An Introduction to Real Love

by Zofia Sharman, London, UK

Upon seeing and first listening to Universal Medicine in 2006 deliver a presentation about the heart through their Heart Chakra 1 workshop, I have at that time unknowingly been introduced to real love.

Always interested to learn about people, the world around us, the universe and its laws etc, I had over the years attended many one day workshops/presentations/healing courses and none of them presented the topic of love as the base-point for everything happening today like Universal Medicine did (and does); and that love’s absence creates imbalance and inequality such as excess, greed, great wealth alongside poverty, famine and war. But what Serge Benhayon presents is a real meaning or true definition of ‘love’ or, real love – which has been forgotten and substituted for an ideal type of love based on emotion that becomes the love we know (which applied to me). I approached love as an ideal, as if I had to ‘go out, do, look for and find, get, or earn it’. This, my definition of love, was formed from childhood like most through family and friends, education and society shaping it into adulthood. So it is easy to see that when the definition of love is up for question or consideration as Universal Medicine presents, that some feel especially challenged (as I was) by discovering that the type of love regarded/treasured/accepted by us has been in fact something that is not of real love, but rather is a love that is run or based upon an emotional need, drive or drama.

My own version of love was like this, a bartering system: spending time always giving, always doing for others in the hope of what might be received in return. The whole process would cause a depletion of my energy creating stress and a way of living that was always in reaction or expectation which was unhealthy and unbalanced. Such disharmony makes no sense to a body that naturally is meant to run in rhythm or balance, and so it makes sense that this unbalanced way can neither be of real love, nor that the way is truly a loving way to be or operate with self or others.

What I have now learnt and what attendees receive with Universal Medicine is – a chance to learn the art of the love of self, Self-Love.  Everyone who attends the courses (including surgeons, doctors, lawyers, dentists, corporate bankers, business people, builders, cleaners, housewives, college students and the unemployed), are all independently and in their own time learning to love which includes looking at choices in regards consumption of one’s intake of food, drink, sleep, activities that either work or do not work for the body – such as alcohol, drugs, coffee or anything really that makes the body go out of and away from its natural harmonious rhythm. Through being responsible and having an awareness of what is going into the body leading to a behaviour, attitude or way of being that also directly impacts upon another, raises the importance of taking personal responsibility to manage oneself and this in relation to all others. This spherical way of living (and working) is central to the teachings of Universal Medicine.

As the courses have progressed and over the past six years, what is absolutely clear is that Serge Benhayon is someone who has a deep love for humanity – because he has that same deep love for himself which he lives every day and is full of joy, and moreover that all the courses, materials, audios and workshops inspire a way to live that is natural, simple and balanced.

Today I live and continue to work as I did before Universal Medicine – in the fast-paced world of Sales and Recruitment, but this time my approach to work and life has considerably changed following the choice to love truly, and no longer do I have severe debilitating neck pain, feel stressed, anxious, pressured (and irritated) towards ticking ‘life’s boxes’ personally and professionally, but instead I enjoy waking up feeling well rested, clear headed, going to work every day feeling balanced and nourished and have great and meaningful relationships with people. And in having such regard of myself in how I make choices, I have a (continuing) great relationship with myself and also with others – and that is amazing to feel and experience and so to treasure.

110 thoughts on “An Introduction to Real Love

  1. ‘I approached love as an ideal, as if I had to ‘go out, do, look for and find, get, or earn it’.’ Zofia I too had the same misguided understanding about love, it was not until I met Serge Benhayon that I learned that I was love and all I had to do was reconnect to it. There was no looking outside for it, because deep down I already had it, everyday I learn to connect to it more deeply.

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