

  31. Nice perspective Joel. It’s always welcomed to have a common theory turned on it’s head a little to make us realise how much we sell out to an idea that someone out there has created and we just jump on for the ride without really discerning for ourselves what that idea is actually about and the energy behind it.

  32. When we know that we are already love and complete in our essence it changes the starting point to one of returning rather than going out to seek something we’re missing so to speak and so the way forward becomes one of constantly deepening our expression of that connection in our everyday.

  33. This paragraph brought me to a complete stop for a few moments, as it made me realise and appreciate how much more love I am living now than I was 9 years ago, prior to being a student of Universal Medicine.
    A wonderful confirmation of how I am dealing with what life throws at me, instead of going into reaction and contraction.
    “I AM living with more love than ever before. I AM deepening and improving relationships with people rather than them breaking down, I AM dealing with what life throws at me… in fact there is a long list of things I USED to use as a reason to not end with love, that I no longer do”.

  34. I have always been great at starting things, I enjoy a big clean out of my cardboard, or start a weeks clean eating but keeping it up has always been more challenging. As you state there is no real ending when it comes to love but there is a consistency that gains a momentum and I think that finishing things in a different way could be key for us to be able to start things a fresh.

  35. The true starting point is love. As you say Joel, there are so many end points that are not love that keep distracting us along the way and in that moment we are saying no to evolution. Rather an ‘ouch’ moment to ponder upon as it exposed the lack of consistency.
    “Basically I say ‘that’s enough love now’ and pull the rip cord. It turns out I have a long list of ‘rip cords’ ready and waiting for me to pull at any moment”.

  36. We believe in ending points as in there is nothing beyond them. It is true that some things end (particularly in the world of matter) but others do not. There are things in this world that are destined to expand perpetually.

  37. I love this blog, I had never thought of how we can choose to end with love and do we do this. Your blog just gave me a realization that I too end with love far more than I used to. Great moment of appreciation.

  38. ‘It seems that love as an end point has no ending, just a deepening because in truth it never ends’, I love what you share here Joel, to live love consistently and to know it is a forever deepening process is a beautiful reminder we can all be inspired by.

  39. Extravagant Joel! The love is there wholesome and full in everything that presents. It is our movement to manifest it into a reality. In other words (or worlds haha!) make it happen. And the best place to start is in the small things because when we join them all-together it = BIG.

  40. When we make appreciation part of our daily rhythm, it becomes a never ending process because the more we appreciate what is happening within and around us, the more our awareness expands to include further blessing that are there for us to appreciate, and so on and so forth.

  41. That is some priceless advice Joel on how one can start and end in love. Sometimes it’s the cracks we turn a blind eye to that allows the ill to slip in.

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