How I Came to Love Glorious Music

I am a musician with many years’ experience and have played professionally since the age of 15. I am now a huge supporter of Michael Benhayon and Glorious Music because of their philosophy behind the sound they make and the non-imposing music that they produce.

When I first heard music by Glorious Music I wasn’t that impressed. I was comparing the technical ability of what I heard being played against everything I had ever studied, read or played myself. Most of this comparison I learned from drum teachers and fellow musicians.

Underneath every bit of criticism and technical advice is “you have to play a certain way, if you don’t you won’t fit in, you won’t be liked and you won’t be successful” and “if you don’t play this certain way, you’re not doing it correctly.” These are ideals and beliefs that I took on about playing music and every piece I listened to came under the scrutiny of my own mind, mostly to get approval from my drum teachers and every fellow musician who I looked up to.

So at this stage, Glorious Music didn’t do it for me, frankly.

As I continued my music playing, at the age of 17 I found myself attending the Victorian College of The Arts. I didn’t get accepted into the Bachelor of Music program, but only into a foundation course that they offer (I’m thankful for that now). This was a scary place, full of people who ‘know better’. I personally found this place cold and like no one truly wanted to connect – but connection is what I had been seeking in music for my whole life. It is no judgment on the institution or its members, it is only what I personally felt.

After a couple of months I decided that studying music in this institution was not for me, and in truth, I knew that it would not be for me before I even signed up, so I left.

I was starting to question whether I had chosen the right path for me or not. I had chosen a lifestyle of late nights, was struggling to be heard as a person and was making everything about becoming a successful musician.

But there was an innermost truth that I couldn’t deny was calling me. I was feeling to go to sleep earlier, eat in ways that were supportive, and I wanted to get to the bottom of why I was so critical of myself.

I knew that this was a lifestyle I could not sustain and that my self-loving choices were re-connecting me back to an innocence and simplicity that I hadn’t felt since childhood, which I deeply missed. I longed to breathe me again. So I decided to make some changes and the music that I was listening to was one of them.

One day I decided to give Glorious Music a listen, and I started to really enjoy what I was listening to.

For once I was listening to music that didn’t try and change me or I didn’t have to be emotional to listen to… I could just be me.

From here I started to listen to this one album (The Glory of This Life) and I put it on repeat as I was making my way around Melbourne. I began to feel that I had never listened to music that was so sweet and that nurtured me in my whole body.

The difference was now clear; when I listened to my classic favourites, I didn’t feel great about myself, and they aided the struggle and fuelled the emotions in my body. But Glorious Music gave me a chance to feel clear, observe my feelings and enjoy simple sounds that are made with love.

I have since only been listening to Glorious Music by choice.

I feel love when I listen to this music. It is glorious! Words can’t describe how freeing it feels to let go of all of the ideals I learned about how music should be and just connect with the love that is present in every note of music by Glorious Music.

by Harrison White – 19, Gold Coast, Musician

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701 thoughts on “How I Came to Love Glorious Music

  1. “For once I was listening to music that didn’t try and change me or I didn’t have to be emotional to listen to… I could just be me.” Beautiful Harrison – I so agree. So much music tries to pull us in emotionally and that is the intention. We are fed this music everywhere we go – in shops and supermarkets etc, even if we don’t choose to listen to such in our own private space. One day music from heaven – as Glorious Music is – will be widespread.

  2. Thank you Harrison, today at a shopping mall I was listening to the music in each store and it was so harsh, each song a tale of woe, emptiness and needing others. It felt very imposing and I wanted to exit each store as quickly as I could. There was no wisdom in the songs or words that confirmed the truth of who we are as souls living a human life – it was really all about living without love and requiring another to supply their love (but an emotional version of love). Conversely I find the music and lyrics of Glorious Music very unimposing and actually delivering evolution to me.

