From Family Madness to a Miracle Re-union

Back in 2013 I spent a 4-day holiday with my sisters and their families in a 100sqm apartment in the middle of the city of Barcelona with five adults, three teenagers and one child.

We had the most amazing time together, preparing all meals by ourselves, including the grocery shopping, catering to all the different dietary needs, going to bed when the city just wakes up and rising when the city goes to sleep – including the teenagers, who were very cooperative and in flow with the family and took responsibility and cooked their own healthy meals, according to their own needs, which impressed me deeply.

And all this without fighting, bickering or negative talk; everybody including the kids got along.

Now this used to be not so normal in my family.

We would usually start the first big argument by dinner on the day we got together. Hardly ever a day passed by where not at least one person left the room hurt, or someone was crying or screaming. There was constant bickering about who does what and who always did this and who never did that and why does it always have to be me… like a record playing over and over again. You pretty much could predict what was going to happen each time and how the different family members would react.

But over the last years with the amazing inspiration from Serge Benhayon, his family and the Universal Medicine practitioners and students, new choices were made and things in my family and our behaviours towards each other actually changed and other family members got inspired along the way.

Now for me this is a miracle!

  • We were stuck in the same rut, repeating itself for years.
  • We genuinely tried hard to get out of it and to change our ways.
  • We had many discussions on what needed to be done and many solutions were offered.
  • And eventually we gave up because nothing ever changed…

And then unexpectedly through the mere reflection of a different life-style – as we were never told what to do or how to do it – we not only get along just fine, but interact lovingly with each other, including the young ones that are actually passing through the difficult transition from childhood to adulthood.

Isn’t that a miracle!?

My niece, who was 15 at the time, parted with the words: “I enjoyed spending time with you” and she meant it – even though she has a different lifestyle and certainly does not share all of my views.

What happened? We put the teachings of Universal Medicine into practice. Which is really simple – we started to listen to our bodies and made the focus of life first and foremost about love.

By Judith Andras, Beauty and Health Consultant, Cologne, Germany

Published with the permission of my family.

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341 thoughts on “From Family Madness to a Miracle Re-union

  1. It is interesting to observe that in some families they find in very difficult to let go of the emotional way of being with each other. So used to have issues and problems that the simplicity of love is sometimes difficult to handle and not fulfilling the need for stimulation.

  2. Wonderful example of the difference our choices and movements makes in our relationships. Work places could also do with a healthy dose of what you have shared here.

  3. It seems like what you describe is what everyone would wish for from their family, and it is clearly possible for any family who chooses to put love first within their family, and with everyone else in life.

    1. Indeed Heather, this way of living is not only for a few ‘blessed’ people but available for everyone who chooses to have love again as the basis in their lives.

  4. How we come together for family gatherings with ‘all our stuff’ seems to be accepted as the normal in many instances. So beautiful to read how you felt love and stayed with the connection Judith.

  5. A true Brady Bunch (an Australian TV show that depicts family life). Only myself and my sister have attended Universal Medicine events yet I have experienced the same in our family, it is a miracle. I feel when we feel an easement and contentment within ourselves this is shared with all those around us, family or not.

  6. As a society we seem to accept it is normal for families to not get along or live harmoniously but the truth is, what you’ve shared with us Judith, this awesome miracle should be our everyday norm and you are showing us how this is possible.

  7. When we allow love into our lives miracles will take as in your case Judith. Love brings connection and a deeper understanding of the purpose of us being and living together. The purpose is not to fight or have arguments amongst each other but instead to learn to live harmoniously as one

  8. This just goes to show the power of reflections. Especially when they are consistent as I know the Benhayon family and Universal Medicines’ are. With more people living a steady and consistent way, listening the their body and making it about love just think how many more inspiring reflections can be given to others.

  9. A gorgeous sharing Judith. What a lovely outcome from a situation that in the past would have been chaos . And all this through putting into practice the teachings of Serge Benhayon of the Ageless Wisdom.

  10. “What happened? We put the teachings of Universal Medicine into practice.” It is remarkable what can happen in any relationship when we apply this very simple but profoundly loving and wise teachings into practice.

  11. Every time we re-gather with anyone is a fresh new start to choose how to be together, we don’t have to repeat those old patterns, but we can connect to our essence so that we are truly free to express from the love that we are.

  12. Beautiful, it is true when the principles which Universal Medicine is based on are practised, harmony returns in family being able to live together in harmony, I have recognised as well that it doesn’t matter how different our views are, we can still be in harmony and in true connection.

