Wisdom that Cannot be Owned

by Simon Voysey, Australia

In my studies with Universal Medicine, I have heard many times that the information presented there comes from a wisdom that cannot be owned by anyone, is ageless, and arises at times when humanity is in great need. Furthermore, it is equally applicable and useful to all.

Taking this as a truth to explore has allowed me to share this wisdom in practical ways with many people with whom I have never before felt the need to discuss Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon or any Esoteric concept, phrase or terminology. The truth is, it lives within me, to the extent that I choose and allow it.

Examples of this ‘sharing’:

~ With my yoga, fitness and remedial therapy clients, with whom I now enjoy being, looking into their eyes, seeing and feeling their joys and sorrows and how that touches me. I have noticed how this also touches them, and how much honesty has come into our relationship. I have come to recognise this connection and honesty as the greatest form of self-healing and wellness, beyond any philosophy, training or healing technique.

~ With my school students, some of whom see me as who I am, not as ‘a teacher’ and have allowed me the precious experience of seeing who they truly are. There is no more nourishing and inspiring learning environment than when this mutual respect occurs.

~ With members of my family, from whom I had been estranged in the past, in particular my older brother who decided to try one of my exercise classes and without any discussion of the philosophy behind the practices, is stating he is beginning to ‘get it’. He is appreciating the importance of allowing himself to ‘just be’ with his body and explore movement from that connection.

~ With my wife, who was my partner for eleven years before we decided to marry, four years after commencing studying with Universal Medicine. Before this I never understood commitment, to myself or another, as simply a commitment to love. I never understood love, even though I preached it as a yoga teacher. I now look at my wife and simply feel love emanating out of me, without any trying or need for it to be returned. How truly awesome! Plus, this is beginning to occur with more and more people, sometimes even strangers!

~ With my outlook on life I am feeling ‘me’ in life and what can be offered rather than what can be gained. I am honouring the choice to be ‘me’ in more moments. Sometimes this is difficult, because I feel how much so many people are choosing to not be themselves. However, remaining true to myself presents a choice to them that on some level they are aware of. This is a gift that needs not be acknowledged or opened.

219 thoughts on “Wisdom that Cannot be Owned

  1. The magic of feeling the boundless love that is in and through your body as it flows through you to be felt by others.

  2. Lovely to read this again, some blogs are so timeless to me, they speak of something universal like our inner wisdom, our love, and just being ourselves together. “Before this I never understood commitment, to myself or another, as simply a commitment to love.” What a great line and doesn’t it highlight how we can be committed to work, partners, family, etc, but it can be in the ‘doing’ of things and without the ‘being’ of the love we are. A great line for me to read today.

  3. Reading this today what I felt was how when you are able to be yourself then nothing else is needed, especially not from others, so you can enjoy them as they are and not impose with expectations etc. it’s truly a beautiful responsibility to ourselves and others to be the love we are. “I now look at my wife and simply feel love emanating out of me, without any trying or need for it to be returned.” The word ‘emanating’ highlights that love is not a give or take exchange, it’s just there within us emanating or not.

  4. I loved reading this, we cannot own things, we are born with a knowing that we have everything. When I think of a baby, it knows everything and it can feel everything around it. When they grow up, it’s a different story.

    I appreciate this statement, ‘remaining true to myself presents a choice to them that on some level they are aware of’. If we lived with this more in our awareness, I wonder how life will be like for many of us.

  5. What I can feel from this is how truth nourishes and enriches everyone equally. We may respond to that differently, but it is given equally, and it’s about us not standing in its way.

  6. We limit ourselves when we think that what we say and do has no effect on another person. We are not taught any more that we live in a sea of energy and we receive energy all the time as it passes through us. So as someone said many years ago, if you pee in the sea of energy everyone gets affected. And so we could say, by the way we are currently living we have been more than just peeing in our sea of energy.

    1. We are energetic beings surrounded by energy, ‘we live in a sea of energy and we receive energy all the time as it passes through us.’

  7. So many words are used like a throw-away line in a play and thus leaves every word open to a misinterpretation, and to share Two simple examples; Love and The Esoteric, have both had the goal-post moved so we do not get to feel the true energy of either. Love being a deep Still-Ness, Joy-Full-Ness, Harmonious-Ness, Absolute-Truth-Full-Ness and a Deep Humble-Appreciative-Ness of the Light we bring. Esoteric, Inner-Most, Essence and Soul, all one and the same.

  8. We are never really only sharing ourselves with a small group or one person in any given moment. Everything Serge presents is there energetically for every person on the planet to feel and Simon presenting to his students is no different when he is connected to his soul. It comes back to what Serge has presented many times, we either heal or we harm.

  9. The grace of absolute honesty is a wonderful quality to continually deepen in our relationships with ourselves, others and the world around us.

