An Introduction to Real Love

by Zofia Sharman, London, UK

Upon seeing and first listening to Universal Medicine in 2006 deliver a presentation about the heart through their Heart Chakra 1 workshop, I have at that time unknowingly been introduced to real love.

Always interested to learn about people, the world around us, the universe and its laws etc, I had over the years attended many one day workshops/presentations/healing courses and none of them presented the topic of love as the base-point for everything happening today like Universal Medicine did (and does); and that love’s absence creates imbalance and inequality such as excess, greed, great wealth alongside poverty, famine and war. But what Serge Benhayon presents is a real meaning or true definition of ‘love’ or, real love – which has been forgotten and substituted for an ideal type of love based on emotion that becomes the love we know (which applied to me). I approached love as an ideal, as if I had to ‘go out, do, look for and find, get, or earn it’. This, my definition of love, was formed from childhood like most through family and friends, education and society shaping it into adulthood. So it is easy to see that when the definition of love is up for question or consideration as Universal Medicine presents, that some feel especially challenged (as I was) by discovering that the type of love regarded/treasured/accepted by us has been in fact something that is not of real love, but rather is a love that is run or based upon an emotional need, drive or drama.

My own version of love was like this, a bartering system: spending time always giving, always doing for others in the hope of what might be received in return. The whole process would cause a depletion of my energy creating stress and a way of living that was always in reaction or expectation which was unhealthy and unbalanced. Such disharmony makes no sense to a body that naturally is meant to run in rhythm or balance, and so it makes sense that this unbalanced way can neither be of real love, nor that the way is truly a loving way to be or operate with self or others.

What I have now learnt and what attendees receive with Universal Medicine is – a chance to learn the art of the love of self, Self-Love.  Everyone who attends the courses (including surgeons, doctors, lawyers, dentists, corporate bankers, business people, builders, cleaners, housewives, college students and the unemployed), are all independently and in their own time learning to love which includes looking at choices in regards consumption of one’s intake of food, drink, sleep, activities that either work or do not work for the body – such as alcohol, drugs, coffee or anything really that makes the body go out of and away from its natural harmonious rhythm. Through being responsible and having an awareness of what is going into the body leading to a behaviour, attitude or way of being that also directly impacts upon another, raises the importance of taking personal responsibility to manage oneself and this in relation to all others. This spherical way of living (and working) is central to the teachings of Universal Medicine.

As the courses have progressed and over the past six years, what is absolutely clear is that Serge Benhayon is someone who has a deep love for humanity – because he has that same deep love for himself which he lives every day and is full of joy, and moreover that all the courses, materials, audios and workshops inspire a way to live that is natural, simple and balanced.

Today I live and continue to work as I did before Universal Medicine – in the fast-paced world of Sales and Recruitment, but this time my approach to work and life has considerably changed following the choice to love truly, and no longer do I have severe debilitating neck pain, feel stressed, anxious, pressured (and irritated) towards ticking ‘life’s boxes’ personally and professionally, but instead I enjoy waking up feeling well rested, clear headed, going to work every day feeling balanced and nourished and have great and meaningful relationships with people. And in having such regard of myself in how I make choices, I have a (continuing) great relationship with myself and also with others – and that is amazing to feel and experience and so to treasure.

106 thoughts on “An Introduction to Real Love

    1. I totally agree Anna, Zofia has gifted to us a beautiful and inspirational sharing on the power of true love.

  1. It’s amazingly liberating when we come to realise and accept that we have held misunderstanding and misconception about so many things and formed life around it, and there’s a way to change it completely with very simple choices.

  2. Zofia I too believed that love was “based upon an emotional need, drive or drama.” the teachings of Universal Medicine took a while to sink in, especially that one must love oneself. It was so alien to me, I just could not understand how this was championed above anything else. Having spent my life caring about others’ needs it was contrary to everything I learnt and experienced. But with time I came to feel the truth and beauty of caring for myself and in so doing the quality of my caring for others has also evolved.

  3. What I find fascinating about the true study of love with Universal Medicine is the simplicity. The tools that are presented and the way they are been presented are so simple that everybody from any country or social or educational background or age can start to put in practice what feels harmonious to them.

  4. So true Zofia “love’s absence creates an imbalance and inequality.” The ideal of love forever keeps us in an imbalance with ourselves as we believe love to be something we find outside us, to have to strive to find it, that love is down to luck or fate or that we have to improve the way we look in order to be loved. The discovery of real love through Universal Medicine was a joy to feel.

