Universal Medicine Retreat… Growing WINGS without RED BULL’

By Haresh Ashara, 39, Brisbane, Australia

It was TIME: enough with holding back and getting lost in the conundrum of justifying monies spent in investing in my body.

“Either way this body is going to die”: I had a choice to make to either live with diseases, aches or pain (which was inevitable with the way I had been living – when nothing had worked in the PAST). Or, I could try something new… 

It was time to ditch the voices that forced me to find rationale – but did not have the answer to why I felt JOY, Harmony and Love every time I had a session or attended a workshop with Universal Medicine.

Common Sense, huh? Doing the same thing in the same way will deliver the same results. It was time to try something new, and jump into that which had a proven track record of feeling joyful. It was a time to invest in something big.

The Universal Medicine Retreat in Vietnam was my first step. The moment I walked into the hotel room and opened the balcony, I felt at home. The view, the smell in the air, those trees, that buzzing noise brought back cosy feelings of my HOME. My body felt right at home and my feet found bounce.

Five days in and the retreat felt like being in heaven and felt like a confirmation with a big stamp “WELCOME back HOME”. WOW!

The HARMONY, The JOY, The brotherhood, The feeling of oneness, The all – inclusive men’s circle – Knights of Hoi-An. I was loved and loved and loved – it reminded me of just how Lovable and Amazing I am.

Finding love and support within, this chrysalis broke the shell and grew wings. I swear by my wings that I didn’t drink RED BULL. Not even Sugar. And yet, it felt like the most natural thing I know – no high, but a true reminder of what I can live each day.

On the last day, at the celebration dance, my body just knew how to move. The mind had a shocked expression on its face with the way the body was moving. It was moving with the divine rhythm and connection. My body became completely fluid. I’ve never danced that long with joy. This was my first time that I really enjoyed it.

I now know who I am – I am much greater, and more love than I imagined.

And, yes, I do have wings, not like red bull, but those of a Son of God – who chooses not to fly, but to walk firmly and lovingly on this Earth.

Inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine

217 thoughts on “Universal Medicine Retreat… Growing WINGS without RED BULL’

  1. What is it about the way we live life that as soon as we come away from a retreat or weekend workshop where as you say Haresh we can easily feel
    ‘The HARMONY, The JOY, The brotherhood, The feeling of oneness, The all – inclusive men’s circle – Knights of Hoi-An. I was loved and loved and loved – it reminded me of just how Lovable and Amazing I am.’
    We are set upon by a way of being that doesn’t want anyone to feel the love, harmony, stillness that is readily available to us instead we are constantly crushed by a force that insists we are not a son of God when actually that is our true brith right, we are not just mere humans we are all sons of God living as ungods because of this crushing energy that we all experience.

  2. I remember that balcony as we shared the same retreat, and the same thoughts about how much we can consider and reconstruct our old past ways when we approach life from the True Purpose of deepening our relationship with Love first, and then accepting that Truth can be our best friend.

  3. The Vietnam retreat is not just a lovely holiday to sleep by the beach, it is an expansion & can change a life beyond what’s imaginable.

  4. Whilst confronting, it serves us all well to hold anything less than a Livingness of true Joy and Love as a state of sickness and ill health.

    1. Joshua we all know from the state of humanity that the human body is riddled with disease what is being offered at these retreats and workshops that occur throughout the year is an opportunity to discover a different way of life where it is possible to live with deep love for each other and that we can hold everyone in a deep reverence.

  5. If you wake up with the need for sugar and stimulation to get you through your day then there is something not quite true with how you are living. You were not born with a cola in your hand so why do you need to wake up with one?

  6. Yes.. every retreat I learn something new about who I am, how I relate to the world, and learn tools and techniques that help one to be in the world, and in relationships, and respond instead of react to what goes on around us. It’s not rocket science stuff but super simple, practical and applicable to everyday living.

  7. The time at Universal Medicine retreat feels very special, but what they are presenting is a version of normal that we can all adopt and make it our every day.

    1. Fumiyo what you say is true the Universal Medicine retreats actually represents how we could all be living and one day we will all get to this stage it is called true evolution, not the made up version we have been told is evolution.

  8. In life, we get to those points where all we can get is more of the same. It is only when we feel this that we open up to new things and those may well change our lives.

  9. It is utterly ridiculous we need a sugar hit to get through the day when our body naturally has all the energy we need and more to live life in full if we do not abuse it and instead shower it with love and care.

      1. lj I agree with you, sugar also keeps our bodies racy and when our bodies are over stimulated it cannot function properly as there is no stillness to refer to. So do we eat and drink sugar so that we cannot feel who we are in true because to feel this would immediately bring us to our senses that we are not living in a way that supports our bodies to evolve in the true sense of the word.

  10. We might use drugs or alcohol to have good night out and dance but nothing is as amazingly beautiful as connecting to our soul and live from that. The latter gives a feeling in the body that no other stimulant can do, it is a deep satisfaction of coming home, feeling totally ourselves and feeling purely divine.

  11. The Universal Medicine Retreats are a treat that keep on supporting long after the hotel room door has been closed. See you next year.

    1. The doors might have closed, but our hearts are opened for all to feel, and may I add that it is a treat to deepen our Livingness at these retreats. Definitely next year 2020! As 2019 was a cracker!!!

  12. We have to get our brains out of the way and let our bodies do the education, as our bodies are connected to the source of where we come from. They are so much more connected to that than our brains which are the receivers and processors of information and can therefore misinterpret or re-interpret the communication.

  13. “Doing the same thing in the same way will deliver the same results.” And history keeps showing us that this is true and what we are doing is not working. This is reflected in the increase in illness, disease, social unrest and violence, etc. It is most definitely time to do some different and Serge Benhayon is showing a different way.

  14. I am with you Haresh that The Way of The Livingness feels utterly natural for my body and being to live, as in connection to the truth that we are the Sons of God we are free to live all that we are here to be, with every step grounding the divine.

  15. Yes it is wonderful to have that marker of Joy, Harmony and Love in the body and the experience that there is a whole other way to live. It is even more wonderful when we start to make that way our everyday normal 🙂

    1. Oh yes Nicola it sure is. There is no way I now would ever consider trying to live another way. Besides, my body and being knows precisely where the love, joy, harmony and freedom is at and I now know there is no joy in resisting that.

      1. Carola my body experiences immense love, joy and harmony in listening to your music and Divine voice.

  16. Love gives me wings! Haha whilst playful it is true. No need for a sugar hit to get you started in the day when Love is made as your way.

  17. I’ve not yet been to Vietnam for a retreat but I certainly been to Vietnam and other retreats. Vietnam is an amazing place and Hoi An was my favourite place for some unknown reason and this was 20 years ago. The sense of union was felt within the community, a beautiful place.

    These retreats are like no other, every time I come away, I am more me with out the excess baggage I’ve been carrying around for centuries. The feeling of togetherness is amazing unlike any other gatherings often alcohol fuelled.

    Irrespective of which Universal Medicine retreat you attend they bring the real you back home – just A-mazing.

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