  3. I know at first I found Glorious Music a little different to listen to than what I was used to but then I started to feel what it was offering me – once I clocked this I could really start to allow the music in. Now I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Glorious Music and how this music is produced and shared leaves you free to be yourself and not imposed on by any emotions. This is why it was so different because most if not all music carries emotions with it and you can feel that when you listen to it. Which makes sense when I haven’t in the past dealt with an emotion I can be drawn to a particular song or artist because it confirms the emotions that are still bubbling away inside of me. I much prefer being free of these emotions and free to enjoy the music without being imposed upon.

  4. I had a similar experience Harrison when I first heard music by Glorious Music. Music had been a huge part of my life too, playing a variety of instruments, singing in choirs and groups, and generally being into the ‘music scene’ for most of my adult life. So on hearing Glorious Music, it seemed way to simple and ‘unstimualting’ to my ears and to my body. But the more I listened, and began to sing along to the songs, the more I came to realise that this was what was so refresing about this music. It did leave me alone, it was not imposing or asking me to be anything other than myself, and the messages in the lyrics were totally confirming of that. I too now love Glorious Music’s music, and deeply appreicate how much it offers a differnet perspective to an industry that is so steeped its emotional identification.

  5. Michael Benhayon and Glorious Music’s music is truly unimposing. For a while now I have just been listening to only Glorious Music’s music and the other day I did an experiment I listen to a song on the radio the whole way through thinking it would not affect me but the next day I had this repeating itself over and over again in my mind. So yes it just goes to show how unimposing Glorious Music’s music is as after I have heard a song from Glorious Music I never had it repeat itself over and over again in my mind.

  6. I have no musical background but have often used music in the past as a distraction, putting something upbeat on when I was getting ready to go out or something sad on when I was choosing to wallow in my emotions. I love how you describe Glorious Music as ‘nurturing’ and totally agree that it does not ask us to be anything we are not instead we are supported to re-connect with ourselves and live from that connection.

  7. Thank you for exposing the ideals and beliefs around music education and how it fosters lack of connection rather than the true purpose of music to celebrate our true essences and the joy of connecting to each other.

  8. I couldn’t agree more with this wonderful testimonial, “I feel love when I listen to this music. It is glorious! Words can’t describe how freeing it feels to let go of all of the ideals I learned about how music should be and just connect with the love that is present in every note of music by Glorious Music.”

  9. It is truly lovely to be able to listen to Glorious Music and not feel pulled into emotion and more so than that actually feel supported to connect deeper with who we are in essence. This is true soul music!

  10. “when I listened to my classic favourites, I didn’t feel great about myself, and they aided the struggle and fuelled the emotions in my body.” If we were all being absolutely honest with ourselves we would feel this too and we would recognise how damaging music coming from emotion is. I have often used music as a catharsis – songs of heartbreak and emotional love when my own relationships broke down etc. They never supported me to come back to myself, they just increased the feelings of sadness, despair, heartbreak within my own body so I was stuck in the self-pitying, chocolate-consuming hamster-wheel we think we have to be in when these things happen in life. Glorious Music does none of this. It inspires us to be more of who we are, not confirm us in our misery as so much other music does.

  11. Music is very powerful indeed, it sways us to feeling a certain way, to have certain thoughts, and we often identify with certain songs or styles because we re-identify with the frequency or the emotions. It is well known and not a secret at all that music keeps us emotional. I have talked to someone who said they love the music because it is angry, they love being angry! Anger always proves itself to be a very destructive emotion, hence it’s indicative of how we live in stuck patterns of emotions and become clear enough to seek stillness or gentleness, or feel that we are naturally tender.

  12. I used to love music especially the way I thought it made me feel. When I read about your experience: ‘when I listened to my classic favourites, I didn’t feel great about myself, and they aided the struggle and fuelled the emotions in my body.’ I reflected upon what it was I liked about certain types of music I was into. The dance music I’d started listening to as a teenager even then had a kind of nostalgia – it promised something hopeful in the future that I’d lost but that was now somehow unobtainable and I caught glimpses of in the music. But when I listen to it now I feel it wants to pull me from being with me and join a kind of group fed euphoria that actually feels quite sinister! I can see how this used to be quite exciting and daring and was something I liked for a time when I did not like myself.