  5. Zofia, this was beautiful to read. We have been fooled into thinking that love is something we have to demand, get, find outside of ourselves, seek in another, be entitled to, need to be worthy of, etc etc. The ideals we have around love are endless, and so twisted for something that is in truth so simple. And that simple truth is that we are love – at least in essence – only we do not live the truth of that simple statement, choosing instead a life of compromise and comfort to help us get by in a world that is anything but love.

  6. Emotional love is exhausting. It means looking for and expecting love from others and for myself always doubting that the love would last so I would not allow myself to fully open up to another. Through Universal Medicine I have found the meaning of true love and that starts with and within me. Choosing self-loving ways to treat and live with myself my love continues to grow and no one can take my love away from me because it is who I am.

  7. To love truly…so true Zofia. Until I experienced the depth of feeling, space and how all encompassing love that is non emotional is, I would have called emotional love true love. Yet emotional love now feels incredibly demanding and needy. My normal got turned on its head and I am so pleased it did as I can say that I love so much more fully than I ever knew was possible before I did any of the courses with Universal Medicine.

  8. True love is beautiful and expansive, emotional love is exhausting and keeps you in this spin of drama and neediness. Thanks to Universal Medicine presentations getting to feel the difference in true love and emotional love has been an absolute blessing and has transformed all my relationships to be more loving and true.

  9. True love will never ask us to be anything. Therefore deeds of love are never fullfilled and qualified but outer deeds. External deeds of love can be performed however they always stem from a fullness that doesn’t need any validation.

  10. It’s a never-ending fruitless search seeking love outside of ourselves and usually means we’re holding someone to ransom. Connecting to that innermost part of myself and deepening that love from within is the only way I’ve found to heal the deep sense of emptiness that was causing me to seek love elsewhere and I have the utmost appreciation for Universal Medicine and the presentations by Serge Benhayon which over time have allowed me to come to this understanding.

  11. It is beautiful to read about a true understanding of love, that is not needing anything from others. As we have a foundation of love within ourselves.

  12. Like you Zofia, in the past I attended numerous one day workshops and courses centered around healing, wellbeing and the meaning of life, but not one of these presented on love as being the true foundation to live our life from, that was until I attended my first Heart Chakra workshop presented by Serge Benhayon, where he shared on the importance of connecting with our innate love, and living life from this connection. This wisdom has been invaluable in supporting me to return to the love that I am, and I am deeply grateful to Serge for this introduction to Real Love.

  13. It is beautiful to read of how applying the principles of love presented by Universal Medicine to your life, you have experienced the remarkable changes you have. The power of true love cannot be denied and is desperately needed out there in the world to rebalance everything that life void of true love has delivered us.

  14. It has been a very bitter pill for me to swallow, the fact that what I thought was loving, before I came across Universal Medicine, was in fact an agenda to fulfil my own selfish needs. But thankfully it is very freeing to now know the difference between emotional love and true love.

  15. Thankyou Zofia, a fantastic blog exploring love. I can feel that I still go between the two “loves” – the beautiful holding one that is who I am and is in my self love, the way I move, and in knowing who I am; and the needy, dependant love, the false one that I believe comes from others, is not who I am, and is not in my choices (this is when I’m feeling empty, emotional or in reaction!). The false love is the “Gimme, gimme” one, I chase after it which is usually only a form of recognition, and reflects I’ve actually given up on love. What an illusion that’s it’s only outside of me as all the time I am love! Love is certainly our foundation for a true and harmonious life and it’s truly awesome that Serge Benhayon is delivering this to the world.

  16. Seeing Love as a bartering system where we are, ‘spending time always giving, always doing for others in the hope of what might be received in return’ is a conditional way to live characterised by most wanting a bargain for their effort and to trade up whenever they can. How exhausting it is for us all to be looking outside ourselves for something that is already within?

  17. “love’s absence creates imbalance and inequality such as excess, greed, great wealth alongside poverty, famine and war.” It’s so easy to see how this is the case.

  18. I can relate to your own version of love Zofia. No doubt many can. What Universal Medicine presents results in such a different way of relating with yourself, others and the world. yet it feel 10000000x more beautiful and natural than anything else.

