The Human Faraday Cage

In 1836 Michael Faraday realised that if you build a cage out of certain materials, it would stop most electrical fields from entering the cage. The electrical fields that hit the cage are dispersed and leave the space inside unaffected.

In life, we are not just bombarded by the man-made electrical fields, we are also bombarded by how people act and what they say. We can walk into a room and know there is tension between the people in the room. This is us being able to feel as much, if not more, than we can see and hear.

In fact, people are far more sensitive than we give them credit for. Said another way, we are far more sensitive to the world than we allow ourselves to admit… So how do we deal with that level of sensitivity? Most build a human Faraday cage.

The human Faraday cage is a shield that we build, not from wire, but through beliefs about ourselves and the world, like the hurts from our childhood that we use to justify the effort that goes into maintaining the cage intact and seemingly impenetrable.

These are the foundations of the cage.

However, for many they are not enough – the world still gets in. This means that most of us add layers of reinforcing elements; like eating foods that numb our senses, using stimulants that make us race faster than the tension we may be feeling, or exercising in a way that makes the body harder and less sensitive to its surroundings.

The foundations and reinforcements make the perfect pairing.

The foundations make us convinced this is the only way to live and the reinforcements allow us to change the thickness of the shield so we can feel more (let our guard down) or less (protect ourselves) in different situations.

Voila! We now have the perfect way to get through life and be less affected by the world around us… with three key problems.

(1) The first problem with life in the cage is that this becomes our reality

We become so familiar with its wall that, when we reduce the thickness of the shield, it gives us a sense that we have connected deeply with someone. However, we are still living in the cage – it is thinner, but it is still there.

(2) The second is that we can never stop feeling, we can only become less aware of what we are feeling

Lay a piece of cloth over your arm and then ask someone to touch your arm. You can still feel something but your sensitivity to the touch is reduced. Add more layers of cloth and eventually you will say you can’t feel anything AND you will be right, except for the fact that something is still happening, you are just unaware that it is happening. This is like saying someone was not raped because they were unconscious. Just because we are not aware something is going on, it doesn’t mean we don’t feel it on some deeper level.

This is the lie we live from inside the cage; the fact that on a very deep level, we still feel it all, but we accept a lack of awareness as being a lack of issues.

In fact, at times we defend our own lack of awareness. Not because we are lying to ourselves, but because the layers of the cage are so thick it comes as a shock that someone else might be feeling something different to us.

(3) What we block from the world, we block from within ourselves first

When the foundations and reinforcements block our senses, it becomes harder to determine if what we are feeling is coming from the outside or the inside. Yet if we don’t know the difference between what is coming from around or from within, how can we get a true sense of ourselves?

Life without a cage is more sensitive but those with cages miss the point that it is our sensitivity that gives us our strength. Life without the cage starts with being honest about the layers we have constructed so that we can start unlocking the foundations.

With each layer removed more of life is felt and more of what is inside comes out, revealing an essence that is sensitive yet powerful, sacred yet everyday, magical yet practical and, most of all, it is an essence that is equal to all others.

In appreciation of Serge Benhayon, the man who knows life without a cage is both a choice and a birthright of every person.

By Joel Levin, Western Australia

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949 thoughts on “The Human Faraday Cage

  1. The common way of thinking is that everyone has a different opinion, but what if this opinion was made to contrast some else because of the layers we put over ourselves, rather than we have different opinions naturally.

  2. Is there a piece of writing Joel that you do not nail? The answer is no! Your analogies are always so perfect. The way you describe our layers of protection against our own sensitivity is beautiful and so easy to connect to.

  3. I was someone who was always overweight and I lost a lot of that weight but kept some on, a practitioner once said to me, you have more of an issue with not having the weight than having it. I got to feel how I was scared to let it all go as I felt vulnerable and I was holding onto the last excess as a form of protection- my cage.

  4. I am learning day by day how much it is important to choose to feel all there is to feel rather than hide because what is there to be felt is overwhelming or unpleasant. The more I have made this choice the more I know how to be and what, if anything, needs to be done.

  5. It is amazing what lengths we will go to to protect ourselves and from what? Our ideals and beliefs are carefully constucted, formed by our experiences in life, both good and ‘bad’, but they seldom reveal the truth of the matter. In my experience they have taken me on long detours, locked up in my ‘Faraday Cage’. Serge Benhayon gets us peeling away those insulating, protective layers from the inside out. It gets lighter and lighter and eventually there is transparency, we can see each other and feel the truth that we are no different in essence and therefore a cage is nothing but an impediment to basic human connection.

