From Family Madness to a Miracle Re-union

Back in 2013 I spent a 4-day holiday with my sisters and their families in a 100sqm apartment in the middle of the city of Barcelona with five adults, three teenagers and one child.

We had the most amazing time together, preparing all meals by ourselves, including the grocery shopping, catering to all the different dietary needs, going to bed when the city just wakes up and rising when the city goes to sleep – including the teenagers, who were very cooperative and in flow with the family and took responsibility and cooked their own healthy meals, according to their own needs, which impressed me deeply.

And all this without fighting, bickering or negative talk; everybody including the kids got along.

Now this used to be not so normal in my family.

We would usually start the first big argument by dinner on the day we got together. Hardly ever a day passed by where not at least one person left the room hurt, or someone was crying or screaming. There was constant bickering about who does what and who always did this and who never did that and why does it always have to be me… like a record playing over and over again. You pretty much could predict what was going to happen each time and how the different family members would react.

But over the last years with the amazing inspiration from Serge Benhayon, his family and the Universal Medicine practitioners and students, new choices were made and things in my family and our behaviours towards each other actually changed and other family members got inspired along the way.

Now for me this is a miracle!

  • We were stuck in the same rut, repeating itself for years.
  • We genuinely tried hard to get out of it and to change our ways.
  • We had many discussions on what needed to be done and many solutions were offered.
  • And eventually we gave up because nothing ever changed…

And then unexpectedly through the mere reflection of a different life-style – as we were never told what to do or how to do it – we not only get along just fine, but interact lovingly with each other, including the young ones that are actually passing through the difficult transition from childhood to adulthood.

Isn’t that a miracle!?

My niece, who was 15 at the time, parted with the words: “I enjoyed spending time with you” and she meant it – even though she has a different lifestyle and certainly does not share all of my views.

What happened? We put the teachings of Universal Medicine into practice. Which is really simple – we started to listen to our bodies and made the focus of life first and foremost about love.

By Judith Andras, Beauty and Health Consultant, Cologne, Germany

Published with the permission of my family.

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411 thoughts on “From Family Madness to a Miracle Re-union

  1. No more intense a time is there with family than at Christmas and the lead up into it. This is where the steadiness and love that has developed through those changes you share Judith reflect a strong and different way.

  2. Following on from our recent trip together the ‘girls’ in the family have set up a family WhatsApp and now we are in constant contact with each other which feels very supportive for us all. And we have all agreed that next year to meet up again to be with each other for a few days. This for me is really cool how the family can come together after years of isolation with each other. This has come about by me changing the way I live this can be felt by my family and they are attracted to the possibility that they can live this way too.

    1. I am part of a family what’s app and I love being part of everyone’s daily lives – one of the bonuses of technology.

      1. I too have felt the coming together of my siblings through using what’s app, cutting out previous dynamics where individuals only heard part of the communication.

  3. All our issues in life take place because we forget that love truth, harmony and joy are our actual innate quality and essence. When we remember to hold this foundation in relationships or any other aspect of life, the space opens and miracles happen as a mere fact.

  4. The power of reflection I’ve so under estimated until I experienced a family holiday that was transformed through it. We are never not being noticed or noticing what goes on around us. Offering another way can be hugely inspiring without any solution or trying in sight.

  5. What’s beautiful is this shows that a fresh start is always possible no matter the behaviours and patterns that have owned the relationships previously.

  6. ‘Making the focus of life first and foremost about love’ may seem like a throw away line, but if we stop for a minute and consider what that actually looks like in day to day life, it is in truth enormous and will indeed make a difference.

  7. Thank you Judith, the power of what you share is felt and the brotherhood of love is palpable and makes me teary. Simply what I feel is that all the patterns and ownerships we might have been identified with as a form of protection instead of the great union of love that we are all part of and are from..

  8. We seem to learn from early on about competition rather than cooperation, looking after ourselves at the exclusion of others rather than taking care of ourselves so that we can be responsible, the importance of being right rather than being an expression of love, our right to have what we want rather than the oneness that ensures everyone is honoured and looked after….. When we realize this was all back to front and we start to turn it all round, our relationships also reflect the loving quality we have chosen.

  9. I can’t help but think how amazing the world could be if we were to all live our lives connecting with our bodies and others without all the unnecessary nonsense most of us get tangled up with. You have shown here Judith how this is so easily achievable with just a few simple life style changes.

  10. If listening to our body and making the focus of our life about love can change so much about the way a group of people experiences each other’s company, considering the way of the world we are currently living, we should all give it a go.

  11. I had a similar experience recently, and there was not the chaos, the tears, the tantrums and what not of the past. It was the best time I have ever had with these people.

  12. What a beautiful blog Judith. Thank you! I loved the part where you said that in the past you had altered to discuss what was going wrong and try new approaches, but it was really only when you embraced The Livingness that things natural turned around. Brilliant.