  19. I do recognise what you write Zofia, as I too have chosen to live a life being impulsed form my inner heart as being presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. No more ticking ‘life’s boxes’ but joyfully I choose everyday again to live to what my body is impulsing me. The intimate and loving relationship I have build with my body is for me key in living a joyful, vital and healthy life.

  20. The true meaning of love has certainly been eroded and wiped from the memory of most, but it is always known to us from deep within. When we start living more tenderly with ourselves, that is more lovingly, we remember.

  21. A realisation today that I have spent much of my life trying to make relationships the loving caring experiences that innately I know true relationships to be brought to the fore of my being that it is not about trying, but innately about bringing love into every relationship. This approach is very different to the trying approach, in that the choice to bring the loving beautiful woman I am to others, is what I now know bringing love to my relationships is.

  22. Love is one of those words that had been totally misunderstood. In fact it’s much more than misunderstood. We have been totally off track with understanding what it is. Understanding what love is has been huge. I can’t say that I live this all the time, but my relationship with myself has changed ginormously through what Serge Benhayon presents.

    1. Yes one of the most common mistruths about love is that people equate having their needs met as love. Love is unconditional and hence is never about having any of our needs met. This is a simple statement but a huge revelation if we truly consider what this means.

  23. I too had been invested in emotional love thinking it was real love. I now can see so clearly the difference between the two. This has supported me in my relationship with myself and others. The transformation has been huge since I understood what real love is and started applying and living it. What an illusion it was to live the emotional love, thinking it was the real deal and I am so glad I have woken up from this and now embracing self-love and real love more and more.

  24. Love, for all its simplicity in expression, is actually hard to live consistently, which begs the question as to why? Eventually, the more one observes life, the more one realises that life is not geared to support such a way of being – at least on the outside. What is evil? Where does it come from? If it is intrinsic, why does a small child not carry the same propensity for such harsh actions? If life is purely a learned experience, why do we not see children murdering each other, and having to be taught not to tear each other to pieces? Put simply, despite the fact children can be spiteful, harsh, and sometimes even cruel, such which we call evil is not naturally within them from birth, and so there is something that triggers human beings to behave the way they do, and that is worth deeply pondering on.

  25. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine live true love and are committed and dedicated to this every moment of everyday. They have an understanding of energy, what love is and what love is not so therefore because love is lived it is easy for them to teach and present to others. The beautifull thing is this is forever unfolding and evolving, there is no point that is reached where ‘this is it’. We have so much to learn and are truly blessed to have Serge and Universal Medicine teach, hold, present and live what they do, offering a different reflection to humanity of who we are and that there is far more to the Universe than what is currently seen, felt and lived. This is really important and something I feel I am learning more that we can have a deep love for humanity if we have the same deep love for ourselves .. ‘that is that Serge Benhayon is someone who has a deep love for humanity – because he has that same deep love for himself’.

  26. I have been watching Serge Benhayon for many years now and it is clear he is the ‘real deal’, he consistently and humbly offers everyone equally his true support and love. He offers a powerful reflection to humanity that we can all be inspired by and shows us how simply we can live and be true love 24/7. Not to perfection, but a building and allowing this love to be our natural choice each and everyday.

  27. When we look at the world one might say that it’s a disaster but in and amongst this chaos that we see there is a potential to have harmony, we just need to want it more than the chaos. Right now we are choosing the chaos, maybe because we cannot see another way out. But there is. We just need to stop. Really stop, and stop defending all the things we think and sometimes stubbornly want to be true. If it’s true then it is felt in our whole body and we cannot have judgemental and unloving thoughts towards another or others.

  28. Thank you Zofia. You remind me that my understanding of the truth of love has changed significantly in the last few years. The way we choose to interpret the word love can completely change our lives, it makes sense to connect to what feels absolutely true to us rather than settle for the version we are sold from outside.

  29. Love is nothing more than the embodiment of a certain quality of being. It cannot therefore be sent, but it can emanate and be felt, and by the quality of its energetic emanation, inspire others by reflection to seek to embody the same. This understanding exposes the spiritually mistaken concept of sending light and love.

  30. This is a very telling statement, one that make so much sense of the lives we are living and the state of the world be are living in; “love’s absence creates imbalance and inequality”. The world definitely appears to be out of balance and the majority of our lives are out of balance. For humanity to come to understand the true meaning of love as presented by Serge Benhayon would offer us all a way to live where love comes first and from this foundation then equality naturally flows.