    Glorious Music is nothing like this. I’m inspired to reconnect with who I am and every time I listen to the same tracks it feels like new as it’s not old stuff just recycling itself.

  13. If we are all honest we will accept that most music of today induces a variety of emotional reactions within us. But what you share Harrison is so true. In complete contrast Michael Benhayon’s aptly named Glorious Music does indeed make one feel glorious, light and inspired.

  14. With regard to Glorious Music “For once I was listening to music that didn’t try and change me or I didn’t have to be emotional to listen to… I could just be me.” – I so agree Harrison. And now there is more music available that is non-imposing. Most musicians want an emotional reaction from their listeners. With Glorious Music there is none of that. We are left to be ourselves – something totally unusal in the world of music.

  15. There is a lot more to listening to music than the sound. Glorious Music offers us the truth of that statement.

  16. I love what you’ve shared Harrison and can relate very much. Trained in classical piano and with parents who prided themselves on having great musical taste, I had many ideals and beliefs around what constituted ‘good music’. I felt similarly when I first heard Glorious Music, loving it on the one hand, but cringing at the so-called lack of technical expertise (as it was more so in the very early days). In truth I was just unable to appreciate the quality of sound I was hearing, instead overlaying what it was I had taken on about music that rendered me unable to discern the quality of sound I was taking in.
    Today there is little else of me other than Glorious Music and the handful of musicians who produce their sound with a lived understanding of the integrity in which they live being translated directly through their music. I have never truly enjoyed music so much as I do today thanks to these amazing and very dedicated musicians.

  17. Harrison it’s a beautiful moment when we truly know what’s caring for ourselves and we honour how we feel and make a decision to change the course of our life. Everyday we can do this in big or little ways and travel along with love.

  18. I came to Glorious Music with the arrogance of having been a musician for many years and was also, like you Harrison, listening with that critical and judgemental ear I’m sure many musicians and non-musicians alike can relate to. I love it now too and it’s been a humbling journey getting more and more honest with myself about the arrogance that is there.

  19. What I love about the music Michael Benhayon, Glorious Music, writes and records, is not only the beauty in the words, but the way he goes off to the recording studio and simply records it, without any fuss or concern about it being top of the charts or of it being ”perfect ‘ by the accepted way the music industry says that it ‘should be’.

  20. Music is only truly healing when the sounds are made to serve people: from love and truth and without any imposition on a person. Never to self-indicate or self-identify, or put another higher or lesser. Simple, but you need to live it not just sing. Therefore making music is a living way, not just a performance of what you like to perform or think that is it!

  21. I think it is truly beautiful that you can recognise what is going on in your body when different types of music are playing. To know yourself is well, when you are as young as you are, is very inspiring.

  22. Loved what you have shared Harrison, and great that you were aware of what other music was doing to your body and how Glorious Music felt so different in your body, supporting you with love to be you. Music made with love is a most powerful instrument for healing and reconnecting.

  23. “Connect with the love that is present in every note of music by Glorious Music” – this is very special and something worth noting that there is music that is made with love and has love in it, and not just singing about whatever we term as ‘love’ but actually communicates what true love is.

  24. It’s amazing how what we hear can be affected by our beliefs an ideals – but also makes sense in that they are like filters in a way that analyse the music to see if it fits the picture we think it needs to… But when we listen with our whole body we can begin to also re-connect with the quality of energy of the vibration of the music, regardless of the words or tune, and with that truly hear more of all that is being sung or played…

  25. What this blog reveals is that the ‘lenses we use to read‘ that were constructed in the context of your training may be an initial obstacle for feeling the truth of what does not resonate strongly with your built way.

