Time For Me… To Re-connect To The Love Within

by Sue Goodson, UK

Since attending my first Universal Medicine retreat in the UK in May I have been inspired to go for a daily walk first thing in the morning, whatever the weather. It is a time I enjoy to be with myself, in the fresh morning air, feeling the opportunities a new day brings… to start afresh.

I enjoy walking ‘with my heart’, feeling how my body is. I enjoy the journey of coming back to the true me, and taking the time to reconnect to my heart. It’s just one of a few healthy changes I have made, including eating more healthy foods, and going to bed earlier, which I have done gradually and from the feeling that my body appreciates those changes. It feels more self-loving, whereas before I would often disregard how I was feeling. Now I am learning to tune into those feelings more, as it feels right.

I have been attending the amazing healing courses and presentations at Universal Medicine for the three years since 2009. Since then, I have slowly discovered that I have within me everything I need to live harmoniously. It is just a simple matter of reconnecting to the love within. It was often easier said than done, only because initially I resisted this simple truth and didn’t want to face myself, warts and all!

In my earlier years I worked as a professional dancer, and also taught ballet/jazz dance/aerobics to children and adults. I lived in many different countries – Europe, USA, South America, the Middle East and Far East, travelling with work, and later on with my husband’s work. I never felt that I truly belonged anywhere. The dance work was very hard on my body, and it was easy to get injuries. I craved recognition and acceptance – that really was the nature of the work. It was about glamour, and how you looked on the outside. Now I know that the answers are not found on the outside, but only by connecting to myself from within.

We returned to the UK in 1995 so we could put down some roots for us, a family of four. I decided to retrain and practise aromatherapy massage. I worked in a complementary health clinic in Ascot, later in Richmond and central London. I also attended many complementary health courses – always searching for that elusive better health for myself and my clients. My health wasn’t that great, and usually with some symptom or another presenting itself I never felt truly well. I constantly looked outside of myself for answers to my confidence issues and often suffered with anxiousness, stomach problems and cystitis. I was really searching for the answer to my health issues, but trying to help others at the same time. I knew I had to get myself right before really being able to help others, but nothing gave me the full picture.

Through a good friend I eventually found myself at my first Universal Medicine course, Heart Chakra 1. At that first presentation I felt very welcome and very inspired by Serge Benhayon and the teachings. I learnt a simple breathing meditation called the Gentle Breath, which really helped me to reconnect to myself. I was introduced to many other tools to help me live harmoniously; one being the lovely eye pillows for self healing. I continued to attend more healing courses and presentations, and after each one could feel in my body how different I felt. It was an amazing feeling, one I had never felt before in the same way. It is great also to have some practical inspiration for living a healthy life with exercise, diet, sleep etc. (simple things that anyone can do.) It’s not rocket science nor a set of “do’s and don’ts” – they just make total sense. Of course I can often feel the resistance in me to this level of self-love, but it is a work in progress, and one I intend to follow, as I haven’t felt this level of vitality, or of being so centred, before.

I am very thankful to Serge Benhayon and his team for all the love and support they have given and continue to give.

Here are a few things I have learnt along the way that I am working with:

  • Don’t beat myself up, focus on the positive.
  • Feel, don’t think, that way I honour myself. Let myself feel what is in my body and not override it. Trust it.
  • Don’t give my power away, there is a choice… but at the same time, don’t hold back.
  • Be present (conscious presence); check back in with myself by closing my eyes.
  • Just Be.
  • Be gentle, walk gently.
  • It’s not what I do, but the way I am (energetic quality).
  • Don’t compare myself with others, breathe my own breath.
  • Give myself more time, don’t rush, and build a momentum of gentleness.
  • Don’t try and impose my views on others!
  • Self expression is everything.
  • Time for me… to reconnect to my inner heart (the love within).

379 thoughts on “Time For Me… To Re-connect To The Love Within

  1. There is a huge difference between living looking for approval and recognition, and living from within. One is exhausting whilst the other one settles us in our natural rhythm, which only can be found from love.

  2. Your list is so simple and logical that I wonder why it is not our normal? What do we search for that means your list is not all our lists? The need for approval, recognition, acceptance all feed this insatiable monster.

  3. How key is supporting ourselves to re-connect back to our love within first, to support others. Could it be in another way? How can we offer a treatment or a therapy without having an harmonious life? What I love about the esoteric practicioners from Universal Medicine is the energetic integrity in which they live and work. They are practicioners but also students of their own Livingness from where they expand and develop – with no perfection – the connection with their inner-most.