  31. There is a lot of criticism levelled at people making more loving and supportive choices for their bodies, including understanding that we are responsible for the cause and effect of what we eat. But what if I were to tell you that there is nothing ‘off the table’ in this. Every day, every food available is there for the choosing, however, once we start to become aware of the effect that certain foods have on our wellbeing and health, we have a choice to not eat them any more. I have found there are certain foods I no longer want to eat because of how awful they make me feel – regardless of how tasty they might be, but that doesn’t mean I CAN’T eat them. They are always on the table along with everything else. The difference now is that I choose not to eat them because I care about me more than I do about the few minutes of tastiness they offer.

  32. Zofia, I couldn’t agree more with what you’ve shared here about Serge Benhayon, i.e. “…what is absolutely clear is that Serge Benhayon is someone who has a deep love for humanity…”
    From every angle I have ever seen, heard and known Serge Benhayon, this is apparent to the bone. He is the most deeply inspiring person I know – ever in his presence I am at once humbled, and yet also, held with such equalness (the man allows no-one to place him upon a pedestal above any other) that I cannot but feel called to such capacity within myself.
    The true nature of love has been restored by this man’s work and teachings through Universal Medicine.

  33. I can very much appreciate what you’ve shared here Zofia about the true nature of love. And that living in a way where one is “always giving, always doing for others in the hope of what might be received in return” is not ‘it’ – for this is the void of need seeking its fulfilment, and not love.
    Love by its nature needs nought, for it is already one with God and the All.

  34. ” . . . what is absolutely clear is that Serge Benhayon is someone who has a deep love for humanity – because he has that same deep love for himself which he lives every day and is full of joy . . . ” I only can agree Zofia – Serge was and is such an inspiration for me too – like your powerful words which showed very clearly what true love is capable of.

  35. What I find interesting is you can do a job and hate it and then you can do the same job and change how you are within yourself and the job then becomes one that you enjoy because you are enjoying yourself.

  36. The word love has for too long been flippantly misrepresented and tainted with the mentality we have to get it from outside of ourselves. This is a complete fallacy for love in truth is a quality that can only be felt from within and emanated out.

  37. “Serge Benhayon is someone who has a deep love for humanity – because he has that same deep love for himself which he lives every day” Universal Medicine is to bring ourselves back into the true love of the Universe.

  38. It is so true Zofia that the current understanding of what ‘love’ is, is based on the idea, belief or picture that it is something that is outside of ourselves that can be achieved, acquired, sought after, bought or sold and if we are ‘lucky’ may even find through what we do or from someone we meet. Is this not a powerless way live, dependent on and at mercy to the world around us to define the degree love we experience in our lives? For the love we seek is already within us as you have beautifully shared, and when we begin to develop a loving relationship with our bodies we discover that within us all is greatest loving relationship we could ever want, and to live in connection to this love we are is where our true power lies, bringing a realness, a loving quality to all we do.

  39. What I know love to be now compared to my original understanding really is worlds apart. I remember when I was younger, I was desperate to find love from another, to be confirmed from those around me and when I didn’t get it, I would crumble. I also feel blessed to know the true meaning of love, that it is in fact what we are all made of and that which we are returning. With this rich and full understanding of Love, I am free, I do not feel empty or wanting but very appreciative for all I have.

  40. Thank you Zofia for sharing your understanding of what true love really means, my past idea of love was to be there for everyone else, to put others first, this left me with an emptiness and a feeling that something missing, now I know that what was missing was me, a simple loving connection to my inner heart where true love is, I now have no need to look outside myself for true love is felt when I am connected to my body.

  41. I was also quite challenged by what Serge Benhayon presented true love was. Previously I had so much bought into the pictures that somebody else should fill me up, and I had to fulfil them. This, as I experienced over and over again, is a recipe for ups and downs, falling in love and falling out of love, in a hard way. Emotional love at play.

  42. Great to hear Zofia – for me this process has taken some time. I’m slowly learning that what is good and true for me is also then truly good for others because I’m giving it to myself first. I realised after watching an episode on that what Serge shares is exactly what we need to hear as human beings. Everything we do has an effect on everyone else and attached to that naturally we have a responsibility to not harm in any way what is around us.

  43. Accepting that we have invested in something that is not love, even though it has been touted as love, is difficult if we are not prepared to be honest about it. Though what is the point of fighting on behalf of a lie?

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