Working with Someone who is Involved with Universal Medicine

by Mereti Te Wao, Perth, Australia

I have a professional relationship with Sally and have known her since February 2011, she is the Manager of the service I work in and I am a Team Senior. I am aware that she at times goes to do courses with Universal Medicine and she offers an esoteric meditation every week for those who wish to attend. More recently during our strategic planning day she organised for the team to be introduced to a simple body awareness workshop run by Victoria Carter, which was inspired by the work of Universal Medicine.

So Sally is a student of Universal Medicine and what does this mean for me on a daily basis?

She has a presence in the office that represents calmness amongst chaos, balance against unbalanced, inclusiveness, transparency, she is articulate and expresses honestly, she always has time for us, she understands the intenseness of our roles and is able to provide clear direction to staff that look to her for leadership, she is humble. It is the most supportive, caring and loving work place I have ever been in and this is credited to Sally’s leadership and her way of being in the office. She has integrity and respect for everyone she works with.

I would like to take this opportunity to say that Sally has set a very professional standard at our service, one based on her ability to be aware of how we are being with each other in the office and not purely focused on our outcomes. Sally’s style of management should be closely observed as it has allowed our team to develop with a sense of inclusiveness, open to sharing and learning from each other and has produced a team that appreciates what each other person brings.

So if Universal Medicine has played even the smallest part in supporting Sally to develop into who she is today, then she should definitely continue as a student of its presentations. Our work environment is an amazing place to come into every day and I love coming to work.


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  1. Beautiful appreciation. Universal Medicine supports students to be aware of their energetic impact on all those around them and by setting standards of steadiness and including all this can be felt in the workplace and elsewhere.

  2. What a great testimonial to what Universal Medicine presents to us all. We take whatever part it plays into our everyday work and life. To live our lives, whether we bring calmness, balance or harmony in a work environment that can be toxic, is not harming, if anything, is healing.

    I applaud you for writing this sharing, and that you enjoy being with someone who attends Universal Medicine. But the fact that you have observed a noticeable change in your work environment, says it all for me.

  3. “Our work environment is an amazing place to come into every day and I love coming to work” – we don’t hear something like this very often. If a quality one person brings in can touch others in such a way that they recognise its true value and start contributing to that quality as well, that is how we can change the world.

    1. How would it be if everyone actually loved coming to work each day, that it was an amazing place to come to as described in this blog? What a knock on effect that would have.

  4. Most people seem to say if I didn’t have to work with my colleagues work would be okay. We clock watch our time at work away and the relief when its 5 o’clock for many is immense.
    When we spend so much of our lives at work, why isn’t it a harmonious place to be? So thank you for sharing that actually there is another way to be/work and why can’t this way be everyone’s experience of their workplace?

  5. That is how every workplace should be – where we are understood, supported and encouraged to take responsibility as well. Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us.

  6. This is an incredible testimonial for Sally and for Universal Medicine. Through changing our lives we are fully capable to support life changes in others, without a big bravado or a need for recognition – just a base of pure love.

  7. Sounds awesome Mereti. What you describe is so essential when it comes to having a workplace that truly works. I’m working in a store and know how beneficial it is to be steady when the tempo is high and also be open to what is needed for me in my development as things shift in the workplace and in regards to customers and staff as well.

  8. What I love about working with Universal Medicine students is the purpose they have and we all share. The understanding and care that is felt between each other is papable.

  9. Mereti thank you for your testimonial about Sally and her involvement with Universal Medicine and what that means for your workplace. This for me epitomises what Universal Medicine offers people, the chance to truly heal and reconnect to our true selves, and bring the love and care we naturally are at our core to every part of our lives including our workplaces.

  10. What a great testimony to Sally and to Universal Medicine. Thank you Mereti.

  11. Simply being who we are has a beautiful impact around us. Whatever thing that supports us to fully be ourselves is a treasure that flourishes through our living quality.
    This is a great testimonial of that. Thanks for sharing Mereti Te Wao!

  12. It is so important to have someone at work or study who does make it about people and not just about the outcomes, results and goals.

    1. Yes Lieke and to embrace the livingness they bring to their environment. It is a blessing to have someone who cares deeply for others and is prepared to take responsibility for their own way of living in order to honour that responsibility in the workplace.

  13. Beautiful to confirm the quality of work another brings to the work place and how inspiring it is. When we see and feel the quality and commitment in another, it automatically encourages us to raise our own quality and explore how they came about the quality they have.

  14. Wow. What a beautiful testimony. I would love to work with someone like that. And if I do, I would definitely want to know how they do what they do.

  15. This so beautifully confirms the quality lived by students of The Way of The Livingness, and how Universal Medicine offers a way of living that enriches not only our lives but all the relationships we engage in. A way of living where love, truth, care, integrity, respect and appreciation are the ‘normal’ foundations throughout every aspect of our living day.

  16. “She has a presence in the office that represents calmness amongst chaos” just that would be worth Gold on the corporate market of treasured values.

  17. By this blog we can see how much we love to see and observe people bring something unique with respect and integrity. And that if we would allow this in everyone to come out, by starting within yourself first of course, it will be a whole different dynamic in the workplace and life. Hence what Universal Medicine teaches – we can all live, in our lives and with each other.

  18. I loved reading this blog there is so much appreciation to what Sally brings to the work environment and knowing that being a student of Universal Medicine we are forever evolving and learning. How amazing your work environment must be – thank you for sharing your appreciation.

    1. Thank you to Universal Medicine for showing us by example how to live love, truth, integrity, caring, honouring, transparency, respect, humbleness, harmony, joy, equanimity, and so much more. We are truly blessed to have Universal Medicine in our lives.

  19. Universal Medicine students are a walking blessing. This is a great confirmation.
    The fact that for that reason someone is eager to come to work is highly unusual. It has to be fully appreciated.

  20. “Our work environment is an amazing place to come into every day and I love coming to work.” Thank you Mereti for sharing your appreciation of the beautiful reflection Sally brings to everyone at your office, the principles of love in action are profound in their effects.

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