Conventional Medicine meets Universal Medicine: Support at every level

by GW

I have suffered from depression for years and since I have been attending the Universal Medicine workshops, courses and retreat I can feel the hurt and sadness slowly and gently lifting. The support and love shown me by practitioners and fellow students has provided me with a safe and nurturing environment to open up to past hurts and let go of the ongoing influences these have had on my life.

I am now in the process of gently building a body and life of love, allowing myself to be me without any expectations of how that should be. I am finding that as I am opening up to myself I am also opening up to others, connecting with the people in my life in a more loving, generous and fulfilling way.

The physical symptoms I suffered along with depression, such as gum disease and low blood pressure, have been treated by the relevant health practitioners: Dentist, Periodontist, GP and Cardiologist.

The support of my being, and the process of clearing the underlying causes of my illnesses, have come from Universal Medicine, its students and, of course, me.

Thank you for everything.

109 thoughts on “Conventional Medicine meets Universal Medicine: Support at every level

  1. Western Medicine and complimentary medicine go hand in hand, trained doctors know the mechanics of the body and it’s functionality. Whereas UM Practitioners are educated in the energetic quality of the body and work with that. When the two are combined, miracles can occur.

  2. A short and sweet example of Conventional Medicine and Universal Medicine making a great partnership for a full all-round approach.

  3. When we are lost and have embraced being there like nothing else, a new beginning is something vague, remote, theoretical. There is not much that can change your stand. Your primary desire is to be confirmed within your choice. That is why who we choose to help us in those circumstances is not innocent. Yet, when the choice is an Esoteric Practitioner, the game is up because you get confirmed above and besides your choice and this is what truly permits a new beginning.

  4. Yes that’s right, we do need both the conventional medicine for our physical body and we also need esoteric medicine for our other dimensions for we are indeed multidimensional beings and conventional medicine does not currently take account of our other dimensions. One day it will as the two medicine’s become one.

  5. Everything matters, and the support that Universal Medicine modalities offer, really makes the difference.

  6. Conventional and Universal Medicine work hand in hand, because Universal Medicine supports us to use the wisdom we know deep down that in turn supports our body, when we are willing to let go of the what is not.

  7. “I am finding that as I am opening up to myself I am also opening up to others, connecting with the people in my life in a more loving, generous and fulfilling way” – I agree. So often we look at our problems and try to fix them one by one and it feels like a never ending process, but if we can start from connecting with ourselves first, it becomes easier to understand why things are the way things are, and life starts to look more simple and we feel more capable of being in the world.

  8. We certainly are more than our physicality alone and in taking this into account when we are looking to heal we soon discover that behind every ailment or illness is an energy that we have aligned to that is the cause. With Conventional Medicine alongside Universal Medicine modalities I have also experienced incredible and sustaining changes to my health and well-being. It is amazing to witness the transformation that follows when we choose love to be the quality of energy that moves us, and bring our awareness to what quality we are being moved by throughout our day.

  9. The shadow of depression is like a wound and if we keep it covered it festers. But if we allow those hurts to come up to the light they can no longer control us and can be let go.

  10. That in itself prove that depression to talk about one condition is a condition and not a disease that is unalterable and unchangeable. If we look at it that way it’s way easier to change things around and not be caught under the banner of being struck by something unchangeable. And this also takes us back to us actually having a say in what occurs in our lives as well.

  11. More and more people have depression now more than ever before, even children as young as six are being diagnosed with depression! Something to tell us how we are currently living is very very ‘wrong’ and what I have noticed over the last few months is the different levels of depression that are there .. where people may not look or seem depressed however on the inside (within) they are. Therefore it is truly awesome to hear how with the support of conventional and Universal Medicine you have turned this around for yourself, a story definitely worth sharing so others know it is absolutely possible to completely heal depression.

  12. Thank you, GW. It is good to share and to let people in at every level because this grows us all as we live and learn with each other. No one must be left behind as we all go deeper into the awareness that is on offer to us now. You have let people in which means that you have chosen brotherhood. This is very precious.