  26. It is lovely to read how you came to appreciate the music of Glorious Music by realising how sweet and unimposing it is and I agree that it has a certain quality to it that is very rare in the music industry today in that it has no selfish drive behind it, not for money or fame and this comes across in the sweetness of the songs and in the rhythms of the music it self. There is simply the joy of music being shared in an open and honest way.

  27. Michael Benhayon is a great mate of mine and of course I love every bit of the music he produces. I was an avid listening of music, having a wide range of tastes for certain things at certain times. I remember listening to music that made you emotional, music that amped you up, bought you down etc etc. What I enjoy about listening to Glorious music is that it doesn’t move you anywhere but allows you to truly move to it, whichever way that is for you.

  28. There is a deep snobbery in many circles about what music is and especially those trained, they must sound like this or that, and in that snobbery there is not room for the expression of the person. It is like every other part of the education system, squeezing students into narrow corridors and diminishing the vast capabilities we have that allow us to truly enjoy sound and the vibration that is being offered within that.

  29. Wow Harrison your letting go of the many ideals and beliefs that trapped you have certainly worked for you. Your playing of the drums is music to my ears and what a contribution you are making to humanity by your dedication to playing in such a true and connected way.

  30. It is great that from Glorious Music and the understanding how music can impose on us. A few other artists who know Michael Benhayon have created albums that are non imposing too.

  31. Music is very powerful, it can be used to help connect to the Soul, or if its frequency is made seeking any form of identifcation or emotion, it will ask people to disconnect from their Soul and to follow tunes which are mentally pleasing but not a joy for the whole body.

  32. The more love we have in our body and the more we live love – the more we can appreciate works of love in sound. Listening to Glorious music is an every deepening, amazing moment of connecting to the body and the vastness of love which is communicated in their songs.

  33. ““you have to play a certain way, if you don’t you won’t fit in, you won’t be liked and you won’t be successful” and “if you don’t play this certain way, you’re not doing it correctly.”” Yes there are so many unsaid rules we have to live up to in life saying that we won’t be successful in life if we don’t. But the question we have to ask ourselves is what is this success?

  34. Coming from a musician, this assessment of Glorious Music is very insightful; it makes the distinction between sound that is out to incite and evoke as compared to music that lets you be who you are quite clear. The former loads you up and the latter leaves you be free.

  35. I always feel up lifted and inspired when I listen to Glorious Music, often the piece I feel to play has a message in it for me at that time, No emotions no imposing no downers no uppers, just simply the freedom to feel and be love.

  36. Hearing you play the drum Harrison is not only huge fun, but also leaves me feeling uplifted. I’m glad you dropped out of your music course as the drummer we get now and the choices you made to lead you to where you are were well made. Now we all get to reap the benefits.

  37. “Glorious Music gave me a chance to feel clear” and it allows you to be aware how most music is deliberately designed to trigger emotions and emotions that are not necessarily yours.

  38. Harrison, I hear that you felt the difference between music with no emotional hooks and music that allowed you to feel all of who you are and did not impose on you. It is not easy sometimes to discern between what we are hearing and what we feel.

  39. There is much more to music that what we hear, and this is the power of what Glorious Music offers – it offers the understanding that music is energy and not just sound.

  40. I did not come from a musical background at all so I had no training as such and therefore no strong opinions about the way music needs to be played. All I knew was the music I listened to and how that made me feel – often emotional, nostalgic, hyped up etc. Once I heard Glorious Music I loved it, I knew it was different because I did not feel that way, it didn’t take me anywhere as such. It inspired me, it connected me, it confirmed me – a very different experience.

  41. “when I listened to my classic favourites, I didn’t feel great about myself, and they aided the struggle and fuelled the emotions in my body” – This is really important to talk about and expose; the emotional impact (or facilitation) that a lot of music has on us. I have found before that I can be thinking my own thoughts one minute, and then listening to a song might take my mind to a totally different place. It’s like we can be fed ideas, emotions and struggles through the lyrics and way the music was developed.

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