Looking for Answers and a Game that No One Wins

There is a conman living within; he wears a dark hat and hides in the shadows. He’s the one that says “Hey, have I got a deal for you.” He brings out a small glowing ball, saying that it is the answer to life and places it under one of three shells on the table. One shell is marked past hurts, another modern religion, and finally intellectual pursuits.

I am so captured by the glimpse of the glowing ball: I stop what I am doing and watch intently as he begins to shuffle the shells. After all, it’s the answer to life! 

“Modern religion” I say confidently, knowing that if we are talking about the answer to life then it has to be in modern religion. With a wry smile he lifts the shell to show a bare table beneath.

But everything and everyone around me told me that this was the right answer. So each time he asked me to stop and play I would choose modern religion… and each time the table would come up bare.

One day I noticed just how much time I had let pass playing this game, and couldn’t help but notice that indeed there was now a large stock pile of hurts to deal with.

So this time I went looking for him because I now knew ‘past hurts’ was obviously the key. He gladly took my time and shuffled once again, and once again the table was bare. Being wrong was another hurt, so I played again, over and over, oscillating between modern religion and past hurts, but the result was always the same empty table staring back at me.

Of course, it was so obvious now: my intelligence would get me out of trouble. So I studied and studied and studied anything I could get my hands on. I studied the game, I studied philosophy, I studied my past, all so that I could better understand, and one day finally win the answer I sought.

The next time we stopped I selected intellectual pursuits and waited confidently for my rightful reward… my heart sank as yet again emptiness stared back.

But I was not yet ready to stop because now I had three options, so I played and played, alternating each time, sure that the combination of the three would eventually deliver the prize… I spent months, years, and life-times playing this game. The more I played the more desperate I became, so the more I played.

It never crossed my mind that the man in the hat may not have the answer!

I knew there was more to life, so I played with all my passion: I played until I was broken, beaten and convinced that this game was all that there was to life, so to be closer to the game I started playing it with others. I got quite good at the game and would entertain others for hours, days, months, watching as they tried to guess for an answer I didn’t have.

One day a man named Serge Benhayon walked past my table. It was clear that this was a game he didn’t need to play.

Could it be possible that I didn’t need to play either? But I had both invested and lost so much that it felt impossible for me to step back from the table. He never asked me to leave the table, but I spoke with him from time to time and each time I could see from his eyes that there really was no need to play.

And so I started to step away, but each time the man in the hat showed me another glimpse of the ball and I would be right back, playing for my life… in reality, playing my life away.

Yet I had met someone who didn’t need to play and so knew it must be possible. Day by day I would go to the table but not stand quite as close as I had before. The further from the table I stood, the more I felt a glow within me.

The man in the hat would try to lure me back and I would still play from time to time, but I felt the glow within me would dull and would not return until I stepped away from the table.

One day, as I stepped back from the table, I saw millions of people around me, each at their own table, either playing or being played. I could see the centuries that this game had been played and the mess that surrounded all of these distracted people.

Then I really stepped back and I noticed the mess around my own table: a mess I had to clean up. This will take some time and there are days when the game is the perfect distraction from my task…

But my task is clear – clean up my mess and let others see that the glow is not hiding under a shell, but living within.

By Joel Levin

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747 thoughts on “Looking for Answers and a Game that No One Wins

  1. We see in others the games they play, but so often we don’t see our own part in the game too. The more aware we become the easier it is to see what is at play, the choices we make to either enjoin playing the game, or stop and choose the truth we deeply know.

  2. ‘the glow is not hiding under a shell but living within’, beautiful Joel. I love the imagery you present and how it captures so clearly how we live and the choices we have and how we do not even consider that others we look to do not have the answers, and that in fact we need to come back within.

  3. Joel I could read your incredible blogs over and over, and every time I fell the deep appreciation I have for your expression. You are an alchemist with words, weaving your way through the energetic configuration within us, allowing one to feel the flow of truth that resides within. Thank you.

  4. Thank you Joel for another one of your inspiring blogs, it is often easier to see the games being played in others but it takes time and an openness to see the same games in ourselves, but when we do, that then becomes a game changer, when we come come back to our innermost our true essence, game over.

  5. All we can do is clean up our own mess and let others see that the glow is living within. This is lovely Joel. A story that describes how many of us are living life, searching for answers outside of ourselves that keep us distracted for years, if not lifetimes.

  6. What is clear is that we don’t have to drag everyone away from their tables, preach, cajole or persuade. Allowing others to make their own choices without interference is a loving thing to do. It has certainly made my life simpler now that I no longer go out trying to rescue others. I think it is a distraction in itself, because it kept me busy and away from cleaning up my own mess.

