Leaving It Up to God

Recently I have noticed that, while I have been taking steps to stay connected to my body and be present with my movements throughout the day, I get to a certain point where I feel I have ‘got it’ and then I let go. It’s like there is nothing more at this point for me to participate in, so off I go and play around in my thoughts. But who or what is operating my movements if I no longer have any awareness of them?

It’s like I have completely given up on ‘me’ and gone onto auto-pilot, thinking it is all going to be sorted out for me now ‘I’ve got it’ and there is nothing more for me to do.

In the past I have heard many people say they are “Leaving it up to God” to sort out their troubles and make decisions about their fate, as well as the fate of their families and communities. I feel when I go onto ‘auto-pilot’ I am doing the exact same thing.

I have often found the simplicity of a connection to me and my body is all too hard … and BOR-ING!!!

I know from my history I can get bored very easily. Restlessness seeps into my body, and I start indulging more in my thoughts. I find that although these thoughts are entertaining for a while, there is an emptiness contained within them. I am alone, distracted with no connection to anyone, or anything. I have ‘left the building’ and no one can reach me!

Fortunately, with the support of the Gentle Breath Meditation, I can make a choice to feel my breath, the coolness of the in-breath at the tip of my nose, the warmth of the out-breath. Feeling the warmth and connection to my breath brings me back into my body again. I feel each movement; the movement of my fingertips, the delicacy of my touch, my feet connected to the earth. This is when I feel I am with ME.

It has never made sense to leave things “up to God” to sort my life out for me. This always felt like a blind faith where I wasn’t taking responsibility for being a part of life, a part of humanity and how we live and participate on this earth. It’s like saying, “It’s all too much – you sort it out.” But how often in my life have I done this? I couldn’t even count the number of times!

These days I feel God has actually been leaving it up to ME, patiently waiting for me to accept the glorious me and how amazing it feels to be in my body and actively living within the scheme of life.

It is here that the words I have heard in the past make sense: The Kingdom of God is Within You and Glory Be the Son of God.

It is in these realisations I feel I have returned to my true religion, a deeply precious and sacred place, never to be found within the walls of a church, but one which dwells within my own body and in the inner heart of us all.

With deepest appreciation for the Ancient Wisdom Teachings as presented by Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and The Way of the Livingness.

by Suzanne Cox, Service Officer, Ocean Shores

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1,069 thoughts on “Leaving It Up to God

  1. I love how you say these days God is leaving it up to you, it takes an amazing level of love to leave life’s big dilemmas up to someone, because ultimately, in mastering these moments that’s how we discover how amazing and how powerful we are, which never quite happens if someone always does it for us, or gives us a helping hand.

  2. I love how we might go and rest on our laurels now and then as we feel we have ‘done enough’ but each time we experience this we might find it does not work and I noticed than the choice is there each time to approach it differently. It is a beautiful relationship we can have with ourselves to see what does not work and what does and to respond to that.

  3. After searching for a large part of my life outside of myself for God, even then knowing the words ” the Kingdom of God is within you” they were just words at the time, as there was no one living these words, no reflection that would reflect the truth of these words until Serge came along and showed through his living way the truth of these words.

  4. Those moments when we feel we have ‘got it’ are the moments that if we ask, ‘What’s next?’ are those which are the opportunities to deepen, expand and evolve.

  5. Being part of the ‘leaving it to God’ or ‘leaving it to the universe’ brigade just means that there is a lack of commitment to everyday life and all it brings.

    1. That’s brilliant Gabriele, I have heard many people say this a lot ‘leave it to the universe’ and you are correct, it comes with lack of commitment to life and a willingness to give our power away.

  6. ‘Leaving it up to God’ seems such a given up state waiting for God or someone else to fix or sort something out, when we take responsibility for our choices we soon work out what supports us and what doesn’t, and therefore we can change the choices we make.

  7. Life on Earth is pretty intense. Yet, it is not God the reason why we are here. We are here on our own accord defying the divine plan. Why on Earth should God rescue us from ourselves?

  8. “Leaving it up to God” or in fact to anyone except us, is a sure recipe for disappointment. It simply feels like in that moment we don’t want to take the responsibility that is ours to take, for whatever reason. But in this life, it is all about choices and whatever choice we make we are totally responsible for the consequences. Maybe that’s why we prefer to leave it to others.

  9. Even sitting behind the computer, I could leave it up to God: diving into the things I read on screen, not feeling my body, my breath. Again: who is running my body then? God? But if it would be God, why do I feel so awful afterwards when I leave my computer?

  10. Thoughts can be a big distraction from being in our bodies. It is not that we shouldn’t have any thoughts, but they should be impulsed by the body, by our hearts. Otherwise they lure us away from our connection to God and our connection to our inner heart. No matter how interesting, life changing or good these thoughts may be.

