Finding the Kingdom of God

When asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, Jesus replied, “The kingdom of God will not come with observable signs. Nor will people say, ‘Look here it is,’ or ‘There it is.’ For you see, the Kingdom of God is in your midst.”

(New Testament: Luke 17:20-21)

For me this is quite a big step, writing an article opening with a quote from the Bible. A coming out even. Have I been converted into Christianity? No, I am not into Christianity as such. I am not a follower, but I do believe that Jesus was a great messenger, and that some of his quotes have ended up in the Bible.

Does the fact that a quote is in the Bible mean it is truth, that they are words from God? I know for many, every word in the Bible is truth as they believe they are God’s words. For me, all words in the Bible are not automatically that way.

But this beautiful quote is. Let me explain.

Many years ago I met a man called Serge Benhayon who I consider a great messenger in this era, just like Jesus, Buddha and Pythagoras have been, and perhaps surprisingly, people like Shakespeare and Einstein, in their times. They were all teaching or working with the Ageless Wisdom.

Serge presents, that however famous or renowned the teacher is, everything should be discerned on an energetic level first, feeling it, or knowing how something is without using our intellect.

This quote from the Bible feels true because it resonates in my body as being true. I could even say I align to it, because I have found this Kingdom of God myself.

The most surprising thing is that this Kingdom of God is IN me, and it was there all along. It was a Kingdom that was buried and just needed to be uncovered.

The Kingdom of God, and missing it, is the deep longing mankind has to be happy, but in a settled, constant way. We have been seeking true happiness for lifetimes – in careers, relationships, holidays, that great restaurant, films or that bar of chocolate. In the end we all discover, if we are honest, that those external things are all fleeting moments of happiness that don’t last.

I searched also for this Kingdom of God, without ever calling it that, outside me. Now I have found it, inside me. It is the connection to our essence, our inner heart, our inner being, our divinity or many other names we may give it. The Kingdom of God.

As Jesus taught, The Kingdom of God is there for everybody. At last I understand what it means because I feel this Kingdom inside me. It is a feeling of joy that is there whatever I do, whoever I meet. The most mundane things come with a feeling of magic, because I do them connected to the Kingdom of God.

It is also a feeling of beauty, a feeling of my power, my love that is always there.

How do I live this way? Very simply: by staying in connection with this Kingdom and making that the number one thing in my life. From there I go out into the world and do the things everybody needs to do like working, having a relationship, going shopping, while realising also that this connection is only there when I am in my body – that is, feeling my body and not being in my head – experiencing more and more that this connection is very, very sensitive, needing to be treated like the most delicate flower, really taken care of without putting stress on it, and not abusing my body in any way.

Do I feel this Kingdom of God constantly, 24 hours a day? No, I am not perfect. I fall down every now and then, but I feel I am solidly returning, re-learning a way of living that restores my connection to this Kingdom. I feel I am well underway to mastering living with The Kingdom of God in full once again, and then again I know and feel the connection I have re-built now is only the beginning and there is so much more, so much deeper I can go. The connection is there mostly; now comes the deepening. Once again, I say because that is the way we, as babies, come into this life, – by being in connection with it.

Uncovering The Kingdom of God, re-connecting to it, is a process very much worth the effort for me. It is always there, inside of us, and remains there untouched. It only gets buried. Buried by things like unhealed hurts, roles, stress, and the total focus outside of us. All we have to do to re-connect – and this is not always easy – is to uncover it.

By Willem Plandsoen, MSc, Sales & Marketing professional, dedicated student of The Way of The Livingness, Amsterdam

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93 thoughts on “Finding the Kingdom of God

  1. This searching for the Kingdom of God without ever calling it that is exactly what I have done and no doubt what we all have done. I was told it could be found in someone loving me, In a career, in a family, in a beautiful house, a friendly like minded community, in being seen for doing a good job, in being well off – and the list goes on. I have ticked off boxes I was convinced would give me that elusive something that I thought would bring me what I was missing.

    The finding ‘the one’ has been my most ardent quest. I’ve not wanted to accept the Kingdom of God was inside me because then I won’t be saved by my prince! Reluctantly I have started to connect to this Kingdom and it’s very beautiful!

  2. Your article presents a very beautiful and simple explanation for the kingdom of God. Thank you Willem for presenting your understanding in a way that makes it very accessible and natural for everyone to experience and enjoy.

  3. It’s not the words themselves, but them being experienced, what makes them real and possibe in our life, so it’s great to open up myself to this experience of the Kingdom of God within… and this feels really empowering, loving and true.

  4. The world around us is set up to promote an apparent reality of individuality. The moment we buy into this we step away from this kingdom you mention Willem. But it simply waits, holding us until we choose to reconnect. How cool is that.

  5. Thank you Willem. I really enjoying reading this article this morning. And it makes for a very simple review of how much I stay in my body during the day and therefore open to access the Kingdom of God that is in us, in our midst… everywhere actually.

  6. There are moments in our lives that push us to the edge, that practically push every button we have. But even in these, it’s totally possible and absolutely essential to connect to and live with God. Just ploughing on with reaction and emotion is proven to leave us empty and torn apart.

    1. Turning this into a question and pausing for a moment during the course of my day feels a very supportive way of stopping a momentum I don’t necessarily want to be going in to: ‘Do I just want to plough through today being in reaction and emotion that is proven to leave us empty and torn apart, or do I want to re-join the flow and stay connected to and living with God?’ Thank you, Joseph.

  7. When I’m connected with my body I dearly know what is truth and what is not, even when I agree intellectually with the words someone may be saying. It communicates very clearly! So, in order not to listen because it’s basically inconvenient in some way, I attribute the communication to something entirely different. I then learn the hard way what was the truth. No different to humanity. We shoot down messengers connected to truth because we prefer to ignore the wisdom they bring. As a result we incur great suffering, not as punishment, but simply the outcome of our wayward choices.

  8. Living the The Kingdom of God within makes my life one big celebration, life is sooo bland when we step away from the Kingdom within after reconnecting to it, it’s hard to believe I actually blocked all this inner glory out to stay in an issue or hurt (which is only a fake intelligence running me anyway).

  9. “being in touch with truth is a 24/7 responsibility” and when we are in Truth then we are in The Kingdom of God.

  10. It’s a great way to stop any upset or argument – ask yourself if you are feeling the Kingdom of God inside you right now. The answer will bring you back to honesty and the chance to come back to Love. Thanks Willem.

  11. There is great truth in the Bible but also a lot of untruth – some seems to me blatantly obvious, some is so close but still off – and it’s the latter that needs close attention.

    Discernment is key, as is honesty. Because this isn’t just about the Bible, to me it’s in all aspects of life, not from a theoretical standpoint, but a living breathing relationship with life. And I say honesty because sometimes I just don’t want to see what’s not true. Sometimes I choose the comfort of turning a blind eye. It could be going along with someone saying they care when they don’t, or believing a course of action will provide support when actually it enables someone not to know who they are, but stay trapped in an identity that is less than the amazing person they actually are. So many examples all of which tell me being in touch with truth is a 24/7 responsibility.

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