Conventional Medicine meets Universal Medicine: Support at every level

by GW

I have suffered from depression for years and since I have been attending the Universal Medicine workshops, courses and retreat I can feel the hurt and sadness slowly and gently lifting. The support and love shown me by practitioners and fellow students has provided me with a safe and nurturing environment to open up to past hurts and let go of the ongoing influences these have had on my life.

I am now in the process of gently building a body and life of love, allowing myself to be me without any expectations of how that should be. I am finding that as I am opening up to myself I am also opening up to others, connecting with the people in my life in a more loving, generous and fulfilling way.

The physical symptoms I suffered along with depression, such as gum disease and low blood pressure, have been treated by the relevant health practitioners: Dentist, Periodontist, GP and Cardiologist.

The support of my being, and the process of clearing the underlying causes of my illnesses, have come from Universal Medicine, its students and, of course, me.

Thank you for everything.

120 thoughts on “Conventional Medicine meets Universal Medicine: Support at every level

  1. Conventional medicine meets Universal Medicine is like breathing in and breathing out, They go together.

  2. This statement is spot on, ‘as I am opening up to myself I am also opening up to others’. This makes a difference in how we live with one another. If we are shut down and closed, then how are we projecting ourselves to others.

    When we are open to ourselves, others see this reflection and allows them to be inspired too. Everything we do, has a knock on effect to others around us.

  3. “Allowing myself to be me without any expectations of how that should be” – this feels so liberating. This is something we cannot possibly begin to tell anyone how to. Totally self-empowering.

  4. Every part of our being needs to be properly attended and it feels like you have received a very balanced support. Great to know it. This confirms what I experience too in my life. Thanks to UM for assisting the part that completes the understanding.

  5. Thank you GW, it’s huge to be able to heal from depression, to feel the love and care in the Esoteric practitioners and the student community would be very supportive. Often people can judge others who are not coping, or who have a mental health condition or physical illness, when what people always are supported by is love, care, understanding and acceptance.

  6. Until I met Serge Benhayon by attending the workshops, healing courses etc., I had no idea that there were underlying causes of illnesses and diseases that we all suffer from. Why is it we are not given this information? Why is it we just think a visit to the doctor or specialist is going to be the cure? They are amazing at what they do without a doubt but they don’t have all the answers as evidenced by our continued ill health. Surely if we take responsibility for ourselves by being willing to look at the underlying causes of any illness and disease and being much more aware of what we eat and drink and how we interact with each other this could be the missing part of the equation to our ill health.

  7. Depression has as the root cause a kidney exhaustion and this is something that can be healed. After a depression a lot of people realize how much and hard work it actually costs to be in depression and stay there, because our natural state of being has an abundance of love and vitality.

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