Leaving It Up to God

Recently I have noticed that, while I have been taking steps to stay connected to my body and be present with my movements throughout the day, I get to a certain point where I feel I have ‘got it’ and then I let go. It’s like there is nothing more at this point for me to participate in, so off I go and play around in my thoughts. But who or what is operating my movements if I no longer have any awareness of them?

It’s like I have completely given up on ‘me’ and gone onto auto-pilot, thinking it is all going to be sorted out for me now ‘I’ve got it’ and there is nothing more for me to do.

In the past I have heard many people say they are “Leaving it up to God” to sort out their troubles and make decisions about their fate, as well as the fate of their families and communities. I feel when I go onto ‘auto-pilot’ I am doing the exact same thing.

I have often found the simplicity of a connection to me and my body is all too hard … and BOR-ING!!!

I know from my history I can get bored very easily. Restlessness seeps into my body, and I start indulging more in my thoughts. I find that although these thoughts are entertaining for a while, there is an emptiness contained within them. I am alone, distracted with no connection to anyone, or anything. I have ‘left the building’ and no one can reach me!

Fortunately, with the support of the Gentle Breath Meditation, I can make a choice to feel my breath, the coolness of the in-breath at the tip of my nose, the warmth of the out-breath. Feeling the warmth and connection to my breath brings me back into my body again. I feel each movement; the movement of my fingertips, the delicacy of my touch, my feet connected to the earth. This is when I feel I am with ME.

It has never made sense to leave things “up to God” to sort my life out for me. This always felt like a blind faith where I wasn’t taking responsibility for being a part of life, a part of humanity and how we live and participate on this earth. It’s like saying, “It’s all too much – you sort it out.” But how often in my life have I done this? I couldn’t even count the number of times!

These days I feel God has actually been leaving it up to ME, patiently waiting for me to accept the glorious me and how amazing it feels to be in my body and actively living within the scheme of life.

It is here that the words I have heard in the past make sense: The Kingdom of God is Within You and Glory Be the Son of God.

It is in these realisations I feel I have returned to my true religion, a deeply precious and sacred place, never to be found within the walls of a church, but one which dwells within my own body and in the inner heart of us all.

With deepest appreciation for the Ancient Wisdom Teachings as presented by Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and The Way of the Livingness.

by Suzanne Cox, Service Officer, Ocean Shores

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1,081 thoughts on “Leaving It Up to God

  1. The appreciation of our sacredness is living life with the understanding we are responsible for everything and appreciation is living with the understanding God is within.

  2. “It is in these realisations I feel I have returned to my true religion, a deeply precious and sacred place, never to be found within the walls of a church, but one which dwells within my own body and in the inner heart of us all.” – I love this, so majestic, so true.

  3. I find there is a relationship to be built with the immense support that is available to us when we surrender to the knowing that we are held in a body of Love, that we are part of a greater whole. However, that surrender does not mean we abdicate our responsibility to be on the front foot and fully engaged with life.

  4. Thank you Suzanne, I really appreciated reading this today. I liked your words about God actually leaving it up to us. God is there every step of the way but it’s us that have to re-learn to walk the truth of love in this life. It’s like parenting in a sense, when children are ready and capable to do everything for themselves we step back and support them when needed. Our lives, and the whole of human life on planet earth, this is what we are responsible for as it’s what we have created.

  5. Does the attitude of leaving it up to God to sort fail to acknowledge our free will and level of responsibility for our choices?

  6. I’d agree in that it does feel like God is leaving it up to me. Because every time I connect their presence is felt, consistently and without fail. It’s like going outside the house and coming back in and the heating is always on. No matter how many times I leave every time I come back the warmth is there.

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