Conventional Medicine meets Universal Medicine: Support at every level

by GW

I have suffered from depression for years and since I have been attending the Universal Medicine workshops, courses and retreat I can feel the hurt and sadness slowly and gently lifting. The support and love shown me by practitioners and fellow students has provided me with a safe and nurturing environment to open up to past hurts and let go of the ongoing influences these have had on my life.

I am now in the process of gently building a body and life of love, allowing myself to be me without any expectations of how that should be. I am finding that as I am opening up to myself I am also opening up to others, connecting with the people in my life in a more loving, generous and fulfilling way.

The physical symptoms I suffered along with depression, such as gum disease and low blood pressure, have been treated by the relevant health practitioners: Dentist, Periodontist, GP and Cardiologist.

The support of my being, and the process of clearing the underlying causes of my illnesses, have come from Universal Medicine, its students and, of course, me.

Thank you for everything.

114 thoughts on “Conventional Medicine meets Universal Medicine: Support at every level

  1. Building a body of love is key in the transformation of our health and in the support of the whole of our being, through combining conventional and universal medicine, we give ourselves the opportunity to heal to a far deeper level when we discover and let go of the root cause of the illness or issues we are experiencing.

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