  10. Practical everyday wisdom is what I see when I read your article Simon. What you have shared shows us simply that The Ageless Wisdom is just that and that we can live it in any moment – simply so.

  11. I really enjoy reading this because it’s about people, it’s about reconnecting to something we all innately know and sharing that with everyone we meet. It’s what makes life rich and brings alive relationships, with ourselves and with others. Living the soul in life is truly grand.

  12. It’s so true, the love, wisdom, harmony, truth, and joy are all universally understood, these are our innate qualities even if we have lost touch with them. Coming back to them is like living from a language you already know, and when you speak it, even in a movement or gesture, everyone knows what’s being communicated. The esoteric way of life is innate within all of us.

  13. This is beautiful Simon and so needed. Where I work I get reminded often how important it is to just be yourself and how many people appreciate this as well. Otherwise it’s so easy to just live life and be swept in the doing and all the practicalities that comes with life. But I feel we deep within feel there is another purpose as well to be lived and that is where the ancient wisdom comes in, that is living within all of us waiting to be acknowledged and then lived.

  14. Thanks Simon, reading your blog opens my heart a bit more. Living with that level of openness and intimacy that you share, makes me realise how easy and available it really is in my life too. Living the love that we are it’s a choice that simply changes everything…

  15. A beautiful sharing – because Wisdom can not be owned and this is not needed — it is endless and so warmly held by everyone, just connect and you feel the drops of heaven’s wisdom coming through you.. They are instantly with us — God, and all loving masters around. Saying that if we can not see them, it doesn’t mean that they are not there.

  16. Start living YOU is like a re- birth. From of my experience it feels like that, as you start to be truly “there”, present and self-determined. I have never felt more free in my life, thanks to the reflections and teachings that has been on offer for the past 10 years.

  17. Simon l loved reading your blog, ‘With my outlook on life I am feeling ‘me’ in life and what can be offered rather than what can be gained.’ When we feel the love in ourselves we can only reflect what we feel.

  18. The answers to all our woes are right there, in the connection with people, and we all love that, when we get seen, met and get to know that there is a reality and truth to life that can be restored if we make that the focus. It’s not about selling things or buying things or making life just work. It’s about living life together as a one family. Hard to make true you might say but that is nevertheless what we have to one day realise. Maybe that is why we are faced with people migrating so much these days (my take on the reasons on a philosophical level) for various reasons. For us to learn how to live in brotherhood and not go insular as some parts and provinces in some countries have wanted.

    1. Before you say YES to another, you have to say YES to yourself. Otherwise it stays an ideal and picture of living together and will bring up, as a result, a lot of issues and complications. How much you truly connect with another is determined on how much you want to be seen and how much you allow yourself to be felt and connected. When this occurs, life in a community is super easy and a lot of fun!

  19. It is beautiful when people just ‘get it’ without words but by simple observation. It is a great confirmation that you are living something of a true quality that inspires another to make choices themselves. There’s such freedom in that. I can feel the pain and angst I used to experience when I needed recognition and own the knowledge and the ‘teachership’ as in ‘I taught/trained them’ or be proud of how well they were doing ‘because of what I did’.

  20. Within a world of given-upness, it is so important to keep steady and be true with yourself and so you can be with others. The more we learn and know ourselves and what we find true within our hearts, the more we will express by our choice — the more we inspire others to no longer give up their truth but equally stand tall in that — their true expression of who they are, knowing themselves again too! This is worth waking up for. It is for we breath with and in the union that we are — GOD’s Love.

  21. It is beautiful to be able to share truths with others because we are living a certain way and not have to tell anyone what to do.

    1. Just moving, without even saying a word, does communicate everything. It is great to get confirmations, that people make changes, even though, you never shared by words or teachings that you are living. But in fact, we should all know this inside out, without any proof. We all make a difference, by just moving and expressing in that way. No matter if it is registered humanly or not. Energetically it is always registered.

      1. We all know this very well, deep inside. But have reduced ourselves to a place where we need to see it to believe it. That is the beauty of the ageless wisdom, it teaches that we need not convince any other with words, but to simply live our truth and let the way we conduct ourselves speak louder than a megaphone.

  22. When we feel the presence of ourselves in all that we do it is the greatest gift we can allow both ourselves and the world around us.

    1. I love what you share here Suse, when ‘we feel the presence of ourselves in all that we do it is the greatest gift’ we can bring to another.

  23. Awesome Simon – life can indeed seem overwhelming many times but when we make the decision that we want to get things straight, truly straight, we can then lead the way for so many others that might be caught up in the mess in this world.

  24. What you bring to our awareness is the level of conscious presence of who we are. And that even we belong to this wisdom – we are not the owners. Let us express from this simple truth and arise. To this wisdom that innately is in us.

