Trusting What I Feel

Thanks to the support of Universal Medicine, the teachings presented by Serge Benhayon and the various esoteric modalities, I have begun to trust more deeply what I feel, and be less caught up in needing life and my daily tasks to be a certain way. Hooray!

This was clearly demonstrated to me on a morning walk today.

Before setting foot out the door I had felt the direction I wanted to walk, which was great. I chose to carry a water bottle and not complain to myself that the water bottle was going to ‘get in the way’ or ‘be a burden on my walk’ as I knew I would need to hydrate. I did also get a little caught up planning the walk – where I would go, which nice areas I wanted to visit again from my walk the evening before, how far I would travel… etc!!

As I started to walk, I could feel a drive and distraction in trying to plan steps ahead of where I was… then I simply chose to come back to me. The difference when I stopped thinking about the future result and chose to feel my feet and body as I walked was profound. I stopped to pause and stretch while walking up a large number of stairs and felt no need to rush. My chest felt open and warm and I was able to see more of what was around me than if I was stuck in my mind, focussed on where I was getting to.

When I reached the street where my plan had been to go left, it clearly did not feel right – everything in my body felt to turn the other way down a ‘no through’ road. I at first denied this, but as I started to walk my body felt restricted, without the openness and warmth I had felt moments before. So I turned around and trusted my feelings. Where I had previously hesitated because, “What if the road goes nowhere and I just have to turn around and come back again?,” I chose to make the walk about the quality of my movement and that this was already enough without needing where I was walking to satisfy me.

The street I walked down was not anything I could have imagined or planned. It took me past a beauty-full vibrant and colourful bed of flowers, and at the end of the street, to a small patch of remnant vegetation by the river with a walking track and undercover seating. A tranquil haven all within ten minutes from my home, which if I had not honoured what I felt, I would never have known was there!

So often I have sought to prepare myself, to plan ahead while dismissing to care for and listen to myself, and what my body needs right in that moment. What I am realising is that this old way seeks to control the outcome and robs me of the preciousness of simply being with me and the beauty that abounds when I support myself to be connected, and to trust and be open to receive.

With much gratitude to the various esoteric modalities for sharing the simplicity of being with and caring for our bodies in movement and daily activity! Thank you!

By Susan Hayes, Wendouree, Australia

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411 thoughts on “Trusting What I Feel

  1. I start a new job today and this is perfect to read this morning…….So often I have sought to prepare myself, to plan ahead while dismissing to care for and listen to myself, and what my body needs right in that moment. What I am realising is that this old way seeks to control the outcome and robs me of the preciousness of simply being with me and the beauty that abounds when I support myself to be connected, and to trust and be open to receive.

    As I was doing that last night, I was tired and wanting to go to bed but I was in the last-minute dash of wanting to plan/control with a mixture of excitement/nerves etc… It certainly does rob me of the preciousness of simply being with me.

  2. ‘Not needing things to be a certain’ way sounds minor but is absolutely life changing. So much of our relationship problems come from expectations as well as the resulting giving up, getting hurt and emotional reactions that happen when our expectations are not met.

  3. It’s such an ingrained habit to have to know where we are going – on a walk but also in life. What you have so beautifully demonstrated is that by staying in the moment with your body you were able to really follow your impulses to take you on your way. And it was enjoyable in the process with no anxiety. This is what we can do for ourselves in life without creating all the stress of needing to know where we are going.

  4. To feel all our feelings is a great start to our journey of reconnecting with our bodies. What comes next is to read what is being shared with us, and then to discern where our feelings come from, i.e. are they being produced by the ramblings of our minds or are they arising from the impulse of our soul. There is much to feel and learn from our feelings, as understanding and heeding our true feelings is our road map back to where we come from.

    1. I agree Liane whenever I listen to my heart and my body life becomes very simple, where as my mind always brings in complexity.

  5. Reading this I remember being asked where the good walks were, as I had spoken about some lovely walks I’d found. I just got in my car and was open to where I felt to go, going down some country lanes to discover new places. I’d park and walk in directions I felt to. Some were roads were pretty but not long but others the magic kept unfolding. Wouldn’t be able to find them again or explain exactly where they were though!

  6. Trusting what we feel is having that relationship with our body, in its movements that confirm the quality and essence of yourself… Knowing what ‘this’ (you, your essence and quality) feels like offers that point of reference and therefore the ability to trust what is felt in correspondence to the body..

  7. It is beautiful when we just connect to what our body feels and with that allow what unfolds. There is always something beautiful appreciate in the next moment.

  8. Learning to trust what I feel from the quality of my movements is gold and makes all the difference to life ” I chose to make the walk about the quality of my movement and that this was already enough without needing where I was walking to satisfy me.” Simplicity and love from our hearts very beautiful indeed.

  9. I am coming to understand the importance of movement, its a big one as it took a bit to get the sense of my quality and now I need to translate that into movement as a quality you might say.

  10. Just the other day I knew I had to walk to the park instead of jumping in the car to get there before walking. In trusting this I missed a huge traffic jam around a children’s ‘fun run’ and met up with a friend with whom I had a wonderful long walk and met several friends of hers as we did. All felt constellated. I got to feel how much I still hold back and present a very English reserve even though I too have friends and acquaintances I frequently meet in a similar way. It was inspiring, and I would have missed it all if I had not obeyed what I felt.