  11. Beautiful Suzanne.
    Very true indeed. Mostly people look for God outside of them.
    But we find God by living in the quality we all can connect to as we are the sons of God.
    Through our body we can feel God within us and around us.
    The building of God is our own body 🙂

  12. “… I feel I have ‘got it’ and then I let go.” If you did this when you are driving you would not be alive for very long – fortunately life is more forgiving and gives us many repeated opportunities to learn responsibility.

  13. Absolutely great article Suzanne, which I will reread again a couple of times to really get in full what you are saying and what to do with it. One thing is for sure: If I go into my head, leave my body, I am certainly NOT leaving it all up to God. Who is running my body then? The answer gives me the creeps, but also makes me feel very responsible in being my body every single moment. Boring? Yes, to my head who does not appreciate the pristine beauty I am accessing then. Or could it be I am tipping on what being connected to God feels like?

  14. Wow this is exactly what I a doing at this moment Suzanne! Going really well being connected, feeling my essence, being in my body and then going into my head and indulge in thoughts, because just being in my body feeling great but with no highs, or excitement I deem BORING. You show there is a next level to go to.

  15. We have to become our true divine selves again and as our time here on earth has shown, no one can do that for us – not even God, because we have free will.

    1. So true Lieke, and it is up to us how slow or fast we return to our divinity. God can get us out of our current state of misery in an instant but we do not learn and evolve if that is the case. So, it is actually deeply loving for us to evolve ourselves out of our current state.

      1. Absolutely, and as well this means that we can only ‘save’ ourselves and not anyone else by trying to take away their problems, because then it is the same, they won’t learn what has created their problems and what the consequences are of their choices and that is not exactly what we have to learn.

  16. I feel we apply this ‘leaving it up to God’ too loosely, and not take responsiblity for everything we do or create.

    Autopilot is what many of us are doing more and more and then we wonder where life has gone, days, weeks, months and years have gone past and everything is just a blur.

    Without perfection when I connect to myself something miraculous occurs, I’m not working with time I’m working with something grander – space and in this space we are more and then we are with everyone and nothing perturbs us. I certainly would love more of this.

  17. When we give up on ourselves, we deny our true essence and it feels uncomfortable in our body as we are resisting the truth that we feel and need to express. Seeing this false pattern of behaviour for what it is and in making different choices, we are able to claim ourselves and our true qualities to re-engage with life, rather than giving up on it and to learn the lessons we need to in order to truly evolve.

  18. There is a hopelessness that characterises the notion of ‘leaving it up to God’ – leaving it up to a greater power to relieve the suffering of the lesser being we make ourselves to be… whereas ironically, when we come to know ourselves as equal to God, we then can leave it to Him – with our willingness absolutely aligned, our body in the service it needs to be, and our whole being surrendered to what is needed for God to do His work.

    1. God waits for us with such love and patience, I sometimes wonder how long it is going to take us to return home again.

  19. I can relate to wandering off in my thoughts or getting over-emotional or binging on food or soical media when this get too intense. But all these tactics simply delay the moment of me feeling my responsibility in and to my life and dealing with the situation.

  20. Thank you Suzanne, I have also heard the “I’ll leave everything up to God” mentality and it’s kind of like surveying your home and it’s lack of cleanliness and expecting God to clean the house. We know that’s silly because it’s our life and our responsibility, and I feel that it’s the same for life in general. We would never teach a child to not take care of their responsibilities, like cleaning their room, because “God will do it”, and it’s the same for us as adults across every part of life. It’s not that God wouldn’t help but it’s up to us to be in union with God and take responsibility to bring that to life in an active way.

  21. Once we know who we truly are, and have experienced that deep connection, and the interconnectedness of all things, the idea of leaving something up to something else, is unfathomable… We have a choice with everything.

  22. So many live by the adage that our lives are not ours to live, that it is “up to God” how they will be. The reality is far from this. Every thing we do, every way we live provides the foundation of our next moment, so God is there, yes, but does he rule our life? No, we do, by how we choose to be in each moment, this creates the life we will have.

  23. God can’t change us because we have free will, we can make the choices that lead to our life being a certain way. We are God inside ourselves and can choose to create what ever we like, or co-create in line with God. It is our choice.

  24. There is great wisdom in this piece of writing, a wisdom that knows that each person has the light of the soul within them and, that each person therefore a divine being, a Son of God in fact. Which places in to question many of the behaviours we see happening today, with so much violence and corruption, how are we living that is not embracing in full the truth of who we are. And, what are we collectively as an entire humanity accepting as normal if we are at the very least unable to sustain global respect and decency across all points of contact with eachother? Where is the Son of God aspect of ourselves during war, conflict and acts of greed or manipulation?