  7. ‘But my task is clear – clean up my mess and let others see that the glow is not hiding under a shell, but living within.’ I love the simplicity and deep wisdom you write with Joel, the more I clean up my mess the more energy and clarity I have and it is easier to see the game I have played to keep me small and distracted when in truth everything I have ever wanted is within waiting patiently for me to connect to it.

  8. “But my task is clear – clean up my mess and let others see that the glow is not hiding under a shell, but living within.” When we clear up our own mess and live from truth there is no need to judge or try to rescue others. Offering a true reflection to humanity – with understanding – just as Serge Benhayon offers to all students, supports everyone,

  9. Joel, there is a consistent quality in your blogs that always bring me to a stop to ponder upon my choices in any given moment and to willingly see the opportunity offered to embrace the mess of my own making (imposed limitations) and let the glow from within shine more brightly in the process. Thank you for the wise and loving reminder.
    “But my task is clear – clean up my mess and let others see that the glow is not hiding under a shell, but living within”.

  10. The only true light that holds the true answers to all that there is to know, is the light of the Soul, the light within us all, the light of God that we are. When surrendered to, we then are at one with universal intelligence. This intelligence is at all times available for us to explore and through our will to be at one with our divine quality within, the truth is always known, we only need to allow it.

  11. Great blog to read again, and the part that stands out is when Serge Benhayon walks past the table not needing to be playing the game, but sees it for what it is, a distraction.

  12. Beautiful blog Joel. The power of someone moving in a way where they know that the game is a distraction is enough to knock your socks off. Or in this case, enough to cause you to look up and see things a bit differently. But we may be so entrenched and invested in the game that we do not notice this divine reflection. Thank you Serge Benhayon for moving through life this way giving us a helping hand should we choose it.

  13. Great to read your blog again Joel, and to be re-reminded of the responsibility we carry to let go of our hurts and to cease our personal contribution to the mess our world is in, so that we are clear of hindrances to the natural emanation and radiation of our inner light.

  14. It is amazing how willing we are to con ourselves that there is an answer out there that will be the solution to all our problems. It is only when we are ready to take responsibility for our part in the mess we find ourselves in that we can see the Light that has been there all along.

  15. The lure of distraction beautifully portrayed thank you Joel. Even when we have exposed this game we can still be enticed back in and it is wonderful to have the steady reflection of Serge Benhayon and others showing there is no need for the game.

    1. So true Helen, and to understand why we can sometimes get lured back into these loveless games supports us to be more steady and strong without putting ourselves down or going into regret but to learn from our choices.

  16. I’m so done with being played – time to take life by the horns and be aware of the game at play, without actually playing it! Knowing the game inside out is critical to then not be owned by it but be the observer.

    1. Very true – and then there is the other side of the coin: after choosing to not engage with the game we are then tempted with a whole host of reactions and investments exposed within us, that work to entice us back under.

  17. I get a feeling how I used to think playing/being played a game was the life – somehow already knowing of the premeditated consequence of anti-climax ending. What I am re-learning through the teachings of Ageless Wisdom is that life is for real, and we can try keeping inventing and reinventing games and time may allow us to do that, but we are on the path of re-turn and the truth will catch up with us sooner or later.

  18. The three games you shared in your blog Joel shows how they entice and distract us from feeling and connecting to our inner glow. Stepping away from the table allows us space to truly see what is going on around us and to support us to make more loving choices. It encourages us to take responsibility for the mess we’ve created and start the clearing and cleaning process.

  19. A relatable tale that most of us know oh so well. It’s interesting to observe ourselves and others also being drawn back to what we already established wasn’t quite it, but for the sake of familiarity and also being free of responsibility, we return time an time again until such time we eventually pack the game up and just choose to be the guiding light for ourselves.

  20. What a beautiful analogy of life. We get caught up in things that are just part of the game – a game that we thought we had to play. A game that we thought it was what it was all about. But alas, no, it is a game and one that we have a choice whether we play or not.

  21. What’s so interesting to me is that when we are playing the game the man in the hat is offering, and become ‘experts’ in the game ourselves and start to invite others to play, we really do not have a clue what the answer is ourselves, and yet we convince others we know how to help them find the answers they seek, when we are still seeking ourselves. Serge Benhayon reflects a way of living that does not need to seek, for he reflects that we hold all the answers we could ever wish to know, within our own bodies. No need to look for the answers from another, just connect to our inner wisdom through lovingly caring for our bodies and they will come to us when needed.