  6. So many of us walk around with a guard or a shield without even realising it. In my own experience, I have found this to be a gradual process of shedding my guard or shield – it seems to be a process that happens in cycles or in layers. And the more layers of guard I drop then the more open I feel, but what keeps surprising me is how there are always more layers or guards that come up to be discovered once the most superficial one gets shed. And hence I have come to realise that opening up is a gradual process – little by little there is a dropping away of all those things that I use to ‘protect myself’, yet the protection is actually false as all it does is harden me and make me feel things less. And so this gradual process is a gift that I can take on board at my own pace – but saying it like this makes me realise how silly it is to go slow with something that is a blessing in our lives! Yet at the same time it is not silly, for to drop a guard means exploring a hurt, and this takes courage to face. The benefits are tremendous and so I can say that dropping my guard more and more is an amazing process that I will keep working on!

  7. Life without a cage? Its a foreign concept to most of us.
    Its like living on a planet that you are told has no oxygen, a planet where everyone else is wearing breathing apparatuses on their faces, everywhere you travel, you do so in a little space ship because if you are to step out into the atmosphere you will perish or at least that is what you have been told. Then one day, you see someone walking round outside of a ship, with no suit or mask and they are fine, in fact they are in excellent health out there. At this point you have two choices, either you ask what they might be doing that enables them to do the impossible or you throw mud at them and accuse them of being a phony. If you choose choice two, these are the justifications you might use:- he must have tubes that are hidden that are giving him oxygen – maybe there is a bubble that we can’t see that is super expensive that allows him to breathe – where did he get the money for this extremely expensive invisible bubble? Must be tax evasion – I am not sure that I believe what I see anyway? – maybe he just said he walked out there but was lying- it has to be a lie, because if it isn’t a lie, what does that mean for me? What lie have I been sold, what have I been living for all this time, with my big investments in space suits, masks and space ships?

    I can tell you now, Serge Benhayon is out there, walking around doing all the same daily tasks, jobs, chores as everyone else but he is without a suit, mask, spaceship, bubble or cage. If he can do this, then it’s doable and I have seen many more recently that are free of these protective measures and have joined him, it’s inspiring when you appreciate it, and it is totally possible for us all, we just have to be brave and vulnerable enough to step out.

    1. Ahhh Sarah, a parable within a parable…love it. Indeed we are sold a lie about an atmosphere that will detsotry the unprotected but it is not true at all.

  8. Coming back to this blog today felt very timely as I look more closely at my ‘work cage’ – the face and persona I put on to not feel the world around me. At this point it feels like I still have a cage but I am feeling more than ever how much of a lie this cage is. Like the story of the princess and the pea and as you’ve shared Joel – no amount of layers can stop our sensitivity. Honouring this sensitivity is the way to support us when we feel disturbed or hurt. Building the cage is not designed to protect us but protect the part that made a mistake and chose to not be the love that we are first and foremost.

  9. The shield we build is the most elaborate work of engineering we ever go through. It is built in such a way that most of its components work together smoothly to stop us evolving. It is an anti-evolutionary symphony.

  10. Another great analogy Joel. The funny thing is that we can only really choose not to take things on and be hurt if we are not in the cage, for as you say no matter how numb we have made ourselves we are still affected and still hurting. When we are aware of what is around us we are in a much better position to face it in the strength of our sensitivity and this allows us an opportunity to step back and observe it rather than being involved and numbing ourselves to the fact that we are involved.

  11. We think when we open up that we are free and to an extent that is true, but as Joel reveals here, if we’ve been in a cage, and the walls are thinner we’re still in the cage. It’s about letting go and being willing to feel and see all that is there, to embrace the sensitivity we all have and live honouring it.

  12. We are professionals in building the cages but need a lot of work and at times help to undo them or actually to realize that they only exist as long as we hold on to them. Receiving the reflection of another person who has released themselves from the cage is most important to even become aware that the cage is not normal and or the only way to live life.

  13. Another great analogy Joel, how we all live in our own protective cage, and accepting that this is life. The more aware we become the more connected we are with ourselves and to each other and the cage begins to dissolve itself.

  14. A great analogy Joel for a condition which is endemic in our society today. Building a cage around ourselves for protection serves naught except to keep ourselves small and withdrawn from society, it certainly does not keep us immune to what is occurring in life around us no matter how much we would like to think it does.

  15. Thank you Joel for another great blog, one very relevant to the way most of us live behind our ideals and beliefs thinking we are protected, and this is who we think we are, Once we realise our life is being lived within a cage we then start the process of healing the many layers we have built up over our life time and many lifetimes, gradually allowing the light of our essence our true self to emerge and shine through.

