How I Came to Love Glorious Music

I am a musician with many years’ experience and have played professionally since the age of 15. I am now a huge supporter of Michael Benhayon and Glorious Music because of their philosophy behind the sound they make and the non-imposing music that they produce.

When I first heard music by Glorious Music I wasn’t that impressed. I was comparing the technical ability of what I heard being played against everything I had ever studied, read or played myself. Most of this comparison I learned from drum teachers and fellow musicians.

Underneath every bit of criticism and technical advice is “you have to play a certain way, if you don’t you won’t fit in, you won’t be liked and you won’t be successful” and “if you don’t play this certain way, you’re not doing it correctly.” These are ideals and beliefs that I took on about playing music and every piece I listened to came under the scrutiny of my own mind, mostly to get approval from my drum teachers and every fellow musician who I looked up to.

So at this stage, Glorious Music didn’t do it for me, frankly.

As I continued my music playing, at the age of 17 I found myself attending the Victorian College of The Arts. I didn’t get accepted into the Bachelor of Music program, but only into a foundation course that they offer (I’m thankful for that now). This was a scary place, full of people who ‘know better’. I personally found this place cold and like no one truly wanted to connect – but connection is what I had been seeking in music for my whole life. It is no judgment on the institution or its members, it is only what I personally felt.

After a couple of months I decided that studying music in this institution was not for me, and in truth, I knew that it would not be for me before I even signed up, so I left.

I was starting to question whether I had chosen the right path for me or not. I had chosen a lifestyle of late nights, was struggling to be heard as a person and was making everything about becoming a successful musician.

But there was an innermost truth that I couldn’t deny was calling me. I was feeling to go to sleep earlier, eat in ways that were supportive, and I wanted to get to the bottom of why I was so critical of myself.

I knew that this was a lifestyle I could not sustain and that my self-loving choices were re-connecting me back to an innocence and simplicity that I hadn’t felt since childhood, which I deeply missed. I longed to breathe me again. So I decided to make some changes and the music that I was listening to was one of them.

One day I decided to give Glorious Music a listen, and I started to really enjoy what I was listening to.

For once I was listening to music that didn’t try and change me or I didn’t have to be emotional to listen to… I could just be me.

From here I started to listen to this one album (The Glory of This Life) and I put it on repeat as I was making my way around Melbourne. I began to feel that I had never listened to music that was so sweet and that nurtured me in my whole body.

The difference was now clear; when I listened to my classic favourites, I didn’t feel great about myself, and they aided the struggle and fuelled the emotions in my body. But Glorious Music gave me a chance to feel clear, observe my feelings and enjoy simple sounds that are made with love.

I have since only been listening to Glorious Music by choice.

I feel love when I listen to this music. It is glorious! Words can’t describe how freeing it feels to let go of all of the ideals I learned about how music should be and just connect with the love that is present in every note of music by Glorious Music.

By Harrison White – 19, Gold Coast, Musician

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735 thoughts on “How I Came to Love Glorious Music

  1. Thanks Harrison for sharing your story and about how your understanding of music changed, from listening based on rules of music, to listening to the energy including the emotions or the presence love in music. When our focus is on critiquing or comparing anything from our mind, we miss sensing and understanding the essence of any one thing… and how it affects us.

  2. Thank you Harrison, as we listen to you now as part of The Backing Band for Glorious Music it is inspiring to listen and feel how far you have developed as a True Musician.

  3. How simple, we don’t have to analyse it or think about it – just trust that your body will respond.

  4. “just connect with the love that is present in every note of music by Glorious Music.” A simple and powerful testimonial for the magic of Glorious Music.

  5. ‘I longed to breathe me again’. That is a massive acknowledgment Harrison and is something for us all to ponder on.

  6. It is so important to feel the energy behind music because almost all music comes with an energy that harms us, some of it is easy to feel and some is way more subtle but it still gets us if we are unaware.

    1. Which is why Glorious Music is so refreshing, ‘just connect with the love that is present in every note of music by Glorious Music.’

  7. I can relate, initially I was not a fan of glorious music but as with everything in life music comes with an energetic vibration. The music we listen to has an impact on us – I used to listen to music which was uplifting and very stimulating – drenching myself in it, all of it. When I heard some of the songs produced by glorious music, my initial reaction was that it was off, it didn’t match what my musical taste buds were used to so I dismissed it and didn’t really look at it for quite a while. Until one day, I went onto youtube and listened to one of the songs that was uploaded there – something clicked in me and although I could say that the song sounded a bit amateur, there was something in it which I absolutely adored and so I had it on replay for the whole day. What I adore about glorious music is the energetic vibration it comes with, it imposes nothing on the listener, there is no muddled up emotions in the text lyrics or in the way the instruments are played, it does not invite listeners to be sad/ happy or anything else – it just gives the space for people to be themselves and that is revolutionary, incredible and out of this world.

    1. It is great to be able to listen to music that does not impose on us, ‘What I adore about glorious music is the energetic vibration it comes with, it imposes nothing on the listener’

  8. I was never so much into music. I just used it to dance for hours to forget about my daily life and to escape, to have a moment of relief and I loved to dance.
    Since I started to feel the difference of vibration and effect of the regular music, and the music of GM records and Michael Benhayon, I feel the blessing in the latter.
    I deeply enjoy the music and dance full on, as it supports me to feel my Connection with heaven through my body. It is a big gift.

