True Healing

by Elizabeth Dolan, RN, Australia

Recently a patient I was nursing said to me, “You are a true healer – your presence heals”. I knew exactly what she meant, but only because of the work I have done with Universal Medicine. Let me explain…

When I first met Serge Benhayon I was full of anger and blame. I was angry at the world and felt let down by it. I had spent my whole life searching for the ‘meaning of life’. When I was in my teens I read all sorts of literature to try and understand what life was all about. In my twenties I traveled extensively in search of some elusive thing that I felt was missing. I worked in various countries; tried to do ‘good’ by working in refugee camps and with various disempowered groups; went to university and studied psychology and philosophy thinking that this would help; became involved in experiential psychology, and then studied metaphysics and even became involved in new age spirituality… None of it helped, and all of it left me feeling more and more empty – in fact worse off than before I had started, because my head was now so full of theories, ideals and beliefs.

By the time I met Serge Benhayon I had almost completely given up on that feeling that ‘there is more to life’. To the outside world I would have appeared like a fairly functioning human being, but really I was miserable, drank too much, was about 15 kgs overweight and was working mainly on night shift in a nursing home because I couldn’t face people. I would not have admitted it back then, but I was just managing my way through life, surviving life as best I could.

A friend had been to see Serge and spoke highly of that visit. I resisted going at first, but eventually made an appointment. So I walked into his treatment room, full of anger and full of blame. I challenged him on everything he said… I was rude and obnoxious and questioned him about his work, the way I should have questioned every other person I had read or listened to, but hadn’t. Every two weeks I went back to interrogate Serge a bit more. He didn’t react – he just answered my questions. What he said was very challenging at times, but it made a lot of sense. The thing I was bitter about was that I had always felt myself to be a genuine person who was on a genuine search for truth. I had devoted my life to it, but it had gone so terribly wrong. When he explained to me that I had to look at the energy I had been searching in, then I started to understand what had gone wrong. I had gone in search of meaning from a place of feeling empty and lost, and wanting to be filled up from the outside, when in fact I needed to have started with knowing myself first, and in that way I would have been able to discern what was true and what wasn’t. I was an empty vessel trying to be filled.

With the support of Universal Medicine I learned to reconnect with myself. In doing that, I experienced myself not as an empty vessel, but someone who was full of love. I discovered that this was not only true for me, but for all others equally. We may not always live like that but it remains a fact – we are by nature love.

Over the years my life has changed beyond recognition. I changed my diet and stopped eating gluten and dairy. Because I wasn’t eating gluten anymore I stopped bloating, and as a result lost all the excess weight. I stopped drinking alcohol when I let myself connect with just how harming it was, and I realised that I was just using it to take the edge off life. I bought a house with 2 friends and committed to living, to the best of my ability, with truth and love.

I now work full time in a busy hospital, and love it. I love being out in the world and just being myself. On a daily basis I see how people have given up on life and themselves, and the consequences of that. I also see that the world is in need of people who have started to deal with the things that have brought them to the point of giving up on love, so that others can feel that maybe, just maybe, there is something beyond just managing life, and that we can in fact enjoy it.

Universal Medicine supported me to go deeper, to look at the energy I approached things in, and to be honest with myself. I learned that the choices I make on a daily basis impact my body and life, and the lives of those around me. Ultimately I have learned to take responsibility for myself, and to stop waiting for someone else to bring to me something that is in fact already within me, should I choose to connect with it.

Now back to the patient I mentioned at the start of this piece. I understood what she was saying because of my experience with Serge Benhayon. She experienced ME – the fullness of me, and in that she could feel the more (love) that she is. In feeling the love that she is, she experienced the possibility for true healing. This is exactly what happened for me with Serge Benhayon. He allowed me to feel the love that I am… and with that I have been healing myself. 

328 thoughts on “True Healing

  1. It’s so lovely to read this again, and it’s true, through the work of Serge Benhayon I too have been able to reconnect back to me, the ‘more’ I was searching for outside myself which was actually the love I was missing within (my soul). I’ve also found when taking the love I am out to others they often naturally reconnect to it within themselves, it’s quite beautiful to witness.

  2. The quality in how we look is something often overlooked as we focus on the end goal or outcome, but if we start with an emptiness then of course everything we find will not satiate that emptiness, but if we start knowing we have it in us, we are love then we explore life and the ways we can express and live that love .. that is a very different experience.

  3. This is amazing Elizabeth. We will never find what we are looking for when we search looking outside of ourselves from a feeling of emptiness inside. We will only find that which feeds the emptiness. Connecting to that which is already there, we find who we are, where there is not an ounce of emptiness. Only the spaciousness that love provides.

