Liane Mandalis, Me and all of Humanity

I am blessed to have a close friend in life who goes by the name of Liane Mandalis. We met years ago in a café in Sydney and ever since have chosen to have each other near, call on each other for support, and inspire the other to the nth degree.

Liane Mandalis and Nikki McKee
Liane Mandalis (left) and Nikki McKee (right)

She has many great attributes, but the focus of this article is her commitment to Truth. She does not waver and nothing can get in the way of her expressing Truth. It can but try, but it doesn’t stand a chance.

Liane does not hold back her expression of Truth. She does this in many ways and not just verbally. If I have lost my way or got caught up in something, all it takes is a look from Liane to bring me back. This is not a certain look she gives me, like a death-stare or some other contrived look; it is simply the look in her eyes combined with her steady presence. The what-is-not-truth is exposed and I am called back to all that I am.

Being exposed can be confronting. If I am not willing to be honest, or see what Liane is exposing, then I can get very uncomfortable, reactive and dismissive of what Liane is offering. Fortunately my commitment to Truth is akin to Liane’s so we fare well together, but for many, this is not the case.

History is filled with people who speak the word of God only to be crucified, burnt and buried alive, tortured, persecuted, lied about… it seems humanity isn’t always so keen on Truth.

But when we are not willing to hear the word of God, we are the ones missing out. Our own comfort is placed before evolution.

Liane Mandalis, Serge Benhayon and others who speak Truth straight from Heaven, have no need to be heard. Thankfully for us, they continue to speak Truth, whether we listen or not.

When Divinity speaks we may need to get our own stuff out of the way in order to hear what is being said. It may not feel nice, comfortable or even remotely pleasant but what is on offer is evolution. Whilst in-Truth all we do is go round and round the sun, without Truth and evolution we are but going nowhere.

On behalf of Humanity, Liane, I express my gratitude and appreciation for your commitment to Love, Truth and Evolution. You call us all to the simple truth of who we are.

By Nikki McKee, Member of Humanity, NSW Australia

Nikki McKee Nikki McKee is a business woman, Joint Managing Director of Travelbay (, mother, writer, woman of the world and lover of Truth.

You can learn more about Nikki McKee at

Liane Mandalis Liane Mandalis has a love of writing and philosophy with a deep interest in community wellbeing.

You can follow Liane Mandalis on Twitter @lianemandalis

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467 thoughts on “Liane Mandalis, Me and all of Humanity

  1. Nikki what a beautiful sharing of true friendship, a friendship that pulls the other person up without destroying each other or trying to be the better person – love it.

  2. Truth is a joy to express and hard work to supress. There is a simplicity that comes with speaking what is true and an aching complexity that comes with speaking what is not.

  3. I have read some of Liane Mandalis’ work in relation to the many lies that have been perpetrated towards Serge Benhayon, and the absoluteness of her commitment to telling the Truth and exposing these lies for what they are is so palpable while reading it. Also, it is a true friend who can call out someone close to them when they are not being themselves in some way without worrying about being ‘nice’ or ‘polite’ which just allows the abuse to continue.

  4. It takes one person to stand up and speak up when they see something is not right for others to be able to take a step away from the ‘picture’ and discern once again for themselves what they can feel. But discern for ourselves we must, then we can rest easy knowing we have taken time to observe, to read, and to live in our bodies what we then feel to be the truth. A dedication to a way of living that means we have the capacity to observe and to bring understanding is the markings of wisdom.

  5. Thank you Nikki, I liked what you shared about truth being communicated by much more than words, such as the look Liane gives you that helps bring you back to yourself. And I agree with you on this line about the truth; “It may not feel nice, comfortable or even remotely pleasant but what is on offer is evolution.”

  6. There is no end to the depth of friendship and relationship with each other, there is always more love we can set free and share.

  7. True friendship is a relationship that establishes a true quality in which neither one will accept less or allow the other to drop and each one is inspiring the other to be true to themselves, forever expanding and evolving.

  8. People like Liane are the reason to not give up on life and oneself as they reflect that there is so much more and if we are only willing to open up to the possibility we can discover it for ourselves.

  9. These people who are committed to truth are like shining stars walking amongst us, I have such a person in my life who I cannot get enough of, despite my reactions, tantrums to what they share with me, I still go back again and again because I know that their truth comes from the heart, from a deep, deep love.

  10. Love the public and open expression of appreciation Nikki – these things need to be said, they need to be shouted over the mountain tops…or they can be simply expressed in the way we walk, in the way we talk, in the way we blink and know deeply within us that what we share with another is precious indeed.

  11. A true friend is someone who stands by us and supports our growth, and at times it is about hearing those things we may not want to hear, but delivered by someone with the holding of the love that they are…a blessing indeed Nikki and Liane!

  12. It is a great thing to truly appreciate another. It also exposes just how stubborn we are or can be when it comes to truly hearing and feeling truth and adhering to this. True truth is absolute love, it is just are we willing to see the comfort and denial we have been living in, to then let this go and let love in.

  13. Beautiful Nikki how you appriciate this very beautiful quality of Liane.
    As we know truth gets so often rejected, so Lets honor And embrace what Liane and others bring in this truth delivery.
    Serge Benhayon reflects those qualities deeply to the world too.

  14. We so need people who speak the truth, ‘no matter if we listen or not’. Someone has to set the bar at truth, so the wayward (which is most of us most of the time) at least have a marker to come back to.

  15. The keenness of humanity not always being open to truth — is one important point of awareness. It is all of us and the honesty we are willingly to understand that we are not from here, this plane of life neither should we be here. But whilst we are here our greatest adventure is to be honest about where we are and come back to the truth that we need to get back to living the love that we are. Not the creationist of all that we are not.

    1. Just being open to considering Danna that we are not from here is an enormous leap for so many who have been taught that life is all there is – you are born, you live, you work, you die. No wonder we have a deep and constant unsettlement that we try to manage with all our coping strategies.

  16. Being exposed can feel very uncomfortable, but surely receiving truth is better than being right or wrong in one’s untruth or lie…… There is no equivalent. Speaking truth from a place of love is very supportive.

  17. The greatest reflection of true friendship are ones that are founded on truth, honouring and expressing truth before anything else regardless of what the reaction or response may be. As you have gorgeously shared this is the commitment offered to the evolution back to who we Soulfully and innately are, and a dedication to the truest love of all.

  18. Oh yes, it’s very uncomfortable being exposed when we take it personally. And when we make it personal, it is very uncomfortable to be the one who does the exposing.

  19. What a blessing it is to have amazing friends in our lives who are open, loving and willing to express truth no matter what.

  20. When someone like Liane expresses truth we all win, because what she offers is an opportunity for us to reflect and to deeply heal, what a shining example she is for us all to not hold back our truth in anyway.

  21. “Our own comfort is placed before evolution.” I’ve done this, and I’ve not done this. And when I have placed my comfort before evolution, it is all about me, and I usually feel a bit physically ill afterwards (especially when that comfort involved comfort foods!), and when I place evolution before comfort, I consider the all, and usually feel lighter, nourished and ready to be of service. And without judgement (or as close too) I observe when I choose each one, and lovingly review what was behind those choices so I can either confirm it, or review it to let it go.

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