Thank Goodness for Hairy Eyebrows

by Tanya Curtis (Tan), DIRECTOR Behaviour Specialist, Counsellor & Facilitator, Assoc Dip Ed.(Child Care), BHlthSci.(BehMgt), MBehMgt, MCoun

Just over two years ago I was walking in one exhausted body. I was known as a coffee snob, drinking at least three double shot long black coffees each day, and celebrating making it through a long week with rewarding food, bottles of red wine and cigarettes. My hours were long, my drive to help people was insurmountable, and I created an immense pressure to have a successful business helping people in the only way I knew how to!

I had degrees in Health Sciences, Education, Behaviour Management and Counselling, and knew that what was on offer to people so far was not always supportive to them. I knew ‘my way’ was more supportive, but I could also see that I was missing a key ingredient. I could help people go from non-functional to functional, but once at functional there was still a sadness and emptiness beyond what I could help with… I couldn’t help because I felt it too! I was only helping people to a certain level, yet I knew there was more! I didn’t know what that was, so my ‘DRIVE’ to find it or create it was intensified!

My health was not great (surprisingly), with my childhood bouts of middle ear infections, skin conditions, bronchitis and asthma carrying into my adult life, and with the addition of high blood pressure, polycystic ovary syndrome, being overweight, constant sweating… and much more.

I had many rules, expectations and ‘shoulds’ I imposed not only on myself, but all other people… and each person constantly let me down as my expectations were unrealistic! I felt alone! Each member of my family was trying to change each other to be who we wanted them to be, no-one enjoying anyone for who they were, and all with a huge amount of sadness. We all had a strong picture of what ‘family’ should be, and that picture was NOT being met by anyone. Each of our pictures was different… or we joined ‘sides’ with those who had a similar picture. Our family was at war!

I had grown up exposed to many different belief systems; my grandmother an avid Sai Baba follower, my stepmother and her family devout Catholics, my neighbours Jehovah’s Witnesses, my father a self-proclaimed atheist, my stepfather a scientist, and my mother searching for anything, and trying lots, which led us at one stage to living in a Satyananda ashram with my head shaved and name changed.

Even as I child I could feel that none of these worked, as each person was still very sad, and I could feel the escapism in each of these choices. Known as the annoying “why?” person, I was the one who questioned everything said to me and saw a loophole in all that was presented, never believing anything but still not knowing how to fill this emptiness inside – knowing it had to come from me, but not having the recipe to do so! By the time I was an adult I believed in nothing, but felt the pressure and drive of “it’s all up to me”. Without the tools of knowing what this meant, I felt the overwhelm, and used my own society-accepted form of escape via using my ‘head’ to bury myself in the books, and run a business, and celebrating a long week or day by washing away the stressors with alcohol, food and at times, recreational drugs! It is hard to look back on that and know it was just over two years ago!

So in May 2010 this exhausted body, having given up on there being ‘anything more’, feeling lonely, lost and sad, with hairy eyebrows and an hour to spare, was walking along the verandah passing my local beautician. I ducked my head in, asking if they had time for an eyebrow wax, which they did. As I lay on the table I could feel the relief of resting my body for the brief ten minutes I gave it permission to rest, as I had my vision cleared as my overgrown eyebrow hairs were removed. During my appointment my beautician mentioned to me that there was an ‘esoteric practitioner’ doing free sample treatments in the room next door if I would like to have a treatment. Without discerning what that meant (I’d never heard the word esoteric before), all I heard was “opportunity to lie down for a bit longer”, and I jumped at the offer.

As soon as Monika Korb did a facial release my life was changed. I felt something real, and could feel a sense of relief and release never felt before! It took me a good month to allow the time to book myself in for a second session, but once I did there has been no turning back. Over time, Monika shared with me some presentations from Esoteric Medicine, and by August 2010 I was cautiously attending my first Universal Medicine course… Heart Chakra 2. Before long I was attending appointments at Universal Medicine in both Goonellabah and Brisbane, and there has not been many courses I have missed in between! Thank you hairy eyebrows!