  4. I think this is what we all need, to be met, to feel that there is nothing wrong with us or anything that needs to be fixed. It’s all there within us. Not always easy I admit but nevertheless it’s all there to accept and eventually let out, because it takes a lot of effort holding the love within us from not flowing outwards.

  5. Beautiful to re-read your blog Elizabeth and to know there is no ending to the deepening of love for ourselves and others. Without perfection we can constantly refine our choices, our living and our loving . Then others can say, as your patient did:’ your presence heals’.

  6. We all have the power to heal ourselves, and I guess we start the path of healing when we are ready, when we have had enough of the distractions and comfort we have chosen, and hear the calling for more truth.

  7. A reflection on healing : healing is that which is allowing one to let go and discard that which no longer works. True healing comes from within – it is what our Soul brings up for us, and it takes our willingness to see and let go of that. This proces is something that needs to be honestly understood and held deeply by each one of us.

  8. So many of us just manage and function in life, and though on some deeper level we all know that there is more to life, when we do the search all we encounter is distractions and more ideals and beliefs to follow. Until such time that we are ready to encounter the truth. I too kept the search on the outside knowing there was an ache within and not knowing why my life life did not feel fullfilled despite ticking all the so called boxes of what people perceived life to be. And then my encounter with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and my embracing step by step of the truth that lay waiting within me the whole time! Where would I be without this today, I shudder to think.

  9. Moving in an ill being does not help others. Yet, there is something very magical when we go through healing and we settle in the body. There is a quality that is felt as true and that invites everyone to change their own movements.

  10. True healing comes from a lived way, you can not just meet someone with knowledge, when we live with love and true care in our own everyday life, that is felt by others.

  11. It is life changing to know that we can heal ourselves, that we can heal our lives and heal all our relationships by choosing to heal our hurts and deepening the relationship we have with ourselves.

  12. This is lovely Elizabeth . ” and with that I have been healing myself. ” This is so important we heal ourselves and we do this by letting go of what has been imposing on us from the outside . When we meet a person who has healed themselves and developing the full self by this form of re-connection , then this is inspiring

  13. Responsibility is often regarded as a dirty word. But if we can’t be responsible for ourselves – our lifestyle choices etc, who or what can we truly be responsible for?

    1. Spot on Sue, Responsibility is seen as a dirty word, and yet when we embrace it, it feeds us back the energy and the willingness to take on more because it is our natural and innate role and purpose.

  14. ” I had gone in search of meaning from a place of feeling empty and lost, and wanting to be filled up from the outside, when in fact I needed to have started with knowing myself first, and in that way I would have been able to discern what was true and what wasn’t. I was an empty vessel trying to be filled.” I wonder how many others for whom this is also true? It was for me.

  15. How beautifully you share, Elizabeth, that we are our own healers, though without a reflection of another it is very difficult, if not nigh impossible, to understand and initiate this for oneself.

  16. To allow another to feel the love you are … and to stay open with that love no matter what, yes that is deeply healing, and it leads to miracles … I am one, having come back from being deeply given up to a point where I am now more deeply committed to life than before with a level of vitality I would not have previously thought possible. And all this because I was inspired by another and choose to heal.

  17. This is a beautiful story of your searching to find you have come to the right place at last Elizabeth. It is so wonderful that you persevered all those years to find that all the previous ways were not truth, but now you have found it.

  18. The healing affect of a person who is an embodied representation of their own love and honouring is infectious and precious beyond words.

  19. In the past I gave my power away to others when doing courses and following ‘their way’, and travelling further away from myself because I was lost and did not know my way. The first step or decision to turn this around was when I decided to put myself first in my life, and from that one different choice, so much else unfolded.

  20. Beautiful confirmation Elizabeth that true healing not only heals ourselves but opens us to heal others by simply being present with ourselves and walking in love.

  21. I love your story Elizabeth and I would second your patient’s statement that you are a true healer, and further I feel that we are all true healers if we connect to the essence that is within us and live from it. Of course the other truth is that we all heal ourselves rather than the healing coming from others, so we all have this power within us. Thank you for showing us the way.

  22. Thank you Elizabeth this was great to read again, and I appreciated these words “I experienced myself not as an empty vessel, but someone who was full of love. I discovered that this was not only true for me, but for all others equally. We may not always live like that but it remains a fact – we are by nature love.” It’s surely one of the greatest revelations we can uncover (or recover) by reconnecting to ourselves – not only are we in essence love but everyone is equally so. We as human beings must be the greatest untapped resource on the whole planet. Imagine 7+ billion human beings reconnected to their love and expressing it daily – amazing.

  23. “Serge Benhayon…… He allowed me to feel the love that I am… and with that I have been healing myself. ” And when we do this others feel it and receive a healing too. Beautiful Elizabeth.