  4. ‘ … the answers are not found on the outside but connecting to myself from within.’ So true Sue. Only by connecting to this love within can we truly heal.

  5. Making a commitment to taking moments to reconnect back to ourselves builds a strong foundation of care with our body and how it supports us the more we listen and honour how we are feeling, so that our choices become deeply loving and truly nurturing as a natural expression of the love we hold within.

  6. No such thing as coincidence that “a good friend” always turns up at just the right moment offering us a choice to change our pathway in life to then find ourselves at the doorway of Universal Medicine. Saying yes to that invitation is a life changer on a grand scale and, as you so openly share Sue it is “just a simple matter of reconnecting to the love within”, a major pivotal point in anyone’s life.

  7. We can express in so many ways, we are expressing in the way we iron your clothes, the way we write, the way we keep our desks at work – our expression is a lot more than just words.

    1. So true, verbal and non-verbal, internal and external. We express when we think not just when we open our mouths or move and everything is felt either consciously or not by those around us. This calls for a level of responsibility that we can not want and therefore we find ways to distract and to numb so we can convince ourselves we are unaware.

  8. One of the most damaging things we can do to ourselves is to beat ourselves up if we make a mistake…and yet life is not perfect and we will make mistakes so why be hard on yourself? Mistakes are going to happen but if we can use these as opportunities for learning and will do our utmost to not repeat them, then they are not really mistakes are they?

  9. Thank you Sue, what I felt inspired by reading today were your words about walking with your heart to bring you back to you. Each morning I have a self care and self nurturing routine I go through, including massaging my body, and I find this time essential to bringing me back to me. Until we can learn to live the love we are all day long, we need these activities and spaces to reconnect back to ourselves, and to nurture our love to expand.

  10. Thank you Sue, the 12 simple points you give at the end of your blog are so profound and to me, a doorway to heaven ready there for us to choose from if we are ready to take this path.

  11. Thank you Sue, I agree Serge presents good common sense, the most basic of which is to connect to the body, listen to it, feel your way and honour what it shares. That in itself can be life changing for health and wellbeing – and it certainly has been for me. Some of my other favourite basics from Serge are to ‘be you’ and to ‘be love’ and the support that the Gentle Breath Meditation has given me to reconnect to the true essence of me (including the love) within.

  12. ‘It’s not rocket science nor a set of “do’s and don’ts” – they just make total sense.’ As simple as feeling what is good or not for us. No lists, just the clarity of knowing by ourselves what supports us when we give space for it to be revealed by our own body

    1. Sure Amparo, the answer is in our bodies. We only have to connect to it and from then on the body will lead the way, the true way compared to the way our mind wants us to take, a way that only brings us further away from the truth that is simply waiting in our inner hearts

  13. ‘Don’t beat myself up, focus on the positive’ this is so important, the more we focus on the positive the more we learn from our mistakes, rather than beating ourselves up over them.

  14. One of the greatest downfalls of humanity is that we learn to live in disconnection to our bodies, which is no coincidence. For when we begin to develop a relationship with our bodies, we begin to develop a relationship with truth and love through which we can begin to live the power of who we are in essence, guided by our innate knowing from within, the light of our Soul.

    1. The body is the marker of all truth as Serge has been teaching for 18 years so if we wanted to avoid truth then ensuring that we live disconnected to our bodies is a perfect approach. Not good for our health physical or mental, but achieves the result that we wanted.

    2. Yes so actually, if we don’t want to accept this level of responsibility we are very smart, we take on patterns of behaviour that numb our bodies. And because we don’t want to be reminded that we have numbed our bodies, we design, invent and champion activities that numb the body so others do not reflect the truth of who we are back to us. What a set up.

  15. Life is really practical and simple. As you say, it is no rocket science, but it needs us in it, being committed to the part we play. It is when we refuse to take that responsibility it starts to become complicated.

  16. I can still fall into the trap of doing, but it is not long before my body lets me know that I cannot sustain this way of being. My mind can think it is in the driving seat listening to others because of the pictures I have in my head, but the more I see what is being played out and my part in it, the less I am giving it power. It is work in progress but ultimately it is my willingness to see when and what takes me out from the connection to myself, and to build on this with consistency and immediacy.

  17. ‘Don’t beat myself up, focus on the positive.’ – It’s amazing how we can totally shift our perspective of ourselves and life by moving in a way that is actually honouring of who we are. It’s difficult to think our way out of a thought trail – but moving our way out can have pretty instant results, thus is the power of walking.