Just recently attending that same course two years on, I have reflected back on how much has changed! The person I describe in the first paragraph feels but a distant memory, like a movie I watched on someone else’s life! Physically my health is the best it has ever been; my relationship with work, my colleagues, my family, people in general and myself is one that now feels great. That empty, lost, lonely, sad feeling has all but gone! There no longer is a ‘need’, and people are now enjoyed for ‘who they are’, not exposed for ‘what expectation they are not meeting’. I now enjoy waking up each morning, I enjoy going to bed with me each night, and I enjoy all that is between each day and each night! The feeling of helplessness has been replaced with a true meaning of responsibility, and the freedom that has come with releasing my rules and expectations feels amazing. Thanks to the Universal Medicine team I have found my recipe and all the ingredients required to begin replacing that feeling of emptiness with a feeling of completeness. My livingness comes first, and with that brings about other changes. The word ‘developing’ has been, and still is, super-crucial. My livingness is a ‘development’ that will continue to unfold, and as I celebrate the changes the last two years have brought, I only look forward to what the next two and beyond can bring!

What I have learnt from Universal Medicine (and surprisingly, for the first time in my life I am not constantly questioning what is presented, as it ‘just makes sense’), and from Serge Benhayon, the Benhayon family and the Universal Medicine team, has been life changing for me, and in-fact life changing for those I have reflected my changes to! This I will be eternally grateful for! Thank you!

P.S. Thank you to my hairy eyebrows for leading me to this path of living a life of responsibility… each stray hair protruding from my eyebrows is a gentle reminder of “what has been and what is to become”.

266 thoughts on “Thank Goodness for Hairy Eyebrows

  1. You’d never think hairy eyebrows could lead you to the best thing ever, this just proves you never know what’s around the corner and what may lead you to a future more magnificent than you could imagine.

    1. Definitely Meg, and if we have expectations of how things should be then we will be blinded to the opportunity that is right in front of our eyes.

      1. True, it’s much better to be open and take your next step, rather than picturing it and then trying to create your next step based on that picture.

  2. I was always a very mouthy person and that annoying kid in the classroom that questioned everything; I had to know why and how everything did what it did. I am still very opinionated and passionate in my views but when I am at a Universal Medicine event, although I am very local and always question things, I am not fighting them, as I know with every fiber of my body that what is being shared is pure truth. So sometimes even though my mind may not have a full understanding of something, my cells seem to know it inside out. I think its amazing how you have studied so much and you searched so long with nothing that truly resonated until now. Your eyebrows really did lead you to a life that is so full of love.

  3. Oh I love it!! I love that each hairy eyebrow is a reminder of the opportunity that was offered… that is just the way it happens. We are offered and we have the choice to turn around and walk away or investigate further, always our choice. That is what brings lasting change.

  4. There was another part of this blog that really struck me as an issue with practitioners ‘I could help people go from non-functional to functional, but once at functional there was still a sadness and emptiness beyond what I could help with… I couldn’t help because I felt it too!’ I was definitely one of those practitioners and I am continually questioning if that is why we don’t see lasting change in our health system. Well worth pondering I would propose.

    1. I can also really relate to that comment, I was always able to support people up to a certain level with conversations, however now I realise that there is more to healing than simply what we are taught in psychology, one, the practitioner really cannot do it for the patient and two unless I have healed something in myself, there’s no way I can help another.

  5. Its interesting that you mention all the people in your life and how sad and empty they all felt despite clinging strongly to their different beliefs. I too was the same, but I kept searching because nothing ever felt complete or answered all of my questions; that was until I came across the teachings of Universal Medicine.

  6. Love your honesty – when we are not connected to who we are, how can we reflect the truth so another can be remember that same truth for themselves.

  7. Knowing you as I do today Tanya it is hard to imagine you as being you in your past life. So amazing are the changes in the lives of students who embrace and live by the teachings of Universal Medicine.

  8. Choosing to take responsibility for what we’re bringing to our relationships is the game changer. Until or unless we’re prepared to look at our own stuff, we perpetuate the same situations and scenarios again and again.

