Universal Medicine Retreat… Growing WINGS without RED BULL’

By Haresh Ashara, 39, Brisbane, Australia

It was TIME: enough with holding back and getting lost in the conundrum of justifying monies spent in investing in my body.

“Either way this body is going to die”: I had a choice to make to either live with diseases, aches or pain (which was inevitable with the way I had been living – when nothing had worked in the PAST). Or, I could try something new… 

It was time to ditch the voices that forced me to find rationale – but did not have the answer to why I felt JOY, Harmony and Love every time I had a session or attended a workshop with Universal Medicine.

Common Sense, huh? Doing the same thing in the same way will deliver the same results. It was time to try something new, and jump into that which had a proven track record of feeling joyful. It was a time to invest in something big.

The Universal Medicine Retreat in Vietnam was my first step. The moment I walked into the hotel room and opened the balcony, I felt at home. The view, the smell in the air, those trees, that buzzing noise brought back cosy feelings of my HOME. My body felt right at home and my feet found bounce.

Five days in and the retreat felt like being in heaven and felt like a confirmation with a big stamp “WELCOME back HOME”. WOW!

The HARMONY, The JOY, The brotherhood, The feeling of oneness, The all – inclusive men’s circle – Knights of Hoi-An. I was loved and loved and loved – it reminded me of just how Lovable and Amazing I am.

Finding love and support within, this chrysalis broke the shell and grew wings. I swear by my wings that I didn’t drink RED BULL. Not even Sugar. And yet, it felt like the most natural thing I know – no high, but a true reminder of what I can live each day.

On the last day, at the celebration dance, my body just knew how to move. The mind had a shocked expression on its face with the way the body was moving. It was moving with the divine rhythm and connection. My body became completely fluid. I’ve never danced that long with joy. This was my first time that I really enjoyed it.

I now know who I am – I am much greater, and more love than I imagined.

And, yes, I do have wings, not like red bull, but those of a Son of God – who chooses not to fly, but to walk firmly and lovingly on this Earth.

Inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine

181 thoughts on “Universal Medicine Retreat… Growing WINGS without RED BULL’

  1. Not only is Universal Medicine about life without Red Bull, it’s resoundingly ‘no bull’! For me it’s been not only a joy but the common sense, recipe-for-life miracle I’d been looking for.

  2. What I love about this blog is it’s unfettered expression of joy. This is one man who’s not holding back how he feels and it’s quite beautiful and delightful to see and feel. Thank you Haresh, you’re blazing a new kind of trail!

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