  13. Every small detail we change in our behavior and every small or big release of hurts out of our body directly affects all people around us. The reflection of Serge Benhayon and his family is very inspiring, with regards to letting go of the past, the holding on to and the hurts. The workshops and Esoteric healing session offered by Universal Medicine offer a deep support in this. And look the results – all family lifestyle together changes and probably the effect is even much bigger. Including the children at school, their teachers. This shows the power that one person can make a difference. Serge makes a difference, this beautiful family too and so we can all too make a huge difference if we start to make life about love again.

  14. Love is the key ingredient to family/life, without it we have drama, complications like, blame, jealousy, anger and frustration, but when we add this key ingredient, everything works in harmony. Our bigger family (humanity) is starved of this key ingredient and I am seeing love in your example Judith, it is being shared and lived.

  15. Brilliant blog Judith! ‘There was constant bickering about who does what and who always did this and who never did that and why does it always have to be me… like a record playing over and over again.’ How extremely accurate is this description of the world of disharmony and conflict! It is a cracked record that goes round and around over and over again playing the same story, the same song, the same drama, without any evolution. I love that your family has come to love and has lit up the heart and centre of Barcelona. Beautiful!

  16. With Christmas on the horizon this blog is such a timely reminder that what matters and counts is the quality we are with ourselves and others then everything else takes care of itself. If we want love and claim it in full and live it then that is what we will have as our movements will inspire others around us to be the love they are and then the magic happens when we come together simply being the love that we are. It may sound too simple and that’s the point, it is and it works. 🙂

  17. The modalities of Universal ​M​edicine ​such ​as Esoteric Healing, Esoteric Massage, Connective Tissue​ Therapy​, Esoteric Breast Massage ​each one are a profound support to releas​ing​ of
    old hurts which g​e​t stuck as energy in the body. When we feel and release them there comes more space for love and we react less from hurt to others. Harmony returns. This can mean not just for the individu​al​ but also for the whole family a huge difference.

  18. Yours would be a very beautiful family to be around at Christmas time for a holiday Judith – with each one in actuality nurturing the Christ child in their hearts as they find their rhythm and live harmoniously with all.

  19. How beautiful it is to share our presence of being with others. It is the greatest gift we can offer and yet it also gives others the opportunity to also be at ease with themselves too. A joy indeed.

  20. Sometimes it takes an accident or an illness for families to come together and this has recently happened in my family, and where as before we would have probably argued or had disagreements the family is truly coming together to offer the support needed. A few years ago this would have probably been very different and I know I have become more understanding of what is needed, rather than imposing what I think is best. It really is never too late to come together as a family as shown by the comments posted on this blog, it just takes a willingness to let go of old hurts and beliefs and look at the bigger picture.

  21. When our relationships are true we can spend time with any number of people and have a great time connecting.

  22. When I truly honour myself in how I feel and what is needed I naturally give space to another to be themselves. Family can expose where I am at regarding this way of being eg. If I feel a reaction in my body when another chooses different to me I know from this marker there is a greater love within me that I am resisting. Surrendering and letting go of that which I am holding onto I choose me and the love that I am and any control, imposition or/and neediness falls away.

  23. ‘we started to listen to our bodies and made the focus of life first and foremost about love’, isnt this the magical formula to life – a deep commitment to sharing all the love that we naturally are and come from, instead of holding love back and riding through life with all our hurts and issues that affect everyone including oneself. We have one choice, choose love or choose all that is not love – which turns out to be the horror movie of life.

  24. It is an important point to consider the level of harmony that we bring to our interactions in life. Whether it is family, work, friends or people we meet in life, it is the quality of our own steadiness that we can bring that can contribute to harmony within groups.

  25. An inspiring blog Judith. I recently had some of my family and granddaughter come up to stay around here for Christmas holidays. I was looking forward to seeing them as I probably only see them twice a year. Over the almost 3 weeks that they were to be here, I was allocated three days or mornings for visits, one of which would be without my granddaughter with whom I have a gorgeous relationship ( as with all the family). I was surprised that there wouldn’t be more shared time, but aligned to drop all images and expectations which I did, and this was very healing. Then what happened was once they started spending time with me they actually wanted to increase the amount of time spent together, so the connection and shared time just naturally expanded. Dropping images around family visit is hugely beneficial for all!

  26. The sense i get here is of a family gathering where everyone put down their defensive cloaks, were at one with themselves and opened up to each other: no competition or comparison, simply together as one. Beautiful.

  27. Harmony in action, beautiful to read and integral to this I feel, is letting go of control and allowing others to be themselves.

  28. You get a sense from your writing of the enjoyment the teenagers had in taking responsibility for cooking their own meals, children love independence when we give it too them.

  29. I have learnt to observe the family, and no longer voice my opinion or have a view as to how it should be, but I am more accepting, because when you come from love we don’t impose, and the harmony, love and joy can be felt by everyone.

  30. Yep I can also say my relationships have greatly changed for the better after putting the teachings of Universal Medicine and the Ageless Wisdom into practice and its is great your niece now has a different reflection as to what true relationships are ✨

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