How I Came to Love Glorious Music

I am a musician with many years’ experience and have played professionally since the age of 15. I am now a huge supporter of Michael Benhayon and Glorious Music because of their philosophy behind the sound they make and the non-imposing music that they produce.

When I first heard music by Glorious Music I wasn’t that impressed. I was comparing the technical ability of what I heard being played against everything I had ever studied, read or played myself. Most of this comparison I learned from drum teachers and fellow musicians.

Underneath every bit of criticism and technical advice is “you have to play a certain way, if you don’t you won’t fit in, you won’t be liked and you won’t be successful” and “if you don’t play this certain way, you’re not doing it correctly.” These are ideals and beliefs that I took on about playing music and every piece I listened to came under the scrutiny of my own mind, mostly to get approval from my drum teachers and every fellow musician who I looked up to.

So at this stage, Glorious Music didn’t do it for me, frankly.

As I continued my music playing, at the age of 17 I found myself attending the Victorian College of The Arts. I didn’t get accepted into the Bachelor of Music program, but only into a foundation course that they offer (I’m thankful for that now). This was a scary place, full of people who ‘know better’. I personally found this place cold and like no one truly wanted to connect – but connection is what I had been seeking in music for my whole life. It is no judgment on the institution or its members, it is only what I personally felt.

After a couple of months I decided that studying music in this institution was not for me, and in truth, I knew that it would not be for me before I even signed up, so I left.

I was starting to question whether I had chosen the right path for me or not. I had chosen a lifestyle of late nights, was struggling to be heard as a person and was making everything about becoming a successful musician.

But there was an innermost truth that I couldn’t deny was calling me. I was feeling to go to sleep earlier, eat in ways that were supportive, and I wanted to get to the bottom of why I was so critical of myself.

I knew that this was a lifestyle I could not sustain and that my self-loving choices were re-connecting me back to an innocence and simplicity that I hadn’t felt since childhood, which I deeply missed. I longed to breathe me again. So I decided to make some changes and the music that I was listening to was one of them.

One day I decided to give Glorious Music a listen, and I started to really enjoy what I was listening to.

For once I was listening to music that didn’t try and change me or I didn’t have to be emotional to listen to… I could just be me.

From here I started to listen to this one album (The Glory of This Life) and I put it on repeat as I was making my way around Melbourne. I began to feel that I had never listened to music that was so sweet and that nurtured me in my whole body.

The difference was now clear; when I listened to my classic favourites, I didn’t feel great about myself, and they aided the struggle and fuelled the emotions in my body. But Glorious Music gave me a chance to feel clear, observe my feelings and enjoy simple sounds that are made with love.

I have since only been listening to Glorious Music by choice.

I feel love when I listen to this music. It is glorious! Words can’t describe how freeing it feels to let go of all of the ideals I learned about how music should be and just connect with the love that is present in every note of music by Glorious Music.

by Harrison White – 19, Gold Coast, Musician

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714 thoughts on “How I Came to Love Glorious Music

  1. I can relate to this – I first heard Glorious Music and I thought – this isn’t my cup of tea – but today I love it. It is the only music I listen to on a regular basis. Because I have said yes to more than the music – I have said yes to the energy behind it. And I now watch you play the drums Harrison and it is amazing to watch you preform but not let the music own you.

  2. I’ve always wondered how different people can like such different music. For example how can anyone like the shouting in heavy metal, or the offensive language in rap, and I wonder if music simply appeals to the emotions already inside us and then stirs them up and magnifies them and our ears then get tuned by a particular vibration to like the music we listen to. Otherwise why would we ever not like a song that confirms us as simply being amazing?

  3. I remember when I first heard Glorious Music and felt exactly the same way. All the judgement and critique came through and I rolled my eyes, thinking if I ever start listening to that music I know I’ve lost myself. Turns out the complete opposite to what I had thought. I now listen to Glorious music because I’ve found myself. When judgement and beliefs are aside, we get to feel with our bodies, instead of the mind dulling the body out.

  4. I love listening to (and only listen to) Glorious Music and a few other bands/musicians who understand that everything is energy and how they play or sing can either impose on another or not .. this music does not impose. I have heard this likened to a diet because essentially we are digesting it/it goes through and affects our body if imposing. What I constantly found with other music is once I listened to it,it would be in my body and mind all day (or weeks) repeating over and over again even if I didn’t want it there. So it is great to hear you have come to this understanding yourself and that you have come back to you and your sweetness … very cool.

  5. When we make it about integrity first anything goes, whether or not that ‘anything’ is deemed technically perfect by some. Making music is first about the true quality being expressed and never about the sound that is produced.

  6. I couldn’t listen to anything that the world offers as that music affects my body and leaves me emotional, not at all like Glorious Music where I am uplifted inspired and feel so much joy, there is always a song with a message for me when i need it.

  7. Glorious music is what the title says – offering us all to be glorious again, never ever making it about glorification of itself but the very opposite – always allowing others to be themselves in FULL, their full gloriousness, supporting and empowering people to be themselves and feel their worth and universal connection (to however you feel and call this to be)..

  8. “When I first heard music by Glorious Music I wasn’t that impressed. I was comparing the technical ability of what I heard being played against everything I had ever studied, read or played myself” – listening to Glorious Music with a technical/academic mindset is like enjoying a weak herbal/camomile tea.. where you miss out on the strength of the brew through leaving the teabag in for too short and too quick a time .. And then later on somebody by chance leaving in the teabag for a longer time where you realise everything’s better and stronger than when taking out the tea bag!!! Glorious Music grows and gains in strength the more your ‘tastebuds’ become accustomed to its originating power.

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