  24. It reminds me of my experience when I was sitting in the waiting room in the hospital in the eyecare department. There were many chairs and just me and two others waiting. Then a blind woman came in and walked with her stick and came to sit next to me even though there was much more space to sit elsewhere. She said: you know why I come to sit here? I felt someone home.
    I was deeply touched and felt the truth of it. And it was a confirmation of what already changed in me since I study with Universal Medicine.

  25. Searching for the meaning of life outside of myself, in courses and spiritual new age stuff only to get stuck even further as nothing changed in my life…..The meaning of life for me has been about healing my hurts and clearing any emotional baggage I have taken that was not mine, and coming back to self-love and appreciating how much I have transformed my life by living true to myself – in other words, putting myself first before everyone else.
    Facing ourselves can be challenging, lots can come up, but well worth the effort for all the returns in health, feeling lighter (and yes losing weight) as my body shape changed, all my relationships improving especially between family members. An increase in awareness which supports me to read all that life presents to me, which enables me to know how to respond and not react…. in other words, I have learned to observe and not absorb – that is worth its weight in gold. Yes, healing our hurts is the great medicine!

    1. I agree Jacqueline, since coming to the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine my life now is unrecognisable due to healing all of my hurts and the associated behaviours.

  26. Dear Elizabeth – the fullness of you is indisputably gorgeous. I’ve known this since the day I met you, and likewise we can all feel it…. and its lovely to read the journey you have taken to feeling it for yourself as well!

  27. He allowed me to feel the love that I am… and with that I have been healing myself. True empowerment Elizabeth, for the true path back to Soul is to heal thyself and not expect someone else to do it or to fix us.

  28. ” He allowed me to feel the love that I am… and with that I have been healing myself. ” So simple and beautiful thank you for sharing Elizabeth.

  29. This is really true for me too in terms of what Serge Benhayon’s reflection offered me “He allowed me to feel the love that I am… and with that I have been healing myself.” The tools Serge provides including the Gentle Breath Meditation, the Universal Medicine Therapies, and his presentations have all supported me to reconnect to the love I am within, however the consistent reflection of how love looks when lived is what Serge powerfully and constantly provides.

  30. I am sure at some point we all try to work out the meaning of life, yet we don’t realise the key may be in truly knowing ourselves first, and from there life changes because our choices come from within ourselves and not from the outside.

  31. Such a beautiful reminder that us just being us is more than enough. Feeling the fullness of another and recognising the same within us too is so precious. I so love that you kept coming back to interrogate Serge to challenge his work. Clearly you recognised the truth.

  32. We all have the capability to heal and be healed, there is nothing to do, it is simply an alignment to that which is true within us as this has the power to dispel that which does not belong to the divinity that we are from.

  33. From being miserable and angry with the world and feeling let down by it to how you now ‘love being out in the world’ and simply being yourself, I have to say that is a pretty awesome transformation Elizabeth.

  34. Wow such an amazing turnaround Elizabeth and all because of the inspiration you felt from another and then making supportive choices for yourself. From being given up in life to having a completely re-awakened sense of purpose and commitment…

  35. Very gorgeous Elizabeth, thank you. In reading this I can feel the love that I am which is the true starting place for love to flow out and in.

  36. This is beautiful Elizabeth Dolan – you are a role model for many, including myself – your presence is indeed very healing, so so well acknowledged by her and yourself. Appreciation of this is key.

  37. “I would not have admitted it back then, but I was just managing my way through life, surviving life as best I could.” – How many of us have been in this situation, and how many more are still in this predicament…Seeking answers is a common theme in our society, but to get the real answers, one does have to be ready for it, and when we are truly ready, then the answers do come, and then it is about us being willing to go there and change the way we live…what a lesson, and what a journey that is endless, forever expanding and so incredibly rewarding when it comes to opening and unfolding the richness of the heart and what lies within, and yet there is so much we are here to renounce in order to embrace the truth that lies within! This is the conundrum we are faced with each and every day, each and every moment. And yet it is no conundrum for one that has tasted truth and finds it sweeter than all else the lies around as temptation.

  38. “I was an empty vessel trying to be filled.” I have found that this is what drives us to keep searching for solutions from others, desperate to not feel this emptiness anymore, to feel complete. However, it can never come from outside because it is the detachment from our connection to ourselves that means we are an empty vessel. Choosing to fill it from the love source we are from is love- filled sustainable living!

  39. To walk into a room without being loaded with anger and bitterness is a healing in itself. Love has such ease about it because it is who we are, where we are from and what we are made of. Reflecting that to another opens the door just a smidgen to feel that in themselves.

  40. What a powerful reflection of what can happen when we choose to be self-loving first in life. This clearly is the key to turning around empty, unfulfilled lives to ones that are lived with joy every day.

  41. It is true, just being around someone who has chosen to walk through life as the love that they are is healing. There is no perfection in this, but an inner dedication to the soul in daily expression.

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