  16. “In fact, people are far more sensitive than we give them credit for. Said another way, we are far more sensitive to the world than we allow ourselves to admit… So how do we deal with that level of sensitivity? Most build a human Faraday cage.”
    Joel you are spot on – we tend to shield ourselves from the world in an attempt to protect our sensitivity. However, this does not really work. And hence the sooner that we realise this, then the sooner do we offer ourselves the opportunity to let this go and truly embrace life and all it has on offer.

  17. ‘Life without a cage is more sensitive but those with cages miss the point that it is our sensitivity that gives us our strength.’ Beautifully said Joel and very true our sensitivity is not a weakness but rather a strength for us all to embrace and enjoy.

  18. When I first started reading this and read the description of what a Faraday cage it, I thought “Wow, imagine being able to walk in the world and not be affected by what I see, feel and by what comes at me”. And then I realised that perhaps a similar “cage” is possible when we walk in the steadiness of our truth, take steps of love and walk in our joy. Is it possible I would then see and feel everything yet I would not react to it nor would it affect me in the way that I fear so much. Perhaps my love is the power I have been searching for all along.

  19. Coming back to this blog I wonder what would happen if I explored what certain areas feel like… like why do I get sleepy on the train? Why after work are my shoulders more tense than before work? Theres a conversation my sensitivity is having that I am missing out on, what if I chose to explore these feelings? Thank you Joel, your writing always inspires me to explore the depths of life.

  20. Gosh, I love this, when we start to let the layers down it can be a little overwhelming as we start to feel all that we have tried to de-sensitise ourselves too. I am in this process and can feel at times a going back and forth as I allow more sensitivity then react to what I feel.

  21. The cage you are describing feels like a black squared solid block that is very hard and has lost itself, like it has forgotten who it truly is, and abandoned the eternal warm glow that’s within. Allowing that warm glow once again is the perfect way to melt the block into its natural shape again. A shape that is people friendly and open hearted.

  22. Such a clear and understandable description of the choices we make to not feel the tension of the world around us “most of us add layers of reinforcing elements; like eating foods that numb our senses, using stimulants that make us race faster than the tension we may be feeling, or exercising in a way that makes the body harder and less sensitive to its surroundings.” Having this understanding has made it possible to call these reactions out – only then was I able to begin to look at what was going on; the what and the why that lead to that point, bringing some clarity from which to make changes.

  23. Beautiful Joel. The key to knowing and feeling who we truly are is to unlock our self-imposed cage thus “revealing an essence that is sensitive yet powerful, sacred yet everyday, magical yet practical and, most of all, it is an essence that is equal to all others.”

  24. It is fascinating how we can have people in our lives who just do not want to know about anything bad that is happening in the world, and we judge them for it, and then if we dig a little deeper with ourselves we find our own set of things we refuse to feel.

  25. This is such a great analogy of how we live and the fact that we are convinced our cage is it, and indeed when we reduce the reinforcements we’ve built we consider that connecting more deeply to another which it is, but we miss the point that we’re both still in our own versions of a cage and that we can both step out at anytime. And as you say how is being honest that we’re in there and beginning to feel the layers and let each one go, for the truth is we’ve only been fooling ourselves all along, we do feel everything, so it’s actually about learning to be aware of what we feel.

  26. What an incredible way to explain life, incredibly supportive in allowing the veil we live under to be lifted, gently offering the possibility that we are far more then we choose to perceive.

  27. Thank you Joel for another great blog clearly showing how we set our lives up to protect ourselves from the pain and loss of our own love, not realising that we also shut ourselves away from a connection to who we truly are. Life is a continual unwrapping of layer upon layer of who we are not to find who we truly are.

  28. Unfortunately there are many who have given up on the possibility that life could be led without a shield…hence why discussions about our protection around others and how to address it is so supportive.

  29. In reading your article, Joel, I now have a greater understanding of others and their behaviours. There is a sense of compassion as I understand why some people behave the way they do, based on the fact that they don’t want to feel or don’t know that they can. Very helpful, thank you for your insight.

  30. No matter how many times I read things from Joel Levin I never tire from appreciating something it brings. Today this blog in the, “This is us being able to feel as much, if not more, than we can see and hear” way I see how we have and continue to create and build a world based on 5 senses but negate another very real sense, feeling or our 6th sense. We all know that we feel more then we care to see but somehow still weave a world of avoidance of this very simple and plain fact. No doubt it will go down in history in “the world is flat” type argument until we come across again or return to the truth of this ‘other’ sense. Look at children and how they go about things, still very much activated to feeling energy as their only means of communication when very young and yet as we get older this is pushed aside, covered and denied. As this blog is highlighting, just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean you don’t feel it. We live in an ocean of energy, have you heard of that being said? Well I have seen this written many times but it’s like we have these windows but have yet to fully open them up. Blogs like this are bringing us back, or opening us up, thank you.

