Trusting What I Feel

Thanks to the support of Universal Medicine, the teachings presented by Serge Benhayon and the various esoteric modalities, I have begun to trust more deeply what I feel, and be less caught up in needing life and my daily tasks to be a certain way. Hooray!

This was clearly demonstrated to me on a morning walk today.

Before setting foot out the door I had felt the direction I wanted to walk, which was great. I chose to carry a water bottle and not complain to myself that the water bottle was going to ‘get in the way’ or ‘be a burden on my walk’ as I knew I would need to hydrate. I did also get a little caught up planning the walk – where I would go, which nice areas I wanted to visit again from my walk the evening before, how far I would travel… etc!!

As I started to walk, I could feel a drive and distraction in trying to plan steps ahead of where I was… then I simply chose to come back to me. The difference when I stopped thinking about the future result and chose to feel my feet and body as I walked was profound. I stopped to pause and stretch while walking up a large number of stairs and felt no need to rush. My chest felt open and warm and I was able to see more of what was around me than if I was stuck in my mind, focussed on where I was getting to.

When I reached the street where my plan had been to go left, it clearly did not feel right – everything in my body felt to turn the other way down a ‘no through’ road. I at first denied this, but as I started to walk my body felt restricted, without the openness and warmth I had felt moments before. So I turned around and trusted my feelings. Where I had previously hesitated because, “What if the road goes nowhere and I just have to turn around and come back again?,” I chose to make the walk about the quality of my movement and that this was already enough without needing where I was walking to satisfy me.

The street I walked down was not anything I could have imagined or planned. It took me past a beauty-full vibrant and colourful bed of flowers, and at the end of the street, to a small patch of remnant vegetation by the river with a walking track and undercover seating. A tranquil haven all within ten minutes from my home, which if I had not honoured what I felt, I would never have known was there!

So often I have sought to prepare myself, to plan ahead while dismissing to care for and listen to myself, and what my body needs right in that moment. What I am realising is that this old way seeks to control the outcome and robs me of the preciousness of simply being with me and the beauty that abounds when I support myself to be connected, and to trust and be open to receive.

With much gratitude to the various esoteric modalities for sharing the simplicity of being with and caring for our bodies in movement and daily activity! Thank you!

By Susan Hayes, Wendouree, Australia

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555 thoughts on “Trusting What I Feel

  1. The world has so much waiting for us. When we choose to be open and trust we get to experience this.

  2. It is taking time to discard the layers of imposition I have lived with in life that has continually told me that ‘it’ knows best. Today I am listening and trusting more in what my body tells me, and like you have shared here Susan, there are so many precious moments being experienced.

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