  9. Wow! It sounds like there is a lot of pressure to play music the way other people expect you to play it. The striving to do it right, please the teacher sounds, stick to what’s accepted goes against the creativity and joy of expression that I would expect music to come with.

    1. A lot of ideals, beliefs, convictions and expectations, of how music should be if we are to be perceived as being any good at it!

  10. The thing about Glorious Music, is that it is being produced by someone who is living in true harmlessness, and therefore the music that we hear has that same lived quality. Which is phenomenal in this day and age where music is often made only for the sake of making music. And this shows the incredible commitment that Michael Benhayon has to humanity, that he would choose to put out a product that is not in line with the current trends, and in fact has the potential to expose those trends for what they are.

  11. It makes perfect sense why you initially did not like Glorious Music. As with anything that asks us to be all we truly are, if we are not wanting to be all we truly are and be in our issues and woes we are most likely going to resist and hate it.

  12. Your experience at college does sound scary. I would have thought fun and joy would be a significant part of foundation of music.

  13. Beautiful to read that with making self-loving choices you were able to re-connect back to an innocence and simplicity that you had missed ‘I longed to breathe me again.’ It is fundamental to know and feel in ourselves that we have a choice in our life and look at you now, you playing the drums gloriously at events of Universal Medicine, such a joy to watch you!

  14. It is interesting how if most consciously knew that the music they choose to listen to actually affects them and what they were actually choosing they would most likely be rather horrified, if not resistant to hearing it. To put it plan and simple, most choose to listen to music that dulls, numbs, comforts, stimulates, distracts and poisons us.

    1. Whilst some people do not want to consciously know that music can dull, numb, comfort, stimulate, distract and poison us.

  15. “You have to play a certain way, if you don’t you won’t fit in, you won’t be liked and you won’t be successful” Our approach to music is very reflective of our approach to life – we sell out or change ourselves to fit in and be liked. This is what I LOVE about Glorious Music, it sets a new benchmark and it’s own benchmark in terms of their quality and the absence of needing to be liked, approved or to fit in.

    1. An imposition and expectation placed on us as to how we are supposed to be in life, so controlling, ‘You have to play a certain way, if you don’t you won’t fit in, you won’t be liked and you won’t be successful’.

  16. We can use our mind and our ears to listen to music or we can use our heart and our whole body to listen, the impact is very different. When we listen from the mind we can judge and criticize but in the heart, we know if this music is simply healing or harming and so we either listen to it or we don’t.

  17. Harrison thank you for sharing your experience, Glorious music allows us to be ourselves, with no imposing, where much of the classical or mainstream music gets us to react a certain way, it changes our mood, it excites us or leaves us flat, basically we allow the music in to play with our emotions, where Glorious Music leaves us to just be ourselves.

  18. There is a huge difference between Glorious Music and mainstream music. Mainstream is imposing emotions onto the listener and encouraging the listener to get drawn into the emotional drama. Whereas, Glorious Music just lets you be but at the same time offering a healing.

  19. Beautiful Harrison, it is by Glorious Music that I have felt for the first time how it is to be nurtured and adored by its vibrance. I love it! And listen to it every day.

  20. Glorious Music Band to me is very dear, I listen to the music everyday.. And every note touched my heart. No emotion. Can you imagine what is truly possible with music when we use it in its true advance.

  21. There is such freedom in what you describe Harrison when we let go of the ideals and beliefs associated with a certain discipline or philosophy or how we should do things. It seems to allow a space and opportunity to co-create in life rather than merely replicate.

  22. There can be a seriousness around music playing that seems like it’s not necessary. It should be about having fun, being light and connecting with each other. The music industry seems to be quite the opposite where one person often gets glorified and many left behind when they do not make the mark. The music Michael Benhayon and Glorious Music presents make you feel good about yourself in a true way. Like it’s gently guiding you back home to yourself again.

  23. I understand what you are saying about not being ‘impressed’ by ‘Glorious Music’. I was classically trained in music and my ear had been trained in a certain way. Glorious Music does not match this so it is easy to judge. However, Glorious Music does not try to ‘impress’, and in fact does not impress anything onto anyone, and this is the beauty in their music. When we listen to this music we are free to be ourselves, and we are not influenced to become emotional or elated. It is simply glorious music full of love, and we are left alone to feel this and to rise to the vibration that is being offered.

  24. When I listen to Glorious Music I feel my whole body respond to joy, to me this type of music is a confirmation of the multidimensional universe we all live in.

  25. I agree our ears have been attuned to a certain sound without feeling the quality of the vibration of that sound. What stands out for me is how the Glorious Music does not impose on me nor trigger emotional responses.

  26. ‘When I first heard music by Glorious Music I wasn’t that impressed’ Me neither! Probably for different reasons but it seemed the music was too simplistic and called people to drop their differences. I resisted this big time! But I couldn’t deny how uncomfortable it was to feel how arrogant I was around music – a real music snob. This music asked me to drop all that identification, and need to be cool by association to certain music. I hadn’t dropped the looking down on people not in the know – as if I knew much about music anyways! Amazing to write this and realise how divisive music can be – no different to football teams. I’d always assumed music brought people together -partying, raves – when actually certain songs clear dance floors. Glorious Music, without all my reactions, is Glorious!

  27. Very cool. Stating that the our moves are administered by an energy and that once revealed, why energy comes through certain songs – we can clearly feel what is love and what is not when we let go of emotional needs (attachments).

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