  31. When we begin to uncover the layers of protection we have built over time, we can start to feel and observe so much more around us. Surrendering to our sensitivity offers so much wisdom and opens up our hearts for so much more in the process too. Thank you Joel, I love returning to this blog.

  32. I found this quite uncomfortable to read today Joel, knowing that there is much that I choose to stay unaware of but which by way of this blog have let myself feel the lack of acceptance of what there is there to be felt.

  33. Life without a cage is pretty scary for many people, their trust issues can be so deep and can take awhile to rebuild. It is life changing when we begin to let go of this protection and discover life beyond the cage is not so scary and we feel empowered to embrace all our unique qualities and to feel open and accepting of ourselves and others – a powerful reflection that inspires others to equally question the cage that they tightly hold onto.

  34. There are so many great analogies here, in many ways we build our bodies to be our cages, we make them hard from our reactions and shutting down, and we numb them and mis-shape them with food and our lack of care and exercise of them, we actually create a physical cage that we walk around in every single day.

  35. It’s actually exhausting living with this cage – but we don’t have to and it’s much more simple than we think, there doesn’t need to be any big dramas or woes.

  36. ‘…we can never stop feeling, we can only become less aware of what we are feeling’ – Reading this just confirms how much we feel all of the time, and yet so much goes unspoken. We put up with things but don’t express in full – the feeling is always going to be there, but how we take things on and talk about things is up to us all of the time.

  37. It is through our sensitivity that we are able to discern energy, what it true and what is not. Through our sensitivity we know the quality of our essence, we can explore this richness and as such live in connection to our sacredness. The more we embrace our sensitivity the more we live our true selves, engaging life and with all others with the richness and power of our presence in full. As such, our greatest freedom is living all that we are from an unshakable foundation that is at hand through our connection to our Soul.

  38. My understanding is that we are all equally sensitive and aware. For many the only difference is how thick we have chosen to build our cage to block out our sensitivity and awareness to not feel what is going on around us. Some might consider this a great way to not get hurt but I realised it stops us feeling the love as well. Dismantling the cage and letting go of this need for protection is actually the best way to support us through life. Living more honestly, open, loving and without fear is our natural way.

  39. It is very true that as I begin to break down the foundation of the cage with honesty I get to feel more and what I’m finding is that it’s not the feeling more that is the most uncomfortable but the expressing and living the feeling that is true that I protected for so long, essentially living from my essence that is the most challenging but it is beginning to make sense to me that the more awareness I have the more I am to deepen the love for myself and in the way I choose to live my life.

  40. ‘We become so familiar with its wall that, when we reduce the thickness of the shield, it gives us a sense that we have connected deeply with someone. However, we are still living in the cage – it is thinner, but it is still there.’ – this is such an important point that we use comparison to make what is not true seems acceptable.

  41. Yes the best of protections if we want to use that word is to be completely unprotected because there is nothing we need to protect ourselves from when we are in full bloom.

  42. Joel, I absolutely love your analogy of layering cloth to such a degree that you can no longer feel when you are being touched for this exact same principle can be applied to the way we layer hardness over ourselves to protect ourselves from hurt.

  43. I love how clearly you expose the choice of not being aware, and the fact that no matter what we choose, we are always aware of everything.

  44. I know what you write here Joel to be true, as my Faraday Cage has been lessening its walls and as I lose the tougher/hard levels, I discover the more subtle ones that I would have sworn black and blue were not there, but they are. It is a loving work in progress to keep being open to me and to the world.

  45. ‘Life without a cage is more sensitive but those with cages miss the point that it is our sensitivity that gives us our strength’. We have an incredible amount of strength within, we guard it, cover it, ignore it, protect it, pretend it’s not there, all to not live the powerhouses we are. Crazy when this truth is felt.

  46. Deftly described Joel Levin. I very much appreciate your writing. These words are particularly heartening for us all: “it is our sensitivity that gives us our strength”.
    What if we were to be so open as to have no walls to others whatsoever, and actually to know that in such mastery of life, we are not harmed, but rather, deeply empowered by the level of awareness that is possible for us to live, breathe and express from in this world.

  47. I agree in full – Serge Benhayon leads the way in this. In what it is to live with ‘no cage’, as a man not only in touch with his essence, but in the full Glory of the embodiment of his soul.
    We are all deeply served by such a reflection, particularly in a world where the cages and walls of division, born of yet harboured hurts and pain, are not only condoned but actively passed on from generation to generation… (until there is one that breaks the chain, that is…)

  48. I love this Joel, learning to live without the cage is our greatest protection as then we are able to feel all that is going on yet when things happen in life it is so easy for us to revert back to our patterns of protection.

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