  22. Beautifully told Joel. It takes but one person to live their own life sans games to appreciate that it’s possible and an option for anyone willing to choose it.

  23. The conman within…undermining, creating distrust and persuading us to believe in things that are not true, love it, Joel!

  24. There is most definitely a conman living within us all. Otherwise we would all be living from our innermost – our love, truth and natural beauty. “But my task is clear – clean up my mess and let others see that the glow is not hiding under a shell, but living within.” Inspiring for me to re-read your post today, as I need to clean up my clutter, both inside and outside.

  25. Joel, I love your blogs and as you say: ‘But my task is clear – clean up my mess and let others see that the glow is not hiding under a shell, but living within.’ It really is that simple!

  26. ‘All that glitters’ is not of the truth of who we are, but more so the shadows that are sent to send us off track so that we do not reignite all that truly glows from within.

    Love this blog Joel 💛

  27. Just love it Joel… being enticed by the ‘man in the hat’ is such a great metaphor for the myriad of distractions and solutions we are offered for the emptiness we attempt to live with inside. Having the reflection of another living from such richness that nothing the man in the hat can offer has an ounce of appeal… has a powerful impact, a life changing one if we will permit.

  28. What an exhausting game to play! It’s no wonder why with so many playing this pointless game so many are feeling exhausted, drained, run down and tired.

  29. Today I have been playing with the man in the hat. Past hurts was my guess, over and over again – but no luck there. Your blog has reminded me it’s a game and the man in the hat doesn’t have the answer – I do – and I don’t need to play anymore.

  30. It is so true Joel, the ‘man in the hat’ has so many guises, and even when we know the game we have played (and play), we can find ourselves picking up the next set of cards being dealt, re-engaged in the distraction that becomes so important in that moment.

  31. This age old game can take life times to see through. Your description here, allows us to view it with cheek and humour and this shows it for the silly obvious game that it actually is. Admittedly I have been playing on and off for years and now, even though I don’t play, I am still engaging because if I am not shining my light from within. Let me explain, when we do not shine, essentially we are still advertising to people that the light might be under the shell. It is all of our responsibility to shine, in oder to expose the conman that is amongst us.

  32. Thank you Joel, great to read this blog again. The games we play with life, with ourselves, forever searching but never finding until we realise the falseness of what is at play. When we realise what we are searching for is deep within the game changes from without to within, but from time to time the old game will call us and in that moment we have to opportunity to sever our connection to that game and heal.

  33. The way you write Joel and expose the game of life we all play and have played for aeons is great – it exposes both the absurdity, the desperation and the want in all of us to know and how we do know there is more to life. And yet we continue to play the game, after all we’ve invested so much in it and we’re loathe to admit we have been fooled and really until we step away we cannot feel that glow within, what we’ve been looking for all along and ultimately we will all do so, so the question then becomes why do we delay?

  34. This is beautiful Joel. Particularly your point that our glowing ball is there inside of us all of the time, and when we realise that, walk with it, talk with it, then we have the opportunity of showing others that they too do not need to play the game. Its so simple, so profound, and yet so rare in our world today.

  35. A beautiful read Joel, and it’s so simple that one person, Serge Benhayon, can change your life so that you get to live your life without the game and therefore all others have the possibility of stepping away from the table of the game because you have changed your life.

  36. The games I have played in my life have all been to distract me and to further delay me in some way – exposing these games wouldn’t have been possible without Serge Benhayon’s loving reflection reminding me there is a different way to live and express in the world free of these exhausting games we can play.

  37. A great way to sum up how we ‘do’ life. Full of games and distractions and seeking the answers from others. But what is shared here is that we are able to hold the answers ourselves – we have an inner knowing, an inner glow, that gets stronger the more and more we trust it.

  38. These games will never have a true answer but only give solutions that are never lasting long although we can keep playing again and again until we choose to no longer distract ourselves with what is outside ourselves and say ‘But my task is clear – clean up my mess and let others see that the glow is not hiding under a shell, but living within.’

  39. I love how this author writes, so much is always said and done in a way that brings it to you rather then being told. This article describes things so well in that you invest in something outside of you in the hope it brings you something, it’s almost the same as gambling and you get that far in that you need it to be ‘it’ and so more and more you keep playing. It’s not until you see someone not doing as you do and it’s not that you follow them but more you are space to feel the quality of what you are doing and then you have the choice, stay or make a ‘quality’ change. From there once you have stepped away which is a step back you then see the mess you have created which, truly so, you will need to clean up or re imprint with a true quality.

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