  25. It feels like an excuse to relinquish responsibility, check out of engaging with life and handing our power over conveying that it’s all too much. When we do this we lose out on learning and evolving from our experiences and feeling the responsibility for our part from the choices we have made.

  26. We are never at the mercy of anything and our commitment to our will, to be in full acceptance and appreciation of being a Son of God, definitely comes from within every single one of us – it is without this godliness that life is misery, for with it, all is absolutely Godly perfect, with all life’s imperfections.

  27. When we create problems in our life it’s up to us to sort it out, it’s part of being a responsible and committed human being. But I’d also add there is an element of surrender in life, where we say YES to God and be open to wherever that takes our life.

  28. Beautifully shared Suzanne, thank you, the words “The Kingdom of God is within You ” I have known for many years and believed that God lived in our hearts, but my whole way of relating to God was from my head, there never was a role model that had lived this truth, so I would go outside of my self and ask God to guide me and basically tell me what to do, until The Way of the Livingness came into my life and I began to understand that I have choices and responsibility in my loving and very personal relationship with God, hence no leaving it up to God anymore.

  29. Beautifully said and very true Suzanne, I also didn’t have a clue what ‘The Kingdom of God is within you’ meant for all the years I was a Catholic. I feel it is because there was no one reflecting the truth of this in the Catholic Religion, a very different story now to The Way of The Livingness where I have come to know and feel what this truly means and to begin to live this glory more each day.

    1. Anna that is a great observation. I had heard the words “the kingdom of God is within you” many years ago and I felt that I understood them but I wasn’t sure how that would feel or what it meant as a true experience. It wasn’t until I too came to Universal Medicine and met Serge Benhayon that I saw someone living those words. This was an enormous support to have a true living example of that in my life through Serge, as were his Sacred Esoteric Healing modalities and Gentle Breath Meditation which have assisted me to reconnect to my innermost heart and feel the kingdom of God in me also. Now I know through the work of Serge the truth of these words as they are living in me, and from my experience I know they are there to be lived equally in every single person on earth. To put that into context, the words “the kingdom of God is within you” as said by Jesus can be lived by anyone on earth, simply and easily, and if support is needed to do this then the work of Serge Benhayon is there to help make it a living reality. Amazing.

  30. Gorgeously said Suzanne. There is no greater sense of knowing the extent of our magnificence than when we are connected to our body, our being, our Soul through which we are innately in union with God, as we then can feel our interconnectedness with every element of the universe.

  31. When we learn to connect and build a deeper relationship with ourselves we understand life not from our head, but from our heart and our body, and a sensory perspective which communicates the truth and allows our inner wisdom to guide us in our choices.

  32. A brilliant observation that ‘leaving it up to God’ is said from a place of disconnection – so it probably won’t be God that picks up whatever we are leaving for Him, and will do whatever pleases them.

  33. Thank you Suzanne for sharing, the words that pop up for me today were the words of scripture I had not remembered, I feel so moved when I say these words ” Glory be the Son of God” these words were always applied to Jesus but now I know it is us who are the sons of God and the glory is the glory of our soul which we each one carry within our inner heart.

  34. I was laughing out loud in parts of this blog as I related so much to getting caught in the idea that connecting to our bodies all the time is somehow boring. I haven’t done the gentle breath mediation in ages but what I am getting after reading this blog is that if that “boring” idea pops into my mind than the gentle breath could be a good antidote for it. Thanks for the support, when we are honest, it allows all of us to relate and support each other on a even deeper level.

  35. I needed to read this today as I had felt a few steps away from myself and been moving in functioning but not feeling a vibrancy or igniting within. This reminds me of my way back.

  36. By ‘leaving it up to God’ we are being irresponsible as we are blindly delegating to another what is being presented to us, for us to experience and to deal with. It is a form of escapism through us not claiming fully our part in the life we have created for ourselves.

  37. Exactly Suzanne. In fact we must completely expose the phrase ‘leaving it up to God’ in the terms to which you have referred to it, for in such abandonment of self, one can be in no union with Him whatsoever.

  38. “It has never made sense to leave things “up to God” to sort my life out for me. This always felt like a blind faith where I wasn’t taking responsibility for being a part of life, ” I agree Suzanne, if I am not playing my part – taking responsibility for my part in life – how I can expect another – even God – to do so for me?!

  39. It is a great question to ask ourselves Suzanne, “who or what is operating my movements if I no longer have any awareness of them?” This may not generally be given much thought and when honestly considered it allows us to open up our awareness to what is really going on and why we are choosing to seek to check out instead of taking responsibility for ourselves and our lifestyle choices.

  40. I know that feeling you are speaking of Suzanne when you say you have ‘got it and then let it go’ – for I too feel like I often take a step up and when I get there instead of appreciating the new view I step back down again to where I am comfortable.

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