  13. I love the title of this blog, it says it all for me, ‘conventional meets universal’.

    What ever medicine it is, I feel the ultimate decision lies with the individual to heal themselves of their past hurts, the support is fully there from all medicines. And when we make that decision we then take the responsibility to not only heal ourselves but also how we come to harm ourselves.

  14. Thank you GW, although your blog was short I was deeply touched by it, especially this line “I am finding that as I am opening up to myself I am also opening up to others, connecting with the people in my life in a more loving, generous and fulfilling way.” That to me is actually a miracle, today so many people are shut down, they are no longer open to others and living this way is quite joyless – we are naturally meant to connect to one another. Universal Medicine has also supported me in the same way, and their strong stance on the benefits of seeking medical support has as well.

  15. There seems to be more depression around then any other time I remember. It’s not that I am that old but I just don’t remember so so many people being affected by this when I was younger. Some may say it’s because we are more aware of it and that maybe partly true but why is it here so great now regardless. They say we have more health practitioners with us then any other time in history and yet we have things like depression continuing to climb. It has to hit to our approach, how are we looking at things like depression and how are we living that would bring us such a debilitating condition?

  16. Thank you GW for sharing your experience of the support you received from Universal Medicine and Conventional Medicine and the choices you made to heal your hurts.

  17. Universal Medicine supports us while we look at our hurts and problems and realise that they are holding us back from being all that we truly are.

  18. It takes honesty and a willingness to let go of that which is not true in order to heal, and Universal Medicine offers us all the resources we will ever need in order to keep up with our own evolution.

  19. Universal Medicine is the self-prescribed and self-administered medicine of true love that we infuse into our way of living every day to release and heal the hurts we have taken on.

  20. Awesome GW, choosing to heal on a deeper level and accept the support you have around you inspires people who may be going through similar illness and symptoms to know that they too can heal. Our healing process/journey starts with us being open and willing to take responsibility for our choices and embrace true healing and the support available to us.

  21. I know of hundreds of people who have made choices to totally change their lives after being inspired by Serge Benhayon – it is incredible to observe the changes that have been made by so many people – I have never seen anything else like it – not just quick fixes but sustained true changes where the quality of their life and relationships is much more solid and loving.

  22. I only can agree as it is my own experience as well – that Conventional and Universal Medicine and also my own responsibility for my body and health has made myself so much more healthier.

  23. It’s absolutely amazing when I let go of expectations and pictures of how I think I should be and simply accept who I am and where I am at. Having no expectations means there is no disappointment and if there is no disappointment there is no judgement. So it’s simple really – expectations leads to judgement which are awful to feel whether they are directed inwards or outwards.

    1. I agree Lucy, if I am envisioning where I need to be, or should be, then I miss out on the joy of appreciating myself exactly where I am right now. This is a great line, so simple and clear “Having no expectations means there is no disappointment and if there is no disappointment there is no judgement.”

  24. “I am now in the process of gently building a body and life of love, allowing myself to be me without any expectations of how that should be.” Imagine getting to know yourself by an expression that is already there within, it is just you saying yes to it? We just have to say yes to the magnificence that we already are.

  25. When we choose to combine conventional medicine with the esoteric modalities offered by Universal Medicine we are giving our bodies the very best support in order for healing to occur. Conventional medicine will address the symptoms while the esoteric modalities will address the underlying cause of the symptoms thus allowing for true healing to take place, as GW’s blog highlights so beautifully.

  26. This is a beautiful sharing GW on the power of Universal Medicine teachings to transform and support us to deeply heal any issues that maybe holding us back from being all of who we truly are.

  27. “I am finding that as I am opening up to myself I am also opening up to others, connecting with the people in my life in a more loving, generous and fulfilling way.” – how great is this – truly Universal Medicine!

  28. A very beautiful testimony GW. Not necessarily an easy task to look at and letting go of our hurts, but always worthwhile when we consider how it can change our life.

