True Healing

by Elizabeth Dolan, RN, Australia

Recently a patient I was nursing said to me, “You are a true healer – your presence heals”. I knew exactly what she meant, but only because of the work I have done with Universal Medicine. Let me explain…

When I first met Serge Benhayon I was full of anger and blame. I was angry at the world and felt let down by it. I had spent my whole life searching for the ‘meaning of life’. When I was in my teens I read all sorts of literature to try and understand what life was all about. In my twenties I traveled extensively in search of some elusive thing that I felt was missing. I worked in various countries; tried to do ‘good’ by working in refugee camps and with various disempowered groups; went to university and studied psychology and philosophy thinking that this would help; became involved in experiential psychology, and then studied metaphysics and even became involved in new age spirituality… None of it helped, and all of it left me feeling more and more empty – in fact worse off than before I had started, because my head was now so full of theories, ideals and beliefs.

By the time I met Serge Benhayon I had almost completely given up on that feeling that ‘there is more to life’. To the outside world I would have appeared like a fairly functioning human being, but really I was miserable, drank too much, was about 15 kgs overweight and was working mainly on night shift in a nursing home because I couldn’t face people. I would not have admitted it back then, but I was just managing my way through life, surviving life as best I could.

A friend had been to see Serge and spoke highly of that visit. I resisted going at first, but eventually made an appointment. So I walked into his treatment room, full of anger and full of blame. I challenged him on everything he said… I was rude and obnoxious and questioned him about his work, the way I should have questioned every other person I had read or listened to, but hadn’t. Every two weeks I went back to interrogate Serge a bit more. He didn’t react – he just answered my questions. What he said was very challenging at times, but it made a lot of sense. The thing I was bitter about was that I had always felt myself to be a genuine person who was on a genuine search for truth. I had devoted my life to it, but it had gone so terribly wrong. When he explained to me that I had to look at the energy I had been searching in, then I started to understand what had gone wrong. I had gone in search of meaning from a place of feeling empty and lost, and wanting to be filled up from the outside, when in fact I needed to have started with knowing myself first, and in that way I would have been able to discern what was true and what wasn’t. I was an empty vessel trying to be filled.

With the support of Universal Medicine I learned to reconnect with myself. In doing that, I experienced myself not as an empty vessel, but someone who was full of love. I discovered that this was not only true for me, but for all others equally. We may not always live like that but it remains a fact – we are by nature love.

Over the years my life has changed beyond recognition. I changed my diet and stopped eating gluten and dairy. Because I wasn’t eating gluten anymore I stopped bloating, and as a result lost all the excess weight. I stopped drinking alcohol when I let myself connect with just how harming it was, and I realised that I was just using it to take the edge off life. I bought a house with 2 friends and committed to living, to the best of my ability, with truth and love.

I now work full time in a busy hospital, and love it. I love being out in the world and just being myself. On a daily basis I see how people have given up on life and themselves, and the consequences of that. I also see that the world is in need of people who have started to deal with the things that have brought them to the point of giving up on love, so that others can feel that maybe, just maybe, there is something beyond just managing life, and that we can in fact enjoy it.

Universal Medicine supported me to go deeper, to look at the energy I approached things in, and to be honest with myself. I learned that the choices I make on a daily basis impact my body and life, and the lives of those around me. Ultimately I have learned to take responsibility for myself, and to stop waiting for someone else to bring to me something that is in fact already within me, should I choose to connect with it.

Now back to the patient I mentioned at the start of this piece. I understood what she was saying because of my experience with Serge Benhayon. She experienced ME – the fullness of me, and in that she could feel the more (love) that she is. In feeling the love that she is, she experienced the possibility for true healing. This is exactly what happened for me with Serge Benhayon. He allowed me to feel the love that I am… and with that I have been healing myself. 

347 thoughts on “True Healing

  1. ‘I challenged him on everything he said…’ Confronting the truth is great, because when we genuinely look for it, we finally find it.

  2. When we surrender to Love, we are reconnecting to our essence and thus become a ‘True Healer’ who is dealing with their life’s addictions so we can move freely within our bodies to all those things that we think have been in someway help-full, but in reality have been capping us from Healing in Truth. What Universal Medicine presents is deepening our ability to be able to Heal in Truth, so we understand and re-connect to our bodies ability to feel. Feeling from our body what is True, and thus energetically we can start to discern for ourselves what is happening in our lives, and thus are able to make loving choices that eliminate what we have been addicted to in life.

  3. ‘I experienced myself not as an empty vessel, but someone who was full of love.’
    I found this such a magical moment: to allow myself to feel exactly how much love there is inside and how it wants to be let out and expressed in everything that I do.

  4. Beautiful blog Elizabeth and such a great example of how all we need to do is surrender and re-connect to the wealth of love and wisdom within and the external search is ceased.

  5. “This is exactly what happened for me with Serge Benhayon. He allowed me to feel the love that I am… and with that I have been healing myself.” Simple, but oh so true Elizabeth. This is what is possible when we are open to hearing truth.

  6. This is beautifully presented Elizabeth, how we inspire another through our living way. That is all that is needed. And thus all that is needed is to be ourselves.

  7. Beautiful Elizabeth, I know exactly what your patient was speaking of as I like yourself have experienced this with Serge Benhayon and others associated with Universal Medicine, but also with others that are not aware of Universal Medicine, but naturally live in a way that holds others.

  8. Beautiful Elizabeth, I know exactly what your patient shared and have experienced this with many people including Serge Benhayon and others associated with Universal Medicine, But again, also others who are not of Universal Medicine, but naturally live in a way that holds others.

  9. This is very lovely to read and appreciate. It’s helped me to reflect on my teenage and years prior to meeting Serge Benhayon and how I was searching from an emptiness and how I feared looking within in case the despair and emptiness that I could feel was all there was to me! With support I have gradually connected to who I truly am and felt how lovely this is. Reading this I know there is so much more to connect to and live from, letting go of all that isn’t from my essence afterall.

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