  11. I am dealing with that too.
    Amazing how much we do from controlling situations instead of just living our natural impulse.
    We live in control for so long that we deal out by the idea that we live in a way that doesn’t show us the outcome beforehand.

  12. Why leave the opportunity to embrace what we know life naturally can be from honouring our inner feelings and senses till another day, when we can already activate and bring them into our day today?

  13. When we start to trust again we have to trust ourselves, but to do that we need to connect to the essence of who we are inside, not the outside we may have taken on as so many disguises and personas.

  14. My mind can often have a different plan or idea than my body and what I have discovered is that if I let go of my plans and ideas and listen to the wisdom of my body in the moment, things turn out very differently.

    1. Yes… and when we follow the messages of our body, things become even more simple than what our mind anticipated to us!

  15. The fact is we sense everything before any interference therefore it is up to us whether to listen or not. I often surprise myself at how good I am at ignoring strong messages!

  16. I love the playfulness of letting my body choose which way to turn on my morning walk, or what to wear, or what flavour tea to drink… opening up to my body’s guidance and feedback in this way means I hear much more of what it has to say throughout the day.

  17. The simplicity of life when allowing ourselves to truly feel and be with this in our bodies is very beautiful to experience and so different to the structured rigid ideals and pictures we so often live with allowing this to control the quality of how we move and the paths we take.

  18. I thought of your blog yesterday when I was in a shopping centre. I was heading one direction and my body felt to walk the opposite direction, so I stopped turned around and listened to my body. I then bumped into a gorgeous friend, we had the most amazing conversation and connection that felt deeply confirming and supportive. It felt like a magical moment for me and I am very appreciative of our connection and openness.

  19. It is so important to live life enjoying ourselves so we are not swayed by the changing nature of our environment and the world.

    1. Hi Leike, I love what you have shared here as it is so true that we can be so affected by our environment if we let this happen. There is an art in observing things around us and not getting affected by this – having boundaries and holding our own rhythm, yet still being a part of the world.

  20. I love what you have presented here Susan – the head can certainly want to do things one way but the body will respond best with a different rhythm – this is a great reminder for me today.

    1. Yes, Henrietta, we can be so accustomed to using our minds to navigate our way through life that we think we know what is best when actually, as I keep discovering, our body might be communicating something completely different, that rings out clear and true once we start to listen.

  21. Wanting to control outcomes and knowing when we are going in life is based on a longing to be ‘ok’, secure, as a result of feeling an underlying unsettlement, a fear that can only be seemingly assuaged by knowing what’s happening. Control becomes our way. But when we start to live from our inner connection, we realise that the longing to know we are safe can only come from this connection within. It is then that we can let go of this needing to know and control – and living in this greater surrender allows the magic of life to unfold moment by moment every day.

  22. Something happened today that gave me the opportunity to feel and recognise that my body says “yes” most of the time as things feel true to me, and that when something isn’t feeling true, there is an absence of that feeling and this told me that the logical deduction was not true. In the end the answer (about why something important appeared to be missing) was super simple, because I trusted what I felt, or didn’t feel, in fact.

  23. It really is amazing, the confirmation and space given through the Universal Medicine courses that allow people to come to tune in more and more to their truth and begin to express it, and the truly remarkable transformations that take place as people step into the authroity that goes with that.

  24. Surrendering to ‘not thinking’ and feeling the impulse is a beautiful way to go – one that goes right to the heart and does not dilly dally on an arduous path.

  25. “…everything in my body felt to turn the other way down a ‘no through’ road. I at first denied this, but as I started to walk my body felt restricted…” Its clear to see from this example how there are two ways we are offered to make choices and decisions from… either from the head or from the body. Instinct and knowing from our body requires trust and surrender.

  26. Learning to trust what we feel becomes second nature when we build a deeper relationship with ourselves and listen to and appreciate how our body is truly guiding us.

  27. .
    Sometimes it seems that there is just so much in the way of us simply allowing ourselves to feel what is true… And yet it is the way forward, it is the path we all must go on to restore trust and reconnection

  28. This reminds me to be more open to going where I feel to go when driving. There are certain routes I take to get from A to B and they are so well known that I tend to follow them as if on automatic. I remember times when I have allowed myself to go a different way and how spacious and liberating this felt. It opens me to new experiences and more appreciation.

  29. We are so much more aware with our bodies than we think we are with our mind. To me that is the tension I often feel when I do make a choice form my reasoning mind while there is a deeper feeling in me to choose differently but what I preferred not to adhere to.

  30. “…So often I have sought to prepare myself, to plan ahead while dismissing to care for and listen to myself, and what my body needs right in that moment…” This is a familiar behaviour pattern we can find ourselves caught in, we think we have to plan, organise, be efficient and then the element of ‘control’ enjoins. This pattern completely ‘leapfrogs’ over the important step of connecting with ourselves, becoming the ‘head ruling the heart’ and then we can miss out on so much more there is on offer.

  31. Isn’t is remarkable how we have this need to control because if we let go we do not know how iT will enfold.
    But as a small child we didn’t live control, we just be with the moment and the next moment. When did we changed that? And why?

  32. I can feel my body relax when I re-visit this blog, as it is a great reminder to let go of the need to control, plan and anticipate every eventuality, when really we have an inbuilt guide that never lets us down.

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