  29. That is so true GW, never before in my life have I supported myself and my body as I do now. I have regular health checks with my GP and I am much more aware in how I personally care for my body on a daily basis. I would have never taken these steps without first choosing to be a student of Universal Medicine.

  30. Over the last 11 years I have personally experienced the wonderful healing that can come from the union of conventional medicine and Universal Medicine, and have also witnessed the same for many others. This union honours the amazing tools that conventional medicine provides and the huge commitment of the many allied health professionals, as well as the support that Universal Medicine offers us to understand what has lead us to the place where we find ourselves suffering from illness or disease. This is one union that has the power to change medicine as we know it.

  31. GW, I too am in the process of gently building a body and life of love, which is allowing me to uncover more of who I truly am which supports me to be me, in all aspects of my life. And through my combining of conventional and Universal Medicine, many of my ill conditions have been healed.

  32. There is always a root cause of why people feel depressed and at the core of this is always unresolved hurt and sadness. To truly heal ourselves we need the support of others to help us let go of all this hurt and sadness we have accumulated over our lives. As we commit to this healing and letting go process we begin to open just like a flower does to the sunlight and rebuild our trust and relationship not only with ourselves, but all others equally.

    1. Beautifully said Suse. As I was reading your comment I realised that the deepest form of healing requires us to accept the loving support from people around us. Allowing people into our lives for support and building our trust in people again is a key part to our healing process.

    2. Thank you Suse for your stunning comment, beautifully expressed. Your words make so much sense. I have also noticed how much more I can trust and be open with others now because I have had such loving support from Universal Medicine to heal the hurts I had accumulated, and also to reconnect to the true essence of me again and begin to blossom from there.

  33. GW I can relate to the feeling of love you experienced from Universal Medicine and its practitioners, and the profound effects this has on your healing. It’s amazing that the world seems to be based on anything but love, but coming to Universal Medicine I have come to clearly understand this is why the world is not currently working. Love works.

  34. A profound and stunning testimony as to the healing power of committing to building a life of love based on the principles and loving support of Universal Medicine.

  35. It’s beautiful to feel your appreciation GW. Indeed Universal Medicine provides a safe and nurturing environment where, if we are prepared to take responsibility and deal with our hurts as you obviously are, we can begin to let down the guards that we have so seemingly successfully placed to the outside world for healing to occur.

  36. The biggest mistake modern medicine has made is separating the body from the being. Treating them as one would progress the medical industry much.

    At this point our practice on treating the body is amazing, yet without the being we are only fixing a leaky radiator yet not removing the fluid that corroded it in the first place.

  37. I agree GW, Conventional Medicine and Universal Medicine work beautifully together providing us with true support to let go of old patterns and hurts and to begin to truly heal.

  38. ‘The support and love shown me by practitioners and fellow students has provided me with a safe and nurturing environment to open up to past hurts and let go of the ongoing influences these have had on my life.’ It is very beautiful when we are able to open up without being compared or judged, as it gives us the freedom to be who we are.

    1. Absolutely Sally this is so essential for true healing to occur: to know without a doubt that we are held in true love, the kind that has no judgements or expectations, no sympathy, empathy or investment, a love that allows us to be all that we are in every moment.

  39. Universal Medicine supports us in finding within us the love of who we truly are and to let go of all the hurts, imagined and real, that are not who we are. Learning to understand that many of the physical and emotional problems we have are caused by the way we live with ourselves and in the world allows us to take responsibility for our own healing while we are supported by conventional medicine to repair the damage.

  40. Beautiful point Felix and so true ‘there is no area of my life that is not supported by Universal Medicine’s philosophy, science and religion’.

  41. I have seen quite some miracles when Universal Medicine complements conventional medicine. And the best thing about it: it is not a secret science, it is simply a loving way to live your daily life!

    1. That’s true Felix. Sacred Esoteric Healing has no secrets and nor do the other modalities practised by Universal Medicine practitioners and the best medicine of all, the way we choose to live on a daily basis in love and truth – is our livingness.

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