  25. A wisdom that cannot be owned is a great threat to the intellect that has made itself the seat of human intelligence by way of its refusal to be a part of the something far greater that it belongs to.

  26. Thank you Simon, being ourselves in our day to day is the only way to talk what we walk. It is unimposing. I have experienced that with Universal Medicine more than any other organisation. Serge Benhayon clearly lives in a way that shares a level of lived love that means we are all held equally and inspired to do the same.

  27. I love what you have shared here Simon and the examples of who you lovingly shared your wisdom with – it is so true the wisdom belongs to everyone.

  28. I always used to feel that wisdom cannot be owned by one as it belongs to all, but all around me I could see people claiming it for themselves. To be presented the Ageless Wisdom by Serge Benhayon has confirmed what I had felt; wisdom is not mine to own. In fact, we all have connection to this wisdom, it is always available and waiting to be lived once again.

  29. It’s so true, that there is no need to discuss organisations,use certain language or name drop to express our truth. In a nutshell, it is not our truth if we feel the need to justify our ‘beliefs’. When we are connected to who we are with no need for anything in return, we magically and effortlessly emanate that knowing out to everyone. Who chooses to align and realise they too can choose to just be themselves, is up to the individual.

  30. What is really lovely for me is to read this article which is authored by someone I don’t know but to see how they are living in the world somewhere. It’s refreshing to read this and know that somewhere there is someone willing to live like this which obviously is touching many many others. I love knowing this is feels like we can trust that there are people out there who have our backs in this way. What the world would be if this was the practice from us all, maybe if people like this keep going this one day will be the norm.

  31. When we truly live something and it works for us it is quite natural to share it with other. And already by the fact that we are living it we inherently reflect it to others.

  32. We are so much accustomed to look positively to the owning of knowledge since it helps us to deal with the feeling of anxiousness of life. Wisdom belongs to a movement that is not an answer to an emotion but a walk towards the future. It belongs to all equally.

  33. ” With my outlook on life I am feeling ‘me’ in life and what can be offered rather than what can be gained. I am honouring the choice to be ‘me’ in more moments. ” I too love this line, even though it is all about me, it is in the being me, that brings the offering to all others.

  34. “With my outlook on life I am feeling ‘me’ in life and what can be offered rather than what can be gained. ”

    This is so well put, the way I used to live was all about what I could get out of life, what it would give to me. Now I am always looking at what I have to offer and in what quality I am offering it.

  35. Gorgeous sharing Simon. I also have discovered that there is a depth of wisdom within me, and us all, that is waiting to be explored and lived throughout our lives. Developing a loving relationship with my body has allowed me to connect to and honor the love, the tenderness, the truth of who I am in essence. As such my life has transformed bringing the richness of a wisdom that represents us all, to all that I do and live and the relationships I share, as best I can. I now understand that when we are truly being ourselves, we are guided by our wisdom within and can express through our lives the truth in honor of who we all are. This then allows an openness to learn, grown, confirm each other and evolve together, for in-truth this wisdom is one we all deeply know and long to live again.

  36. “I have come to recognise this connection and honesty as the greatest form of self-healing and wellness, beyond any philosophy, training or healing technique.” – yes, I experience the same, for myself, with my family and friends, clients and strangers just the same. In being met everyone can feel being seen and cherished for who they are in their essence beyond the hurts, issues, struggles and other things we have taken on. Being seen and confirmed in who we are is pure healing.

  37. “simply feel love emanating out of me, without any trying or need for it to be returned. How truly awesome!” The Divine wisdom of feeling and sharing the love that is naturally within us all.

  38. These words jumped out at me today: “With my outlook on life I am feeling ‘me’ in life and what can be offered rather than what can be gained.” What a beautifully refreshing outlook on life, not one that is lived by many, but one that if lived by all would change the world as we know it. This wisdom is definitely coming with me as I step out into my day.

    1. It’s such a different way to be in the world, when we are in the fullness of being connected to ourselves it’s about what we can bring and offer, instead of the neediness that can come with living in the emptiness of being disconnected to ourselves, and the idea of then filling ourselves from the outside world by needing or trying to get or expect something.

      1. Looking back I can see that the emptiness I felt was often all-consuming to the point of barely noticing what was being offered to me in many wonderful ways. I was simply driven to fill that emptiness with almost anything and as quickly as possible. The reality was that everything was a temporary fix, like food, and it wasn’t long before that painful, hollow feeling was crying out to be filled again. And so the cycle kept on repeating until the day I realised the emptiness was actually telling me something was missing in my life – and that was my connection to me.

  39. Lovely blog and I agree there is nothing more yummy than having that true connection to ourselves which allows us to truly connect to others – for how can you connect to anyone else if you are not there in the first place.

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