  13. As all is first energy, it is the quality in which we make our movements. Yes, you can force a child to go in a certain direction by commanding, controlling and using fear to get them to listen to you, but the only true and healthy way is by showing them through your own livingness the way forward, and that counts for everybody too.

  14. Often when families get together there is an underlying tension so that even if there are no arguments one can feel the lack of harmony. It is very inspirational to hear about a family gathering that includes so many coming together and it being free of this especially when this has not been your experience in the past. Letting go of reactions and living from love is surely the way to go.

  15. This is the key – “What happened? We put the teachings of Universal Medicine into practice.” Yes the UM teachings are so simple and so loving, a way to understand ourselves, to feel more of the love we truly are, and to be able to recognise it in everyone else around us, a pretty good start to a family gathering when someone is prepared to let go of old momentums and start again in a new and loving way, its so contagious when it truly comes from our hearts, and there is a real change inside us.

  16. As the shops are preparing to sell people Christmas cheer, I am wondering how many families are planning their festive season, how many hopeful that this year they’ll be able to express their love for one another without unexplainable things getting in the way. I know this: ‘…we started to listen to our bodies and made the focus of life first and foremost about love,’ is the way.

  17. Sometimes when I do not listen to my body my mornings would be cramped with no space to breathe, and that would always lead to arguments in the home, because I do not want to feel my own irresponsibility I create dramas to distract myself.

    1. Indeed Adele – we can all have our moments of drama, key then is a willingness to take responsibility for what we each contribute to the whole.

  18. ‘You pretty much could predict what was going to happen each time and how the different family members would react.’ – This is a very common behaviour, it is interesting how we seem to find family dynamics perfectly normal instead of addressing it with honesty and attempting to deal with it.

  19. Amazing what can happen when we simply let go and live what we have been so blessed to see and receive. There really is so much more to life than the status quo that most of us settle for which you aptly describe in the first part of your blog of how family get togethers were.

  20. Such a beautiful change and such a pertinent example of true appreciation. A change like this is something we could easily take for granted seeing how normal and natural such a way of living can become. We should never dismiss the smallest change in our way of living that brings about true love and vitality into our lives.

  21. It is so cool to read about the transformation in your relationships and how you spent time together as a family… a point of inspiration when so many of us are still caught in complicated, un-nurturing family dynamics.

  22. All relationships can be re-imprinted, sometimes when we feel they are not redeemable they can totally surprise us, if we deal with our contribution and bring it back to love.

  23. This kind of family re-union doesn’t come by chance, but it is something that is built based on everyone’s choices and responsibility. I know this change is possible as my family too is gradually transforming, from continuous complainings to a mutual and caring respect. This wouldn’t have been possible without the constant inspiration from the Universal Medicine teachings, which are great support in this amazing change.

  24. This article myth busts about the stereotypes of families… very particularly the idea that teenagers are disengaged and disenchanted… so not true when they are supported and inspired by the adults in their lives.

  25. When ever people come together, it is an opportunity for celebration, renconnection and evolution, and by not letting personal dynamics get in the way, it makes the experience quite different an refreshing.

  26. ‘What happened? We put the teachings of Universal Medicine into practice. Which is really simple – we started to listen to our bodies and made the focus of life first and foremost about love.’ Gorgeous Judith – and it truly works!

  27. When one person in a family chooses to deal with their hurts and change their approach to life, this can change a family dynamic. When many members of a family chose to do the same..oh wow… just watch the harmony and love flow… family dynamic… what family dynamic?!

  28. Contact with the teachings from Universal Medicine have changed thousands of lives and each one is a miracle that was seemingly impossible before. And this is just the start. The world is getting this reflection and little by little it will realise that the old loveless ways have never worked and instead give love a try. Thank God for Serge Benhayon and his family.

  29. We cannot underestimate the power of our livingness. Even if we think no one is watching, no one is seeing how we are with ourselves and the relationship we have with our bodies – everything is being reflected in every movement we make and word we speak. So, people see this, our families see this and it can spark an inner knowing that life is about love and not all the little ‘human’ things we can get caught in.

  30. There is a lot of power in reflection and a reflection of true love and care is not often seen in this world, so no wonder we all keep on having issues with our families without thinking it can change. Universal Medicine offers a very different reflection and it is deeply confirming and encouraging to make the changes you always felt are true in your family.

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