    1. It is this repetitiveness that we one day stop to (1) be aware of, and then (2) to question, and from here it means we are finally ready to make a change.

  9. I love reading this blog again Tanya, you can feel your playfulness and lightness throughout and your gratitude for your hairy eyebrows leading you to greater truth.

  10. Tanya when I read the title of your blog I wondered what on earth was going to be shared here. But isn’t it true we all have our own version of ‘hairy eyebrow’ story to share that led us to Universal Medicine and the healing modalities……

    If for years we are searching and left with that constant emptiness and sadness then we haven’t found what it is we are searching for – look again till one day it just might be that beautician or that student you are studying with or in my case I was being a client for a practising student studying another modality that led me to a Universal Medicine practitioner.

  11. ‘There is no longer a need…’ and in this relationships with others change. I could so relate to the sense of people trying to change each other. How awful it feels when we try to fix another…or someone tries to fix us. When we meet our own needs from within, we can allow others to be themselves and offer them the reflection of this inner connection. The deep innate essence that is equally within us all is a wonderful thing to know and ‘develop’ an ever deepening relationship with. My eyebrows have got a bit hairy too – I look forward to where they take me!

  12. I love that you are able to look back and deeply appreciate the changes that you have made. Appreciation is one of the keys needed to keep evolving.

  13. Tanya, I love your homour, your openness and your honesty in your writing! Bring some more blogs out please! And how beautiful to feel your appreciation for yourself, for the changes you have embraced but also the true support from the Esoteric modalities that was around for you when you were ready to make the changes.

  14. Thank God for our ‘hairy eyebrows’ – I suspect many of us have been led to where we next need to go by many such serendipitous moments. In this case, let’s call it divine intervention with beauty benefits. In my case it was via a workplace. I was soon to leave there, but met the right person just in time. Mind you, it took me a few years to actually have my first Universal Medicine healing session, but the connection was made and the die cast.

  15. Such a delightful celebration of connecting back to ourselves by way of appreciating every moment in our life. Each precious moment offers an invitation back to who we are; it is up to us to feel this and to respond to what we feel.

  16. I would say that it is expected that in a world at odds with what most of us feel deep down is the way humanity could and should be living, we would keep having those feelings that all is not well and we keep sensing that even when things look rosy, underneath it all there is that sadness and that questioning about it all.

    I have noticed that people tend to each have their own way of coping with this, numbing, distraction, adopting abusive ways, obsession about changing one aspect of life and some like I did for most of my life give up and withdraw.

    It is a blessing when you come across Universal Medicine and find that things start to fall into place, and you see evidence that not only is everything your heart craved for is possible to actually live, but it is also our true and natural essence.

  17. When we create pictures of how life should be and look based on our unrealistic expectations of ourselves and others we always unsurprisingly end up disappointed.

  18. The responsibility of our own body, the vehicle we house and express through life with, is what sets us up to be able to live in a way that actually inspires and supports people to grow and connect more deeply to themselves. No doubt Tanya, your work and purpose has magnified with your continued awakening and lived responsibility with your body.

  19. The more I connect to my innermost and develop the relationship to self the more I welcome Universal Medicine into my life. There is no question what is presented is the absolute truth and it resonates with every particle in my body. Universal Medicine is the consistent laying of the foundation with which I live my life. We are truly blessed to have Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine in our lives.

  20. I love reading stories about how people came to find Universal Medicine. Each story unique and magical, and whether it was the love at first sight or took a period of resistance, the fact that each person found it and chose it to be their own way is so very much worth celebrating and appreciating. I mean, what are the odds?

  21. Tanya I loved reading your blog, we are offered so many opportunities to reconnect with ourselves, yet often miss them because we are too busy playing our life out in our head, and when we do take up the opportunity our life can change dramatically.

  22. What is amazing to feel from Tanya’s blog is how our whole life can be transformed by making a simple choice ( as in feeling to take care of hairy eyebrows). Perhaps Tanya was offered the esoteric facial release which lead to her returning to her true self because she listened to what her body was telling her to do and not letting her head dictate what she should be doing.

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