Thank God for Serge Benhayon

I was pondering lately what my life would be like now if it hadn’t been for a seemingly random chain of events that brought me to Australia, then on to Brisbane… and by some quirk of fate sitting wondering what the heck I was doing at a workshop held by a man named Serge Benhayon.

Up until this point in my life I was an outright cynic of anything remotely religious, New Age, non-scientific or totally mainstream; even a trip to a chiropractor or a massage therapist was way out there for me. So imagine my surprise when I started to be all consumed with finding my purpose and needing to find myself, so to speak. 

So there I was sitting in this hall on a hill perched over Byron Bay feeling terrified, panicked and sick to my stomach, questioning my sanity and wondering how on Earth I had got here. But contrary to what I was expecting – as I thought the workshop was going to be a lot of Om-ing, tree hugging and possibly yoghurt weaving – it ended up being a pivotal moment in my life that I consider to be a true turning point.

This man, in a few words and some gentle breaths, opened up my eyes to everything I had been searching for in my life, and more.

What he presented and what I felt in the very core of my heart could irrefutably not be denied, even though my mind was screaming, desperately trying to hold on to its configured way of being that it had been setting in place for 34 years to have dominion over me and my body.

Since then, even though my life has had its challenges and issues to face, I have never really looked back as my physical and emotional wellbeing and the quality of my life has gone from good to great, to ‘pinch me now’ it is so incredible I can’t believe its true status.

Now I must give myself some credit here and make something very clear. Serge Benhayon did not come and save me, give me enlightenment or a magic pill to swallow that suddenly blissed me out and made everything better.

No, what he did was allow me to realise that I had made and could make choices; that I needed to be responsible for my thoughts and actions; that I had a body that needed to be treated gently and taken care of; that I had issues and unresolved hurts that I had not dealt with which were shaping everything in my life from my behaviours, perceptions, and relationships, to in fact every interaction in my life.

So with that understanding I decided to heal my past, to move forward in a way that is more loving and open and not be afraid to allow myself to feel, to be sensitive and aware of everything around me, even the subtlest of energy. I took responsibility for how I was and what I had become but I never lost sight of the fact that I had been able to connect to, in my heart, the fact that I come from God and am therefore divine, filled with love and an intelligence that goes far beyond our human realm.

So I can’t help wonder where I’d be now without the stars aligning the way they did: burnt out, given up, depressed, shut down, withdrawn, angry at the world, probably ill with thyroid issues or diabetes (most likely both), arthritic knees from pushing my body too hard and constant back and neck pain or even cancer.

You may think I’m being melodramatic but I think not, as when I first met Serge I had all the warning signs of what was ahead of me if I didn’t change my lifestyle and deal with my stuff instead of finger pointing, blaming and being a victim of circumstances that I thought were out of my control.

So I say, thank God for Serge Benhayon and thank God to me, for despite all my misgivings, having said yes to being in the right place at the right time.

By Rachel Hall, Dentist Brisbane

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683 thoughts on “Thank God for Serge Benhayon

  1. Through the teachings and workshops of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I am learning what it is like to live with true family that is not based on dominance of one over another, not based on not being able to express because children should be seen and not heard, that children don’t count until they become adults and then they join the ranks within a pecking order of society depending if you have a degree and what type it is is. In other words we have so many ideals and beliefs of what a family should be like, look like but we actually live so far away from true family and I can say this because I have experience of true family. Where what you have to say is heard and considered, that everyone works together to get the work done that need to be completed, that everyone is valued for what they bring to the family no matter how small the contribution. There is so much love that is felt and shared. I feel very blessed to feel what it is to be living in a true way and this is a result of everything that has been presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  2. Re-imprinting our lives as Students of The Livingness, is such a blessing, so thank you God. I appreciate with a Deep-humble-appreciate-ive-ness the True family that we can all live with. Humble being reconnecting to our Soul-full-ness, and as we deepen in those things that we have as a Soul-full foundation, our appreciation comes with a true authority and confirmation of our connection, thus giving us True purpose in life. So True appreciation comes with the understanding that what we have in life comes from the most divine source or God.

  3. Universal Medicine is an organisation which has supported life changes in thousands of people. To see a group of people who tirelessly work day in and day out for the benefit of society is inspiring. Growing up I learned to surround myself with people who inspire growth, people who pull you up to be yourself & I have found that in the people who attend Universal Medicine Courses.

  4. When I found myself agreeing to attend a presentation by Serge Benhayon I too questioned what I was doing there. I was 56 living, so I thought, a very comfortable life. What needed to change? I soon realised that just about everything was in for a change as Serge Benhayon opened my eyes, ears and heart to a true way of living.

    1. It is amazing how we choose to see life, our lenses dictate how we perceive thing & only when we get a true reflection of something divine can we question whether what we see is actually correct.

  5. I know for sure my life would be a wreck by now if it weren’t for meeting Serge Benhayon. If it carried on the same trajectory that it was it would be pretty grim. But now I look at where I am now and if this connection and love that I live with grows over the next 10, 20+ years awesome.

  6. ‘Thank God for Serge Benhayon’ this sentiment is echoed by many students of The Way of The Livingness. How is it possible to change not only our lives beyond measure, but our health also – the proof is in the body and the results speak for themselves.

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