  18. I absolutely love the list of simple tips at the end Sue – so simple, and yet so incredibly practical and easy to take on board. Thank you so much for presenting it like this, and giving me a reminder of what to come back to as a foundation when things feels rocky!

  19. “I knew I had to get myself right before really being able to help others, but nothing gave me the full picture.” – this is a really wise comment…So often we seek to help others without first being in a position to actually offer true help to another because we have not been caring for ourselves enough and hence we have not build a foundation to support ourselves, let alone another. Of course it is not about perfection, but very much the intent.

  20. “I have slowly discovered that I have within me everything I need to live harmoniously. It is just a simple matter of reconnecting to the love within.” – Beautifully said Sue, though of course, as you have said, this is easier said than done. We allow so much to distract us and keep us searching on the outside, and yet, all we need is on the inside. How often do we stop to feel this?

  21. Interesting what you share about the resistance to the self-love Sue. It’s a curious one though, because being loving with ourselves is surely a very natural thing to choose and do. This resistance reveals that there is in fact something quite unnatural in the way we live at present, if self-love is a struggle.

  22. Its inspiring to hear you speak of the freshness and newness of a morning walk. Incredible how something so simple can change your entire life.

  23. ‘It’s not what I do, but the way I am (energetic quality).’ Spot on Sue, too often we get caught in the ‘doing’ and ‘busyness’ of life and forget about the importance of bringing quality in everything we do.

  24. What is so very profound in this article is that it is about the way we live and not what we do as we live. As those who choose this responsibility carry it for all others to see, feel and one day choose for themselves.

  25. It’s quite surprising how taking basic care of ourselves can have such a huge effect on our health and well being and how we feel about ourselves and others. Not rocket science as you say Sue, but a practical wisdom we so often avoid when we’re so busy concentrating on trying to make true the pictures of how we think life should be.

  26. One area for me to choose to deepen my conscious presence is not choosing multi tasking. This is an insidious activity, one that I’m realising comes with the hallmarks of addiction. If these seem like strong words they are because of the extent this systemic virus can take hold of ones mind and potentially lead to dementia.

  27. People do many things in the name of their well-being, but to what extent do they add to it? The subject of heathy foods come to mind. This is an area plagued with images of what is healthy that is not truly so (e.g., whole grains foods).

  28. Love what you have shared Sue thank you, so simple and so true the steps you outlined of coming back to feel the love you are are , just plain common sense, but oh so powerful to change our lives into living and being the love that we are.

  29. You have covered it beautifully Sue – even if we were to take on board one thing from your list our lives would transform. Imagine if we mastered all of them, what our lives could be together?

  30. Amazing blog Sue, it is one of those that you keep coming back too. It confirms how close we are all the time to just ‘tune in’ to our bodies at any given moment and connect to something so magical. Our bodies act like a barometer of truth – how we truly live life. How the simplicity of going for a walk is often the antidote to ease our bodies back into its gentle rhythm once more. As you share your appreciation Sue, Serge Benhayon/Universal Medicine has presented in abundance how to “reconnect to the love within” and your list is spot on with how we can all be inspired from this awesome example. Thank you.

  31. It is difficult to realise the level of abuse we can inflict upon our bodies doing so many of the seemingly ‘normal’ activities in life, sport, dancing, extreme exercise… until we stop and feel our bodies… or until our bodies make us stop. Once we reset a marker of gentleness it becomes very apparent what is hurting us, and what makes us truly become alive.

  32. Sue it is a big shift from doing things for how they look on the outside compared to doing things according to how you feel on the inside. When I made this change, my life changed. It has become less about pleasing people and keeping up with the Jones’ and more about honouring myself. I am finding that this is a wonderful way to live.

  33. The most marvelous thing that comes from loving ones self and nurturing ones body, is the warmth that rises from within, that cannot, but be shared with another.

  34. I love the title of your blog Sue an what unfolds from there, it holds so much love and care for yourself and everybody else.

  35. Your little list of things you have taken from your experience with Universal Medicine was very endearing. I also really enjoyed hearing about your morning walk, so much so that I am planning one myself in the morning. I cant wait to feel that crisp air like you described.

  36. Thanks Sue, we have all learned so much from Universal Medicine presentations, the most powerful being that all we need is within and coming from our own body and inner heart.

  37. Don’t beat yourself up, don’t compare yourself to others, express your truth and look after yourself – this all sounds like perfect common sense and great life advice to me. The principles that we choose to live our life by defines our whole life.

  38. It’s not what I do, but the way I am (energetic quality). Very true, for the way I am with myself is the way I will be with every-one; the more loving and caring I am with myself, this is the way I will be with others.

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