From Family Madness to a Miracle Re-union

Back in 2013 I spent a 4-day holiday with my sisters and their families in a 100sqm apartment in the middle of the city of Barcelona with five adults, three teenagers and one child.

We had the most amazing time together, preparing all meals by ourselves, including the grocery shopping, catering to all the different dietary needs, going to bed when the city just wakes up and rising when the city goes to sleep – including the teenagers, who were very cooperative and in flow with the family and took responsibility and cooked their own healthy meals, according to their own needs, which impressed me deeply.

And all this without fighting, bickering or negative talk; everybody including the kids got along.

Now this used to be not so normal in my family.

We would usually start the first big argument by dinner on the day we got together. Hardly ever a day passed by where not at least one person left the room hurt, or someone was crying or screaming. There was constant bickering about who does what and who always did this and who never did that and why does it always have to be me… like a record playing over and over again. You pretty much could predict what was going to happen each time and how the different family members would react.

But over the last years with the amazing inspiration from Serge Benhayon, his family and the Universal Medicine practitioners and students, new choices were made and things in my family and our behaviours towards each other actually changed and other family members got inspired along the way.

Now for me this is a miracle!

  • We were stuck in the same rut, repeating itself for years.
  • We genuinely tried hard to get out of it and to change our ways.
  • We had many discussions on what needed to be done and many solutions were offered.
  • And eventually we gave up because nothing ever changed…

And then unexpectedly through the mere reflection of a different life-style – as we were never told what to do or how to do it – we not only get along just fine, but interact lovingly with each other, including the young ones that are actually passing through the difficult transition from childhood to adulthood.

Isn’t that a miracle!?

My niece, who was 15 at the time, parted with the words: “I enjoyed spending time with you” and she meant it – even though she has a different lifestyle and certainly does not share all of my views.

What happened? We put the teachings of Universal Medicine into practice. Which is really simple – we started to listen to our bodies and made the focus of life first and foremost about love.

By Judith Andras, Beauty and Health Consultant, Cologne, Germany

Published with the permission of my family.

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440 thoughts on “From Family Madness to a Miracle Re-union

  1. I love how true love in the family is so understanding and naturally harmonious with everyone no matter where anyone is at or what is going on for them. It is emotional reactions and judgement that get in the way of this natural way of living.

  2. Beautiful Blog Judith, it is indeed a miracle – families all around the world go through the “who’s turn is it”, “why is it always my job”, “you never do..” every day of the year. I have lived in many share houses and although my housemates were not blood related we still went through the same “family dynamic” – it seems it is a human condition, an ill-held one. If I ever have an issue/problem with another and cannot get along with them or at least appreciate something about them, it is always because I am unsettled within myself. It is as you say Judith, the moment I bring love in, first love and appreciate myself I cannot not love and appreciate another.

  3. Love is what we need in practise, The Way of The Livingness is support in your daily living of building this love, it has been for me all these years and continues to do so.

  4. I have noticed this for myself with a friend I have known for a long time who has also embraced the teachings presented by Serge Benhayon. There is so much more love expressed in the way that we live that when we come together there is a harmony that is like an underlay to our interactions. This is a very beautiful development and allows us to continue to deepen our relationship, supporting each other in way that was not possible before.

  5. Sometimes when I look at family relationships or small groups of people in general that cannot get along, I am not surprised that the world is in the state it is in, but as you have proved here Judith, through different choices we can get along fine in the micro which in turn will eventually bring on change in the macro.

  6. Thank you Judith, what you have received here is gold, something most families would love to experience. It’s another amazing confirmation of the integrity of Serge Benhayon and his business Universal Medicine and what his services truly offer to human beings.

  7. When we deepen our relationship with love for ourselves first, we bring to our relationship this quality of love which is free from expectations, need, protection or hurts allowing the space for another to feel this quality of vibration that also represents who they are.

  8. What a beautiful simple sharing Judith, how different to how a lot of people choose to be with their family members on a short holiday. Not choosing any distractions but living the love together, a foundation upon which you can build when you meet again and as another after effect, it will also have changed other relationships around you.

  9. Simply beautiful. Make the focus of life about love and the drama of who is right and wrong and who is to blame drops away.

  10. This is such a relevant blog to me Judith. I have yet to try another holiday with the extended family. We have the same scenario when we do. I do know that when I holiday with them all separately it’s becoming more enjoyable; I know this is because of my own livingness which has changed how I am with everyone. I’m so much more relaxed, accepting and loving and all get this reflection.

  11. This is you living who you are – the truth of family – supporting each other not at each other. What a beautiful evolution of what is possible in being together as a group – all allowing each other space and seeing each other as equal.

    1. Agreed Hannah. What is offered here is the opportunity we all have to embrace what true family means, the power of evolution that is offered through every family constellation if we are open to truth and love.

  12. When we can allow others to be and share ourselves fully with others, there can be a natural joy and harmony where each person is left the space to be more of who they truly are.

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