My Journey Home

by Kim Olsen, Warwick, Australia

My path to make contact with the esoteric and Universal Medicine was kicked off by an incident. I fell and badly broke my left hip. Up to this point I had been doing what the world expected of me (to me now that felt like going through the motions of living). I had been suffering hay fever and sinus problems for more than 20 years.

Previously, as a teenager I had needed to have my tonsils removed. I was overweight and showing early signs of a heart attack-in-waiting… I am sure I was heading for cancer as well – if the heart attack did not kill me first.

So when I was 36 I had this fall which left me immobile for three months. My hip was fractured, I had scarring on my lung and bruising on my heart. While I was reflecting on this in hospital, I realised that I had not been listening to my body and the messages it was trying to give me. I resolved to do so from now on.

From a temporal point of view, this resolve (alignment to my soul) set me off on a disastrous path. I lost three good relationships and much of my assets (worldly). However, I have through this journey found who I am, and to me now that is all that really matters. Looking back, I realised I would now lose relationships if I did not express as me in them. I had taken on an adage to be what I thought others wanted me to be.

Do you realise how hard it is to be confident when you don’t know who you are? It is so lovely to be confidently expressing now as me.

I was now seeing much of the world and the way I was, as it was. At one stage my spectacle prescription improved back five years as I started seeing in-truth how my relationship was. The optometrist agreed that my sight had improved, but did not have an understanding of what I was proposing. I realised that our world was full of paradoxes about how things are. All our worldly truths I could see as part truths hiding the real truth.

Then in 2004 I did a Heart Chakra 1 with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. It felt so good and familiar. I then kept doing what I was doing until 2009 when I came back to Universal Medicine.

You may wonder why I did not continue then, however looking back I needed to see more things I wasn’t, which ultimately help define what and who I am. So in 2009 I returned to the esoteric associations and Universal Medicine with a knowing that most of the difficulties we face in this world would be lessened or removed if we felt empowered. I have personally found that empowerment… initially coming as a realisation that I can be me anywhere, anytime and with anyone. Then I found the keys within as to how to manifest this. It is a simple, very fulfilling way to live, to let go the shackles of doing, and be.

Over the years I gave up dairy, alcohol, sugar and gluten as I saw how these substances dulled my body and my sensitivity. I can see that my sensitivity was compromised by these substances in a way that made it impossible to be aware of their influence, which adds to the arrogance of knowing that what we are doing is right. I now at 58 feel the best I have done health-wise since about 16, and wellbeing-wise since I was about 5. I no longer get hay fever or sinus conditions. My circulation problem, highlighted after the broken hip, and the swelling in my legs are gone. My propensity for sunspots on my skin has diminished and I have watched areas heal one at a time. I sleep well every night. I never get caught up in reactions to events and what people say and do. This list goes on and on.

So to say Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have done it for me would be wrong. What I have found from being an esoteric student is a rebuilding of my confidence in my feelings, to be now at a point where I trust them and my feeling of the energies, implicitly. Also I have gained a confidence in my feelings and their messages.

260 thoughts on “My Journey Home

  1. True confidence is very much related to presence. If we are disconnected from our bodies we are not able to be present. The journey home begins with reconnection to ourselves and our bodies as you have described.

  2. We have a knowing, we all know that the way we are living can be harmful. I remember one time when I was very young – four, maybe even three years old, something came over me and I started dancing around a pole in a sexual way. All of the sudden I swung and hit my pelvic bone on the pole, my god did it hurt – tears burst out of my eyes from the pain. But in that moment I knew that the way I was moving was not okay and I had stepped out of line – I was 3 It wasn’t learned, it was known.

  3. A deeply inspiring sharing Kim, and such a refreshing realisation that we all have this choice to return to truly supporting ourselves, our well being and vitality.

  4. It is true, we can not express ourselves with confidence when we do not have a foundation of knowing who we truly are, the ideas of who we are, are not the same as physically connecting with our body and how we feel.

  5. “At one stage my spectacle prescription improved back five years as I started seeing in-truth how my relationship was.” – This is an amazing confirmation of how our bodies are constantly communicating with us in many ways, sometimes with symbolism. I just recently had a similar experience when I had my eyes checked and it went from 20/30 to 20/25 in a couple years. This felt like a sign that I began to allow myself to see and accept more that was happening in my life and the world without so many ideals and beliefs clouding my sight.

  6. It is a very wise move when we choose to listen to our body as it we will alert us to the fact of which foods support it and which do not. Some of the avenues it will do this by, is how our body feels after we have eating, for example if we are feeling heavy, bloated, sleepy, emotional or lack clarity, these are all signposts that our body is in distress trying to digest what we have giving it. Whereas if our body is feeling light and harmonious we will know the food we have eaten is nourishing to it.

  7. When we don’t have a true relationship with ourselves, then the relationships with others take on a seeming greater importance than they should. For example before I started to develop a relationship with myself I probably only had 10 people that I considered important in my life and so if I lost one of those, big calamity. But these days I have hundreds of relationships that I treasure but none of them is any more important than any other.

    1. Great points Doug, and just highlights that all our relationships are a great reflection of the relationship with ourselves…reflections we can learn from, and make any necessary change to deepen our self-love and as we do, it becomes a lot easier to let others in.

  8. Its amazing what happens when we reconnect to ourselves and begin to live from our innermost heart, our connection to our soul. For me I became more clear on who I was and began expressing that in the world, and from that I became more clear with my sensitivity and trusting my feelings more. It’s an unfolding process and very worth it.

  9. “I can see that my sensitivity was compromised by these substances in a way that made it impossible to be aware of their influence, which adds to the arrogance of knowing that what we are doing is right.” What a valid observation and it makes wonder, which explains so much of why people will vehemently defend ideas and concepts that are blatantly inaccurate, let alone those that appear true when they are not.

  10. ‘Do you realise how hard it is to be confident when you don’t know who you are?’ This question just stops you right in your tracks – it is so powerful when truth is delivered. Most of humanity don’t know who they are, myself included, but since I have been willing to heal my hurts and take responsibility for my life, I can feel so much more of who I am and what I bring. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have been an amazing support for me to understand myself and make different choices and now my life is so much simpler as I say no to complication and distractions.

    1. I quite agree, Jacqueline. I was not confident in myself and instead relied on external props, such as knowledge and skills, to maintain a false sense of confidence. Like you, and so many other people, I have reconnected back to ‘me’ through the loving support of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  11. Sometimes these challenging events in our lives can literally be a blessing. Reconnecting with ourselves and expressing what we feel is our natural way, there is never a moment we are not feeling.

  12. You highlight so beautifully how our confidence is not something we need to obtain as it is not something we lack. We are born with confidence, as it is a reflection of knowing and expressing who we are, and is naturally lived when we live in connection to who we are in essence.

  13. It feels like the world is set up in a way that deliberately diminishes our confidence, and keeps us separated from ourselves, when in truth we choose to be with ourselves, connected to our innermost, or allow the separation. When we do choose to connect, everything drops into its own flow, and we begin to have a true relationship with ourselves.

  14. Our body always speaks clear and if we don’t listen it speaks loud. As you show with your experience Kim, when we listen to our body, the learning it offers to us is assured and the regeneration very possible.

  15. Being settled in the body, knowing who I am makes me appreciate that I am equipped to deal with anything that would come upon me – I guess that is part of being confident.

    1. Just what I need to read today and what a timely reminder that I am fully equipped to deal with anything that life presents to me… ouch I have been giving my power away, which is just on old pattern, but I can now choose to claim it and then live it!

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